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xxEvent went well. Custom & breeding slots open tomorrow so watch out for those.

Old Updates

xxMoosey is no longer with us as a colorist.
xxWelcome to the new staff! MidMidnyte WoIf (full time colorist), graceangel (part time colorist) and MayaMage2 (full time colorist).
xxWe have a flaffle coming up this weekend. Be sure to check out the second page for more details! But remember! You can't claim tickets yet!
xxWe've lost a colorist. Sad day for Lior. We wish her the best of luck in anything she decides to do in the future!
xxEvent ends tonight. It wasn't as successful as I'd hoped but we got some tips about making it better next year! Also, I want to welcome Ruxan Kikilin to the crew as a part time colorist!
xxFound someone to be a guest colorist for the december event. Moosey opened up a custom and is willing to do line edits. Tang has a custom slot open for bribes only. See custom post for more information!
xxMini Halloween event starts today. Woo. Got some planning to do for the next few months as well. Hoping to have some newbie flatsales (that are small) in November. Maybe about 1 a week. We need to get some fresh meat in here!
xxFirst event went pretty well! We have a few familiars up for grabs and quests for the classes have finally been put up. So if you have an adult pet and would like to choose a class for them then check out the guild!
xxGrand opening event has officially started!
xxThread is open! Woohoo!

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The above link leads to some great guidelines that can be used in both RP and just regular shop posting.
Read them and follow them.

ɢᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ ʀᴜʟᴇsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Follow Gaia's ToS!
      Do NOT steal the art (banners, pets, etc).
      No flaiming, trolling, etc.
      No leet/net/chat talk please.
      Don't b***h and moan if you didn't get the pet you wanted.
      Save your pet once he/she's an adult.
      All trades should be sent to the mule unless otherwise stated.
      Please try to label your trades appropriately.

ᴘᴇᴛ ʀᴜʟᴇsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Co-owning is only allowed in certain circumstances.
      Cosplays are only allowed if approved.
      These pets are not RP required to grow. There will be perks though (points for the future item shop, elders, etc).
      .You MUST name your pet when you get it certed.

ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ ʀᴜʟᴇsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Thread RPs will not be counted toward anything
      Be at least semi-literate when you RP
      It would be nice if replies were more than two sentences.
      Godmoding is a no no and is a blacklist-able offense.

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User Imagehere once was a Goddess named Aminia. She lived in peace and enjoyed her solitude at first. However, before long, she grew tired of being alone. Of having no company. So one day she decided to create a species. In the process of creating this species something happened and two were born instead of one. The species, she called them Humes, she had meant to create were sent to the world below, to live out their lives. However, the one that, essentially, was an accident were not. Aminia realized that this species was special and kept them in the Celestial Plains. She named this species Kyresue. They had been borne of the magic that wasn't meant to exist in any other beings than the divine ones, giving them the look of foxes.
View the rest of the Myth.

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User Imageespite his efforts to protect his home town he was unable to do so. Having been called off to protect the holy city, Aria, he was not around to prevent the siege that claimed his home town and the life of his wife and young daughter. News reached Jace during the 2nd day of the battle at Aria. His grief, being more than he could handle, overtook him and he had no regard for his own life. Despite his friend Niko's attempts to calm and console him Jace wouldn't hear it and ran off, head long into battle. The enemy had started to over power them, driving them away from Aria and furthur south. The city crumbled as Lior's army fell.
View more of this chapter

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Click here to visit the map thread and learn more about each region and what towns lie within them.

User Image____Alparu Winterlands (Al-par-oo)
The northern part of the continent of Erova is a vast winterland. Warm weather comes rarely to this land. If you live on the border of Alparu and Vipin then the weather is slightly warmer than the rest of the area. The warm air from the forest comes blowing north. Alparu is home to vast amounts of wildlife that are adapted to blend into the wintery surroundings and all are predators, fighting to survive. At the northern most peak of the Alparu winterlands is a small village called Eira. Dark things are starting to come from this town. One had best watch out if they travel that way. To the south west lays the warrior town Kemp.

