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December 4th, 2013
In case you missed the announcement in-thread, flatsales and breedings are now free. And that, in turn, means you should plunk some Kage you don't mind setting up with a random partner in the Kage Soup guild thread! (Kage Soup is a special brand of crackbreedings where you post 2 Kage and get randomly paired up breedings. It's super fun. Trust us.)
November 26th, 2013
Sorry for the slowness in updates! The Kagemon event was a huge success and lots of interesting new Kage have been dispersed into Dragon's Maw.
October 11th, 2013
The Kagemon event teaser/info is on page 2319. The event itself will hopefully start on Sunday the 13th!
September 25th, 2013
Hope you guys enjoyed the FR event! Tags and growths are up. Getting caught up now!
September 14th, 2013
The Flight Rising event is finally up and running! Thread link here
August 15th, 2013
So, sorry for the lack of updates/progress/etc., Flight Rising has consumed my soul. Therefore, the next event will be a Flight Rising gene theme with elder Temporals and perhaps a Golem. ;B Date is TBA!
June 23rd, 2013
The bio/pic section of the front page with all the species finally has updated elder links with allll the new ghostneko art. <3 The elders post near the end of the page also has completely updated info, but feel free to ask questions since I know I don't always make sense. biggrin
June 16th, 2013
Sorry I keep disappearing, but new growths are up on p2054 and I haven't forgotten about the current breedings!
May 8th, 2013
I promise once I'm caught up with everything I'll work on the freebie list and plan the next event (though we have a huge one coming in October that I need to work on too! XD)
April 23rd, 2013
The contest for a lovely male hell baby is in this guild thread~ It ends tomorrow so hurry! I've been absent due to moving but I will be back in full swing asap.
April 3rd, 2013
We officially have new Neverlin elders. emotion_kirakira I will be offering recolors asap if anyone wants the new lines (which I'll also post asap). Soup-only breeding slots will be opening throughout the day! See guild to find out what Soup is.
March 30th, 2013
Finally getting all caught up. smile We officially have Spiritual Elders, so those will be available for growths and customs shortly! We will also be having the old elders done by a different artist redone by ghostneko over time. You'll have a choice if you really want the old lines so don't be upset if you fell in love with the old ones!
March 12th, 2013
Page 2 has an Easter breeding slot rolling game, go for it. I will be moving in the upcoming month and I will be gone from the 21st to the 24th for PAX east, so I apologize in advance for my absence. :3
March 10th, 2013
HoC Auction #2 Thread
March 8th, 2013
Working on growths from the Vday event constantly, I promise! Took a small break to start a series of Heralds of Chaos auctions - I love the art so I wanted to turn a few cards into Kage. First Auction Thread Here
February 10th, 2013
Check out the Valentine Event Thread!
January 30th, 2013
There is a Free Temporal baby RP prompt in the guild by Matthewt3hd0rk! Be sure to enter it for a chance at an adorable baby Temporal!
January 23rd, 2013
Flaffle tonight!
January 16th, 2013
The colorist search is over! Congrats XxAugustMoonxX, you're officially hired. This means we can finally start having monthly flatsales again!
January 10th, 2013
I realized I'm way too busy with bribes, breedings, and freebies to ever hold flatsales. So, I am hiring a colorist on page 2 to see if I can find someone I'm comfortable working with me. Thanks for looking!

See old news archives here

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Roleplaying Information


Long ago, a cult named the Neverlin formed in order to practice an illegal and dangerous form of magic. It was obsessed with resurrecting the dead in any way or shape. Whether it be through the undead rising or taming souls, the mages wanted to discover how to bring something dead back to life.

The largest meeting ever had been planned, with rumors of a finished product being the spotlight of the evening. Perhaps someone had finally found a viable way to harness old, discarded souls? Just the prospect was enough to draw every last Neverlin mage in to see it for their own eyes. And just as it was heralded, the very first Kage were paraded around, the creator excitedly showing off his process for reincarnation.

