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Sorry I have not seen this place take off yet, and I'm sorry to those as well who are waiting...Anyway with that said I have offered both owners to help with the shop, by paying both Gaia gold and real life money to have some work done so you all can have an event, but both have not answered my personal messages. Again, I'm sorry, but this will be the last time I'm checking in here as I'm leaving.

Sol you have my MSN email so please if you need some gold what have you to get started, and I will answer it as soon as I can. I'm trying to do whats right by you two. If you don't get back to me within Jan I will assume you guys are fine.
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Cidela, Solar and Kuuro are tied up with RL. Kuuro is on a Navy vessel (headed home now tho) ATM and Solar is working two jobs. The shop is progressing and once they get RL out of the way the shop will become more active.
To those who are waiting on stuff, PLEASE don't think you have been forgotten. You have not. Life is life and soon enough everything will be worked out and the shop will be running.
Running with epic.
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*stalks thread*
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I shall stick around <3
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*fluffs* heart
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I'm still here
*wiggles about*
I wish this shop would have taken off. ;____;
Same here, Priil, same here. v__v
I wonder if we could.. idk... retrieve/buy the lineart off the owner and do something about reviving the shop...? . n.
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Yeah. Me too. U_U;
Hmmmm~ maybe we should make a 'committee' of sorts... and start PMing people.... ><;

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