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Welcome to iZune version 3.0!
As with a lot of electronics, the first and second versions had a few bugs and we're proud to release the new updated system to the public.
We feel it's running well and think it will live up to the public's demands.

Shop Originally Opened July 28th, 2009

Zune and all Microsoft/Apple products do not belong to us.

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Check to see if anything special has happened~
FAIR WARNING!.. We are TERRIBLE at updating this XD

.::06.11.13: There will be a new type of zunes. The maned wolves. They will be introduced once their line art is complete. Also on pg 7199 there is some updates on breeding info ~SFD

.::05.21.12: Thanks to a couple of our colorists, Fea and Chaos, the certing thread is almost caught up!
Thanks for all the the help and work you've done to get it caught up

And in sadder news...
Our Whatever-She-Wants-to-Be Colorists, Celestial Requiem, has decided that she is moving on from Gaia.
She did many awesome things for us in here and will be greatly missed.
If she ever decides to come back, she is more than welcome to join our ranks again.
We wish her the best as she moves on to other things in life!

.::02.28.12: All CYO certs have been posted!
Please see page 5288 to scoop them~
.::11.16.11: Just tidying up a bit
Going through the Rules and F.A.Q. stuff
.::03.31.11 Well folks.. We are finally closing up the Pokemon event
We set out to do a massive event and I think we succeeded!
As it stands, there are 110+ certs in the Pokemon event cert folder on PB! lol
And that's not including things that need to be certed still or even posted in the certing thread or PMed!
Thank you so much for making this a crazy and fun event to run!
Keep those needed certings coming so we can make sure all the Poke!Event Zunes have their places on the Owners' List and in the shop
We are taking an event break for a while, but we're still going to do our normal, every month stuff like customs, breedings, FSs, and CCs~
Thanks for sticking with us~
.::3.16.11 Japan tragedy Relief mini-event is go! right HERE
.::02.20.11 - Shop front spruce up~
Take a look and oh and ah~
Check out this important post about it!
.::02.01.11 - Month of Love event kicking off... READ ALL RULES DAMMIT! x3
Type Specific Breeding Rules have been added to the breeding post on page 1 and to the breeding even guild thread
.::01.04.11 - Big Announcement on Page 1252
.::10.01.10 - New Guild made and New Thread is possibly in the making
Shop now owned by icy serenade and DJ SnowKat
::5.21.10 - New Thread Created!
.::3.12.10 - All your shop are belong to Bu! Muahah. :D In all seriousness though, Official Ownership of the shop has been turned over to myself, Bucati. Kyuubi is staying on staff as a guest colourist now. c: I hope to serve you all well!
.::12.9.09 ------& Important Announcment on Pg. 1231. I Suggest you read it. <-----
.::12.9.09 - Bucati upgraded from Guest to Full time colorist
.::10.31.09 - October halloween lallygagging~
.::9.09 - Gaia opening event! over!
.::8.12.09 - Meha and Foxx were hired as Main colorists while Chimham, Grim and Kram were hired on as Guest colorists. More guest colorists will pop in once in a while. Also, A Grand Opening Event is in the works! keep youreye peeled for previews
.::7.28.09 - Shop was created. Hiring thread being made. Guild and Photobucket account made.
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First thing you need to know:

Colorists have every right to turn down customs and/or breedings for whatever their reason
This is their right as a person and a colorist in this shop and it is indisputable.
You may ask them why they refused, but they have the right to not to say why if they so chose.
Anyone who fights the colorists' rights will be grey or black listed and a suitable punishment decided.


• Nafretiti is never allowed to chew, nom, or otherwise try to nibble on any colorist!
She shall be eaten by Vultura for committing said offenses!

