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Kitty's bid made me giggle. >3

Nah, it's okay Frosty. You got first pick, no worries ^^

❀ stop cry me sleepy and i miss dale❀

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Lolli-pop Psycho
All the ones I want are always gone. <sigh>

I'd like 1 figurine please.

I only see one figurine. If there are more, I'd like those too.

I want 500 tickets please!

My preference list is: 1, 4, 3

(this is 50k right?)

The total for the trade should be 50,500. 50k for the tickets; 500g for the collectible. 3nodding
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Kitty's bid made me giggle. >3

Nah, it's okay Frosty. You got first pick, no worries ^^

❀ stop cry me sleepy and i miss dale❀

Aw... *huggles me kitty* I'm sure she didn't mean it badly. =3
Alright. All events closed. Lemme wrap up everything, roll what needs rolled, and sort out stuffs.
First up, winners of the auctions:


Lolli-pop Psycho
Pumpkin - 90k
Just add the gold for this to your open trade.

Scarecrow won by me. Lawl. 75k

Whispers in the Wind:

Angyali Elder - 150k

Stymphalian Queen generated a random number between 1 and 2350 ... 123!

Next, rolling for the Stymphalians raffle:

1-900 milly17 (prefs; 2, 1)
901-1800 jordahn19 (prefs; 2,1,3,4 )
1801-1850 purrrplekitty (prefs; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4)
1851-2350 Lolli-pop Psycho (prefs; 1, 4, 3))

Stymphalian Queen generated a random number between 901 and 2350 ... 1491!

Removing milly's tickets since she won 1st.

Stymphalian Queen generated a random number between 1801 and 2350 ... 1896!

Removing jordahn19's since she won second.
Stymphalian raffle winners:

Pet 2

Pet 1

Lolli-pop Psycho
Pet 4

Pet 3

Stymphalian Queen generated a random number between 1 and 62 ... 59!

Rolling for advertising contest:

1. purrrplekitty
2. milly17
3. purrrplekitty
4. milly17
5. purrrplekitty
6. milly17
7. purrrplekitty
8. milly17
9. purrrplekitty
10. milly17
11. purrrplekitty
12. milly17
13. purrrplekitty
14. milly17
15. purrrplekitty
16. milly17
17. purrrplekitty
18. milly17
19. purrrplekitty
20. milly17
21. purrrplekitty
22. milly17
23. purrrplekitty
24. milly17
25. milly17
26. purrrplekitty
27. milly27
28. purrrplekitty
29. milly
30. kitty
31. jordahn19
32. milly
33. milly
34. kitty
35. jordahn19
36. jordahn19
37. kitty
38. milly
39. jordahn19
40. kitty
41. milly
42. kitty
43. milly
44. jordahn19
45. kitty
46. milly
47. kitty
48. milly
49. kitty
50. milly
51. kitty
52. milly
53. kitty
54. milly
55. kitty
56. milly
57. milly
58. kitty
59. milly
60. kitty
61. milly
62. milly
Winner of the advertising contest:

Once you decide what god/Super/Elder you want, please send a pm to the mule the pet is from with details on what you want. Remember, it's a color custom with light edits.
Final notes and blablabla

All Color Your Owns are now closed. Any other come to life conversions will be dropped off in the main shops.

The free breedings will remain open for ONLY 24 more hours. I feel I've left them open long enough now, considering they were only meant to be open for a day. All offspring will be dropped off in main threads as well.

Please be sure to get your pets to the certing thread ASAP.

If you need to send a trade, please do so. Remember, unless you are an established regular, you most likely will not receive your certs until AFTER you have fully confirmed your side of the trade.

All 3 shops are in some way in the process of being revamped. So that being said, there won't be a whole lot of activity in them in the form of sales for a bit. However, people sticking around is highly appreciated.

Be on the lookout for a small joint winter event. I'm not sure what all there will be just yet, but we will have a few things.

Think that about covers it. Any questions, just ask. Otherwise, back to the main threads with you! emotion_awesome
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^_^ wow i won the free custom well i will once i know
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No, I didn't mean it badly -_-

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