Despite their overall success, however, many of the members were disappointed. The body was monster-like, a hollow shell meant only to house a new soul. The entire process was a bit too picky for some, especially the newer mages who were in the cult for personal gain. They called it a failure. It looked nothing like a human and the soul plucked from the etherworld was completely random!

To further the disappointment into even the most dedicated Neverlin mages, it was discovered that these new monsters required a constant supply of life essence from living creatures, preferably humans, or else the soul would slip away from the Kage body. This did not sit well with them. Many differing opinions rose. Their first real success ended with much heartache, as the Neverlin mages soon divided into so many factions it was only a mere shadow of its former self.

Current - "Passage of Time"
Plot Compendium

With the complete reworking of the Red Kingdom, the communities, economies, and societal rules within Dragon's Maw began to morph. An era of enlightenment began to settle across the land as a younger generation grew to know the power that Kage held and the responsibility humans held to keep that power in check.

Though things were generally looking better for the reputation of Kage and the Neverlin, it was not uncommon for reports of "evil Kage" terrorizing small villages to spread by mouth-- becoming more harrowing with every reiteration. Inexperienced mages would try their hand at Kage creation, only to die in the process and summon something foul to haunt the wilds. Farms would find cows and chickens amiss, or cold and dead with no wounds, as ravenous Kage comb the countryside looking for life energy to consume. And whether through malice or truth, stories were even spread of large, wiry wolf-like monsters seizing children from their beds at night and disappearing into the forest...

The Triune cult remained eerily silent while the rest of the world licked its wounds. Was it weak without half of its core members? Was it planning something awful?

It was a time of peace, mottled with hints of fear and rough patches-- but peace nonetheless.

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User ImageUser Image
1. No art theft. Don't steal any art or banners from this thread and pass it off as your own.
2. No godmoding in the RP. Be fair in the RP and don't play other people's characters for them.
3. Follow sale/breeding rules. Flatsales, raffles, breeding and auctions will have their own sets of rules to adhere to.
4. Be prompt with names. If you ignore pets you have gotten from giveaways, sales, raffles, auctions, breedings, or anything else for 30 days it will be considered abandoned. I will try to get in touch with you but please be prompt!
5. Never be afraid to ask me a question. No matter how silly.
6. Have fun and be courteous. I love you all!

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User ImageUser Image
Are these RP-required?
Not at all. But of course, people who do RP will be considered first for perks like extra babies from breedings, special events, and general gifts of adoration from yours truly.
Are you hiring?
I am not hiring, but thank you for the interest!
I used to have a Kage, but I can't find it!
Just post or PM me and I can find any Kage you have. You can also check the owner's list (photobucket account) and click "Tags" and find your name.
What if I don't want my Kage anymore?
You can easily surrender them to the shop to be given away to a new owner if you're quitting Gaia or have no need of your pet any longer.
How can I get one?
If you stick around, there will oftentimes be newbie raffles and flatsales for people with no Kage, as well as plain ol' raffles, flatsales, auctions, and custom slots.
How long do growths take?
Baby to child can take about a week and a half, child to adult can take 2 to 3 weeks. Adult to elder takes a year, along with some other stipulations (see Elders post).
What's with the shop name? "Kage"?
Kage (kah-gay) means "shadow" in Japanese. I feel that the Kage are merely shadows of their former selves, souls trapped within monstrous bodies.
Do you do pet trades?
Yes but I am very picky and I will only do them for the shops listed in my pet trade section near the bottom of the thread.
Do our Kage need to fit the stereotypes? (Hell, insane; Priestly, good)
It's merely a "template", but it's best to follow it unless you have some cool way to deviate it from the norm.
Can Kage talk?
Yes and no. Kage don't talk with their mouths, they communicate in your head. You can hear the voices and words, but their mouths cannot form actual sounds. Some Kage cannot talk very well, or at all. Some Kage can talk so well in your head that they can read your emotions and thoughts (usually only Spiritual Kage can do this).

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User Image

User ImageUser ImageKage are the product of a wandering soul being unceremoniously shoved back into a new body, a cadaver made of various bits and parts of animal (but very precisely crafted, or the magical ritual would not work). They must consume life energy to stay "alive". Lone Kage would find life energy in the wild (via hunting, etc.) but domesticated Kage may siphon off life energy from their owners. It is painless, but will leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained if not careful.

