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-Under construction-


ºØغøº¤øWhere the Hollows LieºØغøº¤ø

Note the theme WILL change to a surreal theme.


7-24-10:: Speed flat tonight, and grown pups!

7-8-10:: Congrats flaffle winners, certs have been posted. Expect another sale, probably speed, later this month. In the meantime, allii will take bribe customs. Not sure about Silent. xd
7-1-10:: Flaffle previews are up! Entries will end at 10pm EST Tuesday, July 6th, and then we'll roll for winners.
6-2-10:: We have flaffle previews up, rolling for winners will occur Monday, June 7. Post your preference list to be entered! biggrin
5-24-10:: Congratulations to the winners of the pups! Pups have been posted, see the Pickup post for them.
5-12-10:: Raffle for the pups will close this Saturday, May 15th at 10pm. WInners will be rolled sometime thereafter. Also, we hit 1000 pages, yay! We have a free Hollow that will be given out soon (allii has decided how, but isn't telling yet), and we have a flatsale that will probably run this Friday.
5-1-10:: Hotohori and Aroura just found themselves the proud parents of five bundles of joy... and the pups are too much for them to handle! Head down to the events post to find out how you could wind up the proud owner of one of their puppies.
4-20-10:: Flatsale is set to be 8pm Thursday.
4-18-10:: Flatsale previews are up, and we're distributing prizes from the games. Please reply if you won something, so we can get it certed for you!
4-16-10:: Doing some updating. The Rules thread in the guild now has rules about breedings and homing extra pups laid out.
3-27-10:: We have a flaffle up! And also an advertising contest. See the Events post below for more information! We also have an Easter event on the way. allii is on vacation this week, so she should be able to get everything together and out in the next few days.
2-16-10:: Grams are closed, and we're working on delivering the rest. We do still have our V-day event open, and you can still add pets to it. We'll try to start getting pets out soon.
2-1-10:: We have Chinese New Year grams for you all! They'll be running from now until Feb 14th, which is this year's Chinese New Year. We're also currently planning a breeding event instead of flatsales for this month, but we do have one more flatsale for the end of the month. Previews should come up for that in a week or two.
We're also doing some price updates. Expect prices to go down some.
In preparation for our February event, allii has opened some Colorist Choice custom slots. Go here to learn more.
1-11-10:: Cat has customs open, and more flatsale previews should be up shortly. We'll be having another flatsale at the end of this week, courtesy of allii and Live. biggrin
1-8-10:: We have a flatsale open, courtesy of our new colorist Cat. Check it out down below!
1-1-10:: Aaaah, it's a new year! So let's have a dice game. See the events post for details. 3nodding
12-6-09:: Last dice game familiar has been claimed! Also, still hiring, please see our hiring thread. Also, allii finally finished the SS pets, so go down to the Events post for more info if you'd like to order some. 3nodding
12-1-09:: Still one dice game familiar left. Also, we're hiring, yay! So head on over to the hiring thread and check it out!
We also have some Secret Santa pets planned, and a special Christmas cert for them. It'll be awesome. (If allii ever gets around to getting the pets made... *cough*)
11-1-09:: Halloween dice game! 1 familiar remaining.
10-20-09:: Fishy event is over! Congratulations to all the winners.
7-22-09:: Non-related to the fishy event - Mini dice game going on to liven up the thread
7-8-09:: First set of Fishy Fun previews up. More will come up as they're finished.
7-4-09:: July 4th event is over, congratulations to the winners! We're well on our way to the fishy event, and will have previews up soon.
6-24-09:: July 4th event open! July event is being split into two smaller events: the July 4th event, and an Ocean Animals event. The Ocean Animals event will take place after the July 4th event, and we'll get previews up once we have them.
6-13-09:: Flatsale is over, and Lady_Dream's contest for her bred pups is also done. Congrats, winners!
4-20-09:: Lots of changes! Prices have been raised. We have new templates and new certs. allii is offering re-certing onto the new cert for 2k. We also have some sales going on!
4-15-09:: Finally updating the news
11-26-08:: Shop created
11-11-08:: Hiring Thread Made