• Follow Gaia's ToS

• Do Not Steal!
You will be reported for the theft to Gaia staff and black listed from the shop

• No whining
It's been a frustrating thing to deal with and there is a very LOW tolerance for this over any other offence

• No using mules to get more pets
If you are found doing so you will be black listed and all pets rehomed

• Save all your pet images to your own Server once you get it
This helps the shop's PB stay in the limits and makes it so you have access to your pets when you need it

• Don't pester/beg for Freebies
We make sure to do our best to get pets out there so there's no need to do that, plus it's rude

• No l33t speak, UBER CAPS ABUSE, or no chatspeak
If you get a pet that uses those types of communication please do not RP them in the shop thread
Not that we want to be mean and limit you, but that stuff is really hard to read through @ @

• There is no limit on how many iZunes you can have

• Please don't rush the artist(s)
If it's been at least a month then PLEASE feel free to ask on progress though as long as you are polite

• Don't quote the first or second page
It's pretty standard in all shops

• No advertising
Link posting to other shops or shop events is not allowed
We wouldn't go into your shop and do that so please don't do that in ours
We will post new affiliates using the shop mule, but that's it

• Please do not stretch the page
Pretty normal request

• Do not tell Staff how to do their Job

• Staff word is Law

• No claiming other peoples pets for plots and no claiming a pets babies without asking the owner first.
it's rude and annoying. If a owner is asking for plots, feel free to offer. But please do not say " omg i claim so-and-so's babies!" before or shortly after a pet has been dropped

Rules are subject to change at any time


• Why can't Nafretiti nom/etc on colorists?
Because she tried to steal away our Snaili and make her do slave labor for her on Snaili's first day here

• Can I have one?
Yep... As long as there is something going on to get one.
JUST DON'T BEG! We will boot you in the butt!

• How can I get one?
You can get one through customs, breedings, events, games, gifts.. there's a whole slue of ways to get them.
Additional information will be given at the time of any slots or events opening, too.

What does G and K mean?
g = gold, K = 1000g

• Will My Pet grow up?
If you purchase it as a growing zune or kit, yes.
Adults do not grow; there is not an elder stage.

• What is the growth Schedule for the different stages?
Zune to Kit: 1 week ; Kit to Adult: 1 - 2 weeks [depends on the colorist]

• Ohhh! Someone got one that I want. Can I have the same one?!
No! Each is one of a kind; We don't make repeats for people unless it's an event done so.

• Can I co-own/offer to co-own a pet with someone?
The answer is a NOOOOOOOO. Co-ownership is messy and frustrating.
Please do not offer to co-own with someone or ask someone if you can co-own one of their pets

• Do the images automatically evolve?
No, we do these manually; we can't make them do that.
You'll have to keep an eye on the pick-up.

• Do Customs and Cos-plays Breed?
Yep~ their items will go through breedings as well, the kits having a mix of the parents' clothing and/or accessories.

• How many can I get each month?
Well that depends on what's open each month, there's not a set amount of customs and breedings that will open.
Each month you can try for up to 2 customs and 2 breedings.
You can only win one custom and/or one breeding from a specific colorist's happening at a time

• What the hell is a 'Happening'?!
That's the term we use per FS, Raffle, Auction, Game, Custom opening, Breeding opening, and such

• Can I get a male on female lines? Can I get a female on male lines?
No you can not. They are male and female and that's that.
You can get a femi male or a manly female, but they will not have a different gender

• Is there a waiting period between breedings for the Zunes?
Why yes there is. After a breeding Zunes have a 2 month cool down.

• Can I do this/have that because it's my birthday?
We do special birthday things when we have the time/chance to, but we can't always do so.
Doesn't mean we don't love yah though.

• What are these?
ZUNE FOXES! You know, Zunes that are foxes or foxes that are Zunes.

• Can I bribe for a fox?
Yes, yes you can but there are rules in place!
You may only bribe once every two months.
If you know how much you want to offer for a bribe: send a completed form along with the offer.
If you are looking for a price range: send a PM with refs of what you are looking for and ask.
You may try to bribe for a god or goddess once every 6 months.

• Can I color a pet?
If there's a CYO Event or you are staff then yes!
If not then no and please do not ask to color a pet.
There's an order to having a shop and we will not give the lines out all willinilli like.
If we want you to be on staff or be a guest colorist we'll come to you.

