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Hello and welcome to Lunar Serenity!
I am Corziel, The peace keeper of this quiet and mystical forest.
I beseech you to come and join in a never ending fantasy.
Where you and your beast may live in harmony,
and enjoy the spoils of all that I have made here.
Step forward, and don't be afraid. They will never harm you... Nor will I.

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User ImageGuildUser ImageHiring
User ImageRising Chronicles: CERT THREADS
User ImageCert Pick Ups
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              *READ ALL OF THE RULES!!!

              *Follow Gaia TOS and B/C rules at all times

              *DO NOT edit/alter and claim art as your own. ANYONE caught doing this will be blacklisted and reported for art theft.

              *Do not guilt/beg people for pets. Anyone caught doing this will be warned, but if you do not stop, you will be black listed.

              *Be pleasant to others, even if they are in the wrong. There is a thread for issues of this nature , as to keep drama out of the main thread. Be respectful and you will not be in the wrong. Be pleasant in PM and in threads.

              *Do not direct link the shop's photobucket, It will be busy and things get moved so your links will break any way.

              *DO NOT sell your pets or their babies no anyone for any kind of profit. The pets should be gifted or gamed away. Anyone caught doing this will be blacklisted.

              *Co-Owning a single pet is allowed if needed, but the rights to the breeding/RP will be split.

              *Do not make anyone feel bad for how many pets they do/do not have. Every person may have as many or as few as they wish. They took time and earned their gold for it, so no flack!

              *Try to keep quote towers down from 3 to 5 posts.

              *Once you win an RNG, it is customary to let others try and win it, or win it to give away. you may keep rolling for yourself if no one is rolling for it.

              *Each flatsale/event may be different in how it's ran, pay attention to the event post on page 2 as to not miss anything.

              *When bidding on an auction, each bid that is close to the end time will move the end time by 10-15 min until bidding stops..

              *Send all of your trades to the "Bank Mule" and not the shop mule please.

              *Rules may be changed at any time.

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Keep checking here for shop related news!
Role playing area in the guild is still under construction.
User ImageBe on the look out for our new lines!

User Image Next, its time to get your party on with the Mardi Gras! (not all pets will be colored purple and green and gold. some are just decorated!)

User ImageHiring colorists! See Hiring link.

User Image Food for thought: If you set out to fail and you succeed, did you fail or did you succeed?

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I want to ask about something that is not posted here.
You can PM Koska, Mark, Or Lolli about anything you want to know.

Do you need a colorist or certist?
We take applications never ending, even when we are full.
We could always use a friendly face to help out. The link for the
hiring thread is in the first post on page 1.
just full out your application and Koska/appointed staff will let you know the verdict.

Do you take RL money for these pets?
NO. Not under any circumstance or reason should you be asked RL money for the pets.
If some one does, report via PM immediately to Koska about it. It is against the rules.

How can I get a pet to call my own?
Thats easy!
There are plenty of ways to get pets, even if you dont have much gold to spare.
There are free raffles and random number games, Dice games and folks giving away their babies.
There are the occasional frankenpet by a colorist, or winning the advertising contest if you want free pets.
There are raffles, and flat sales, and auctions! It's crazy how many ways there are to getting once of these fine pets to take home!

Do I direct link?
No. Please save your pets to your own server like photobucket when you post for your journal or to have them certed.

How many pets is too many pets?
You can own as many pets as you want!
There is no limit to how many you own.

Why hasn't my pet grown yet?
That depends if it is even due to grow yet, it takes time. now if you KNOW it should have grown, than some one may be a little behind and there is a thread just for behind growings that are ready.

How do I breed my pets?
You choose the parents (either both yours or one from you, and one from some one else) and take thier uncerted pictures to the breeding thread.
You fill out the form and send the trade to the colorist. (MAKE SURE TO LABEL THE TRADE SO THEY KNOW WHAT IT IS FOR)
The colorist will roll for the breeding to find out how many babies from 1-5 and their attributes.
Then it's just about waiting, and before you know it, POOF! You got dem babies!

