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The island home of every ulaya, called Piapadei, had been for years and generations known as a hospitable home, and nature cradled the species in her arms. Habitats varied from verdant pastures to noble forests, rainy jungles, ancient snow-capped mountains, steep-sloped volcanoes and arid deserts. Rivers and lakes dot the landscapes, bringing life in their water.

The undulcan and draco'ula commonly gravitated towards the volcano and its warm soil to make their homes in the cave vents caused by ancient lava flows. Uudesa with vibrant flashing colors lived in the sea and were hardly seen, but less vibrant but still colorful members of the subspecies navigated up rivers and had generations ago been isolated into lakes. Ucolian packs usually gravitated to the mountains below the snow caps, as the elevation gave them a good starting point for gliding. Herds of yunin typically had domain over the forests and shared territory with the pappilu. Moto'undil typically made their homes toward caves carved out by river systems in the deepest part of forests and mountains. Ki'rin? Too elusive to really say. Other ulaya not falling into these species laid claim to a place within these territories and elsewhere. Packs and rogues made their homes across the very habitable island home.

For as long as the living generations of ulaya could remember, life had been good. They began to take their home for granted and forgot about the gods and goddesses who served as their guardians and patrons. And in turn, these gods and goddesses forgot about and turned their backs on the ulaya who had seemingly lost their collective faith in the higher powers. Packs dissolved without their divine guidance, but it seemed as though not much else happened as consequence.

Until, however...

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Droughts became more common in formerly rich plains, deserts expanded, rivers and lakes ebbed, the mountains grew colder, the forests' leaves came back less and less each year and the mighty volcano became more and more active with rumblings and noxious gas from the crater. As years passed, natural disasters became more and more common. Floods and hurricanes would precede years and years of droughts. Lava seeped from the mouth of the volcano and drove those who lived nearby into lower elevations while noxious gas and ashes polluted the drinking water. Earthquakes shook the island and tore pack territories straight down the middle, splitting up members permanently and forcing others into unknown lands. A plague decimated most of the population, leaving few alive. Whole families and packs perished in these disasters. Ulaya lost mates and friends.

The more and more ravaged the land became, the more and more conflict spread among the population. Packs fell apart and reformed very quickly as the battle for what little viable territory spread across the island. Ulaya formerly crowned as royalty in their packs now became as commoners and rogues. The population plummeted as hundreds were killed and no new litters were born during this time of chaos.

Some ulaya began to turn to the gods and goddesses who had formerly protected their home, but few immortals answered the call, still scorning their wayward followers. Many worry it was this collective loss of faith that caused the gods to turn on them and that abandonment caused the disasters. However, as more immortals began to answer the calls and cries of the ulaya, more gods followed suit.

There was still much damage done to the land and many inter-pack conflicts to resolve, but things were improving. A spring passed that saw the birth and survival of new litters and Pappilu- the most delicate of the ulaya sub-species and firsts to perish- began to climb in numbers, a heralding of things getting better.

Peaceful gods urged the species to choose ambassadors to help settle conflicts. Ucolians, Yunin, Pappilu and Uudesa were the firsts to make treaties and compromises. The ucolians, yunin and pappilu would have overlapping territories around the forests and plains- the former two taking more forested land and spreading into the mountains while pappilu were more concentrated in pastures and fields. Uudesa had an easy enough time compromising as no other subspecies can exist solely in water, but had to agree to let other species use the waters they lived in as a drinking resource.

That left Moto'undil, Draco'ula and Undulcans primarily still at unease with one another. The draco' considered themselves one of the most highly evolved of the subspecies and had always intended to expand from the volcano into lower territories. Undulcans fought back and ebbed into the more peaceful regions, bringing chaos to those places as well. Moto'undils who tended to keep mostly to themselves then had to struggle with this shift and mostly fought when provoked, but would not concede to these other species.

And Ki'rin? They declined sending an ambassador and were mostly nomadic through whatever territories they pleased.

The species and packs who had begun to settle their differences then felt they had to take upon themselves the responsibility of ending conflicts between the other species. The gods had made it known that they would not once more bless the island until things were resolved. Many refused to participate in these mortal conflicts. However, those of darker domains often took mortal guises and made the wars all the worse and loved to meddle in mortal affairs. After another meeting of ambassadors, word spread across the land that there would be a brief time for all-out and end-all fighting, and at the end, whoever populated certain lands would then have primary dominion over those territories once and for all.

