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Come step in, dear dreamer,
The Tea Stall reveals itself to
all those who are troubled or
ailing and serves dreams by the

Come step in, dear dreamer,
and let me find the a companion for
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G U I L D || O W N E R SAM A N U A L || R E C E N TA G R O W T H || E V E N T S

WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING!!! If you'd like to join The Tea Stall team, follow the link below!! Learn about all the shiny perks you get as a staff ;D
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The Shop is currently:

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      PAGE 1
                  1. Intro
                  2. Navigation/Announcements
                  3. Rules
                  4. Story
                  5. New Tokyo
                  6. Stages
                  7. Minipets
                  8. Owner’s Manual
                  9. NPCs/Owners/Pets
                  10. Recent Growth
                  11. Lists
                  12. Links
                  13. Credits
                  14.+ Reserves

      PAGE 2
                  1. Event Specifics
                  2. Random Gallery
                  3. Random reserves

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      01/18/2012 || Boreal Owl Winner! Welcome to the family Mio! Cert on 268
      01/12/2012 || Malachite Kingfisher Growth on pg. 252!! Congrats Hayle!!
      12/11/2011 || Boreal Owl FLATSALE!
      12/07/2011 || Giant Panda Growth on pg. 192!! Congrats Nuan Ling!!
      12/05/2011 || Jaguar Growth on pg.188! Congrats Ciaran!
      12/04/2011 || Growth Requirement changes + New Fishing for Dreams prompt thread HERE
      11/11/2011 || Very first flatsale and flaffle winners! Certs on pg.133
      10/10/2011 || Thread is now officially opennnn!!! Check out the Flatsales HERE

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          This shop is RP required.
              In order for your pet to evolve, you MUST rp. You will be warned after 3 months of inactivity. If this continues for another week, your pet will be stripped from you (its memory wiped) and resold.
          DO NOT steal anything
              This includes artwork, banners, layouts, concepts etc. Shadomu sweats blood and tears to bring you this shop. If anything is stolen, this shop will be shut down very quickly
          No co-owning
              Because this shop is completely rp-required, we believe co-owning would cause inconsistencies in characterization.
          No giving away pets
              Because Flatsale winners receive their pets from prompt-writing and develop through rp, you can not give the pet you win to another person.
          Max 2 pets per person
              This is so you can purchase one pet while also questing for your dream pet. However, if you neglect one pet over the other, this privilege will be revoked.
          Only ONE species of each pet
              This means there can not be 2 pets of exactly the same species.
          Be respectful
              We're trying to build a warm, welcoming community here. Please leave drama at the door.
          No spamming / page stretching / advertising / etc. etc.
              This included quoting anything on the front page.
          Follow ToS at all times
              No exceptions.
          All rules are subject to change without warning

          ► Will be available to everyone at a flat rate.
          ► All flatsales are prompt-based
          ► There are 2 types of flatsales:
              1) For Blank Teacups: These prompts will usually be based off the owner, since the creature is unknown and will be customized based off the prompt response.
              2) For Pre-made Teacups: Usually, you will be given the choice between replying to an owner or pet-based prompt, since the creature and nature is known.
          ► One entry per person per pet; you MUST write your own

          ► Do NOT retract bids
          ► Bid only what you have
          ► Post writing samples with your bid
          ► If bidding items, it is up to the artist whether or not items will be accepted
          ► You may be asked to liquidate if you bid items
          ► Details to follow with auction

          ► These are like raffles - You can buy tickets for a set cost per ticket
          ► 3 finalist tickets will be drawn
          ► The 3 finalist will be given an rp prompt to reply to and a form to fill
          ► From the finalists, one winner will be chosen


      Q: Are we only role-playing the pets we get, or can we also role-play the owner (for example, while we're questing)? Or can we play a pet waiting for an owner, interacting with other pets in the shop, and have someone else play the owner?
          A: At the moment, because of the way the prompts for flatsales/flaffles work, only ONE person may play BOTH the pet and owner (see above for the types of flatsale prompts). Yes, you can rp with other pets (though you can't have someone else play the owner). There is also a Pet-free zone called The Wooden Door (see Guild) for human characters only where you can rp your (future) owner even if you don't have a pet.

