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That is a very cool colored shiny! Tho I don't have a favorite shiny yet.
Orpheus Solon's avatar

Omnipresent Miko

Cool, if you do get SoulSilver tell me and we can share Friend Codes. I can catch all sorts of cool Pokemon or breed them for you as well. ^_^ <3
Ya!! *has Soulsilver* Yes if you did I would love to share Friend Codes. I also have some cool pokemon too and breed some for too well. <3
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"Uwyay!! I'll remember!!"


"You're so generous, Orphe~"


User Image
Orpheus Solon's avatar

Omnipresent Miko

Aww. *luffles for Lux* <3

I know how tough it can be to get some of them so I would love to help out where I can. Not to mention some of them are only in HeartGold or SoulSilver. ^_^ <3
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6,400 Points
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-fwees all happy-


"I'm so etcited!!"


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*agrees with Orphy as she helped her get some pokemon too* <3
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Dapper Lunatic

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*flits about and loves on all*
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Sparkly Werewolf

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*subscribes ANYWAY*
Jirachis Wish's avatar

Shy Gaian

lol there are alot of awesome breedables opening up lately lol oooo Ima see if I can win something from this contest and if not I shall stalk till I can get Nidoran male xD my favorite guy xD
Mewmouse's avatar

Dangerous Nerd

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Fluffy Rabbit

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*rolls in* Oh, this looks to be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

*nestles in comfortably*
Orpheus Solon's avatar

Omnipresent Miko

Please check out the event if you have time, there are five Pokemon up for grabs there one a by Jayoku who is a guest artist here. <3

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