Despite the various types of Kage that exist below, it is believed they all start out generally the same as children and morph later in life due to latent magic in their blood. Kage babies are extremely vulnerable and require lots of attention. Kage that are left to fend for themselves often turn out mentally unstable or injured.

User Image
Neverlin Kage
[Left: Female | Right: Male]
Neverlin Elders

User ImageUser ImageThese Kage seem to be the most stable species out of all, only draining a small amount of life essence from their host. They're extremely easy to care for and most are generally loyal to their owners. These Kage are borne of normal domesticated animal and human spirits that are magically transferred into the new Kage bodies, and depending on the spirit, their personality can also reflect what person or animal it was. These are aptly named for the Neverlin Mage Tribe that originally brought these beings to life.

User Image
Hell Kage
[Left: Female | Right: Male]
Hell Elders

User ImageUser ImageThe Kage from Hell are just what you'd imagine then to be-- evil, cunning, vicious, and then some. Only evil sorcerers have the right spells and power to trap a demon's or evil spirit within a Kage's body, and for that reason, unusually evil Kage are very rare. They feed off of their owner's life essence to an extremely high level, often causing their owner to faint. These are NOT good pets to own. Do not attempt to care for one without an extremely strong heart and the instruments to control such a beast.

User Image
Priestly Kage
[Left: Female | Right: Male]
Priestly Elders

User ImageUser ImageThe Priestly Kage are the most noble and well-behaved species of Kage. They take very little energy from their owners and yet are still one of the most powerful of the species. Priests from around the land gathered at one point to summon these creatures and exterminate the hellish ones, but upon attacking the evil sorcerers and their Kage in battle, the Priestly Kage and Hell Kage were both nearly wiped out. Both are now very rare, as well as the priests and sorcerers who summon them.

User Image
Spiritual Kage
[Left: Female | Right: Male]
Spiritual Elders

User ImageUser ImageSpiritual Kage are covered in thick, soft fur that protects them from the freezing cold of the spirit world. If cared for properly, these rare Kage can learn great abilities using their innate energy. They are capable of crossing into different realms and dimensions-- usually while sleeping, although out-of-body experiences have also been reported. They are calm and aloof creatures.

User Image
Temporal Kage
[Left: Female | Right: Male]
Temporal Elders

User ImageUser ImageConsidered to be one of the hardest Kage to track down, the Temporal Kage are capable of flight and even rumored to be capable of time travel. They are haughty and arrogant because of their unique powers. Most other Kage fear the Temporals, because the dark looming shadow of a Temporal often means either a fight or death. Temporal Kage feed on the energy of other Kage either by direct assault or manipulative leeching.

User Image
Aquatic Kage
[Left: Female | Right: Male]
Aquatic Elders

User ImageUser ImageAquatic Kage can have a multitude of personalities, though the most common is playful and gregarious. It's common to find them in groups, unlike most Kage, and all of them seem to have a strong tie to where they were born-- usually Bull Island. They are often mistaken for sea monsters in the water, and are uncomfortable on land, so it is rare they find a human they can trust.

User Image
Golem Kage
[Left: Female | Right: Male]
Golem Elders

User ImageUser ImageGolem Kage are constructed of stone and held together by wisps of magic. They require a substantial amount of life essence to fuel the magic that binds them together. It is unknown if they are capable of speech, or even independent thought, since no part of them is living. At times, it seems the creatures are quite dull, standing stone still. Other times, they move with defiant purpose. Because of this, they're deemed highly unpredictable.

User Image
Cemetery Kage
(Adults and Elders shown -- no baby/child form)
[Left: Female | Right: Male]

User ImageUser ImageCemetery Kage are awkward, disturbing creatures that should not exist, but they do. In rare instances, it's been reported that the spirit within a decaying Kage body will refuse to die, and it will rise from the grave as a zombie-like monster. These are rarely owned and almost always found repulsive by those who meet them-- most are loners, haunting graveyards or aimlessly wandering.