      Q: Are we required to rp the owner?
          A: No, once you have a pet, you are not required to rp the owner for it to grow other than from Stage 1 to Stage 2 (for more details see the Growth Requirements). However, you must STILL create a detailed owner quest in order to grow your teacup and the owner's history will be an integral part of your pet's backstory.

      Q: So...if you can RP with owners, is this an RP group? Or a B/C Petshop?
          A: If you do not own a pet, you can only RP with other human characters at The Wooden Door.

      Q: What do pets look like to normal humans? And is it normal to see pets wandering around?
          A: The Stage 2 Shadow form is not visible to normal humans. It looks like an extra pet-shaped shadow following the owner's shadow. From Stage 3 and onward, a pet can choose to appear in either it's part-human, or fully-animal form. And no, it is NOT normal to see a half-animal person wandering around on the streets lol. To prevent being gawked at or carted off for experiments, it is wise to disguise your animal traits when out in public.

      Q: Can I have twins/triplets/etc.? And are we allowed to have the same animal as someone else?
          A: No, you can not have twins. And no, all animals must be different

      Q: H-how come there are so many boys? Will you have female pets?
          A: Nope! Well.....maybe once in a blue moon biggrin

      Q: Are all the pets Asian themed? What about the pet names?
          A: So far, yes. The pet names though, can be anything (after all, it is completely up to an owner what they name their pet). Names do not have to sound 'chinese' or asian at all.

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              You enter into the crowded night markets of Shinjuku, crammed with bright lights and loud street vendors calling their wares across the the street. Already, busy bodies are packed shoulder to shoulder as the working hour ends and a new flood of of Tokyo citizens flows into the small space. From the corener of your eye you catch a glimpse of something golden...a chinese shop sign? It stands like a small oasis amidst the bustle and you hasten your steps to snatch one of three seats in front of the grinning shop owner.

              "My, my, what have we here...what ails you to seek the services of myself and my humble shop?" he murmurs, a small white bat perched precariously on his shoulder. You open your mouth to protest, but he reaches across and places a finger across your lips with a small tsking sound. “My dear, 不再多说 , I have just the thing for you.” He leans back with an enigmatic smile and chooses a single bell from the one of the many delicate bells strung around his waist. The bat takes flight, manouvering past the backroom curtains and in his place, a small boy emmerges bearing a steaming cup of tea to press into your hands. “Wait I—“ you start, but already the shop grows hazy and blurred around you. You blink, and you’re standing once more in the middle of a crowded street. A dream? You wonder to yourself, squinting past the noise and lights for some hint of the teashop, but you can see nothing.

              In your hands though is still that same....innocuous...cup of tea.

              User Image

              The Peddler's small tea stall 大牌檔 (pronounced 'Dai-Pai-Dong') appears to those who have troubles in their life: a soprano who can no longer sing, a child who recently lost their parents...sometimes you may not even know that you are missing something in your life! It is said, these creatures are called by the scent of the Peddler's aromatic tea and are created from the most fervent desires in the depths of your heart.

              The shop itself has many forms. It's most common is a small tea stall tucked into the corner of Shinjuku's marketplace - however, the Peddlar has been known to appear as the peculiarly grinning face behind a Roppongi bar counter, a cheerful vendor selling snacks in the peaceful Chiyoda parks, or a Shinto priest offering tea to weary travellers....you never know where he might be.

              More info about Pets can be found HERE

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The majority of 大牌檔 takes place in "New Tokyo", an alternate timeline Tokyo very similar to our world today. In this timeline, increasing globalization has led to the rapid acceptance of Western customs and mannerisms (so research of Japanese culture is not necessary), though many people still practice Japanese traditions.