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-Don't Harass the Artist or staff members
-Do Not Steal!
-Any pets purchased via an event/in-shop sale must have the trade sent within 3 days
-If you want to purchase a pet via a raffle/flaffle/etc., but will be gone over the end date, you MUST tell us in advance and let us know when you'll be back.
Being gone or not having Internet access is not an excuse for not picking up your pet unless you tell us ahead of time

-No Cybering
-First come, First serve
-No whining
-Staff word is Law

-Save to your own Server once you get it
-Don't pester for Freebies
-Use proper English in your typing
-no limit you can have to these pets, just don't pester
-Please don't rush the artist(s)
-No harassment
-Don't quote the first page
-No advertising
-Please do not stretch the page
-Do not take other designs from other pet shops or pets!
-Do Not Rush me.
-Don’t tell me how to do my job D8<<<<

More rules may be added on later.


1. Can I have one?
yep, just fill out a form and check if slots are open

2. How can I get one?
Fill out a form then post it in the thread and send the trade to the Hollow Fields Mule

3. What does K and G mean?
g = gold, K = 1000g

4. Will meh Hollow grow up?
Yeah, normal pets grow up, Cos-plays are a bribe.

5. Ohhh! Someone got one that I want. Can I have the same one?!
No! Each Hollow is one of a kind; I don't make repeats for people unless it's an event done so.

6. Do the images automatically evolve?
Yep, they'll grow on their own. You still have to save to your own server once they're fully grown, though

7. Yay, so I'll just stick the image right in my signature!
We'd love you to do so, but unless you have a growing pet, you'll need to resave it as a .jpg first.
Our files are too big for Gaia's sig limits. (So you get a higher quality image, but you have to save your own to put it in your sig.)

8. Do Customs and Cos-plays Breed?
Depends on Cos-plays, but yes.

9. Someone has a cosplay I want! Can I have it anyways?
No, there cannot be two "active" cosplays of the same character (see 10).

10. Bwahaha, I'm going to get a cosplay and then run off!
You're welcome to do so; however, if you don't stop by the shop for 3 months, your cosplay will be considered "inactive". This means you will keep the pet; however, it will no longer be considered the *insert character name here*, and someone else can have a new one made. To become the "active" cosplay again, you must reclaim the spot at a point when there is no "active" pet as that cosplay character.

11. So, I want a custom, and I want it to look just like (insert character name here), but it won't really be that character, so I can just pay normal custom price. Is that okay?
'Fraid not. If you want a cosplay, you're going to have to pay cosplay price, even if you don't care if someone else gets the same character as a pet, and even if you want a different name for the pet. Do NOT try to sneak by a cosplay pet as a "normal" custom, this is scamming and is thus grounds for removing your pet and blacklisting you.

Have a question; post in the Thread or PM the Mule.
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((Story might be edited later))

What's a shop without a story?

Hollow Fields is a place in Europe, England to be exact. It’s not much of a place; not too beautiful to too much in the slums. It was just a town surrounded different environments. It had humans of course, many humans! Though also what inhabited this small town were the Hollows. Hollows were intelligent creatures capable to speak the words of man. They have the thought of reason and are capable to doing whatever a human may do. That is, to a point. Hollows have 4 different breeds, the regular Hollows that take on the average appearance of a wolf though larger in size and the 3 forms of addicts. Hollows are capable of getting very addicted at a young age up to their teen years. Once they reach adulthood, they are incapable of becoming addicted to anything. Depending on their personality at their young age, if becoming addicted, they take on new forms. Depending on their sanity levels, they can either take on the forms of Graceful, Neutral or Twisted addicts. Each one has different snapping points, the graceful don’t tend to get stressed or ever become out of control and were considered angelic. Twisted addicts are insanely out of control. They never usually listen to others and tend to want things to go their own way or they get aggravated and angry. If they don’t usually get their addiction sooner or later they wreak havoc to anyone who gets in the way of their cravings. Besides the Twisted addicts, the other breeds tend to enjoy company greatly and usually have human companions. Humans were grateful to them and cherished them in their land.