Why can't I keep All of my babies?
We enforce folks to give away the babies for several reasons, One of them being that gifting babies or gaming babies makes folks happy, and they might give you one later on.
Another is so everyone is in the giving spirit. You never know who might be so happy about it,
That they RP with you or think of you next time they get babies! Plus it helps make friends.

Is this place RP required?
No it is not. You get perks from RPing your pets, and fostering the relationships between
the ones you want to breed.
It adds an extra baby to the rolling for the breeding.

Can they be Homosexual?
Yes they can, You just have to have a surrogate, and the breeding will cost more.
They stand a very small chance of getting attributes from the surrogate, but it is not something we encourage you to ask for.

Where do I RP?
There will be a RP thread with all your answers about RP in it, in the guild.

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The world of Dwelynthade..

Where did it all begin? What are the origins of the three great beasts and the
three lesser beasts known as the Gevali and the Huezole. where does it all fit and collide?

It begins here…

Many ages ago the world was on the brink of utter darkness, a place of chaos and imbalance before it all began. Beasts at constant odds with one another, and shadows in the edges of sight waiting to devour each other whole. There was no hope, for the death of the last good soul, King Valliant the IX, a mystical man of unknown race or origin and power, had left the world in shambles and the darkness that prevailed the land was all that anyone knew to be real.

But little did the darkness know that King Valliant had other plans and upon his death left a single small seed behind, one tiny seed that would change everything. The seed was buried with him in the Tomb of Higher, the last known place of peace where the souls of the old ones could rest. As the land grew blind by their anger and fear, and war broke out over the Higher Providence, the seed took root.

The final battle known as the War of Dwelynthade reached the land of Higher, and the six armies met against one another just above the fabled Tomb. Blood was spilled and lives were taken by many, some simply were lost in the fervor and the fray, killing friend and foe alike. Some had lost their mind and redemption, the veil of darkness that had its steely clutches sunk into the world and its people enslaving them. But The heaving mass of Claws and teeth, of wings and fur and the glint of bloody armor was at its end, and the Evil that reigned had reached the end of its time.

Suddenly from beneath the ground a rumble that shook the combatants off of their feet started, and a bright yet chilled light illuminated everything and everyone around. The spirit of King Valliant and the rest of his fore fathers had merged into one, and set fourth the creation and cleansing of the grounds of Higher from the seed. As the rumble stopped and the pale light faded, they all found themselves standing in the heart of a strange and beautiful forest, one unlike any of them had ever seen!

The Dragons in all of their vast memories could not recall a place such as this, and the phoenixes and Unicorns had no explanation for what was before them. Even the lesser beasts, the Equa, The Finroa and the Lagomati were silent and in awe of what lay around them. A tree grew from where the dead had laid, one for each tree and before them in the very heart of this forest grew a great tree from the tiny seed, the tree of Serenity. The sun was about to rise in this deep hollow and everything was still cast in shades of blue, only a small glint of silvery light hung through the trees.

The forest and its presence, though daylight was coming still felt of a soothing gentle night, and its purity had washed the Evil back into its prison, and pressed the shadows back to where they belonged. Upon the first beams of sunlight that pierced through the wood came a figure of a man, with eyes as blue as the ocean and hair as chilling as ice. He was accompanied by three beast spirits, One of a pale blue hawk that would balance the skies, one of a pure white rabbit that would balance the earth and its spirit and one of a flaming salamander that would balance the elements and power.

It was there that they came to know this man by the name Corziel, and their war as well as the anger and fear were finally over. It is from here that it all started, the forest haven known as Lunar Serenity became a home for all who swore away their hate and bitterness, those who were oathed to peace could live with one another in harmony. The world balanced and each of the six races were given a place in the world that belonged only to them, where they could continue life the way it was meant to be.

Though the war of Dwelynthade was over, those who did not live in Lunar Serenity were not always peaceful. For in every existence there must be a balance, a dark to the light in order to stay stable. So from time to time, there is still a civil spat or the Dragons butting heads with the Phoenixes as it should be. But never again will the world of Dwelynthade be consumed by Darkness and evil, to stain the ground with the crimson of their brethren as they once did…

Or will it?

