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Rainbow Prophet

-smothered happily- <3 -clingus to her Musibby- <333
A-are you going to enter the fs?

This thread has made a crappy old Tuesday so much better. 83

-waves at everyone- >3<
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Aric Val's Wife

Shameless Enabler

*still in a crappy Monday* =v= But it makes Tuesday a better prospect for me? 8Ua
Hahaha! Awsome Amazon!

Kiyone: *not if she has anything to say about it* 8l
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Friendly Shapeshifter

*excitement everywhereeeee~* whee *happy times*
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Rainbow Prophet

Lol. At least I’m one step closer to the weekend now. XD
Hng. Seriously, so in love with the caiman.

Hunter: -lounges about eating blueberries-
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Gallant Ladykiller

I quite like the new style. /makes a note to read over everything after she finishes cleaning
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Romantic Man-Lover

*Grooms Ruri in adoration* c| <333

Hmmm.. m-maybe.. |Da; I have always wanted one of these, but...
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Friendly Shapeshifter

*is the goat flicker driver* >8D *shot*

(Ty, Ama-luff. whee *fluffs*)

*luffs on Kait as well* Good to see you again. :3
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Aric Val's Wife

Shameless Enabler

Kiyoooone <3

*fluffs elf*

SERIOUSLY THAT CAIMAN. Though I'm pretty in love with the anteater's hair style and that tongue.

*wants to RP but is total ADD-mode, is here, there, everywhere*

*hugs Kaitaia* <3
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Kamiko: *smiles seeing all the Hytes returning. Not so much Hunter but her dear sister had finally made an appearance. In an true doggy and sisterly style, she glomped her. Yeah she may get scratched but it was damn fun*Pussycat Pussycat, where have you been?
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Aric Val's Wife

Shameless Enabler

Why 'but', musica? o3o
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submitted for FS.. good luck to anyone who enters anything.

Maybe i'll get my first in this grand re-opening ^^
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Romantic Man-Lover

just don't feel I'd fit in. *shrug*
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Rainbow Prophet

They’re all utterly gorgeous. If I had the gold, I would be all over those auctions. <3

-preens Musi- <3
Hehe, it’s up to you. 83

Edit: really? ;3; but I’d be here

Hunter: -busy ignoring everyone especially Kamiko-

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