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*noms on Nata* ^_^
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ashi: -Arches a brow but fully approves of the darts-
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*dances more, cause she has the happy day off*
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Anxious Bunny

*sigh* Okay, okay, I'm here. I'm really sorry we were all gone when it happened, everyone - thank you so much for holding down our fort! I'm really bad at this, but Demi is overseas and it's better than letting Maxx yell at people. ^^;; People addressed below, I know it's all blown over and some of you are sorry and know your actions were wrong - I really appreciate that you've taken the initiative to realise that, and I hope you all feel better now. However, I'm still going to have to say this for the record.

There is no great secret behind our SS-gifting. We have many thread regulars who are deeply beloved, some have been with us for over a year, and just off the top of my head I can think of many whom I wish I could have gifted - but with our severe time limitations, we had accordingly limited our SS-gifting only to our owners, and those who had taken the extra kindness to think of us this season and spent their time and money on us. The SSs are paltry tokens of gratitude for their kindness. Even then, the SSs are not given lightly - though the Lytes may be from our own shop, all sent out from our own staff have been paid for by the applicable people.

We run a tight ship - guilt-tripping and pity-partying have no place within it. The unwritten cardinal rule of Hytech is not to take it too seriously - once bad feelings begin to flare over our activities, this rule has been violated. We were previously under the assumption that most would understand these fall under the first of our few rules, "Please exercise common sense wherever necessary," but increasingly we realise that some do not. We will rectify our Rules [once Demi gets back, anyhow] to make this clearer.

WitchCat - I'm sorry that you are ill and upset, but 1. no one should ever pin their happiness on our shop, 2. if you are frequenting our shop in hopes of reward, you are coming here for the wrong reasons, and 3. no one should ever attack
another thread-goer for anything that arises in relation to our shop. I appreciate that you are sorry and have left your words of anger as a testament rather than deleted them, but they should never have been said in the first place.
Tiernah - I appreciate that you are helping your friend, but there was no need to have posted her words at all, particularly since you knew they were inflammatory and wrong. That's as good as being an accomplice.
Sonicdude - regular conversation is fine, but please do not try to bait our regulars into showing you sympathy or inquiring about your woes, as you did with Nata.

Finally, and this is in relation to WitchCat's words - I'm sure we don't have to say it [partly because Kai has said it for us - thanks, Kai ^^;;] but our staff do not take bribes, and do not take kindly to being accused, whether seriously or in jest, directly or indirectly, of taking bribes. Regardless of our personal feelings, we are always impartial in our activities as staff-members [or some people would have had pets made for them a long time ago... >_>].

Nata, Kai, our sincerest apologies for having you guys pulled into messes one way or another. ^^;; I really hope it didn't put you off Lyte!Sashi-kun, Kai! ;_; Slann, Eni, and everyone else who's been so great in our absence - thank you so much for taking the hits for us. What would we do without you guys? heart


Tangentially related - this is the bit that's going to sound horribly selfish and whiny, but, here goes: if you're an owner who's waiting on a delayed growth, you're totally entitled to ask about when your Hyte is growing - we even encourage it, because we feel terrible about it and that's the way it should be. But if you're not an owner, please try not to, because if it's an RP-related growth delay, then it just makes the owner feel bad, and if it's a growth we've delayed, we've probably already made an announcement with timeframes in it, and just makes me feel bad and makes Maxx ornery.

Having said that, soon.

Not as soon are the fs/auct previews though. XD;; Maxx is just being bad, because he knows full well the event has to start mid-next-week, on account of us being gone later this week till then. ^^;; But it'll be here before you know it! XD;;

You know, Kai, I just don't see the auctions going very high this time [albeit they're a couple of types people do tend to ask for] - I can't imagine any more highrollers interested in our kids. XD
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*trips over large post*Woah o-o. Well at least all things have been said and things are settled.

*starts dancing again*Everybody MOMBO!!!
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Precious Vegetarian

Awww, Jun! -flails-

-holds hands and sings kumbaya- 8D <33
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Interesting Conversationalist

Always apologizing, aren't you guys. ^^ I'm glad everything was resolved, anyway, and I'm sorry that I caused that mini drama with Sonicdude. I'd heard about the situation before from Lei, but didn't know who it was and didn't even consider that it might be them. gonk I'll remember for next time.

In other news, hurrah for the flatsale/auction! I'm with Kai on this one -- I doubt I can afford an auction, but it'll be exciting none-the-less. x3 It was really amazing (and totally scary) to watch the auction for the generation babies <3 As for it being mid-nextweek, gives us all something to look forward to, eh? Except New Years! I can't believe 2009 is coming soon! *can't remember which day, but knows it's soon!* I, personally, am looking forward to sparkling cider. x3 *can't drink yet* ()()()

Anyway, much love to you guys, as always. ^^ Relax, have a good New Years, hope your Christmases were awesome (and white? ha ha. sweatdrop )

And wow, I haven't thought about the song Kumbaya since I was... I dunno, something little resembling a human child! XD
Hehehe, yeah, Maxx would probably've broken out the napalm and tear gas. xD

I maintain that this is the most amusing place on the internet to watch. 3nodding
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*noms on Nata some more*
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*Pings luff at poor Jun* Awe Hun I'd take hits for you guys any time!! heart heart
Heheh, it's up to the well-armoured personalities to take the hits. *nodnod* blaugh
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Friendly Shapeshifter

*was completely oblivious to everything* Ok, I haven't back-read in quite a while, but I suppose I'm glad that I didn't, lol. XD; In any case, yay for upcoming flatsale! ^_^

Twins: *have seated themselves on Kura's shoulders* cool cool

Kura: *arches an eyebrow at them* Ok... Any particular reason you've singled me out?

Kaoru: Well, you're the "naughty" Lyte, aren't you?

Hikaru: Mischief time. twisted

Kura: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Erm, right, let's go with that...
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*clings to Jun and the rest of the staff* Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo why would something like that scare me off? *Superglues self to thread and grins* See? Im here to stay. XD You wont get rid of me that easy.

*hugs* On a serious note, Im sorry thats stuff had to happen here. ;-; Its always such a welcoming and happy thread. *grabs giant errasor and rubs out the bad bits*

XD Can't wait for the FS and auction. *eyes her 5K* I do have some commission payments.. but Ive no idea when the commissioner is going to cough the overdue one up.. So Im kinda skint gold-wise for the time being.

Sachi-Lyte: -watches the human with bemusment as he lounges on the Hytech sofa- >_>

Ooh I had a question.. is it possible to get uncerts of the Lytes? Or at least the pre-made ones.. *can pull Sashi off his cert if needs be* Im just being lazy and dun wana do it for all of them.. and.. the ghost lyte would be hard to do.. *wants to make a Hytech-lyte siggy*
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Yeah, I plan on saving up for the auction. If I don't have the money then I'll try for a flatsale.
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Dapper Codger

*kisses Juneybear* We enjoy taking the hits don't worry XD *SNUGGLES*

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