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Melomar's avatar

Enduring Glitch

*neighs and clops around with coconut halves* xP
Boo, Dooma. I'll hope right along with ye that they don't pull that again. >< <3
And I will do my best to have replies for you to enjoy when you get home. :3
Dinner was delicious. They made enough for us to have dinner again, then they sent it all home with us. >>; Really? It's wild-caught sockeye. Really? You sure? OKAY. *runs off with it* We're going to do ... something ... with it tonight. I should try to think of something great. All I'm coming up with is hot and nobody wants hot food today. xD

Being ill sucks. Hope you guys feel better. :<
Dooma's avatar

Romantic Protector

Well my 5 hour got extended to 7.5 hours today. Just barely got home.

Yay for lots of food! I am looking forward to getting a large salad tonight. Though I have to wait a bit more before I can go and get it.
Melomar's avatar

Enduring Glitch

Ew... well at least you're home! D: <3

Laundry kept me from getting anything else done. It's too hot to use the dryer so I'm acting like a little worker bee trying to make sure everything drys evenly and doesn't mildew. And cheating using the dryer for the "almost dry" stuff. >>;

buzz, buzz. :B
Erina_Nobara's avatar

Anxious Explorer

well I had my MRI and the cardiac event monitor is hooked up. But I've gotta wear it til august ;A;

hope everyone else is doing well! *sends luff* <333

and ooo I read something online about super secret bases for the game. I hope it's true xD
Melomar's avatar

Enduring Glitch

D: Wow, that's scary.
Erina_Nobara's avatar

Anxious Explorer

the MRI was for my brain. now that is scary if you're claustrophobic xD and it's so loooud.

but hopefully they call with the results soon. Then I can just worry about the heart thing. My monitor goes off now and again but they tell me every time I report in that it's nothing serious so hopefully everything'll be okay^^

*hugs everybody* x3

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