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Welcome Human Soul,
Look out into the blue yonder and see if you can see what I see. If you can then you're destined to hold one of the beautiful creatures of Zuri.

This shop is going into a full hiatus after all games are over. Real life has hit me and I have to take things slowly.

Table of Contents
٭ Intro
٭ News
٭ Rules & FAQ
٭ Story
٭ Lung Dragon
٭ Quetzalcoatl
٭ Koi
٭ Familiar Breeds
٭ Availability
٭ Customs & Breedings
٭ Kingdom Npc
٭ Hiring
٭ White/Black List
٭ Links
٭ Staff & Credits

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Feb. 16, 2011
- All FS pets are SOLD.

Feb. 14, 2011
- Auction AB by Purrrplekitty
- Valentine Flatsale
- Grab Bags are open for two weeks.

Feb. 13, 2011
- ALL growings have been updated.
- Event has ended.
- Previews for Auction and FS pg. 2

Jan. 17, 2011
- One growing.
- Stage 3 for the Event is in process.
Jan. 6, 2011
- Flatsale @ Noon PST.
- All growings have been caught up to date.
Dec. 12, 2011
- Stage 2 - RP in character.
Dec. 5, 2011
- Updated page 2 with new info.
- Event Stage 1 is still here, if you're interested check pg.2
- New orphans, feel like adopting...head over to the guild.
Nov. 18, 2011
- Congrats to iSexy_Goddess for becoming a part of Zuri as a PT Colorist.
- Random Number Game was held today.
- A new event is in the works and info has been posted on pg.2
Nov. 12, 2011
- Story got an overhauled update.
- We got a new member to the Zuri family...Dea and #teddy# as our thread manager.
Nov. 11, 2011
- Raffle Game ends.
- Elder Speed FS.
- Updated new graphics.
Nov. 7, 2011
- Raffle Game added.
Nov. 5, 2011
- Added a new game.
- FS is ending.
Nov. 1, 2011
- Updated games on pg.2
- Added the November Calendar.
Oct. 28, 2011
-Random Number Game Glow familiar pets on pg.241
Oct. 20, 2011
- Congrats to Purrrplekitty for winning the glow koi.
Oct. 15, 2011
- Goddess introduced glow pets to the shop.
Oct. 13, 2011
- Out of boredom, Aulora posted a game Koi.
- Updated Goddess Zuri's story and added a chibi art.
Oct. 10, 2011
- Updated breeding baby growings.
- Last auction for this month is put up.
Oct. 9, 2011
- Auction 2 has ended - Congrats to milly17.
Oct. 7, 2011
- Aulora started a Halloween Contest on pg. 208.
- Updated a growing.
Oct. 6, 2011
- Koi Auction is now up and ready for bidding.
Oct. 5, 2011
- Lung Dragon Auction has ended, Congrats to Shanra the Dragon Bard.
- Halloween Grams are now Available. HERE you will have to join the guild to order them.
Oct. 4, 2011
- Breedings for milly17 & Shanra the Dragon Bard.
- Updated some mistakes for grams.
Oct. 2, 2011
- First Breast Cancer Awareness Auction
Sept. 30, 2011
- Autumn FS.
Sept. 21, 2011
- Dice game for two pets.
Sept. 11, 2011
- Grandparent's Day Random Number Event
Aug. 4, 2011
- First Auction has ended.
- Second Auction started.
July 19, 2011
- Posted up our first auction on pg. 2 - Food Themed.
July 15, 2011
- On pg. 50, vero14_70 will random a number for a semi-custom.
- Aulora has opened up for customs and breedings.
July 12, 2011
- vero14_70 has opened up her custom/bribe slots.
July 11, 2011
- Updated familiars.
July 9, 2011
- First flatsale!
July 6, 2011
- Thread was established.

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٭ Follow Gaia TOS.
٭ DO NOT STEAL ANY ART and ONLY usable on Gaia.
٭ No L33t Chat please, I get too OCD on spelling and grammar.
٭ Keep YOUR DRAMA to yourself. (Religion and Politics)
٭ No harassing the staff for free pets.
٭ Any pets that are unclaimed within 1 week will be forfeited with no refund, so please be sure to trade as soon as you post.
٭ DO NOT ADVERTISE ANYTHING, if you want to be affiliated with my shop, send me a pm.
٭ Roleplay is not mandatory for the shop.
٭ DO NOT RE-SELL any of your pets.
٭ Field Journals are for breeding purposes only, if you want to breed look there first.
٭ DO NOT COMPLAIN/WHINE about your custom pets not being colored right and demanding for several re-colors.
٭ ALL Colorists have their own unique coloring method, please check their shops in the guild for future reference.
٭ Rules are subject to change.

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Q: Who owns this shop?
A: Aulora

Q: What program do you use?
A: I currently use an old program (Adobe 7.0)

Q: Are all the art yours?
A: As of right now, yes they all are.

Q: How do I get a pet?
A: Stick around and find out.