User Image____Vipin Forest (Vi-pin)
Vipin Forest is the largest area of forest in Erova. Deep into the forest lies a clearing. A waterfall spills into a small pond area. It is tranquil in this clearing and many come to this place to meditate. A small, forest village also resides in this forest. The location of said village is a little murky as they don't advertise their location. So stumbling upon this village is something that is rare. The animals in this forest can range from anything to a small bunny to a large bear.

User Image____Beryl Fields (Bear-eal)
This is the largest area of Erova. Beryl Fiedls is filled with lush, green grass that stretches for miles on end. A lake is situated on the east side of Beryl and has a river flowing out from it. Situated in this area of Erova is 5 major cities; Sibyl, Taika, Nuha, Aria & Derya. Mostly herbivores live in the fields though you can see the occasional, small carnivore making its precence known.

User Image____Havilah (Hah-vee-lah)
Vast mounds of sand lay before your eyes when at the edge of Havilah. The beige colored landscape goes on for as far as the eye can see. The desert is a dry, hot and dangerous place to try and explore without some sort of guide. Getting lost in the desert is certain death. A small paradise can be found in the desert. To the south, on the shoreline, lies the thief village. Residing on the cliff side, it's a hard village to access.

User Image____Arasha (Are-ash-hah)
To the west lies an island that has been occupied by the Archers for as long as can be remembered. The town and island are both of the same name. The houses in this village are built into the trees. Grassy areas are spotty and most are used as training grounds for the archers.

User Image____Ellery (Ell-er-ee)
To the south west lies an unexlpored island. Within this islands dense forest lies species unknown to 99% of the population in Erova. Surrounded by many small, dangerous whirlpools this island is almost impossible to get to. Ellery is situated close enough to Arevig that at the highest point in the thief village you can see the island off in the distance.

User Image____Mindimo (Min-dee-mo)
These are the southern mountain range and therefore have very little snow on them at all. You would have to venture to the highest mountain in order to find any. An unnamed river runs through the northern most part of the mountains. The Minidimo mountains also span onto an island (though this island does not have a name). These mountains are considered sacred and a shrine is built on top of the highest peak. It is rumored that an ancient tree grows near the shrine. Some say that it can be seen with lanterns hanging from is branches. Though if anyone goes back the next day, the lanterns have mysteriously vanished. A temple sits at the base of the mountain.

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»»Stage One; Lantern
At this stage the Kyresue are basically just a lantern. They are vulnerable in that the glass in their lanterns could break, so be very careful with your lantern. The magic the Goddess Aminia imbued them with can be felt whenever someone is around the lantern, though they may not realize the lantern is what's causing the feeling. The flame inside the lantern is essentially the soul of the Kyresue. Soon, your pet will emerge from the lantern and you will be in charge of caring for your new kit.
Takes 2 weeks to grow into the kit stage.

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»»Stage Two; Kit - Male & Female
Finally, your kit has emerged from it's lantern. You may not have known this was going to happen and are completely surprised at the prospect of now having something that's not a Hume to watch over. You had heard the myths about a species resembling foxes but never thought they were true. But here you are with a kit (the equivalent to a Hume child) in your care. The Kyresue are very curious at this stage in life and have a natural need to explore. They love to get into all kinds of things but are aware of the danger posed to them by Ferren. If you do not already know the myth, chances are they will tell you about it or you will find out from Jace. As their, essential, parent you are responsible for keeping them safe. Though you should not have to worry about Ferren. The magic from their masks protects [hides] them ( plus the added protection from being with "family" ) from the God. You can battle and start training your pet at this stage. Though you can NOT choose a class yet (though you are allowed to live in a certain village that has class assigned to it).
Takes a month to grow into the adult stage.

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»»Stage Three; Adult - Male & Female
At this stage the Kyresue are completely capable of taking care of themselves. They have essentially grown into the equivalent form of a Hume adult. Their masks have lost most of their magic, though a little still remains. The protection from their families still remains but only if they are together with said family. At this stage you are able to choose a class for your pet and battle. Breeding is also available once you hit this stage.
This stage lasts forever. The ability to grow your pet into an elder stage is possible.

