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Happy...New Year??
Well, to most of you, this just feels a little off! Wasn't the new year a month ago? Well yeah, if you go by the Julian calendar, absolutely! However quite a few of you who have fingers on the pulse on the goings-on in Destiny City have noticed a celebration brewing in the 'Chinatown' area of town. Red lanterns are strung between the buildings, red streamers and banners line the fronts of businesses, and despite the (unseasonably warm) weather there seems to be a festival in the works!

Many of the businesses have opened their doors, are running special sales on their goods, and the local restaurants down there have samples and specials running every day. You never know what they're going to come up with next! To get more into the spirit of things a rental shop has sprung up in an empty building in Chinatown, allowing rentals of traditional hanfu, cheongsam, or other culturally-appropriate garments.

Do you feel like getting in the spirit and celebrating with another culture? Are you just really into Chinese food and are dying to get a hold of those new specials? Perhaps you just have been waiting for the perfect sale on that giant Buddha statue? Or perhaps you don't care at all and were dragged by a friend! Either way, the Year of the Snake starts on February 10th and no doubt there will be a big party going on down there!

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Heart Miko

Top of the page hells yeah.
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awesome. XD I now want a giant Buddha statue
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How offensive would it be for someone to make and sell chocolate Buddhas? With cream filling?

*is musing*
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Heart Miko

Probably rather, considering he is their religious figure. However every home needs a giant gold-painted Buddha.

Just saying.
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Maybe Richard can go the slightly safer route and go with Gummi Snakes... but secretly wish he could have made the chocolate Buddhas instead.

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I've seen edible Buddhas in a Buddha-worshiping culture. I don't think it would be offensive. Different cultures treat their objects of worship differently.
Oh yeah, it is Chinese New Year.
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Living flowers are essential to any Chinese new year celebration. ;D

Farah's Garden has a sale going on, with lots of red and yellow flowers.
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I've seen edible Buddhas in a Buddha-worshiping culture. I don't think it would be offensive. Different cultures treat their objects of worship differently.

WELL SEE there you go, I was wrong!


Did you know that the Romans originally reviled Christians because they heard about Communion and thought that they were cannibals? True story.
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*rubs hands together with a snicker*


Thanks for the head's up, Verithe. And yeah, the Romans didn't like the Christians to a good while... at one point in time, Christianity was a cult. O.O
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Really until Constantine legalized the religion, it was considered to be a 'cult' religion, though not in the same way that we use the word today? My professors were all very serious about using the world cult ahaha.

But yeah, that's one of the big reasons why. They misunderstood Communion and thought that they were cannibalizing their god.
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Yeah... cult had a slightly more negative connotations nowadays, given the recent "cults" that made the news. Jamestown, Scientology... yeaaaaaah, I can see why some people wouldn't like that word being used with established religions.

*is so proud of herself for getting tags done*
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Nessy that art in your siggy is just so pretty it makes me ill. gonk heart
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My favorite cults are cargo cults.

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