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Welcome to La Boulangere Bakery!

We strive for perfection and try to display it in our baked goods. But our baked goods are not so ordinary, they turn into full breedable pets! Keep your eye out for special events and exciting games as the shop expands its ideas and sweets to more shops.

La Boulangere Bakery GUILD!

Table of Contents:
1: News & Updates
2: Story
3: Rules & FAQ's
4: Stages
5: Events
6: Customs and Bribes
7: Breeding
8: Pet Trades
9: Familiars
10: Owner's List
11: Item Shoppe
12: Affiliates
13: The Staff
14: Reserved
15: Reserved
16: Reserved
17: Reserved
18: Pickups
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8/07/09 - Eik works here. o 3o
1/20/09 - Synth now works here o 3o
5/12/08- Shop Thread Established
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Basic Rules:
1// No spamming.
2// No begging/whining.
3// Don't steal, Eri and Kaju will eat thieves ALIVE.
4// Role players are loved.
5// You MUST pay within one day, then your pet has the right to be resold or the order erased.

Role playing Guidelines:
1// No chatspeak! You must use basic grammar and spelling!
2// You may not god-mod or run the game. No pet is better, there are higher ranks but they cant be gods.
3// You can RP another's pet, but make sure there is permission.
4// Kits cannot have romances! Kits are basically children, they don't start courting yet!
5// Story lines and back stories are allowed, just don't make it too crazy.
6// If your kit 'finds' a sibling, make sure you make a convincing history behind it.
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Currently the most common species. They are called the Cupcakes. Cookies are the most common species, so get these before they become uncommon! After starting in the delicious begging form of the sweet, they soon grow after one week to a small kit and then to a larger kit. They are the smallest species.

Cupcake: Don't eat this! Just because it looks good doesn't mean its edible. In fact, the frosting is very poisonous and cant be eaten. The cupcake cannot communicate in anyway with others except another cupcake. Hidden in the moist cake is the creature absorbing the sweetness, they have small telekinetic powers but cant communicate with others except cupcakes.

Kit: Wow! After one week (roughly) the cupcake was too small to contain the kit inside. These kits are very small and about the size of a kitten. They can talk but cant do much else.

Adult: The Cupcake can now walk and talk freely. They are free to find mates and explore the world. They are generally store bound, but they can venture outside at their own free will. The Cupcakes are no bigger then a medium sized dog.

Extra Stage?!: Thats right, there is another stage that wont be reveled. From studying the adults behavior it shows that RP'ers who RP enough will get a message sent to them. After paying a fine and getting the adult drink a potion it seems the Cupcakes can walk on two feet.

Other Species:
Cookies (Common)
Brownies? (Uncommon)
Cake/Pies (Rare)
(Coming soon!)
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If you are like so many other unfortunate Gaiains and you cant afford a custom, don't worry! There are other ways to snag a pet cheaply! To make your pet grow you must visit the thread often and keep a eye out, although the Cupcakes frosting is poisonous, at the right time you must take a bite to finish the transformation.


Flatsales only cost 4k, nice and easy right? Well there is a catch, they are generally speed sales and first come first serve. Follow the basic rules! You don't need to fill out any forms, just put down what Cupcake you want and make sure you say it politely.

Proxying is fine, but you must keep it to one post. If you want one and you are proxying, you must make sure to keep the post separate. Only one per person, we don't want anyone to get fat!

You must wait for the "Go" from this mule before posting your orders.

We will only wait for one day before re-selling the pet. So you should pay right when you get it.


Date: ???
Time: ???
Type: ???


Auctions can be held at random points in time. You just gotta bid higher. Same rules apply as from above.

There is a minimum bid increment of 1k for all auctions.

Please bid using this form so we can make sure we see your bid.

[color=blue][size=18][b]Price Tap![/b][/size][/color]
[b]Bidding on:[/b]
[b]Amount bidding:[/b]



This is all about the luck of the draw. Usually there will be more then one available. If it is from a breeding or from a unsold flatsale/auction then it is free to enter. Minimum price per ticket is 100g. Ticket sales are unlimited, good luck!


None Yet. D':


Everyone loves games! These will usually be holiday events so keep a eye out! Sometimes there will be random surprises. The rules vary depending on the game, it will be posted respectively.


None Yet. D'':
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We have moved to the guild! You can find the customs and others there now!

Eri's Customs and Pet-Trades
Kaju's Customs and Pet-Trades
Synth's Customs and Pet-Trades
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Its that time of the year where the couples want to connect not just their bodies but their souls and take on a responsibility? There are some basic rules, kits cant breed, only adults. All is drawn by a random number and thus there is no complaining! Bribes may get you specific number of pets but nothing more! The pets can breed with any other breed except for the Cale/Pies, they can only breed with each other!

