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We all have a star in our heart.

A Star?

Darkness and light are always next to each other. Show a little fear or a drop of a tear...

And the darkness will grow and start to attack.

You must always keep the star in your heart shining strong to defeat the dark and evil souls.




[Re-Homing RP Contest and Raffle]

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04/12/14: Our Guardian Cat faction now has a third possible stage called the Mauvian Sailor Scout! For more information check the Cat information thread in the guild. We're also running a special ORP for knights only.

03/21/14: We're looking for feedback on what you guys think about the shop. Issues, things you'd love to see improved, or even just tips of things you'd like to see. Take a peek at the notice on page 20543 then shoot us a pm!

03/14/14: And be blue is running an "Almost Anything Goes" Custom Auction in the guild! If you're interested in a cat, corrupted senshi, or pretty much anything other than a chibi character go take a peek. Auction ends March 21st 8pm EST

10/18/13: Neverending darkness? Strange dark clones persuing you in the night trying to kill you!? Well that sounds fun! Come join in on our current Eclipse event

9/21/13: Wanna play some games and win a new character? Join us for our Back to School event, where you could win a teacher and/or a new student! The event will run from Saturday September 21st to Saturday September 28th!

8/26/13: Remember those medals we mentioned? Thanks to And be blue (for the lovely graphics!) you may now begin claiming the milestone medals for your Negaverse characters by posting in this thread.

8/10/13: A large scale Negaverse meeting is going on here. There are a handful of changes and new threads being announced including a new subfaction (General Operatives), the DMC alliance, Medals, and a new IC Guide of information Lt should be learning.

6/18/13: We've came up with a brand new way to reward our players for their cool plots! If you're interested check out our new Personalized Items.

5/25/13:Interested in laying some games and maybe winning a new character? Join us at our chibi centric event School is Out for Summer. It runs from today May 25th through Sunday June 2nd.

5/12/13: We have some brand new rp mods and some newly promoted GM's! Make sure to give them all a warm welcome and congratulations.

3/30/13: We're having an auction for a character of your choice, including rare ones! Come and take a look here

2/23/13: Remember that survey? Well you can see the first results of the staff's work on this page!

01/14/13: Want to know more about the staff? Now you can! We've also added a Places Register for those of you with businesses.

01/05/13: Yo we heard you like policy so we put some policy in your policy so you can read while you read. Basically we've created a Policy Thread where you can check all the shop information updates and policy changes more easily in the future. Aren't we nice? We think so.

12/27/12: We've simplified our RP requirements towards growth, isn't that great? You can read about it here.

12/24/12: Questions about our cosplay policy? We have outlined it here.

12/20/12: We want to know what you think! Let us know?