User Image
Cerberus Kage
Cerberus Elder

User ImageUser ImageCerberus Kage are extremely rare, and rightfully so. They are usually violent, hostile, and batshit insane. A Cerberus is an unholy spawn that requires three souls to create and it consumes thrice the amount of life energy. The act of holding three souls within one body is extremely painful and dizzying for the host body.

User Image
User Image

Dragon's Maw
User Image

[For detailed information on map locations, visit the RP info thread post on Dragon's Maw.]

User Image
User Image

Flatsales are usually speedsales. Previews are posted ahead of time with pricing, and once the flatsale is opened at a predetermined time and date, they will be available for purchase. Whoever claims each one first gets to buy it and name it.

1. You may only buy one per flatsale for yourself, and one per flatsale for a friend. They must be claimed in different posts, and your friend cannot be posting for a pet at the same time. This is just for when your friend cannot be online at the time of the FS.
2. Please pay and name your Kage ASAP so I can tag them all at the same time.
3. No editing posts!
4. If you claim a pet and someone else claims it after you, please don't be nice and give it to them. It really messes me up. Claim it and keep it.
5. Please send trades to Neverlin Mage (this account)!

Current flatsale: None currently

~No flatsale previews~

User Image

Flaffles are like a flatsale, except slower and more randomized. Once a flaffle is opened, people have 30 minutes to post the provided forms with their preference lists. After the form period is over, I will randomly choose the winners one by one and figure out who wins what based on preference lists.

1. You may only post one form for yourself and one for a friend, in different posts. If your friend is entering themselves you may not enter them a second time.
2. Please pay and name your Kage ASAP so I can tag them all at the same time.
3. No editing posts.
4. Preferences cannot be changed once posted.
5. Please send trades to Neverlin Mage (this account)!

Current flaffle: None currently

User Image

Raffles are always free. When a raffle is opened, you may post for a free ticket and I will add you to the list. Once enough tickets are given out, I'll use the posting number randomizer to pick the winner. If you win, I'll need a name for it and I'll tag it for you.

1. You may only claim one ticket for yourself.
2. No using mules or anything of the sort.
3. You cannot pick the number you get.
4. Follow any specific rules the raffle has, such as "x Kage or less" or "newbies only".

Current raffle: None at the moment!

User Image
User Image

User ImageUser ImageWith very powerful magic, a customer's perfect Kage can be shaped. However, the price is a bit steeper for the effort and materials involved. Customs' prices depend on the difficulty of the custom designs desired-- however, all customs begin as adult Kage only.

Below is a list of base prices. Depending on the difficulty, the price will go up, so if you want like 600 shades of each color of the rainbow with stripes and spots and magical fairy farts it's going to cost more. Generally, it will just cost the base price. If you want a price quote on your idea before you start saving just send me a PM!

Base price for an adult Neverlin: 25k [Elder: 50k]
Base price for a Hell Kage: 200k [Elder: 300k]
Base price for a Priestly Kage: 200k [Elder: 300k]
Base price for a Spiritual Kage: 200k [Elder: 300k]
Base price for a Cemetery Kage: 100k [Elder: 300k]
Base price for a Temporal Kage: 300k [Elder: 400k]
Base price for a Golem Kage: 200k [Elder: 300k]
Base price for an Aquatic Kage: 200k [Elder: 300k]

1. Customs can't look -exactly- like another Kage, especially not auction Kage.
2. Lineart edits are very expensive. I am also picky with them. Generally, they're only allowed in auctions or expensive bribes.
3. You can't change your mind when I'm halfway done, so make sure you PM me what you want when you are ready.
4. Customs may advance to elderdom just like any other Kage, but if you're impatient you can get an Elder-stage custom as well if it's available in the price list above.
5. Send trades and PMs to Neverlin Mage.

