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What're your plans for our Hiatus?

I'll stick around the thread&&chat with everyone until you're back! Duhh♥ 0.38888888888889 38.9% [ 28 ]
I'll come back when you guys come off Hiatus, for SURE! ♥ 0.30555555555556 30.6% [ 22 ]
Ahh, man. Unless things start picking up when HoA reopens, I might say farewell. =/ 0.18055555555556 18.1% [ 13 ]
Probably not coming back, guys. ; n ; But I wish you the best of luck! ♥ 0.125 12.5% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 72 ]
Tristam Lockhart's avatar

Man-Hungry Lunatic

trying again, i see <3
> >

OH MY GOD TRISTY -tackles and starts crying-
Tristam Lockhart's avatar

Man-Hungry Lunatic

-pets- shh shh
> >

T____T -clings to legs and whimpers pitifully- iwassolostwithoutyou. -nuzzles kneecaps-
Tristam Lockhart's avatar

Man-Hungry Lunatic

> >

How have you beeeen~?
It's been so longgg. u.u
-kicks the thread-
Tristam Lockhart's avatar

Man-Hungry Lunatic

i been alright, how about you?
> >

Good, actually. Got my novel sent off to a publisher, so in about a year Buns will be a fully-published author. c=
got some big hollywood writing awards ceremony to go to on the fifteenth.
trekked my sorry a** from jersey to san diego, so i love in the west now. it's been hectic, but it's good to be back on gaia.
-pets Kion-
Tristam Lockhart's avatar

Man-Hungry Lunatic

That's great!
> >

Mmnn, it isss. What have you been up to, thoughh? x]

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