Q: What are the stages and how long does it take to grow?
A: There are exactly 3 stages. 1st Stage is Pearl, 2nd Stage is baby, and 3rd Stage is Adult. Pearl to Baby = 1 week
Baby to Adult = 3 weeks

Q: Will there be any other stages?
A: Yes there will be other stages but those will only be available to special creatures or rare creatures. (depending on what Goddess Zuri will imagine)

Q: Is Roleplay mandatory?
A: No, I'm not a big fan on rp, but feel free to rp all you want with your pets.

Q: What do I do if I no longer want my pet?
A: If there is a time that you no longer want your pet, please drop it off in the shop or pm me so I can put it up for adoption. You are not allowed to re-sell it in anyway.

More will be added in the future.

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User Image

There is a universe not known by any man, it is a mythical universe which only lives in the minds of the imagine-rs who love to imagine a world of all sorts. In this universe there lies many voids in the sky. Each void consists of many different energy and light source. There was a peculiar void in the sky that no one can harness and thus the Sacred Elders went on a search to find that true guardian.
In the land of Nalaih, there were guardians and watchers being born everyday. They are those who will take the void in the sky and build their own kingdoms one day when they have reached the level of enlightenment or the level of Goddess and God. There was one in particular person whom the Sacred Elders have watched over for a very long time. She was born under the solar eclipse and according to ancient prophecy "the one who is born under the solar eclipse is destined to be the chosen one. One who will be able to harness true power of the fire phoenix." This person who the elders sought and took care of...is none other the Zuri. She is a delighted, cheerful and adventurous little one. Out of the clan, she was the first to discover a hidden light source, the first to find opal minerals and well pretty much the first at everything. Eventually there are always bound to be someone who despised her and there was, but that's another story. On the final day of her living as a guardian, she noticed up in the sky...a void that sparkled at her. To her knowledge that void is the void that the Elders were trying to find someone to harness its powers. She knew that no one has ever seen it sparkle or in fact it has never shown any kind of light source. She was confused as to why it sparkled at her. To her confusion, she searched all over for clues as to why a void with no light source would sparkle at her and why her alone. Just then, a voice called out her name...

Zuri, my beautiful Zuri...why is that you are feeling frustrated?
she stopped and said who, who goes there?
The voice then said It is I, Zuri. You do not know who I am, but I know who you are. I've watched you grow from a seed to who you are now and I've been waiting for you.

She was a little surprise and thought to herself, who could be waiting for me. Since she was small she didn't know anyone else but just the elders. It couldn't be the elders talking to her, they just don't talk out of the blue like that, they usually appear before her but this voice it sounded so faint and not like anyone she knew of. Zuri slowly walked towards a tree, it was a great big tree that stood in the middle of the field. She leaned up against it and felt that it was warm. How could a tree be warm, she thought to herself.

My beautiful Zuri, I am warm because the light source is filled with lots of love and care.
The voice spoke again, only this time it came right from where she was standing and it also answered her question. She jumped back a few steps and touched the bark. It sure was warm and she felt it, the love and care it was going right through the tree roots and up to each leaf. After a few moments she realized it was the tree talking to her, she had felt it and saw the generations of the tree's life. The tree then spoke to her...

My beautiful Zuri, now that you have seen what I am and the generations of how long I've been living, then you know what you must do next. I am the Tree of Life and I grant those who succeed in being a Goddess or God their wishes. My tree harvests pearls and each of these pearls contain great power within. What lies in these pearls are none other then your thoughts, your imaginations, your creations. However, if you have one bit of evil in you, these pearls will and contain the most vicious creatures. But I know that you are pure and kind hear-ted, so I have no worries.

The tree of life told her that it was chosen long before she was born of who she will be and nothing can change her destiny. He also told her that she will become one of the Goddess that will earn the right to have her own kingdom. The void that sparkled at her, it was a sign that she would be the one to harness that void. The tree of life even told her things that even the Sacred Elders couldn't foretell. Within minutes she was filled with knowledge from the tree of life. She knew that her last day of being a guardian meant the last day to live freely because becoming a Goddess had important roles for her to keep. At noon time on the next day, the elders appeared before her and before they could say anything to her, she told them that she met with the tree of life and he told her everything.

My child, it is not that we did not want to tell you what the future holds. We just didn't know if you were the one we were seeking. Our visions may have been blocked by your inner power. We only heard of the prophecy we did not know how much power the chosen one would have. The prophecy only tells us that the chosen one would be able to harness true power and all kinds of power. Since you have become a Goddess, you already know your duties. From now on you are own your own. If you ever need advice, feel free to drop by and ask.

After the elders had disappeared, she walked up to the tree of life and hanging on one of his branches was a silk pouch. Goddess Zuri opened it and knew what she had to do. She took her staff and flew up to the void that sparkled at her.

User Image
While standing in the middle, she levitated and thought of the most beautiful things. Goddess Zuri imagined blue skies that were deep in color and as blue as the sea, land that was as green as the tree of life's leaves, rivers that were as clear as glass and clouds that were light and fluffy. In a total of five minutes, her imagination of a beautiful world was complete. The land was full of lush landscapes, floating islands with never ending waterfalls, sky as blue as the sea and clouds light and fluffy.