Custom Slot: Closed

Custom form:
[b]Type:[/b] [Neverlin, Hell, Spiritual, etc.]
[b]Stage:[/b] [Adult or Elder-- affects price, only certain elders available]
[b]Description:[/b] [Be detailed!]
[b]Markings:[/b] [Be specific, or don't!]
[b]Horns/Claws colors:[/b]
[b]Eye color:[/b]
[b]Lineart edits[/b]: [These increase the price]
[b]Ref pic?:[/b] [In case it's easier to show than tell]

[If you want to bribe me, PM me what you have in mind. You can bribe for breedings, customs, lineart edits, anything your heart desires-- mostly. Bribe slots are always open and are a good way to ask for Kage with extensive lineart edits or get a custom when custom slots are closed. Usual bribes for less extensive Kage are 500k-1mil depending on edits, species, etc. 2mil+ will get you anything you wish, within reason. Make sure you send trade or I may put it behind others who have paid first!]

Bribe Slots: Open but bribe better be good, my laundry list is LONG

User Image
User Image

User ImageUser ImageA Kage, despite its awkward place in nature, may breed. If a male and a female Kage breed, the female gives birth to babies as though she retains some semblance of a normal creature. The mother (or father, or both) must go through the difficult task of picking out lost souls and bringing their babies to life just as they were given life. This is possible because Kage are magical creatures in general, and the same spell that gave them life allows them to pass on life as well. The actual act of Kage reproduction is still shrouded in mystery, however, as no one has ever witnessed it firsthand. Female x Female and Male x Male breedings have also been reported to happen, but it is a far more taxing act on the parents as they must give up far more life energy to make it happen.

1. Breeding Kage must be elders or adults and it must be Type x Type or Type x Neverlin. See chart below for more information. Gender doesn't matter.
2. New rule: A Kage can only breed once every 2 months.
3. If one person owns both parent Kage, then he or she chooses what to do with all of the children.
4. If two different players own the parents, then they may confer and decide what to do with them. I trust I won't ever have to interfere.
5. If a baby isn't tagged with its siblings, it may have a different growth schedule-- especially if you take weeks to decide what to do with it. (Which is fine with me, but I put work into each stage so I won't skip any!)
6. Kage babies may be kept by the parents' owners or given away to friends/newbies/strangers/etc.
7. Elders and RP'd Kage that breed have a higher chance of a rare extra offspring.
8. Lineart edits do generally have a chance to be passed on to offspring.

The following chart outlines who may breed with who, and what/how many to expect as well as new breeding prices.

Neverlin x Neverlin = Neverlin babies (3)
Hell x Neverlin = Hell or Neverlin babies (2-3)
Hell x Hell = Hell babies (2)
Neverlin x Priestly = Priestly or Neverlin babies (2-3)
Priestly x Priestly = Priestly babies (2)
Neverlin x Spiritual = Neverlin or Spiritual babies (2-3)
Spiritual x Spiritual = Spiritual babies (2)
Temporal x Neverlin = Temporal or Neverlin babies (2-3)
Temporal x Temporal = Temporal babies (2)
Neverlin x Aquatic = Neverlin or Aquatic babies (2-3)
Aquatic x Aquatic = Aquatic babies (2)

Cemetery Kage cannot breed. They're deader than dead.
Cerberus Kage cannot breed. They are far too insane.

Golem Kage can 'breed' with any other Kage, though it is not based on genetics. Golems pass along their magical essence to their offspring. Typically, the children will be of whatever fleshy partner they have (ie. Golem x Priestly = Mostly Priestly babies). Golem babies are rare as they take more magical energy to give life to. Golem babies are influenced by both the rocks around the area and the parents themselves. Sometimes they may be completely different than the parents!

Golem x Golem = Golem babies (2)
Golem x Neverlin = Neverlin or Golem babies (2-4)
Golem x Hell = Hell or Golem babies (2-3)
Golem x Priestly = Priestly or Golem babies (2-3)
Golem x Spiritual = Spiritual or Golem babies (2-3)
Golem x Temporal = Temporal or Golem babies (2-3)
Golem x Aquatics = Aquatic or Golem babies (2)

Soup Breeding Slots:
1. Terje x Bereave (Kazzmonkey and Haisyn Fierra)
2. Razok x Lyehtas (FrostyPeaches and magnadearel)
3. Kelech x Mystral (magnadearel and XxAugustMoonxX)
4. X x Maghda (Asellus and Mewsings of an Angel)