12/16/12: A policy regarding fourth stage characters that abuse their status in the shop has been created.
12/01/12: The realms of the past have been opened to the players. Read about this here.
11/27/12: Two policy updates have been posted. Read them here.
11/19/12: Updates to the Negaverse guide and branch information have been posted for everyone to read. Check it out here!
10/22/12: The Halloween Spooktacular has begun! Also we've added something we think will be a really big treat for all of our players. Check it out!
10/14/12: We've hired a couple new civilian artists! Give a warm welcome to Ravvlet and Verithe.
08/29/12: At long-last we finally have a metaplot summary up for everyone to read!
08/27/12: Our full staff roster has been announced! Check it out here!
08/24/12: Check out the Galactic Olympics in the guild! It's a forum full of games and rping oppurtunities for everyone, even those without offcial characters yet!
08/13/12: Put away the suntan oil and break out the textbooks -- school will be back in session starting on August 20th! Make sure YOUR little scholar is prepared for some knowledge to get to (or pass!) college.
08/09/12: We're doing a little housekeeping! Check pg 15733 for all the details!
07/22/12: There is a new contest for all you Chaos lovers out there. Check it out!
07/06/12: Our new Hiring thread is up and we're looking for artists and moderators to help assist as the shop gets back into the swing of things.
07/04/12: There are some pretty big and important changes taking place in the shop regarding staff. Check it out here on page 15294.
12/04/11: Our new staff has helped us inject a bit more goodness into the shop! Check out faction prompt threads and some other updates on page 14050!
11/07/11: We've hired some new RP managers, an idea guru, and a GM has stepped down. Check it out here!
09/01/11: It seems something is amiss in the Negaverse! All officers, corrupt senshi, and guardian cats should report for duty!
08/30/11: A brand new mule has been made to help turn our meta up to eleven. Check it out! It's a player choice event!
08/25/11: We're hiring RP managers! Check the Hiring link on the front page. Now showing: Knight communication devices called signets. See the announcement here!
08/24/11: A new contest to herald in a new metaplot! GO CHECK IT OUT!
08/22/11: There's a new way to give feedback to the GMs. Look at the announcement on this page!
08/21/11: What's this? The parallels are back in town? And evil!? Find out more about our new faction here!
07/13/11: Another guide has been added to our Information section, this one regarding our Negaverse characters. Please check it out here!
07/02/11: Wow it's been awhile since I updated this! Lazy Nessy! Please check this post for information about how our colors work on two of our factions. This is important to all questers!
05/23/11: Acceptance of bribes has been sent out. See here for more information.
04/19/11: A new quest contest has opened up. Are you prepared to join the ranks of Destiny City?
04/13/11: Our rules regarding word counts for solo stories has been updated. Check it out here or further down the page.
03/17/11: We're Knights of the Round Table! Read here for some cool updates!
03/09/11: Elysion has ended rather amazingly for everyone involved! Please check here players!
02/23/11: Elysion is way into its swing and senshi players should check out this post.
02/06/11: The Battle for Elysion has begun! Please check out the beginning of our month-long event and keep your eyes open for some neat stuff going on.
12/25/10: The mystery behind the snow globes and the snow ballerinas is finally brought to light, and it turns out that one pulling the strings of the operation was none other than an old foe: Snow Princess Kaguya! Check out the truly epic battle that was waged against her here!
12/16/10: Strange ballerinas have been spotted out in the snow of Destiny City! See for yourself! Also there has been a change in RP labels seen here!
12/06/10: Harvest Moon winners announced on page 14! Congratulations everyone! Also, it's still snowing...huh.
12/02/10: Kurma, the resident GPS, has shown the senshi the universe! It's shining, shimmering, and splendid. Check it out here.
11/24/10: In the Name of the Harvest Moon -- A Concept Contest has sprung up here!
11/20/10: Congratulations again to the Negaverse, they're awful lucky aren't they? Check out the Luchadome! Also please check out our new meeting policy!
11/12/10: Missing your tiny head on the front page? Post here! Working out something for non-powered civs, never fear!
11/02/10: Season 3 of our metaplot arc has started! Check out the information here!
11/01/10: There seems to have been a small problem at the ball. Check it out! Also now showing: ITNOTM Version 2.0!
10/31/10: The Halloween Masque has finally begun! Please look here for more information!
9/22/10: Our old high school templates have been retired for some SEXY new templates!
8/25/10: Hey look, a RP Contest!
8/20/10: Tartaros is now officially over, and those asleep for it have woken up! Things have changed, but there's some RPing to do! Check out page 8864 for the write up, and it will be in the guild!
8/17/10: Please welcome Natusbe, CuterThanYou, Mouse Pachinkorelli, Desustruction, [ Laquita ] and Teh Angel Yuna to the shop staff! Thank you everyone who tried out for staff and artist positions!
We are always accepting guest artists, and if anyone is interested in that, please just shoot the mule a PM!
7/26/10: The Re-Opening is in the works! The Hiring Thread is open for business!

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1. Splashpost
2. Updates
3. Table of Contents
4. Story
5. Rules
6. Setting
7. Factions
8. FAQ
9. Stages
10. Senshi Roll Call
11. Negaverse Roll Call
12. Civilian Roll Call
13. Staff
14. Link List
15. Reserved

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The sky calls to us.

The universe is ageless and enormous beyond comprehension. It houses so many stars and planets in its ebony expanses that it's impossible to imagine how many are truly out there, and how many civilizations may very well be rising, thriving and falling on and around them. And yet, somehow, despite all the wondrous possibilities all these stairs contain, the focus of the mind's eye always ends up on just one tiny island in the cosmic sea.

One pale blue dot, barely visible. One planet: Earth.

And on the Earth people go about their lives, spending most of it unaware of the fathomless universe that envelops and surrounds them. They work. They walk. They love, and they dream. Their planet spins as dutifully as the clockwork their routines are, mostly unchanging. Reality, for the most part, is plain and simple and straightforward. The shadows lurking on the edge of one's vision are just that -- shadows, and the dreams people have as their next day approaches are just that -- dreams.

All except for in Destiny City, where shadows defy the objects that cast them... and dreams, as many there have long since learned, can be much more tied with reality than one might realize.

The ancient court of the Silver Millenium was an abandoned dream, after all, and so were the twisted designs of Queen Beryl and her Dark Kingdom. But now, more than ever, the people of the city find themselves trapped in a warzone made of ancient history -- with more Sailor Senshi being found and awakened by the day, and the Negaverse bolstering its growing ranks in response. What was a budding urban myth a year ago is now a legitimate threat to the livelihood of the town.