User Image
                                                        User Image
                                                        A busy, bustling luxury hotel, shopping, and food area where residents often gather to enjoy themselves. Over time it has been converted into two sections: futuristic areas for every day shopping and crowded night markets sporting several street-side food stands. This is where the 大牌檔 often appears to future owners

                                                        User Image
                                                        Primarily a business district, dominated by high rise buildings and white-collared workers. Also home to several major companies and high end department stores.

                                                        User Image
                                                        This area is surrounded by beautiful gardens and public parks often overflowing with cherryblossom trees. It houses the Imperial Palace, which is often restricted to the public. However it seems owning one of the Peddler's pets gives you special permission to enter.

                                                        User Image
                                                        The bustling hub of Tokyo with Tokyo Tower at its center. It contains the famous night-time district of Roppongi which is packed with restaurants, nightclubs, and the famous red light district for all of your unsavoury pleasures. It is advised you do not travel this area alone.

                                                        User Image
                                                        A relic of historical Tokyo. The main attraction is Sensoji Temple where people gather to pray and commune with the spirits. It is rumoured that you can hire professional exorcists and fortune tellers here.

Thumbnail images © their respective artists

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Stage 1 Teacup
      You receive a mysterious cup full of steaming tea from the enigmatic Lu Xiong.
      Just a plain, innocuous cup of tea, no different than any other. The cup is just slightly lopsided, as if molded by hand, and the painted designs are so vivid they might have been fresh. It is however, very fragrant, and seems to call to something deep inside of you.

      Different teas and teacups will give you different types of pet.

      Creature Type || Determined by the type of tea

      Element || Determined by the colour of teacup
          火 FIRE (red)
          土 EARTH (green)
          金 METAL (yellow)
          水 WATER (blue)
          風 WIND (grey)

      Nature || Determined by the flavour of tea (these are very general guides)
          甜 SWEET (cheerful / jolly)
          苦 BITTER (serious / analytical)
          辣 SPICY (rash / hasty)

Stage 2 Shadow Wraith
      Before your feet sits an extraordinary creature that seems to have appeared birthed from the shadows themselves. Is this the pet that the petshop owner promised you?
      In this stage, your pet is a shadow of the beast type that your pet will grow to. Completely dark, with no discernible features, it is wraith-like in form. Not seeming to need food nor rest, it tends to lurk around dark corners or in the shadows of your steps. These pets are soul-bound to you and may not be given to another owner. (NOTE: Though they can not speak or make any sound, they have a sort of pseudo telepathic ability to communicate with their owner).

Stage 3 Child Halfling
      You gasp as the animal you have carefully raised contorts and changes before your eyes. Half human - half creature, there is nothing like it in the world.

Stage 4 Adult Halfling
      Over the years of companionship, your pet has grown into a full-fledged adult. It could be a trick of the light...but your pet is starting to seem more and more human every day, isn't he?

Final Stage ???

For specific growth requirements, go to THIS THREAD

User Image

Not sure what you can do with your pet? Take a look through the owner's manual below. For more detailed information, click the headings.

        Pretty standard in most shops, you get to "roleplay" (create stories) by playing as both your owner character and your pet(s). All formal roleplays take part in the guild. There are four primary roleplay (rp) forums.
              Special Events / Metaplot rps
          WOODEN DOOR
              A pet free zone, mostly for people without pets to rp as their owner characters and develop them. No quest thread or official pet is needed to rp here.
          SILVER DOOR || Dream Verse
              For any parallel/alternate-universe type stories or rp worlds. Characters experience the evens here as if in a dream (so it bears no effect on physical attributes or relationships).
          GOLD DOOR || New Tokyo
              "New Tokyo" - aka set in the modern day, alternate timeline Tokyo.

        By fulfilling growth requirements, your pet advances between stages. With every stage, you get new artwork. Note that ALL pets are rp required and ALL designs are distinct (no templates here!)

        Pet showings are special events where you pay (gaia gold) to enter your pet in a contest to "show off" the spells they have learned. Each showing has 2 rounds and the final score is determined by a combination dice game and roleplay challenge. The winner takes away a special prize treasure (item art) and half of the showing earnings.