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Gods never outright claim responsibility for the disasters or plague, but there are many who suspect they are to blame. Slowly, gods return to the land of the mortal, whether it is to participate in the battles, to try to reestablish peace, or simply to live among the mortals as they do.
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General Rules
User Image Follow all Gaia rules / ToS.

User Image No flaming / discouraging other people in the thread. If you must speak with someone about their behavior, send it in a PM. We don't want any drama here.

User Image Send PMs to this shop mule, Jokoa`, only!

User Image Don't steal the art or claim it is yours.

User Image All staff members have a life outside of Gaia. Do not become angry if something seems to be "taking too long." You should probably understand by now that stuff happens.

User Image Please keep advertising limited to your sig. If someone asks you where you got a certain pet or something, posting a link to that shop is fine. Just don't over do it.

User Image Payment is due in 24 hours. If payment is not received, your pet will be resold.

User Image No refunds unless a job cannot be completed by the colorist.

User Image You are allowed to give your pet to a friend, but selling or trading it is against the rules. Selling pets from a breeding is also not allowed.

User Image Don't ask someone for their pet, to co-own their pet, or a box from a breeding.

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Event-specific rules
User Image Follow all game/auction/etc. specific rules.

User Image You may only get one "rare" species by any means through an event.

User Image You may only win two free/game ulaya from the event (excludes paid raffles, auctions, rp contests)

User Image More may be added as needed

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User Image For information on how to roleplay appropriately, please visit the DaisyCode!

User Image Our shop enforces the DaisyCode for roleplay and hope you will read through that great guide and enjoy roleplay!

User Image Most RP will happen in the Roguelands.

User Image You can read about specific settings in each of the packs' respective subforums

User Image At Jokoa`, roleplay is not required to keep your pet. Nonroleplayed pets, however, will not get
full litters while breeding. You can learn more about this by reading about breeding in the guild.

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Events calendar!

Sept. 16: Event is open!

Skull Hyena: Sept. 22 - 30

Sept. 18 - ??


Box Giveaway:
Sept. 16 - ??

Roleplay contest:
Rehoming/Give-Away Contest
Now - Oct 1st
Setting up/Preview

Find my Carrots Game:
Sept. 22 - End of the Event

Each and Everyday I Mourn:
Sept. 22 - End of the Event

Concept contest:
?? - ??

Yunin Horseracing Game:
?? - ??

Advertising Contest:
Sept. 16 - ??

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Starting Date: Now
Ending Date: October 14th @ 3 PM PST


A fluffy death... sounds terrible! I'll bid 4 mill for that fluff ball! I just hope she doesn't kill me..

Auction Rules
User Image Follow all Gaia rules / ToS.
User Image Don't intimidate other bidders.
User Image Offering luck to bidders is fine, but don't take sides.
User Image No more than three people may co-own.
User Image As with any pet, payment is due within 24 hours. Leave payment with a proxy if you'll be out of town.
User Image Payment is due in 24 hours. If payment is not received, your pet will be resold.
User Image No retracting bids.
User Image Proxying is allowed.
User Image You may hold the high bid on more than one auction.
User Image You may win more than one auction.

Bidding Templates:

Auction 3: A Fluffy Death
[quote="Jokoa` Extras"][/quote]
[size=24][color=green]A fluffy death... sounds terrible! I'll bid (insert bid here) for that fluff ball! I just hope she doesn't kill me..[/color][/size]
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Go here to purchase tickets!

Starting Date: Now
Ending Date: TBD

Raffle Rules
User Image Tickets are 100 gold a piece.
User Image Please purchase tickets through this thread ----- Link
User Image Please leave preferences in this thread ----- Link
User Image No more than two people may co-own a pet.
User Image You may only win 1 pet during this Raffle pot (includes co-owning).
User Image You may buy tickets for other people, but be sure to make them post their preferences.
User Image The Raffle Pot is subjected to be added due to the amount of people participating and the amount of tickets sold.

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concept contest slot
RP contest(s) slot
Big Box Giveaway!
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It seems you've come across a nice, large pile of boxes... I wonder what they're doing here!
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Enter in the guild!
Advertising contest!

Post here for points and grab the banner to stick in your sig!
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