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the only ones I remember beating are yelllow, red and blue....
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I am such a cracked out Pokemon addict. I am DYING knowing I can't get Black 2 or White 2 for a while QQ
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Dapper Inquisitor

After playing Blue and Yellow obsessively, I didn't play another game until getting SoulSilver recently. I kept up with the storylines through a friend, though. c: I think she's nearly played all the gens and spinoffs. (NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION, MAN)

I'd still play the TCG in a heartbeat, even if I likewise haven't gotten new cards in forever. Loooved the TCG. heart
AHhh I loved SoulSilver and HeartGold, the little pokeball accessories were the boooombbbbb. C:

WHY can't they have those every time /weep Man maybe I will just kick it oldschool and go find a copy of HG or SS that has it and just play that instead >_>
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Dapper Grabber

My team is Black 2 consists of a Servine, Flaafy, Riolu, Venipede and a Growlithe.

Used Snivy and Mareep's line before in other games, but never trained with either of the latter three (I always ended up getting the game that had Vulpix instead of Growlithe, so here's my chance to use one). And Venipede is literally on a whim... caught one and figured I'd give her a go.

Named her Strika. Because she's BA.

*pokes Aqua* My ears are burning. BTW, you needs to get Conquest. IT'S AWESOME AND ADORABLE!
Groooowwwlliithhe was always my fav because of Officer Jenny biggrin
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Fuzzy Friend

Ivysaur is my favorite forever <3
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Shadowy Scarface

Orangeish Sherbert

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Eternal Sailor Lesath, Lunesta was calling for you earlier - they want YOU for their next commercial!
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Omnipresent Unicorn

Fffffff Lesath~! She looks amazing!
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Salty Lunatic

She looks gorgeous! Congratulations, Orange! <33
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Rainbow Senshi

((Yuna, that is such a lovely splice you did there heart heart ))
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Swashbuckling Sentai

Oh snap, she looks pretty o-o! I love how you did the wings and the bow, Yuna and.. well, the boots and her hair and her overlays and lots of things. Many congrats to Orange!
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Fuzzy Friend

Very pretty <3
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Guine's Wife

Magical Wife

Love Lesath! She looks amazing! Congrats, Orange!! <33
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Romantic Man-Lover

+ + *adores moths* <33

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