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User Image

These are the first of many pets to come!
User Image

User Image

Unicorn prices
Adults: 30k
Growing (Mirrors): 40k
Winged Adults: 50k
Winged Growing: 60k
Send labeled trades to the mule within 24 hours of sale, or you will not get your pet.

Sneak peek of Special Gevali!
User Image


User Image

Dragon Prices
Adults: 25k
Growings (Scrolls): 35k
The wings do not change the price.
Send LABELED trades to mule within 24 hours of the sale.

User Image

User Image

Wolf prices
Adults: 20k
Growing (Charms): 30k
Send labeled trades to the mule within 24 hours of sale, or you will not get your pet

User Image

Stage 1: Lunar Mirror/Charm/Scroll
Stage takes 2 weeks to grow.
This stage can only be gotten from Flatsale/Raffle events, Or from ordering a growing custom.
Within the mirror you can sometimes see a silhouette in the shape of a wing.
The charms/scrolls will rarely reflect any rare quality unless a custom.
That is how you can tell if the pet is rare.

Stage 2: Foal/Puppy/Egg
Stage lasts 2 weeks.
This stage can only be gotten by breeding your pets, or from growing out of the Mirror/Charm/Scroll stage.
This stage will almost never appear in flatsales/raffles.
It is the supple time of the pets life that you get to see its colors and what it carried down from parents (unless its an egg).

Stage 3: Colt/Cub/Whelp
Stage lasts 1 month.
Your pet is spry and exploring a bit more on it's own!
It's traits are developing, and its eyes are brimming with curiosity!
This stage comes after the foal/Puppy/Egg stage, and the pet normally can't be purchased like this.

Stage 4: Adult
Stage is the final form.
Pets can be bought in this stage.
Your Little pet has come a long way!
It has learn the ways of the mystic elders, and now it has had its right of passage to begin its own Blessing/Pack/Brooding (family).
It is old enough to seek its own path, and to find it's destiny along your side.

User Image
User Image

In flatsales, the first person to post for the specific pet they are trying for will get the pet and pay for it. You CAN NOT edit your post for Flatsales/Speedsales. This is considered cheating, and will get you disqualified from the sale or grey listed. So be sure that your preferences are correct. You may proxy for one friend.

A flaffle is a raffle-style flatsale. In this type of flatsale, anyone who wants the pet offered must post within a certain time-frame to get a ticket. The tickets will then be randomly rolled to see who will get the pet and pay for it. In a flaffle, you do not have to pay unless you are drawn to get a pet.

During an event sometimes there are specialty pets that are usually rare or edited.
sometimes the colorist of that pet will place an auto buy option for the pet, so some one can buy it for a flat price and not have to bid.
you send your payment via labeled trade to the bank mule, after the auction is over.
(Note: don't bid more than you have)
Bidders are limited on how may of the auctions they can bid on.
You can only have two bids going at a time.
Example: There are three + auction pets up for sale. One person can only bid on two out of them.
Example: There are only 2 auction pets. One person can only bid on one of them.
Be sure to check and make sure you read what the minimum bids and such are.
Auto buying: A person can only auto buy one pet, and cannot bid on any other auction pet afterwards.
BI= Bid Increment
AB= Auto Buy
HB= Highest Bid
SB= Starting Bid

A raffle is where you buy tickets to get a chance to win a pet of your preference(s).
The tickets will have a set price of 50-150 gold per ticket depending.
You buy your tickets and list your preferences from the numbered lineup, and after the event ends, staff will roll to see what ya get!
(note: send trades for tickets immediately to the bank mule. If you don't label and send the trade, you wont get the tickets.)

Random games will be hosted at different times in the shop, where you can win pets for FREE. All have different rules, so be sure to read them over carefully if you want to win a pet from these. Go to page 2 to see if there are any ongoing games!
RNG= Random Number game
Rolling Game= Roll dice for the game

These are a collection of all the above.
They will happen frequently through the year, and some may focus around holidays!
The rest will be a theme of some kind and it is how you get the Raffles/Flatsales and such.