• God/desses have very specific breeding rules so mixing them with non-deities is not allowed
• Minis only have 2 stages so that complicates things as well so they keep to Minis
• Regular Normals, Demonics, and Angels can all breed together for they are in the same type setting
• We are sticking to a 'types with type' setting for breedings

Have a question?
Post in the Thread or PM Lux_rayne13 AFTER you read everything!
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White List:
For those of you whom we have come to love dearly and have been a help to the shop

There are so many wonderful people in this shop... We'd be damned to try and list them all!
Just know you guys are why we do what we do and keep doing the work we do! <3

Grey List:
For those who have gotten warnings about things or are small time offenders and need a time out

None right now

Black List:
For those who are never allowed back in the shop period due to breaking of the rules multiple times or other major offences

12-14-10 - trinkuh: For whining and complaining excessively over a long period of time after being warned about her behavior previously, guilt tripping, and feeling she had the right to ask someone for a pet they rightfully won. EDIT: and now also for flaming in another shop
03-04-15 - chaostheories & all mules: Bringing drama in the shop, flaming.
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User ImageI’ve always pondered the possibilities of music brought to life and different uses for it. Constantly, I would try to sing the songs in my head and out loud though I would forget verses and it never came out right. That’s why we have the MP3 right? Well that solves a problem, though what about a companion? Not all people are all to satisfied with the idea of having a pet in the house and having to clean up after some ‘unintelligent’ creature. Sure enough they are doing what animals do best that we humans never can agree with. Why not have a companion that you don’t have to clean up after, one that can speak with you and like anything you like, something that cleans up after themselves and is exactly how you want it. This was the first ponderings of the foxes. Sure enough we couldn’t just mess with DNA, nor with nature, it’s not something to tamper with and we wouldn’t want to seem inhumane.
Why not make it electronic?
We have messed around with this idea for years, with robots and computers and all the ideas we could imagine. It was a great place to start. Electronic foxes! Of course! The idea came into play, nights after nights of playing around with wires and blueprints, I found myself able to make something in the shape of a small creature. Artificial fur, warmth, noises, movements, it was as if it was the real thing! Excitement pulsed threw my veins as I quickly but steadily turned it on to see if it was successful. For a good 15 minutes, nothing happened. Not even a twitch or a spark. I frowned. I sighed and gave up on trying to make it work. At least it would be a great stuffed companion. Only it was…stuffed with bolts and wires.
Still hooked up to its external cords, I decided I would fidget with it another day and thus went to sleep. The dull, soulless eyes of the tiny fox sat there staring across the room as if something was there. The next morning was strange, however, the fox seemed to have flopped over onto its side, eye shut and a murring heard from the torso. I unplugged the cords and started to listen to it for more noises and for any messed up wiring. Before I could even investigate the fox sprang awake and jumped out of my hands! I was in complete shock! How could it do such a thing?! It sat across from me and looked at me with curious eyes before grinning from ear to ear, “Hello! Voice language setting……..Voice language setting…” I stuttered and quickly gave it my native tongue. “errr…E-English!” “Processing…Complete! Hello again!” the fox seemed to tilt it head, laughing.
I’ve never been in such shock before. It worked! It worked! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was then I pondered on more advances. Such as automatically picking up the language its user spoke, learning from its surrounds and to be able to download content onto it as its personality would be based in such a way. Finally, above all things I made it able to play music. I added speakers for the background music, able for it to connect to the computer for charging and able to sing it perfectly without any hesitation or unbalanced tune. It was practically perfect. And my medium? A Zune of course.

What kind of world do the zunes live in you ask? any kind they want! Zunes are capable of uploading and downloading location programs of any kind. From cities to forests they can go absolutely anywhere. It is possible for multiple zunes to acsess one program at the same time. They can switch programs at any time, so your zune could be in Japan haveing sushi for dinner, then be in all the way in France for a little dessert, all in the blink of an eye. Each one of these programs is as real to the zunes as falling into a wet, cold puddle of mud is real to us.
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.::.Gender Key.::.
Pink = Female
Blue = Male

This is a Common Breed
User Image
Normals are the Common breed. They start out as a normal Zune, you never really know if it's modified to transform, that's if you see unique markings on it then you may know. Then they transform, they turn into small kit like versions, still learning and exploring as if they were brand new. Though they can be easily programmed to act mature or just in any fashion. Kits are prone to record many different personalities at this point in time. Shortly they grow into adult and stick with one personality; they are very matured and have their own stories and records. They act in a manner as if they were humans.

This is an Uncommon Breed
User Image
Angelics are just like the Normals in every way, though they sprouted wings. If you received a Zune with wings attached, there is no doubt it's been modified to transform. Angelic’s personality are more pure if anything. They are more kind and courteous and not know much for causing trouble or lying.

