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Child to Teen Growth! 0.25 25.0% [ 80 ]
Teen to Adult Growth! 0.1 10.0% [ 32 ]
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Total Votes:[ 320 ]
Melomar's avatar

Unsealed Glitch

Taking a break to nom... so time to catch up in the thread! ^^ <3

Dea~ Snakes like hugs. ^^

Liri~ Yay, kitty! At least now she will get a new start. It looks like she's a reflection of what your mother's been going through. That's really heartbreaking. >< But cats (animals in general) tend to bounce back pretty quickly. I'm glad you found a foster home for her for the time being.

Moogz~ Uh, well it would require us setting our DSs beside one another... sweatdrop

Kyriana~ Thank you! I'll link that up in Lilac's journal so I don't lose the link xD
Dea and #Teddy#'s avatar

Shy Regular

But...but...you are not a naga anymore gonk
Melomar's avatar

Unsealed Glitch

How's this, better? :3

(I missed having the mochi on my avatar Dx )
Dea and #Teddy#'s avatar

Shy Regular

Yes, much better *hugs the Mel naga*
Thaliawen's avatar

Cute Fairy

*carries Melonaga to a sunning rock*
Melomar's avatar

Unsealed Glitch

Yay, hugs!

Um, no carrying. *slips away and hides in a dark place, hissing*
Thaliawen's avatar

Cute Fairy

xD Poor Melo.

I'm enjoying my day off today. : ) Going to spend time with my momma, and playing with Lily.

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