On clear nights, the sky always provides a clear reminder to the senshi of Destiny City of why they are here, and what they are supposed to be doing: whether it's a pearly disc or just a silver fingernail in the sky, the Moon is almost always there. Their moon. The Silver Millennium's moon, whose princess they had been tasked to find, as if she were supposed to be some sort of sapient Holy Grail. Not a single senshi from present day could recall her face. Some began to doubt she was even supposed to exist. And then... almost as if giving up with a tired sigh, the whispers in their dreams had started to fade.

It was like that inner voice had remembered that the night was filled with more lights -- many more lights -- than just the moon. And while the moon was bright and close by, that did nothing to change the fact that the others were doing their part to chase the darkness from the sky. Was the princess of the Moon really meant to stand at the forefront of them all? Or maybe, just maybe, is the universe simply too big a place to fall under the banner of a single monarch?

The dreams are changing. The focus is shifting, from that silver thumbprint in the sky to the bright pinpricks far beyond. From this little blue speck everyone's currently standing on, it's hard to tell if there's anything of them but the light they produce. But maybe there's answers. Maybe there's hope. And maybe there's something out there waiting to be found... or perhaps, there's something out there waiting to find Earth. It's hard to tell. The vastness of the universe has a way of inspiring questions, and with those questions come ideas -- ideas that whisper lightly on the edges of dreams, in the form of an outlandish, yet somehow believable conviction:

We will... one day... venture to the stars.

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1. Respect the shop owners and please abide by their rulings. We don't only run the shop, but we'll be working really hard to keep the RP ball rolling, so please respect any official rulings we hand down. We're not doing it to spite you.

2. God-moding is obviously out. God-moding -- or twinking up a character -- comes under a lot of umbrellas, and the most obvious one is that in battle when your character is overly strong, refuses to take any hits, you've seen it before. However, there are other types of god-moding too; your character doesn't have to be the best at anything. Your character doesn't have to be all-beloved, all-beautiful, or all-depressed. Although there has to be a bit of necessary give and take between players as to how your character presents themselves, think about your character this way: am I contributing to the plot? Am I making this story easy to write? Is my character meaningful to interact with?

3. No begging for a character. This sucks and is lame. We want everyone to have fun whether they have a senshi or not, so begging makes us sad.

4. If your character is not a senshi, do not grant them any magical powers whatsoever. Do not grant them senshi or negaverse-level powers in anything otherwise. No, they do not own a bazooka. However, normal 'human' powers are completely acceptable -- keeping in mind your character is probably a teenage student!

5. See the shop owners about any problems first. We will intervene. We will pass judgement. We will pass Go and collect $200. Seriously, that's what we're here for, don't let things linger on in darkness and in doubt if we can mediate for you.

6. Treat other players with respect.

7. Don't take the art. For the love of God do not take the art. We'll know. It's obvious.

8. Roleplay style is officially third-person past tense.

9. Don't be a dipstick. We won't patronize you by describing all the ways you could be a dipstick -- like not following the TOS, arguing against the rules, posting in places you shouldn't be posting like journals and stuff, sockpuppeting -- just don't be a dipstick.

10. While we understand there are fun collectibles that require views and clicks and such things, please respect the shop and keep these things in your signatures where they belong.

11. RP belongs in the guild, not in the main thread! It's always fun to talk about your characters, but starting up an RP -- even if it's just silly OOC banter -- is really exclusive and therefore pretty inconsiderate of other threadgoers. If you want to stage a long-term interaction between your characters the shop thread is not an appropriate place for it.

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Destiny City is a bustling, if moderately-sized metropolis set in a valley with wide leafy avenues and lots of little dark convenient alleyways. Please see here for more thorough information.


Meadowview High School is the main local secondary school for girls and boys. It's a public school, set in a fenced enclosure within the city limits. Although the school maintains high standards (well, as high standards as it can) graffiti is a problem and it's difficult to impress on the merits of its beautiful campus (it's not beautiful at all). However, Meadowview prides itself on school spirit, academics and sports, and maintains a rivalry that edges over to unfriendly with the Crystal Academy and friendly with Hillworth Grammar School. Rules are softened at Meadowview and the students allowed to express themselves more in terms of dress and how they wear the uniform, and even better -- it's co-ed!

Meadowview has an excellent basketball team and a great choir. A few scuffles and strange lights at night from its campus have given the school a bad rep, the teachers still try hard to help their large classes. Certainly Dr. Perry Westerman tries his very hardest to instill the Wonders of Science upon his Biology students!