User Image
User Image

When you really want a pet, and there are no events running, and your on a bit of a budget, This is what you buy!
It is a pet that the colorist already has colored and waiting for a home, but you can't pick its gender.
They are the cheapest custom you can get, and because of that, you have very little control of how it looks.
Our colorists will always have one of each gender ready, and one growing premade.

Basic custom:
With a basic custom, you have a little more control over how the pet will look.
You get to choose the gender too! You get to choose a single marking suggestion and may pick from the following: 2 colors, an inspiration image, song, or poem. After that, everything is up to the colorist.

Ordering one of these gives you much more control over how the pet turns out, bit still not everything.
You can pick out of these options: choose a more complex design and may pick from up to 3 colors, an inspiration image, song, or poem. After that, everything is up to the colorist. Semi-customs are available when a colorist has custom spots open.

Full custom:
These are the most expensive of the customs, but allow you complete freedom with what ever you are willing to pay for.
Enjoy yourself and go nuts!

(Note: Label and send your trade for the customs to the bank mule)

User Image
Non Growing:: 20k
Growing:: 30k
With wings:: 40k

Basic Custom
Non Growing:: 40k
Growing:: 50k
With wings:: 65k

Semi Custom
Non Growing:: 65k
Growing:: 75k
With wings:: 85k

Full Custom
Non Growing:: 90k
Growing:: 120k
With wings:: 140k

150k and up.

User Image
User Image

Common Breedings
Available only to Opposite sex couples

In a common breeding, the colorings and markings of the parents are likely to show up in some way on the children. Common breeding's have a max size of 5 babies per breeding
Soul bound mates will increase the breeding result by one baby, but life mates are bound together and may never breed with any other pet but their mate.
Each owner keeps only one baby and has to gift or game off the rest of the babies.
The breeding price is paid by both parents. Half and half for each pet owner.

Surrogate Parent Breedings
Available only to same sex couples.

In a surrogate breeding, the colorings and markings of the parents will show up in some way on the babies. There is a VERY small chance that the colorings and markings of the surrogate parent may also show up on any of the children.
Surrogate breedings have a max size of 4 babies per breeding.
Soul bound mates will increase the breeding result by one baby, but life mates are bound together and may never breed with any other pet but their mate.
Each owner keeps only one baby and has to gift or game off the rest of the babies.
The breeding price is paid by both parents. Half and half for each pet owner.
Unless given a baby by one of the couple in the breeding, the surrogate's owner has no claim on any babies in a surrogate breeding.

Bribe pets:
Extremely line edited pets are time consuming and breeding two of them together makes alot of work per litter. They have a max amount of 4 babies.
THESE WILL NOT BE ROLLED. How many babies you get will be based on how much you pay.
If you have two people paying for the breeding, than you are required to pay for at least 2 babies.
it costs 60k per baby in the breeding, and it WILL take time.
The extreme edited pets that apply are pets that are done with more than just jewelry and simpler line edits.

User Image
Super edited-60k per baby plus the base 45k. minimum of 2 babies.

User Image
User Image
A Blessing is a herd or pack of pets (still under construction)
User Image
User Image

This is the list of people who are grey listed or black listed.
No one has been in trouble thus far.
User Image
User Image

User Image
User Image

Owner: Koska_Arcus
Co-Owners: Mark Vailenshard
Gwendolyn Barret
Lolli-pop Psycho
Organization/RP manager: Lolli-pop Psycho
Certist: Visit our hiring thread to become part of the team!
Colorists: Lady Ayanai
Gwendolyn Barrett
Guest Colorists: Leonaenae

User Image
User Image

Pets: Lines/Concept/Templates by Koska_Arcus
Thread Layout Graphics by Leonaenae
Thank you Gaia Online
Forest Photo taken by brenbren
Brushes from various websites
Fonts from dafont

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