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I could be productive while it's slow, but... nah. 8D
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But... but ********* Pi is not soft and fluffy. =<
((This is probably why everyone is running away from the ********* Pi whee ))
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Supportive Enabler

I think they should combine all their powers and make a fuzzy soft, fluffy ********* Pi. Like a giant tribble.
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Rainbow Senshi

((That sounds... glorious 4laugh heart ))
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I am making a cake for my bf for our late Valentines day. Put chocolate in the pan first, and then funfetti in the middle. It MAY overflow the pan. We will just have to see XD
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ROFL omg /just saw Lizzy's 3DS skin

Victoria being squashed by ********* ballll XD
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A little late due to epic work session [/sarcasm], but ermehgerd, corny Richard is sexy. I'd eat him up, but then that'd make me a cannibal and it is highly frowned upon in most cultures. I shall oggle him instead. XD

*high fives Verithe*

Super late, but LizzyMoo that skin is AWESOME. @3@

Going to get to some ORP tags then head to bed. Hopefully this time without monsterous pain in leg. 0o
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Guys GUYS I finished my cake!

Here's what it looked like without frosting..

And Here it is all done!
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BEM, that is one mighty fine lookin' cake, I tell you what.

Makes me wish I could just... reach into my computer monitor and gobble it up.
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Thanks Chibi! I totally almost typed Tsui instead of your username. X'D
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XD It's okay... I totally call people by their character name sometimes when I'm talking to others. I even sometimes call them by their username when I'm meaning to say their character names.

Yayoi is one of those. I NEVER remember her character's name, so I just call her Yayoi... XD (I also like the name Yayoi, so... that might be it. IT'S A FUN WORD TO SAY, OKAY?)

On that note, going to crash so hard now. Night!
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Sparkling Shounen

Think I'm all tagged up. Going to bed now, night all.
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I realized running a game in such a limited capacity on a weekday was kind of a bad idea XD So if anyone was interested in playing laser tag you're free to roll all three rolls whenever now.

*yawns* Gotta pack and get ready for a 2-3 hour drive blah, but it does mean tonight I'll have nothing at all to do except be online and do atleast a couple tags. biggrin

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