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Lithiasaur's avatar

Fuzzy Friend

There are a lot of cute avis in here.
DaisyMilk's avatar

Kawaii Prophet

*oozes through* I am jealous of you people who actually get money back. XD;;;
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Ice-Cold Lunatic

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Thank you Shaz! I love yours too they are always so pretty!

Lolz Lufo ... im floating, I died from homework over load XDDD
Pyry's avatar

Justice Nerd

Everybody's avatars are so fantastic. I am always impressed.

I would've fallen asleep at a party last night. xd I hope it was fun.
Never Crazy's avatar

Magical Strawberry

Hello thread~
/collapses onto/
Lithiasaur's avatar

Fuzzy Friend

Never Crazy's avatar

Magical Strawberry

/sleeps on lith/
I don't like early classes meeeh.
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Ice-Cold Lunatic

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  • Marathon 300
  • Forum Sophomore 300
It was lots of fun, i learned not to drink hurricanes at the speed i did though. Not a good idea, makes your world spin.

Night moonthread, Kao is pooped, need sleep.
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Sparkly Conquest

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I feel like all my avatars look very much the same because I have items I love and I just always come back to XD So sometimes I try to force myself to do an entire avatar around an item I don't use, but usually it's just the same color combos I love so much.
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Sweet Lover

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  • Dressed Up 200
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Dedicated Strawberry

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/whips out avie inspired by Shaz
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Magical Bear

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  • Trick or Treat 100
I want to do a new avvie but idk what of.

Also Shaz - I keep staring at your sig. ;; it's so pretty.
LizzyMoo's avatar

Rainbow Senshi

((I am not cool enough to make a pretty avvie :< ))
Parue's avatar

Diligent Hunter

I dont have enough items to make a "pretty" avatar. I have lots of odds and ends but not many full outfits.
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Lupine Sweetheart

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Woo hoo! Done with pictures for my first photography project! And I got in a little bit of an argument with a janitor for a minute XD

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