Just outside of Destiny City's borders is Crystal Academy for Girls, formerly known as Crystal Academy for Young Ladies of Quality. Crystal's is a rich private school that focuses on deportment, manners, and the less purely academic qualities that other schools may do, though it has excellent art, dance and drama programs that sometimes see not-so-monied young women enter its hallowed halls through a scholarship. Don't let these gentle young ladies fool you, however. The school has rigorous academic standards that are on-par with the best college preparatory schools in the country! There is enough snobbery in the Crystal Academy's ranks that sees a rivalry pop up between it and Meadowview, especially in sports matches, which Crystal's is notoriously bad at excepting in equestrian, lacrosse, swimming and tennis. 'Rougher' sports see the snotty school do poorly. Looking for a tutor? Perhaps TA Rohan Dalry will help you out? Ms. Suri Ellis' lab is usually open after school as well!

Many of the Crystals girls board at the school, though some 'day girls' choose to live locally with their families.

It's gossipped that Crystal girls look down on Meadowview girls and sometimes Meadowview boys, and certainly would not be caught dead with a Hillworth boy. Yet imagine that, they more often than not date within those dirty halls!


Close to the main campus of Destiny City University, a new state-of-the-art school has been built: Horizon Institute for Technology and Science (HITS). It is the product of a new DC-wide initiative for greater focus on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – in the public school systems. Using money from a generous government grant, the school was constructed with massive science laboratories, computer labs with every possible gadget and software, and even large multi-story classrooms for engineering projects ranging from building small robots to constructing transformers. The school is also home to the National High Magnetic Field Lab – a role that it shares with the neighboring university.

As a charter school, HITS accepts scholars through a lottery system, but is said to allow transfer students with extenuating circumstances off the books. Scholars at Horizon Institute do not live on-campus, but the school is open 24-hours to allow for round the clock researching. The school serves students from grades seven through twelve. It also has a bridge program where graduates can earn an Associate’s Degree up until age twenty. However, much of the staff at HITS is comprised of exemplary college students from DCU, visiting professors, professionals in STEM fields, and various teaching and research assistants. The mission of Horizon Institute is to be a “haven for scientific minds of all ages, shapes, and sizes.”

There are no sports teams at HITS – not unless you count the chess club or academic decathletes. In short… NERDS WELCOME!


On the opposite side of the city lies Hillworth Grammar School, formerly known as Hillworth Grammar School For Boys From Broken Homes. Hillworth is a boarding school that takes in boys from disadvantaged backgrounds or boys who have been expelled from other schools for bad or dangerous behaviour. It is run military-style with the boys (depending on age) living in slightly stark dormitories. Despite the highly polished discipline, the school still has a bad reputation for housing 'rabble', and certainly any self-expression or individuality is squashed from the boys when they try to show it.

They have a high academic and sports standard, often playing against Meadowview for games, and unexpectedly they too have an excellent orchestra. However, this grim brick building on top of the hill has its own mysteries. Certainly mysterious as she is lovely, you're rather likely to run into Ursula Killingworth up in the office - perhaps the last line of defense for the school? Certainly you'll find Drew Collins trying to run the spirit out of the boys in detention every day after school!


Like every city, there are a few schools that have a religious bent, but none are so dedicated to the enrichment of troubled young women as St Magdalena’s Seminary. A secondary school located on the fringes of downtown, it’s adjoined to one of the oldest Catholic cathedrals in the city. The entire campus is ringed with rather sharp-looking wrought-iron fences that forebodingly protect its hallowed Gothic-styled buildings. The school is touted as a reform school for girls with behavioral problems, though it’s rumored that there are a few girls in there that have actual criminal records. For the most part, though, Magdalena’s is considered the place to head those sorts of problems off before they begin!

Its academic standards are about on-par with Meadowview’s, with a primary focus on general education and a secondary on helping individual students work out any psychological issues they may have. This often translates into a “therapy through work” philosophy, and indeed a chunk of each day is given over to domestic chores. It can go from easy things -- such as making sure the cathedral is set for the next mass or helping to clean a classroom or two -- to punishments such as doing dishes or even being tasked to serve meals to classmates. They haven’t really got the grounds or room for any real sports teams, though one of the few they do have is a championship volleyball team. Their chamber choir has been butting heads with Meadowview’s chorus for quite some time now, taking their share of championships.