This is an Uncommon Breed
User Image
Just like the Angelics, Demonic are just like the normals though this time they have leathery wings attached to them as well as when they grow they sprout horns! Demonic's personalities are devilish and more to get in trouble. They are more disrespectful than normals though not all the time.

This is a Rare Breed
80 gb
User Image
Gods are something different, They are far larger then the average Zunefox and they seem to carry far more information. Gods can be cruel or kind, just like any other zune but with more power.

.::.iZune Mini.::.
This is a Rare Breed
2 gb
User Image
A special creation formed solely by the iZune laboratory, and not affiliated with Microsoft. iZune Minis, which are also known as Dwarves, are essentially smaller-sized versions of the shop's other creatures. Think of them like a cat, compared to the normal Zunes being like dogs, that sort of thing. Great if you don't have a lot of space!


Aywas Based Pets
More coming soon

This is a Rare Breed
10 gb
Image coming soon
Cerbies are a female only race. Each head has it’s own brain, personality, likes, dislikes, ETC which can make them quite feisty with themselves. Typically they are very guard-dog like and tend to find someone or something to watch over [but they are not at all limited by/to this] as a natural instinct. Now even though each head thinks, talks, and tries to act on it’s own accord at times, the Cerby as a whole strives to work as a team even when it does not agree completely with itself [as confusing as that may seem]. Not all Cerbies fit into the personality profile exactly, but each head does think for itself.

When it comes to breeding they tend to go one of two ways, find a weaker male to dominate and/or protect, or find another female Cerby to carry on the lineage. [the multiple heads only pass down when Cerbies breed with Cerbies] Even though each head is a separate being in its own right, they choose a mate as a whole.

The leader of the Cerby’s Unofficial Pack is Cherry Cherry Cherry. They are the oldest and most dominant of the group and have made sure they stay at the top.

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Fox Companions were one thing, but what about the people that preferred different species?
How about different electronic companions?
After much hard labor, Kyuubi came out of the work shop with this~

These can be obtained through customs, orders, giveaways, etc.
Familiars are mainly companions for the Zunes~

User Image
.::Cell Phone::.
The ears receive vocals, it's whiskers are antennas, the back is...a dial pad?
It's Cell phone cat!

User Image
.::iPod Gryphon::.
For you Zune h8erz.
>8| You know who you are.

User Image
.:: DS Dragon::.
Dragons love video games!
Especially ones you can draw all over.

User Image
.::Wii Chinchilla::.
Cause Chinchillas are cool like that.
Be sure to strap it on!
Don't want to fling it at the TV by mistake!

User Image
.::Xbox Weasel::.
Ever seen a Weasel play Halo3 on legendary with the controller backwards and get a perfect?
I think not.

See below on how to get a familiar!~
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User Image

Events are pretty common in iZunes V3.0 so they are very easy to get ahold of.
All events are posted on the second page and have all the rules in each post for different types of events.
Make sure to read each set of rules when trying for different pets and always follow Gaia ToS and All Shop Rules.

Any questions about events; be they a Flat Sale, Raffle, Auction, Game, ETC; can be asked after reading through ALL RULES.

See page 2 for any current event details and rules
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Want to know how to go about getting a fox according to your wants?
Look further down in this post and read up~


User Image

When customs are open, all you have to do is fill out the form and post it in the colorist's customs thread~

+5K from Kit to adult
+10K from Zune to adult


30K - Random (We choose the gender and colors. you pick the name)
50K - Semi Custom (you choose the name, gender and three colors, we make the design)
80K - Color custom (you choose everything, the design, gender, any colors though no edits)
200K - Minor edits (you get have everything with minor edits included piercings, collars, accessories, simple hair etc.)
400K - Cos-play/Major edits (an all out custom of anything you want, a cosplay of a character off a TV show and it heavily edited. Edits include clothes, hair, body alterations, etc.)

Angelics & Demonics

40K - Random (We choose the gender and colors. you pick the name)
60K - Semi Custom (you choose the name, gender and three colors, we make the design)
90K - Color custom (you choose everything, the design, gender, any colors though no edits)
230K - Minor edits (you get have everything with minor edits included piercings, collars, accessories, simple hair etc.)
430K - Cos-play/Major edits (an all out custom of anything you want, a cosplay of a character off a tv show and it heavily edited. Edits include clothes, hair, body alterations, etc.)