Everyone Loved the Hollows.

Even though they were quite the most unusual creature ever found.

Join us in our guild for more information.

::Map coming eventually::
User Image
User Image
Purple Hearts = Female Stages
Blue Hearts = Male Stages

Hollows are large; far larger than the average wolf. They stand at least at the height of an average man. Hollows are respectful creatures and speak with the utmost perfect vocabulary. They also come with their own accent on who of which raised them and spoke to them. So if you were Australian, they would have an Australian accent. If you are Japanese, they would speak Japanese and have that same accent. Their main language and accent is English with a British Accent. Basically, they are self directed learners and adapt quick to their surroundings.

----Hollows are automatic lines----

Addicts on the other hand are different from Hollows. They once were Hollows, but became addicted to something. They are addicted to anything from alcohol, drugs, murder, animals, attention, music, anything! The thing is, it depends on the sanity level that determines one of its many poses. Or in other words, it’s personality. One addicted to drinking might have a graceful pose that is angelic, that mean, no matter what the situation, they will never lose their sanity. They are quite gentle versions of the Addicted species. Their opposites are the Twisted addicts, or ones with a low sanity level. They can have an addiction to music or food, if they don’t get that, they tend to break loose and wreak havoc and are usually unstoppable till their craving have been filled. They are also quite moody, they tend to get aggravated and angry easily, mainly if things don’t go the way they want them too. Neutral Addicts are easy going; they have an average sanity level meaning they may go insane every so often but not too much. They would rather lie about and have a good time.

----Addict’s are can be achieved through the usual methods, or by RPing a normal Hollow's fall into addiction----
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Auction Rules
• This shop goes by tektek. The date of the auction would be the date that all items will be accepted at that price.
• Co-owning is allowed. But please specify when you bid. 2 owners max
• There is a anti-snipe rule. Auctions will not end until 15 minutes after the last bid.
• PLEASE Calculate your own bids! Bids will be ignored if they aren't calculated!
• Specifically state what you are bidding in each bid.
• Whining and guilt-tripping will not be tolerated, do not do it.

Raffle Rules
• Prices may vary from raffle to raffle, but will generally be 100 gold a ticket
• No whining if you don't win, there will be other chances.

Flatsale Rules
• Please don't whine if you don't win a flatsale. There will be other chances.
• You may generally only win one pet per flatsale. However, once a speed flatsale is open for 48 hours, you may purchase one more (for a total of two).
• You may Proxy for other people
• Absolutely no editing of posts.
• Instructions will be given after the sale on where to send trades and how to label them.
• Don't post anything until Noted


Flatsale Form

Pet name:
Pet number: (#1, #2, white female, green male, etc.)
Addiction: (only on the horned pets, otherwise, N/A)



Slots are currently: BRIBE ONLY for allisara
BRIBE ONLY for Silent~Wolf~Demon

Colorist Journal!
1. -cupcakes-
2. -Closed-
3. -closed-
4. -closed-


3. -closed-
4. -closed-

Bribes: Open
Bribe items: Ask, but will likely start around 50k.

Catharsism - not taking new orders
1. Lady_Dream - pg 782
2. Lady_Dream

Pet Trades~

Currently: Open!

allii's Wish List
Not sure yet, suggest and I'll consider. 3nodding
User Image

::Hollow Prices::

Random - 20k (Three color choices, we choose markings)
Custom - 40k (All out custom, you choose everything, no line art edits)
Minor Edits - 60k (All out custom, you choose everything, minor edits like jewelry and small items, hair, clothes)
Major Edits/Cosplay - 100k+ (All out custom, you choose everything, major edits such as a character from a TV show or Anime.)