Located on the northwestern outskirts of Destiny City is Azure Valley Academy for Boys, a more modern and recent boarding school that boasts swanky minimalist architecture, state-of-the-art technology and a lovely view of the Appalachian Mountains on clearer days. Regarded by many as a preparatory tech school for young aspiring scholars, scientists and engineers, this school’s curriculum is more often than not unexpectedly difficult and stressful for anyone who enters. However, forcing all those noses to the grindstone seems to produce the expected results: Azure Valley students are practically undefeated at the City Science Fair, and they can even hold their own in robotics competitions against university students!

Unless you’re looking for eccentric beats and catchy electronica, the musicians of Azure Valley are generally outperformed by those of other schools -- the focus on staying ahead with technology means that the band and orchestra classes are sort of lacking, and this also means their sports teams are similarly mediocre. Their track team has been decent in the past years, however, and their performance in golf will ensure that many of them will end up having loyal, dependable business partners. Azure Valley students (or “Valleyboys,” as they’re often called) sometimes possess an air of superiority very much like their Crystal Academy counterparts, even going so far as to turn up their noses at students from Meadowview.


Barren Pines College for the Gifted has definitely always been here! This mysterious high school (which has definitely always been here?!) is a beautiful, slickly new campus, a boarding school aimed at gifted pupils. Its reputation is fantastic (and it's definitely always been here!), its teachers top-notch, its facilities incredible -- it even outdoes the beautiful Crystal Academy in terms of what it offers. And, best yet, if your child is accepted? Everything's already bought and paid for, including board! It seems too good to be true!!!

And it's definitely always been here!

Ruins sit atop one of the hills surrounding the city, and rumors are that there was an organ ring running out of the place for over a year! Very few ever go up and come back alive. Don't go up there.


Sovereign Heights Preparatory School is a post-secondary instutiton for kids out of high school. It's a pre-college prep school that can give you a helpful dent in your first year of undergrad, giving you points that can be transferred. There are pros: it precludes the need to do massive university entrance exams, especially to go to the University of Destiny City (DCU). It gives you a chance before university to play with programs, though you generally enter Sovereign Heights with a 'major' in mind and on the strength of a subject recommendation. You can get a taste of dorm life or commuting, and it looks good on getting into pre-med and pre-law.

Destiny City has pumped a lot of money into the Sovereign Heights program, and scholarships and entrance are automatically offered to people who get certain marks at high school. You need to maintain a specific GPA (especially if you're on a scholarship) and you generally stay there for 1-3 years (minimum program is two semesters, maximum is six). It's not just for academics: its theater and arts programs are notoriously average, but it does have a good sports science and athletics faculty.

It's said that attending SHP (sometimes called 'Shlip' lovingly) prevents a lot of burn-out sustained by Crystal girls trying to cope with the freedoms of university life, as well as Hillworth boys trying to do the same.


And then there are the adults of Destiny City. Destiny City has a huge variety of cultures and lifestyles, job opportunities and acres of parkland! However, it's generally in agreement that if Anthony Darrow ever left the Destiny City Library, half the female population of the city would go into mourning!

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Sailor Senshi are chosen from the potential ranks to have their starseed transform into a pretty-suited soldier of love and justice. Both girls and guys -- sorry, yeah, the sailor suit of justice knoweth not gender in this instance -- have the ability to henshin up from their day-to-day faces into a sailor senshi, who fights ostensibly for good. Sometimes we have a few people who forget about this. And other times, we have sailor senshi who have been corrupted by the Negaverse to fight on their side, but this is rare and horrible.

Your starseed grants you your power, which will come from a single source. The ancient court of the Moon reigned over such elements as fire, water, love, thunder, and even death. Sailor senshi today seem to take their names from the surrounding solar system, barring those given previously to the Court, and their powers are widely ranged. Compared one-on-one, they seem to be weaker than their Negaverse counterparts.

Team-wise, the sailor senshi have been left to their own devices. Their main power lies within their anonymity -- once they henshin up and put on the outfit, nobody knows them from a bar of soap. A magical glamour hides your home details, and you fight when you want to how you want to. The senshi have been crippled by their lone wolf habits, and are only now starting to form teams now that the Negaverse has tripled in power. Their ability to fight united will mean the difference between their end and their success.


The Generals of Queen Beryl were twisted reincarnations of their old, benign forms from the Moon Kingdom. The power of the Negaverse continues here. Not just boys but girls now have had their star seeds twisted to become soldiers of the Negaverse, strong warriors who control demons and feed off the energy gathered from the innocent populace -- or better yet, sailor senshi. Often these Negaverse officers are brainwashed (sometimes not) to serve their Queen, finally reborn in the body of now-crystallized General Nealite, who they mean to raise up and put into place to rule instead of Queen Serenity. The Negaverse have faced many defeats, but this doesn't put them off their end triumphs.