Gods and Goddesses are extremely rare, and as such, are not available through the normal means. If you're interested in obtaining a God or Goddess, speak with icy or Kat about it.
You may try to bribe for a god or goddess once every 6 months.
That's not to say they won't be part of events... they are a great thing to have in them.

iZune Mini

Minis are generally only released through events, but if you wish to purchase a custom Mini, speak with icy or Kat about it.

Customs Subforum in the Guild


User Image

Want to get a familiar to match your iZune?
Well we are working on making sure they will be more available through customs

There are really any set rules on how to get custom familiars
Any colorist that opens familiars has their own set of rules and availability for them

Custom Familiar rules:
• No edits!
There may be some rare edited familiars during events, but they are not available PERIOD through customs
• Familiars do NOT have to look like their counterpart!
It's fun to have a mini me, but having someone different is just as fun~

More rules may be added

.::Familiar Shop Links::.
icy`s Small Electronics Shop


User Image

Craving a certain something when customs aren't open or there's an event in full swing?
Well why not trying to bribe a colorist?

Bribing rules:
• You may bribe a colorist once every 2 months
• You may only bribe for a god/dess once every 6 months
• You may bribe for anything that you could normally get through customs or breeding
• Colorists have the right to turn down a bribe or request, within reason, more for it
• Bribes are available through icy, Kat, or elven when they do not owe a large amount of work
• Do not discuss prices of bribes with others in thread or otherwise

To bribe:
PM the colorist with your idea or an already filled out form and an offer
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User Image

Your foxes looking to expand their family lines?
Well check this post out to see how that can happen

• Minis and Normal breedings are 10K from each owner or 20k total
• God/dess breedings are 25k from each owner or 50k total

Some need to Knows:
• male x female, male x male, and female x female couples are all allowed
• Angelic, Demonic, Regular of any form can breed
• Minis can only breed with Minis
• God/desses can only breed with other god/desses
They can also only breed during certain months of the year
• Cerbies from the Aywas event can only pass down their multiple heads if they breed with other Cerbies

Without a cert we will not allow your pet to breed.
• You can get up to 2 breedings a month
Not a promise that you will get 2, but there's a chance you can
• Once a Zune has a breeding there is a 2 month cool down period.
• Your Zune can breed up to 3 times before it can't have kits anymore.
• Zunes lifemate, so choose your mates wisely.
If there is a very serious issue between owners, lifemates may be broken up
See rules and repercussions in this thread: Broken Souls: List of Annulled Lifemates

• The Zune must be an adult for at least 30 days before they can breed.
• You may keep only one kit for yourself and one for the other person.
The rest must be given away, unless you apply for a special option (see more below)
• Siblings cannot breed.
• You are able to enter more than one couple.
The colorists will chose what breeding they want to do.

If you are looking for something aside from mates check out the Downloads list

• God/desses have very specific breeding rules so mixing them with non-deities is not allowed
• Minis only have 2 stages so that complicates things as well so they keep to Minis
• Regular Normals, Demonics, and Angels can all breed together for they are in the same type setting
• We are sticking to a 'types with type' setting for breedings
• Cerbies from the Aywas event can only pass down their multiple heads if they breed with other Cerbies

How to keep an extra kit from a breeding:
• This may only be done if there is an extra kit and there is no one you want to give the kit to.
• When two owners are involved, only one may keep an extra kit.
-both owners MUST be in agreement on who should get the last kit.
• When only one owner is involved, you many only keep one extra
- for example, you get three kits, you may keep two but youll still have to give away one.
• You must PM DJ or Sunfiredemon and provide a reason for keeping the extra kit. We will decide if your reason is valid.
- for example, if the family is special to you or your picky about the pair that bred, we will allow you to keep an extra kit, however if you want to keep it just cause you like them both and cant decide, we will deny it.
• you must send a trade of 100k to the mule.
- this is to discourage overuse. We do not want this to become abused, it is meant as a once in a while sort of thing.
• more will be added as needed.

God and Goddess Breeding rules

We all know that the gods and goddesses are all very special, and them having babies is no different~
It's a more complicated thing for them and takes a bit more for them to have kits of their own.