The adults cant give birth to the sweets, instead they create a batter with the respective sweet. Then they pluck out a hair and mix it into the batter and place it in the oven. Wait a day or two and out comes the babies! At the right time the parents must bite the baked goods like you would a flatsale. You can receive anywhere from 1-4 children.

Any Baked Good: 5k
Cake/Pies: 10k


Slot 1// Closed
Slot 2// Closed
Slot 3// Closed


Slot 1// Closed
Slot 2// Closed
Slot 3// Closed


Slot 1/// Closed
Slot 2/// Closed
Slot 3/// Closed

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We have moved to the guild as well! You can find pet-trades under the custom area of your desired colorist!

Eri's Pet-Trades and Customs
Kaju's Pet-Trades and Customs
Synth's Pet-Trades and Customs
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No Familiars Yet. D':
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Here is where you can find your or any other pets that come from this shop.

Cert//The Way Acquired//Gender//Full Size Image//Species//Owner

Naito//Pet-Trade//Female//Kit, Adult//Cupcake//Raiu-Chan
Raei//Pet-Trade//Male//Kit//Cupcake//Mia Sharra
Butters//Flatsale//Male//Cupcake, Kit, Adult//Cupcake//Sheramaru
Teien//Flatsale//Female//Cupcake, Kit, Adult//Cupcake//Raiu-Chan
Kari//Flatsale//Female//Cupcake, Kit, Adult//Cupcake//Flying Foxx
Arjun Flor//Flatsale//Male//Cupcake, Kit//Cupcake//Ami-chan Bell
Que//Flatsale//Male//Cupcake, Kit//Cupcake//Pixel-x-Bunny
Whisper//Flatsale//Female//Cupcake, Kit//Cupcake// Just Kazu~
Misao//Custom//Female//Adult//Cupcake// synth-13
Natalie//Custom//Female//Adult//Cupcake// Pixel-x-Bunny
Taru//Custom//Male//Cupcake//Cupcake//Skaleido Star
Jack//Custom//Male//Adult//Cupcake// Pixel-x-Bunny
Bran//Event//Male//Cupcake, Kit//Cupcake//Emotionless Dream
Jagger//Custom//Male//Adult//Cupcake//Mameha Otome
Scarl//Custom//Male//Adult//Cupcake//Wolfey Fireborn


Indiana Jones//Pet-Trade//Male//Kit, Adult//Cupcake//Mameha Otome
Danny Phantom//Pet-Trade//Male//KitAdult//Cupcake//Frey Ghreyston
Black Jack//Custom//Male//Adult//Cupcake//Frey Ghreyston & Kaju_Inu
Japas//Custom//Male//Adult//Cupcake//Mameha Otome
Midna//Pet-Trade//Female//Kit//Cheesecake//Mameha Otome
Haruhi Suzumiya//Event//Female//Adult//Cupcake//xXSakura_ForeverXx
Portgas D. Ace//Custom//Male//Adult//Cupcake//Mameha Otome
Shanks//Custom//Male//Adult//Cupcake//Mameha Otome
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Coming soon to viewers like you! Thank you. biggrin

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Everyone loves to be followed and known. So do we! Be kind and add our banner to your signatures!

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Our Friends~~

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Name: Kaju
Age: 169
Hobbies: Drawing, playing with my doggies, playing my guitar, watching TV, and online things.
Likes: Dogs, drawing, anime/manga, pocky, electronics, dogs, drawing, dogs... dogs...
Dislikes: Mean people, jocks, rap music, and country music.
Job: Co-Owner, Colorist, Lineartist.

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Name: Eri
Age: 145
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, embarking on spaceship adventures, listening to music and of course the internetz.
Likes: Cats, manga, throwing squirrels, nice people, enjoyable weather and running.
Dislikes: Vandalism, internal combustion, inconsiderate people, cold soup
Job: Co-Owner, Colorist, Lineartist

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Name: Synth
Age: 101
Hobbies: Swimming, drawing, reading, listening to music, hanging with friends and le interwebs.
Likes: Animals in general, manga, pet trades, nice weather, friends, asian things ( ;3) and swimming.
Dislikes: Stupid people, trolls, hackers, sweat pant legs riding up and veggies.

-insert picture here-
Name: Eik
Age: 123
Hobbies: Drawing, playing video games, WoWing, reading, internet.
Likes: Animals, Rainbows, Nekos, Drawing, Avi art, Books, Manga, LBB, fruit, veggies, and Pocky. 83
Dislikes: Idiots, Rude people, hackers, spammers, and trolls
Job: Colorist, Thread organizer, Manager.

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