Although the Negaverse suffers infighting of its own, it has rigid military structures and rank in place that makes them more effective than the milling crowd of senshi currently hanging around Destiny City. They are the men with plans -- well, women with plans too -- and disquietingly, much like the senshi they now have their own secret identities and lives that let them blend effortlessly into the population at large. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that, much like all the new senshi, the new Generals have had to be plucked from the young starseeds formed amongst the youth of the city?

The Negaverse also has an advantage in that it already has a leader: General-King Charonite. Charonite had managed to resurrect the long-dead Beryl in the form of loyalist officer, and later wife, Nealite -- but the Queen was not pleased with the use of 'her' body. As punishment, her faithful General-King and increasingly pregnant wife were crystallized. For how long, no one really knows, and the queen is not telling. It seems that, for now, leadership will have to come from elsewhere....


Schoolkids. You've got your own messes to deal with: family, friends, pressures, trying to get into colleges, or trying to get dates. Whatever. But this doesn't mean that you're not drawn inexorably into the fight between good, evil, and everything in-between, and you certainly don't have to go gently into that good night. Do you want to be demon food? Probably not. Do you want to save yourself? 'Probably.' In this brave new world, the youth of Destiny City can fight back however they want to against these new oppressors -- whether it's the senshi carving up the block, the demons eating your math teachers or the Negaverse giving you a hard time. What choices are you going to make? Will you fight or will you fortify? What sides will you be picking?

Even if you're not a sailor senshi or a Negaverse criminal -- there's still a role for you to play.

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Character construction

+ Help! How do I pick my senshi's power sphere?

Do whatever you like. You do not have to link it to anything. We don't mind if you're playing a moon of Jupiter and yet your senshi has the power sphere of kittens. Try not to pick anything too ridiculous or specific -- for instance, we'd prefer not to have the characters whose powers are Holy, Light, Dark, Fire Earth Water Heart Go Planet -- but you can pick whatever you like. THE SHOP RESERVES THE RIGHT TO IXNAY YOUR SPHERE FOR WHATEVER REASON because we are tyrannical assholes.

There's a list in the quest section of the Guild of what spheres are disallowed.

+ Whatever and however?

So long as you pick one. Your senshi is the senshi of one power sphere.

+ Awwwww

I decide who lives and dies.

+ My character's name is [Something in Japanese]

This is totally fine! However, your character should not know anything about the senshi activities that once took place in Japan. That would be metagaming, and metagaming is uncool.

+ Tell me about customs and uniforms!

Go check in the guild, under "Custom Form FAQ."

Roleplay/evolution questions

+ Can I play if I don't have an official senshi or Negaverse soldier?

Yes you can, though there are certain rules you have to follow. Players without characters can play youma (monsters that senshi and knights fight against!) and occasionally disposable characters. Both type of character will die by the end of the rp however, so they are one time use and you'll need to make up another one for your next rp!

Rping a youma - These are monsters! They can't talk like human characters and really like to attack people and destroy stuff. Many people base them off animals but you can base them off of just about anything. You should not rp them being buddy buddy with senshi or knights however.

Rping a disposable - Disposable characters require acceptance by the staff, so they are more rare then youma. Powered players will request disposables to help them with character plots, and they may ask people to play those disposables for them. So make friends and chat in the thread! Disposable characters can be townpeople, senshi, knights, or the negaverse. Check out the disposables thread in the guild for more detailed information.

+ Well how DO I get a character?

The shop often runs rp contests and events in which you can win completely free characters! If you don't trust your skills in a contest, then you should look towards the customs section in the guild. At least once a month some of the artist will run custom raffles for gold. It is also possible to be chosen or 'quest fairied' if you have a quest in the application section of the guild that the staff just falls in love with! Sometimes we have writing contests for new characters (or for powering up an existing civilian character) in the guild as well.

So long answer short. Just hang out around the shop! Try making a quest. We love newbies and want lots of people to play in our shop so we'll always try to make lots of oppurtunities for people to gain charcters!

+ How do I grow my senshi/general?

There are two main ways to grow your breedable at the moment, and you can also mix and match as you like. Although RPing is our personal preference of choice -- and you can see in the shop the requirements -- we also take, in lieu of stories, special Items that can be used in replacements of stories. We'll be doing a certain number of events per month that will hand out various Items, and the events will vary -- anything from trivia to speedpost competitions to raffles to awarding the best RP of that week. The equivalents can be found elsewhere, but we'll put them here again just in case.