Freebie Breeding Slots:
Cain x Arianrhod (lord_pippa_ari and Chogori)

Past Breedings:
Crest of Courage x Savas (Captain_Stark_Harkness and Lural)
Kaheri x Imarihi (xx Aps)
(Secret x Secret) (Asellus)
Cante x Erimis (Lural)
Reave x Cora (Capricorn Sunchai and FrostyPeaches)
Dachion x Orlaith (Haisyn Fierra and Asellus)
Daesra x Verrine ([.Silvr-Moon.] and Asellus)
Eri x Razok (FelineOddity and FrostyPeaches)
Terrafin x Izar (Haisyn Fierra and ashes to the wind)
Kafa x Rina (Lural and Kazzmonkey)
Amarda x Alayne (FelineOddity and lord_pippa_ari)
Zalika x Anfang (dbz2010 and Haisyn Fierra)
Huong x Miccani (dbz2010 and lord_pippa_ari)
Belus x Kurdele (Chogori and Lural)
Keel x Kaya (FrostyPeaches and Lural
Isinne x Daemmerung (xx Aps and Capricorn Sunchai)
Harika x Fafnir (Lural and Haisyn Fierra)
Stark x Rogers (Kazzmonkey)
Mira x Mystral (XxAugustMoonxX)
Zwielicht x I'nalir (Capricorn Sunchai)
Sierra x Runty (Chogori)
Cerulean x Miette (Matthewt3hd0rk and ashes to the wind)
Ina'Veru x Cevher (magnadearel and Lural)
Mizhak x Varuna (Lural and Asellus)
Koray x Aster (dbz2010)
Ichi x Magmadar (xx Aps and Chogori)
Valerius x Zuhno (ashes to the wind and Lural)
Pfeffer x Kocho (Capricorn Sunchai and Lural)
Valencia x Nuwa (Asellus and Kazzmonkey)
Roinseach x Annan (Yousei Akki)
Livika x Kalaygos (xx Aps)
Shimmer x Aiden (Kesmi and XxAugustMoonxX)
Alcippe x Osane (ashes to the wind)
Niamh x Maitho (ashes to the wind and Chogori)
Razok x Sonja (FrostyPeaches and Asellus)

Past Breedings Archive
Family Trees Thread

User Image
User Image

Kage that come of old age and have lived a fulfilling life may transition on to the elder stage. Kage that manage to stockpile enough life energy over time are able to grow past the normal amount granted by the spell that brought them to life. If you want your Kage to attain this stage, there are a few stipulations.

Fresh Elder Rules:
(Your Kage is an adult and you'd like for it to grow.)
- Kage must be older than 1 year.
- Kage must have been roleplayed a bit. (Very lenient!)
- Kage will be retagged with the latest cert available.
- Designs may look slightly different at elder stage than adult.
- The newest version of elder lines will be used unless you expressly request an older version.
- If you are using an elder ticket, the Kage still must be at least 2 months old.

Fresh Elder Prices:
[If your Kage has extensive lineart edits, the cost may be higher.]
Neverlin Elders: Free
Hell Elders: 10k
Priestly Elders: 10k
Temporal Elders: 15k
Spiritual Elders: 15k
Cemetery Elders: 10k
Aquatic Elders: 20k
Golem Elders: 20k
Cerberus Elders: 50k

Recolor Elder Rules:
(Your Kage is already an elder on the old lines and you'd like it transferred to the new lines.)
- Recoloring is free it just may not be instant.
- Kage will be retagged with the latest cert available.
- Designs may look slightly different, it's still a total recolor!

PM me this information:
Kage's name/link/pic whatever and link(s) to RP with said Kage. Elder slots are always open.