»»Stage Four; Elder
At this stage your Kyresue has developed fully into themselves. Sadly, though, this means that they have lost the protection of their masks and of their family. They now have to fend for themselves. With that being said, they are capable of taking care of themselves now. Only those strong enough make it to this stage.
This stage lasts forever.
In order for your pet to get to this stage there will be requirements (which can be found in the guild).

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• Familiars •

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The Pulan are a fun loving, mischievous creatures. They love to play with their owners. They are quick and hard to catch when they want to be. They can mostly be found in Beryl Fields and Vippin forest. Though you may find the occasional one up north (these are lighter in colors to blend in with the snow better). They are loyal but not very good in battle.

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Regal and magestic the Ka'eo are a race of birds that is in no way native to Erova or the area around them. They are an experiment that happened with in Nuha. They seem to be of mixed bird races. A fragment of crystals is embedded in each of their heads. Eventually they were perfected and are now available for those who would like to own one. They are fierce and loyal companions and will help you Kyresue in fights.

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Currently not open.
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If you would like to breed your Kyresue then please head to this forum in the guild to see if anyone has breeding slots open.

It costs 30k to breed your Kyresue without edits transfering over.
It costs 50k if you would like an edit to carry over to 1 of the pets.

How you split payment for it is up to each of the owners.

A breeding will net you 2-4 lanterns.
There is an item available in the item store that will enable you to add 2-3 more lanterns to your breeding results.

1. You may only breed a particular pet once every 2 months.
2. Your pet is limited to 3 breedings in it's lifetime.
____RP incentives come into play here. If you are active with RPing, you may be eligible for 2 more breedings.
3. Kyresue usually mate for life but it is possible, on a rare chance, that they can mate with multiple partners.
4. Must be a male/female paring.
5. Must be an adult.
6. Only one lantern can be kept per owner.
7. You may give away lanterns freely or you can opt to put them into a freebie raffle.
8. Permission from both owners is needed before a breeding can be done.
9. You can not own both pets that are to be bred.
10. The pets can not be related.
11. Edits do not transfer over in breedings unless a special slot is open.
12. Trade must be sent to the mule after posting your form.

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Click here to see who has slots open currently.

Semi Customs
With a semi custom pet you get to choose gender and up to 3 different colors for the pet.
Markings are up to the colorist.
Edits are not allowed with semi customs.

Growing - 100,000g
Adult - 50,000g

Full Custom
With a full custom you get to control how your pet looks completely as long as it follows the rules.
Edits are available with full customs.

      Edited - 350,000g
      Non-Edited - 300,000g

      Edited - 250,000g
      Non-Edited - 200,000g

1. Only one custom slot to a person.
2. Cosplays of copyrighted characters are NOT allowed. OC cosplays are fine.
3. Payment must be sent to the correct colorist before your pet can be worked on.
4. Pure is preferred but it may differ from colorist to colorist, so be sure to check their threads for payment options.
5. Don't bug us about when your custom will be finished. We have lives outside of Gaia. We will finish your custom when we finish it.
6. Orders must be posted in the guild and in the appropriate colorist's thread.
7. No reserving spots.
8. Elders are not available as customs at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Want your link posted here? Then just let me know in the thread or via PM.
I expect a link back as well, please.

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Current Staff
      Tangled Puppet • Owner, manager, colorist
      Midnyte WoIf • Full time colorist
      Befu • Full time colorist
      Ruxan Kikilin • Part time colorist, Item maker
      graceangel • Part time colorist
      Apple Blossom19 • Thread Manager
      DarkHikari • Owner's List Updater

Staff on Hiatus
      MayaMage2 • Full time colorist

Past Staff
      Lirende • colorist
      hybrid-porcupinemoose • Full time colorist

      Story, banners, pet concept, etc © Tangled Puppet
      Pet lines/templates & Cert • Dragoil
      Pulan Familiar & Shop items • Siyari
      Ka'eo Familiar • Midnytye Wolf
      Oficial NPC art • SerenAur
      Map • I can't remember who did it D:

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