User Image

Here are the item equivalents to stories:

Star candy - 1x equals 1x solo
Luna-P - 1x equals 1x regular
Henshin pen - 1x equals 1x battle

You can mix the items just like you can mix stories, so three star candy will equal one luna-p.

Go to the guild for more information about regulations -- check in the Diary section.

+ Can I grow my senshi without RPing at all?

Not any more; Natsu created this rule thinking no one would rp these any way, and she's pretty sure you are all laughing at her now because this isn't the case anymore.


I know! It sucks! You have to RP and become members of a fun society! Oh no!

+ All right, I'm mollified.


+ Do I get to collect items/have a story that counts towards a new form if I only have a 'human' character?

Sorry, you can only get items (unless we say otherwise) if you already have a powered character. Your clock is rerolled if and when such a time you get a special shop character begins. We like to think that stories et al are the equivalent of training/experience, so it only begins when a character starts their career as such.

+ I have a pretty cool plot idea for my character, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do it or how to get approval! What do I do?

Our mule PM box is always open to your questions and ideas! Sometimes our staff members are even willing to talk to you personally to give you a jump-start or work through the beginning of an idea with you if you ask nicely. We're always willing to listen to your ideas and work with you so please don't be afraid to submit your full proposals. Even if your original idea doesn't pan out we'll do our best to help you find something that does.

+ Will my character ever be rehomed?

Only if it is a special metaplot character.

+ My character is a special metaplot character.

Then if you don't post for such a time as the shop owners deem acceptable, and keep in mind we are very lenient and sweet and gentle, we will rehome. Sorry. But these special metaplot characters will only be given out in special RP events, so we're hoping you'll be an up and coming RPer anyway.

+ What if I want to rehome my character?

Please contact the staff for any and all rehoming requests. We will do our best to accomodate your wishes when it comes to your character.

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The Stages

All characters go through a guaranteed three stages or pieces of artwork, with a meta-optional stage. As you go through the stages, your powers and abilities become stronger, you gain some new ones, and you get outfit upgrades.

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A Senshi Sailor Scout, a Negaverse Lieutenant, a Dark Mirror Sailor Scout, and a Knight Page

Sailor Scout (Senshi): This is your first, plainest fuku stage. Sailor Senshi have one attack. Henshin: X Power, Make-Up!
Lieutenant (Negaverse): This is your starting stage. You have a basic uniform and are ranked lowest amongst the Negaverse underlings. You have a plain weapon.
Sailor Scout (Dark Mirror): This is your first, plainest fuku stage. Sailor Senshi have one attack and are given one mirrorwraith. You may mirrorwalk alone, and may not travel to mirrorspace unaccompanied.
Page (Knight): This is your starting stage. You have a basic uniform and a plain weapon.

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A Senshi Super Sailor, a Negaverse Captain, a Dark Mirror Super Sailor, and a Knight Squire


Super Sailor (Senshi): This is your second fuku stage. Super Sailor senshi still only have one attack, but it gets a power boost-up. Note new bits on the uniforms, such as longer bows and shoulderguards. Henshin: X* Star Power, Make-Up!
Captain (Negaverse): This is the second stage. Your uniform is updated to look more ornate. Your weapon gets an upgrade or may become magical. You also gain the ability of teleportation, though it is difficult.
Sailor Scout (Dark Mirror): This is your second fuku stage. Super Sailor senshi still only have one attack, but it gets a power boost-up. They are given two mirrorwraiths. You may mirrorwalk with one other person, and may travel to mirrorspace.
Squire (Knight): This is the second stage. Your uniform is updated. Your weapon gets an upgrade to become a magical weapon.

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A Senshi Eternal Sailor, a Negaverse General, a Dark Mirror Eternal Sailor, and a Knight


Eternal Sailor (Senshi): This is the third stage. Your senshi is fairly powerful by now. As well as getting an upgraded fuku, they gain the classical angel wings accoutrements (such as the bow). Henshin: X Eternal, Make-Up!
General (Negaverse): This is the third stage. Your uniform is updated to include more ornamentation and you gain a cape. Your weapon becomes magical at this stage if you have chosen the path of a deadly weapon and if you already had a magical weapon, that magic turns deadly. Teleportation now comes easily to you.
Eternal Scout (Dark Mirror): This is the third stage. Your senshi is fairly powerful by now. As well as getting an upgraded fuku, they gain black angel wings accoutrements (such as the bow). You are given three mirrorwraiths. You may mirrorwalk with several people, and may travel to mirrorspace.
Knight (Knight): This is the third stage. Your uniform is upgraded, you get a spiffy cape, and your weapon takes on magical properties.