User Image
User Image

Manager, Colorist, Templatist: FelineOddity
Assistant: Lural
Artist: Ghostneko
OLD Elder Artist: Kurrudii
Prettied up Species Graphics: Matthewt3hd0rk
Neverlin Templatist: gorachii

Hell Kage by Quaji

Coupon Descriptions:
These coupons are given away mostly during holiday games, auction incentives, and random giveaways. They can be redeemed at any time regardless of slots being open or not for breedings/customs. All I ask is that you're patient if many people are redeeming theirs. I work methodically and I never rush. smile

Free custom plushie - PM me what you'd like your plushie to look like! Be as detailed or as vague as you like. You can even fashion it after an existing Kage that you own, or a pet you own from another shop!
Free Instant Elder Ticket - PM me the adult Kage that you want to be grown instantly to an elder. No payment or RP is required, and if the Kage is under a year old it doesn't matter. Unfortunately, these are Neverlin only-- and be warned, due to the new pose of the elder, markings may look slightly different and more updated! Also feel free to use one of these along with a custom/semi-custom Neverlin Kage ticket to go straight to a custom Elder and skip the adult stage.
Free Breeding Ticket - PM me the two Kage you'd like to breed for free. Regular breeding rules apply.
Free Semi-Custom Neverlin Ticket - This is for an adult Neverlin only. If you send me too detailed or too much info I will use artistic freedom anyway, as it's only a semi-custom! smile PM me this form:
Hi, I'd like to use my Semi-Custom Neverlin Ticket!

[b]Kage name:[/b]
[b]Up to three colors and/or vague theme:[/b]

Free Full-Custom Neverlin Kage Ticket - This is for an adult Neverlin Kage only, full custom with no lineart edits. PM me this form:
Hi, I'd like to use my Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket!

[b]Kage name:[/b]
[b]Eye color:[/b]
[b]Horns, Claws, Spines colors:[/b]
[b]Body colors, description, or reference picture:[/b]

Free Full-Custom Any Kage Ticket - This is for an adult Kage of any species (excluding Cerberus because it is too rare). No lineart edits. PM me this form:
Hi, I'd like to use my Free Full-Custom Any Kage Ticket

[b]Kage name:[/b]
[b]Species:[/b] (Hell, Temporal, Cemetery, etc.)
[b]Eye color:[/b]
[b]Horns, Claws, Spines colors:[/b]
[b]Body colors, description, or reference picture:[/b]

Free Gift List:
[Coupons no longer expire!]

lord_pippa_ari - Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket x3, Full-Custom Any Kage Ticket, Free Elder Ticket, Free Breeding Ticket
Lural - Free Breeding Ticket x5, Free Elder Ticket x4, Semi-Custom Any Kage Ticket
~Twilight...Angel~ - Free Plushie or Elder Ticket
xx Aps - Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket, Full-Custom Any Kage x2, Free Elder Ticket, Half-Off Custom Ticket, Free Breeding Ticket
dbz2010 - Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket x2, Semi-Custom Neverlin Ticket
Named Wanderlust - Free Breeding Ticket x2, Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket x2
WyvernScale - Semi-Custom Neverlin Ticket, Free Breeding Ticket x2, Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket x2
Chogori - Free Elder Ticket x2, Free Breeding Ticket x2, Full-Custom Any Kage Ticket, Half-Off Custom Ticket, Free Elder (Any Kage) Ticket
Asellus - Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket x2, Semi-Custom Neverlin Ticket, Free Elder Ticket (Neverlin only) x2
Tyia Clone - Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket, Free Breeding Ticket, Free Elder Ticket x3, Semi-Custom Neverlin Ticket x2, Full-Custom Any Kage Ticket
Insane Butterfly - Full-Custom Neverlin Ticket
Yousei Akki - Free Breeding Ticket x2
Haisyn Fierra - Free Elder (Any Kage) Ticket, Free Elder Ticket
xoRein13 - Semi-Custom Any Kage Ticket
Lunadriel - Free Breeding Ticket, Free Elder (Any Kage) Ticket
ashes to the wind - Free Breeding Ticket, Semi-Custom Any Kage Ticket
Excited Apathy - Free Elder Ticket (Neverlin Only)
Kazzmonkey - Free Breeding Ticket
Matthewt3hd0rk - Free Breeding Ticket, Free Full-Custom Any Kage Ticket

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