When can they breed?
Gods and Goddesses have the chance to breed only 3 times a year.
January, May, and September are the months that they can breed.

Can they have babies more than once a year?:
Yes, but only as long as they win the breedings when entered.

How many babies can they have?
They can have the same as normal Zunes, 2-3
No more, no less

How much do their breedings cost?
With all the special treatment these deities receive while trying to conceive, the cost of their breedings is 50k

Why are they so expensive?
Because they are so special after all

Can I bribe for my couple to have a breeding?
No! This is one thing you just can't bribe or rush!
It's specific for a reason

Breedings Subforum in the Guild
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User Image

This, my friends, is where you come to Download different things for your iZune pets~
There will be a FS like event when the Pay to Download downloads are available
This will happen once or twice a month when a staff member has the chance to do so

Free Downloads
These are free to any iZune fox who wants them and available for downloading whenever

• Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
This allows the iZune foxes to download infinite locations so they can have fun out side of the shop setting
The Environment download fabricates a real place for them to be
It will affect the fox who downloaded it and those it is interacting with at the time
• Gibberish
This allows the iZunes foxes to download infinite languages so they can speak and understand each other in more than just the norm
It also provides instant translations.
Even if your fox does not want to speak another language they will still be able to understand.
It will only affect the fox who downloaded the program

Pay Downloads
These are downloads that the iZune Fox's owner must pay for in order to use it
Each download has it's own price and is only downloaded to one fox.
File sharing is not allowed
-Example: 1 fox is 50k, 2 foxes is 100k
See below for details

• What's Love Got to Do With It Price: 50k per fox
This Download allows the iZune Fox who downloaded it to be able to by-pass the Lifemate programming and mate with other foxes who have the download
Once a fox has this program downloaded they can not breed with a fox who does not have it due to programming conflicts
There is still the 3 breeding limit period and nothing will change that
This can not be downloaded for iZunes that have already had breeding[s]
LIMIT: You may only have up to 6 Zunes total with this download.
You may only buy 3 downloads max of this a month

Purchasing Pay Downloads
When buying a download for your iZune fox ...
You may only buy up to 3 downloads a month
You can only buy them when download ap store is open
All Pay Download trades get sent to the shop mule, iZune Foxes
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Dapper Explorer

User Image

-Senior Colorist-
Lux_rayne13, Fea Line

-Junior Colorist-

-Monthly colorist-

-Guest colorist-

Username: lux_rayne13
Nicknames: Lux, Luxy, but never Rayne! ~_~
Age: 20~
Gender: Meow <3
Occupation: Burger King crew~
Shop job: Full owner, manager, colorist~
Likes: Kitty cats, purple, harvest moon, graphic design, coca cola, goth stuff, snow~
Dislikes: Spiders, haters, stress, drama llamas, clowns
Other: Cat! Im a kitty cat! =^.^=

Username: Fea Line
Nicknames: Fea
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Occupation: Full time college student
Shop job: Colorist and Shop DJ, DJ Feakat!
Likes: CATS, games, MMORPGS, drawing, sleeping, cheese, cats, English Anime, villains, feminine guys with long hair and eye shadow, blankies, pillows, snuggles and making others laugh.
Dislikes: Having to repeat myself multiple times, reading subtitles, being woken up early, heat, lack of rain/snow, rats, rude/overly blunt people.
Other: The cake is a lie!

Former Staffers:
Voo NNY [Demonic Kyuubi] - We wouldn't be here without her! 8V <3
Flying Foxx
apolu [Bucati]
Celestial Requiem
icy serenade
Elven Princess
and many other names that have been lost to time
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Dapper Explorer

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

.::.Other shops.::.
Small Banners:
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Zune and all Microsoft/Apple products belong to Microsoft/Apple and do not belong to us.

The Zune Cert Template © jake2k.deviantart.com
Lineart/Templates © VooNNY [Demonic Kyuubi]
Concept © VooNNY [Demonic Kyuubi]
Banners © VooNNY [Demonic Kyuubi]
Shop Art © VooNNY [Demonic Kyuubi]
Aywas Pet Designs © Copyright Aywas.com
Fennec fox and Mini kit stages Lineart/Templates © Kiara Lime
High demonic and Angelic wings © Kiara Lime

And thank you to those to decide to stick around <3
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You look Tasty to me!

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