+50% for growing
Random - 30k
Minor Edits - 90k
Cosplay - 150k+

::Addict Prices::

Mutation - 10K (If you have an Adult Hollow and wish for it to be an Addict)
Random single stage - 30K (adult form only)
Growing - 45K (from pup to teen to addict adult, type of breed must be included)

For edits/cosplay, take the normal prices and add 10k.

Be aware that prices may change over time!

Colorist: (Silent, Alliisara)
Age: (Puppy, Teen or Adult?)
Name: (pets name)
Owner: (user name)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Eyes: (eye color)
Three colors: (pick three colors and those will be the color)
Addict: (if you are getting one, if so which breed. if not, then put N/A)
Addiction: (For Addicts only! if you are getting a Hollow, just put N/A)
Total: (amount)
-add item order form if you want any-

Colorist: (Silent, Alliisara)
Age: (Puppy, Teen or Adult?)
Name: (pets name)
Owner: (user name)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Eyes: (eye color)
Base color: (general color of the fox)
Marks: (ex: tail tip, paws, ear tips, ect……..)
Addict: (if you are getting one, if so which breed. if not, then put N/A)
Addiction: (For Addicts only! if you are getting a Hollow, just put N/A)
Total: (amount)

Cosplay or Minor/Major line edits
Pet's Name:
Gender: (male, Female)
Stage: (Kit, Teen, Adult)
Base: (main color)
Colors/Patterns: (how you want it colored and refs if any)
Eyes: (the color~)
Edits: (What edits you want)
Reference pictures: (Please posts refs, I might get it entirely wrong)
Addict: (if you are getting one, if so which breed. if not, then put N/A)
Addiction: (For Addicts only! if you are getting a Hollow, just put N/A)
Anything else?:
User Image

Breeding. Kids. Commitment.

Now we have gone to hell. >:U

20k from each owner! That’s 40k total.

If the parents are edited and you want the edits to pass on to the children, you may have to pay extra; this should be worked out with the colorist doing the breeding. You may also pay extra to have random edits added - these will be at the discretion of the colorist, based on the amount you pay.

Non-RP'd pets will have 2-3 pups, roleplayed pets may have up to 4 pups.

- Rules -
See the Rules Thread for the full list of rules.
0. DO NOT pressure the artist(s)
1. You may only breed once a month
2. Your pet can breed up to 3 times before it can't have puppies anymore.
3. Your pet is stuck with its mate for life, choose wisely
4. You may keep only one pup for yourself and one for the other person. The rest will be in adoption or event'd off. If you own both Hollows, you still may only keep one pup.
6. Homosexual couples are allowed and they can have pups. (Like some sort of magic! 0: (omg, no wai))
7. Cosplays and edited pets can breed but their accessories will not be passed down, just the colors. Edits can also be purchased when the breeding order is initially paid for.
10. Addicts can breed, although their offspring will become normal Hollows; you'll have to pay separately for mutation to turn it into an Addict.

Breeding form

[b][color=darkred][size=18]We are mates!
Female: (female's name)
Female's owner:
Male: (Male's name)
Male's owner: [/size][/color][/b]


1. Closed
2. Closed

1. Bribe only
2. Closed

1. Sinful and neko (pg 800) - Paid
2. Closed
User Image

- Common Modifications -

Hollow big wings - 10k for normal Hollows, ask the colorist for Addicts
• Angel Wings
• Demonic Wings

Hollow small wings - 5k for the ones listed below, ask the colorist for all others
• Angel Wings (Normals)
• Demonic Wings (Male normal)

Stitching - Ask the colorist

- Body Alteration -
(such as loss of limbs, zombie, skeleton showing, more ears, eyes or whatever)
Bribe me.