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A Senshi Princess, a Negaverse General-King, a Dark Mirror Princess

REQUIREMENTS: There are no requirements because you can only reach this stage through METAPLOT WORK. You are not guaranteed this stage. People who choose not to roleplay will never reach this stage, and people who DO roleplay will only be able to earn this stage through RP metawork.

Prince/Princess (Senshi): As the royal leader of your planet you now gain access to your planet's Crystal and the powers that come along with it. Your outfit is individualized to your own planet's style but every royal has fully-grown, angelic wings at their waist.
General-King/Queen (Negaverse): The most loyal, the most driven, you have been chosen to command the forces of Chaos in the name of the Negaverse. Your weapon may now have more than one form, an extra magical effect, or perhaps something different entirely. Who knows what the darkness wrought?
Prince/Princess (Dark Mirror): Inside the mirror is a mystery...
Royal Knight (Knight): Lost to time, it is unclear what happens when a Knight achieves their full potential. It is understood though, that only those of great spirit and dedication will reach this level of power!

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Guardian Cat, Human Form

Because it takes time to acclimate to their powers and adjusting to the strangeness of it a cat must now complete a set number of requirements to assume their human form at all.


A guardian cat are those that awaken senshi, guide them through their development, and in rare cases work on the side of the Negaverse. Order senshi, Dark Mirror senshi, and Corrupt senshi cannot progress without interacting with a guardian cat in some form. They also cannot awaken without a guardian cat present! That makes these rare, intelligent animals quite sought out by all factions of powered forms in Destiny City.

The Types of Roleplays

There are three different types of roleplay:


Battle. A battle story is where two powered-up individuals (Order or Chaos) enter into battle, whether it be between themselves or a monster who will be played by someone else. These stories need to have a definite beginning and end -- you actually have to finish these suckers, not just let them dwindle off into a ??? ending. That's why it's better to plan out how it goes between every participant beforehand. These are the stories in which fighting happens, and a youma's dusted! Or someone else gets dusted! Dust happens.

So to underscore: TWO OR MORE POWERED/CAT PLAYER CHARACTERS having a battle, either vs. themselves or a youma or whatever. If it is just one character powered up and doing nothing, it is not a battle. If no fighting happens, it is not a battle. Just one character vs. a youma does also not count! Remember also that you may only count one youma battle towards your battle requirements per stage; all others would be considered regulars.

Regular. Although you can be in your senshi form, battling does not happen -- this is all business/play, no battlin'. This is also where normal RP between two or more people happen. This is your day-to-day life or non-physical interaction with powered individuals.

Solo. This is a solo story with just your character. It can either happen diary-style or a "slice of life" story. Solo stories must be AT LEAST 450 words for a solo to count – but after you hit the 1000 word mark, you may count each ADDITIONAL 1000 words as an additional solo.

So, if you write a 999 word solo, it only counts as one.

If you write a 1500 word solo, it also only counts for one solo.

If you write a 2001 word solo, it counts for two.

If you write a 5500 word solo, it counts for five.

**For those of you writing solos with more than one of your own characters, it STILL counts as a SOLO, not an RP. Each character has a separate word count to compute the number of solos it may count for. The word count is not totalled, and then the solos split between the character, each character only earns the amount of solos they contributed toward.

If one character contributes 450 words, but the other only 400, then it counts as a solo only for the character with the word count.

If one character writes 1500 and another 501 words, that still only counts as one solo each, not two solos each, and so on.


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+ Natsube - Owner

+ Iris_virus - Game Manager

+ Kyuseisha no Hikari - Game Manager

+ Kaori_luv - RP Moderator

+ Matisha - RP Moderator

+ Orangeish Sherbert - RP Moderator

+ Songstress Kitsune - RP Moderator

+ Beejoux - Artist

+ Bluefire Dragonz - Artist

+ Chiickadee - Artist

+ endejester - Artist

+ F a y t h - x - Artist

+ Guine - Artist

+ Jolie Mariella - Civilian Artist

+ LizzyMoo - Artist

+ Niloufer - Artist

+ Shanyume - Civilian Artist

+ Sylent Nyte - Civilian Artist

+ Phae-et - Civilian Artist

+ Verithe - Artist

Guest Artists:

+ Chibizoo - Guest Artist

+ LadyNozomi - Guest Artist

+ Lilwolfpard - Guest Artist

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we don't bite


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people we dig

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Please behave, everyone! We don't want you on this list, so don't try to get here!

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