        There are 3 main shops areas:
          ►The Back Alley - where you can purchase customizations
          ►The Book Shop - where you can purchase spell books
          ►The Street Vendors - where everyone else (owner) can make their own art shops etc.

        Treasures are items (images) that are available for only a limited time and can be collected through either events or Treasure Hunts, as well as random item drops. All items have an elemental type and rarity level. They may be traded/required for spell books or special events. Note: it is the responsibility of the individual player to keep track of their items.

        Are learned only by purchasing spell books in the shops. Spell books are bought by "trading in" treasures (from treasure hunts) and/or gaia gold. All spells have an elemental type, level, and "base power" and depending on your pet elemental type, may or may not be learnable.

        Customizations are available from the Tea Shop only when Customs are OPEN (which is rarer than snowfall in Hawaii). Minimum prices will be listed and they must be bribed depending on the level of cusomization

        Available ONLY when slots are open and can be purchased with gold (some 'treasures' may be required). As these are magical pets, gender and species restrictions do not reply. In fact, breedings are one of the only ways you can get mixed species creatures. Their elemental type is determined by the elements of its parents. The only restriction is that your pet must be Stage 4 or higher

User Image

          User Image
          LU XIONG (鲁雄)

              The mysterious owner of a disappearing 大牌檔 tea stall - a place that is rumored to appear only to those with a great need. His shop offers an array of rare and exotic specialty teas, each cup fragrant and one-of-a-kind. There is little known about him aside from the fact that it seems he has been around since the inception of New Tokyo. He seems to know, innately, what sort of pet would be perfect for each owner, choosing from his belt of bells to call just the right one. By reputation, he is known merely as 'The Peddler'.

          User Image

          XIAO BAO (少寶)

              A little blind albino bat that assists the Peddler. By regulars (and other pets), he is affectionately called "少寶" meaning little treasure, though some people like to tease him and call him "小包" (little bun, also pronounced 'Xiao Bao'). With his acute hearing, he is able to pick out which bell the Count is ringing in order to bring out the correct cup of tea.

          User Image

          SHEN-RU (慎入)

              Shen is the owner of a small Veterinarian's office located in the Shinagawa district . He has a rambunctious friendly personality though he looks like a disheveled mess all the time, and has some how become friends with the mysterious Peddler. He specializes in blending old fashioned herbal remedies with modern technology to provide care for your pets. He is also the one to go to when you need your pet check ups (see Growth Requirements).

User Image

Alternately, journal links go heeeere if Chuu makes a pretty crop thing

Status/Stage/Type/Capture || Pet Name || Creature Type/Gender || Owner name

        ☐ S3 ❖ NPC || Wei Xin || Tan Ram ♂ || Nyxtsuki Moon
        ☐ S3 ❖ NPC || Xiao Bao || Albino Vampire Bat ♂ || Shadomu

        ☐ S1 ❖ FS || Ciaran || Jaguar ♂ || kuromeez
        ☐ S1 ❖ FS || Nuan Ling || Giant Panda ♂ || c h e e r f u l CYNIC
        ☐ S1 ❖ FS || Hayle || Malachite Kingfisher ♂ || Aesceus
        ☐ S1 ❖ FS || Mio || Boreal Owl ♂ || Honeybii

        NOTE: Status is either
        ☐ Present and open to roleplay requests
        ☑ Present, but closed to roleplay requests
        ☒ Away, banned, or on hiatus

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User Image
Congrats Aescus! Eee what a looker~ ♥

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        No one yet

        No one yet

        No one yet

User Image

If you would like to affiliate, please send a PM to the shop mule: Lu Xiong with the link/banner for your own shop. 200 x 40 banners and other petshops only please. Thank you!


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      B/C IT's

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      All Concepts, Artwork, and Thread Layout/Graphics © Chuuchi (aka Shadomu)


      Shadomu || Creator of everything
      Nyxtsuki || Second in command

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