- Additional Limbs -
Bribe me. Above 50K

-images coming soon-
Barred earrings - Ask the colorist
Cuffs - Ask the colorist
Hoop - Ask the colorist
Gauge - Ask the colorist
Custom - Ask the colorist

Body Accessories
Collar - Ask the colorist
With spikes - Ask the colorist

Wristbands - Ask the colorist
with spikes - Ask the colorist

Tail bands - Ask the colorist

Custom accessories - Ask the colorist

Slots are currently:
Silent~Wolf~Demon: CLOSED
alliisara: BRIBE ONLY (~x3 on base price), except for set-price wings
Catharsism: ???

~All the items are in process of being made~

Add this to your order if you are buying a pet and wanting modifications. Otherwise, if you adding to a current pet, just post the form in the thread.
[b]Pet's name:[/b](your pet)
[b]Owner:[/b](your username)
[b]Modification/Item wanted:[/b]
[b]Total price:[/b]

User Image

Events, Events, Events~

Currently open -
• Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure game? Pending...


Flatsale Code:
Pet name:
Pet number: (#1, #2, white female, green male, etc.)
Addiction: (only on the horned pets, otherwise, N/A)

Flaffle Code:[codeUsername:
Preference list:[/code

New Certs and Templates

With new certs and templates, come two things:

• Clearance sale! We have two finished growing sets, and a few other miscellaneous pets, on the old lines. These will be sold/competition'd off so we can finish switching over.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

• allii is offering recerting for 1k apiece. Use the following form to request a recert.
[color=blue][size=18][b]I WANT A RECERT[/b][/size]

[color=blue]Pet name:[/color]
User Image
Remember to save adults to your own server. If you want to use them in your signature, you'll need to make a JPG version, unless it's a growing pet. For growing pets, click on the image to go to the sig-friendly link that will auto-update.

If you didn't get your pet, let us know~! D:

User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

Affiliate? :3

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

--Our Affiliates--

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

This shop has a lovely staff that is devoted to getting things done. If you want to know a little bit about them, here's a place~

User Image

Username: alliisara
Nicknames: allii
Gender: Female
Job: Owner, shop manager, colorist
Likes: CHOCOLATE! Furry things. Cute things (for a very wide definition of cute). Food. Blue. Have I mentioned chocolate?
Dislikes: Fighting, brussel sprouts, and trolls (the Interwebz kind, not the fluffy-haired doll kind, or even the sort-of-cute mythical creature kind)
Favorite bands: Disney, Cirque du Soleil, lots of classic rock
Favorite animal: Cats!
Other shops: Owner/manager/colorist for Home of the Vulli (on hiatus), and active lurker in several other shops (such as Faekats).

I'll find something to put here later ^^

Username: Lady_Dream
Nicknames: Lady, LD, Dream,
Gender: Female
Job: I do random things, run errands, the like.
About Me: Hm, there's not much to tell, I like to talk, I like to write, I like to read, I just like to do a few different things, I'm bad at science, but I've got the second highest grade in the class, which I don't understand at all. I like music and manga, oh and B/C pets!

Pic will come later :] I promise

Username: Silent~Wolf~Demon
Nicknames: Silent, SWD, Wolf, Wolfy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Job: Colorist
Likes: Furry fuzzy animals, nature, drawing, reading, writing, coloring, listening to music, being alone once in a while, listening and hanging out with frieds, and more to come
Dislikes: Rude snobby people, being nagged, hurried or harrassed, spiders, snakes, bugs in particular, the dark, extremely hot days and so much more
Favorite bands: Linkin Park, Paramore, Evanescence, Garbage, Pink, Muse, and much much more to be listed xD
Favorite animal: Wild cat
Occupation: HighSchool Student

(Picture pending)

Username: Catharsism
Nicknames: Kit, Cat, Cath
Gender: Female
Job: Colorist

User Image

Nicknames: Live
Gender: Male
Job: Part-time colorist, keeping the thread active

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