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Melo some were easier to plot out than others. *lol* A few need rp's to figure out who would work better with them, that sort of thing.

Some *Looks at Iah* Shouldn't have anyone at all. Sort of like Dooma's Amrit. Crazy head that Iah is...
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Corny, Hazan is going to be at the ruins site for a while after the meta, since he was with the archaeological team. If you wanted another RP to take place there we can. Otherwise after that, he could be anywhere! He wanders around in search of adventure. :3

Liri, but of course.
Aw. Crazy people deserve some love. Or their equivalent anyway, lol.
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*snerk* Kole only has a plot because he didn't start out as a total jacka- *hit by a rock* x.x

Riley would be too nervous to go back to the shrine, so probably after Hazan goes back to regular adventuring. Then Hazan can tell him all about his experiences with the team at the ruins! X3
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*late* Had to break for dinner before posting this. They're also all single at present so I decided against posting that part for each one... xD

- Endymion - Teen, semi-plotted
- Margarita - Child, has plots
- Terpsichore - Teen, semi-plotted
- Kyran - Child, has plots
- Kenley - Teen, has a crush
- Arashi - Child, has either a crush or severe prejudice
- Conrad - Teen, has plots
- Karma - Child, has plots
- Beta - Child, semi-plotted
- Mycah - Child, semi-plotted
- Calcifer - Child, no plots
- Emmerich - Teen, has plots and, uh... technically has a crush?
- Trace - Child, has plots
- Cardice - Pokémon, semi-plotted
- Toulouse - Pokémon, no plots
- Aether - Child, semi-plotted
- Dart - Child, no plots

Super vague... but at least I managed a list. >.>; *mystical wiggly fingers*
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LOL! Oh dear. xD
Sounds good to me! Hazan loves to tell stories.

Moogz~ *wooOOOOooooo* <-- mystical/ghostly voice owo <3
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*Is totally Liri on a mule tonight* rawr

Melo Iiiiiiii don't know about that. Iah's big plans right now are causing trouble for other couples... *lol* He's a Shadow Cresselia... so you know he's got that whole dark thing going....but he does try to fight it...and fails at times...

he's going to be looking for love in all the wrong places. Once Lyla and Kenley are more serious and all, Iah's going to be popping up and hitting on them both *snicker* because hilarity will ensure.
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Precious Loiterer

Awesome, because Riley loves to listen <3
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Unsealed Lover

Well done Mooger! Looks good!
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Sparkly Pants

@Melo: Yeeeesss, I'm haunting from the floorbooooards~ o3o

@Liri: Iah - 'Nearly the polar opposite of Cupid.' There we go, now he comes with a warning label. BD

@Dooma: I cheated and put many flavors of "unsure" under the all-encompassing label of "semi-plotted." That made it easier to compile! owo <3
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Heheh good warning label for him Moog! Seriously. *Glares at him some*
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Well nothing wrong if you know kind of what you want to happen even if you don't know what it fully is or where they are going. It works miss Mooger <3
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Alright, since everyone else seems to be doing lists, so shall I.

Eilam: adult, sort of plotted (just have to wait for Manu to return)

Lucy: child, no plots (a sweetheart princess)
Fluff: child, no plots (a ball of energy)
Lightning: Child, no plots (caring, but can be a spit fire)

Callie: Pokemon, no plots (wise, loyal pokemon)
Teddy: Pokemon, no plots (loves chocolate, will be a chef when he grows up)
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Sparkly Pants

Yaay lists! xD

True, Dooma! It gives a little more flexibility if you have some endpoints but no idea how you're going to reach them yet. Sometimes that's the best way to plot!

To be honest, I only made the list because I like making lists. I knew it would look rather redundant. xB
But now that I've noticed I managed to slip a pun in there without realizing it myself until now, hours later, I think that is my cue to head to bed. >_>; Good night! <3
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Mooog! Skype with me tomorrow! xD

Yes, Karma ploooooots. 8D

I agree with Liri. Some characters are easier to plot. Some you have to figure out. Draven and Jacen were incredibly easy to plot for, but Brenny was rather difficult, romance wise. I don't even know what orientation Brenny is. He loves everyone! And Declan will be hard to plot for, at least for a while. He thinks he's Karma's Pokemon and doesn't talk much. ...At all. xD!

The character I have the hardest time with is Tania. She's not really very friendly. And she's scared of making people angry. I think the only people she likes are Grayson, Karma, Tristan and Declan. xD

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