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I never realized how much I used photoshop until I didn't have it anymore. It's a little annoying. XD

Kaede's keyword is Peaceful. 3nodding
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Yes, he will be a peacemaker. *hopeless*

But Tiernah still wonders if the HyTech crew stole her keyword for the Luna moth girl.

Oh, by the way, I bought a $10 Cash Card, and spent 999 Gaia Cash on the EI bundle. Which is why there's a raging unicorn besides me, a black dino egg on my back, and a red panda on my neck. *shot* xp

But, anyway, I'm typing this at 7:17 in the morning. I'm leaving for school in a few minutes, so I won't be back for about 6-8 hours.
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I'm pretty sure they didn't 'steal' the personality, might have just had the same idea for the Koi, for they are a peace bringing creature. Plus, Jun is likely to have had this Koi drawn for a long time, and the artwork is drawn to a specified emotion or personality trait so that the owners have an idea of how their Hyte will look as it progresses. She should not think that they have stolen anything, for it is merely coincidence ^^

*Goes back to sitting in a corner, depressed as hell.*
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Mal is correct. I find it a bit offensive to accuse the staff of stealing anything. But that is me, and besides its a word, simply use the same word and look up another variation. Tranquility, serenity... to name a few. 3nodding

Anyway off to bed for me. Good night mina-san.
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But Tiernah still wonders if the HyTech crew stole her keyword for the Luna moth girl.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep civil with you or Tiernah, Witchy. It's getting farcical. The koi boy had been drawn and keyworded more than half a year ago, which would make it before Tiernah had even even heard of the shop, much less set up her Quest thread. While it might be human nature to indulge in your self-importance, I'm this pissed off because it's not the first time I've had to say this -

From the auction thread, when Tiernah decided to post that she found it 'kinda freaky':

Maxx D

The Koi boy's keyword is peaceful, which is the keyword for my HOPEFUL Luna Moth 'Hyte. And that's a little freaky. stare

Sorry Tiernah - the Japan batch was drawn up half a year ago, with expressions and keywords long determined. It might have gotten increasingly obvious that Jun is mighty fond of serene/peaceful/drugged hehehe auction boys. lol You may want to look for more synonyms if you're that bothered.

And I'm this pissed off because I should never even have had to say it in the first place - if either of you had read the Quest Rules like you're supposed to, you might have noticed this bit:

Demi End
♠ On a tangentially related note, please be assured that HyTech will not steal your quest ideas to release as Gaian-production Hytes - we may be notoriously closefisted with hints, but our release schedule has been privately detailed far into the future because we have no lives

That you obviously didn't and somehow, concluded with massive egotism that we ripped off you for one of the most commonly used adjectives in the world.

By the way, you also retroactively ripped off HyTech, if you want to follow that sort of logical flow, because two of your replacement words are directly off Gyasi's and Amara's.

NAME: ...None for now.
Animal: Luna Moth

Let me just end off with this important note for both '--Tiernah--IrishGirl' and 'WitchCatPI':

Whether you're the same person, split personalities, conjoined twins, or 'best friends' as you claim, we're sick of you using each account to voice the other account's dissatisfactions. No, it does not make it 'okay' if you're using a certain account to say the other account is unhappy just because the one posting is not the one who's griping. It just means both are culpable, one for the offense [where it is an offense, of which in both cases, it is], and the other for intentionally stirring up trouble. This is your second warning, 'both' of you.

EDIT^4: Actually, the last bit is pretty much why I'm this pissed off, dammit. So I'd better issue a clarification: It's human to find this kind of coincidence against your favour. And while we can assure you that we would never rip off you guys for anything, it's not a crime to suspect so anyway - we know it's human. So while we do find it pretty pissing, it's not why I broke out the rule song-and-dance. [All the same, if you ever engage in this kind of suspicion, please don't rag on about it, because it's not true.]

EDIT: Ooer, thanks Mal. That said, hope you feel better soon, eh? ::pat:: Take care.
EDIT EDIT: Thanks too, Kuu. Have a good night. wink
EDIT EDIT EDIT: And you know what's the stupidest thing? The stupidest thing is that we never had a problem or a policy against keyword duplication. ::headwall::
*waves to Maxx, Mal and Kuuro as she gets things set up for the day here at work*
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*hugs Maxx and pets Maxwell in teh siggy*

*just woke up* Hopefully that stuff gets sorted out soon. >.> Im new to the shop but none too happy about the great staffers here being accused like that.

Anyway... *noms on Mahly and Kuuro* heart Morning thread. XD
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XD; Er, good morning, Maxx, lol. And thread. XP

I have a small break in between classes now, so I thought I'd pop on. ninja *is supposed to be reading the material for upcoming class* User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Hope you all have a good/better day! ^_^

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

~Feed please~
Ah, I know that feeling; good luck with your classes, elf! *is looking around for now, but will need to get work things done eventually. XD*
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*falls in after waking up* Morning all. *see's Max's post*Geez, it's just silly to be upset over a word
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*pops back in* ninja Thanks, Rose, lol. XD *is reading about old people* User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Morning, Byagane. ^_^
*lurks in* ninja
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.__. *wishes she were still in bed*

Femi; ^^; But its 10:30AM!

Suuuure, you'd be a morning person, Miss I-Look-Like-The-Sun-Puked-Sunrays-On-Me. D<

Femi; ^^;; And good morning to you too!

*fluffs Maxx* You're totally backed up on that, just so you know. >w>;;

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