User Image

The air is so crisp not a single dust in the sky. Now all that was left were the creatures that had to be made. While holding the satin pouch, she reached in and took out a pearl. With two hands she held the pearl tight brought it up to her chest and thought of the most ancient creatures of all time. With the knowledge she got from the tree of life, her first creation a lung dragon that will fly the sky freely. She laid the pearl down and within a few seconds a lung dragon appeared.

You will be called Skye, for you are not bound to anything but can fly the sky freely.

After the dragon flew off into the sky, she pulled out another pearl and conjured another dragon, naming this one Freedom which will be Skye's companion. She felt that the sky was still a little lonely, so she pulled out two more pearls. Out from her imagination, two more sky creatures were born...Quetzalcoatls another ancient creature. She named them Grayrain and Windrain. Yet again she felt dissatisfied that there weren't enough creatures. She thought the rivers needed some fishes, two pearls she pulled out and soon swimming in the river were koi fishes. She named the two koi fishes Mori and Kota. Two by two she pulled them out and soon the lush lands were filled with birds, bunnies, foxes, bears, dolphins and butterflies. Now that the creatures were complete, the one last thing she had to think of was a name to claim her land. Zuri thought of many names, but to her it didn't quite well match her land. She thought for a very long time when she decided to put her name next to kingdom.

Kingdom of Zuri, now that sounds a lot better then any of the names I had just thought of. That's it...I claim this land here as Kingdom of Zuri. All those who live in this land are all under me and me only.

She made a declaration to the world that her kingdom was complete.

User Image
User Image

These were the very first creatures that the Goddess conjured from the pearls given to her by the tree of life. Up in the sky these creatures roam freely.

User Image

Stage 1 = Pearl
Stage 2 = Baby
Stage 3 = Adult

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User Image
The second creatures that the Goddess conjured from the pearls given to her by the tree of life. These were the next creatures to roam the sky freely.

User Image

Stage 1 = Pearl
Stage 2 = Baby
Stage 3 = Adult
User Image
User Image

Goddess Zuri filled all the pools of water with koi fish since they all came in colors and sizes. In the blue pools were rainbow fish everywhere.

User Image

Stage 1 = Pearl
Stage 2 = Baby
Stage 3 = Adult
User Image
User Image
These little creatures don't grow, they were born this way and remain this way.

Image Unavailable

bunni, fox, bear, bird, butterfly and dolphin

(still more to come.)
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User Image

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01. Please do not post your form until the mule says "GO".
02. If your friend is not able to be on at the time of a flatsale, you may proxy for them. However, please post it separately from yours.
03. All pets in a flatsale will grow.
04. Do not edit your posts.
05. All pets must be paid within 24 hours, if not they will be put into an adoption center.

Lung, Quetzalcoatl, and Koi = 8k
Familiars = 2k - (if all the pets are familiars, if not they follow the first one.)

User Image
01. Do not flame at others just because your outbid. It's disrespectful!
02. Do not bid on what you can't afford.
03. Starting bids start at 20k
04. The minimum bid increase is 100g.
05. Prices may change due to the nature of the Auction.

User Image
01. Tickets cost 100g
02. Minimum purchase of tickets is 30.
03. Send all trades to the shop mule (Kingdom of Zuri Mule)
04. Winners will be chosen with the random number.

User Image
01. Random Events are hold during every month, they can be anything.

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User Image

Customs will be available, depending on the individual colorist/artist. The only time you can submit an order form is when slots are open. If it is not, do not harrass any of them. If and when slots are open, please post your order in the Colorist/Artist Shop Thread and send your trade to the shop mule (Kingdom of Zuri Mule) asap or when it has been accepted.

Colorist Choice: Choose a gender and give me something to work on as inspiration.
Semi-Custom: Pick out at least 3 colors, or a theme and the colorist will fit it all together.
Full Custom: Pick everything and put it in full detail.

Please check colorists for open slots.
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User Image

User Image
If your interested in breeding your pets, please look through the Field Journals.
Please check colorists for open slots.
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User Image

01. Both pets must be adults.
02. Pearls will be divided in half and distributed to both owners.
03. Owners may gift pearls to friends.
04. Number of pearls will be determined by the colorist.
05. Each additional pearl will cost 3k. (opened depending on colorist)

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User Image
We are still hiring, please go HERE for more details.

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User Image

All Staff Members
- Aulora
- Purrrplekitty
- vero14_70
- Shanra the Dragon Bard
- Dea and #teddy#
- iSexy_Goddess

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A Darkened Heart no name - stealing artwork and giving it out to friends.

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User Image

If you'd like to be an affiliate, please pm or post your banner link. Thanks.

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Art Mini Shops
User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

B/C Shops
User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image

Service Mini Shops
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User Image User Image User Image

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User Image

Aulora - Owner of the shop, line-artist, colorist, template and certs.
Kingdom of Zuri Mule - Shop Mule
Mirabellethor - PT Colorist
iSexy_Goddess - PT Colorist
Purrrplekitty - Guest Colorist
Shanra the Dragon Bard - Thread Mod & Owner's List Manager
Dea and #teddy# - Thread Manager

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Colour Lovers
Obsidian Dawn

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