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[ Welcome to Herds of Azreth! We are a shop focusing on a special breed of horses -- called Azrein -- who bond inseparably with humans. Please look around, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone in the thread -- anyone here will be happy to help you! ]

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xʜᴇʀᴅs ᴏғ ᴀᴢʀᴇᴛʜ ᴠ.3.O. ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴅ ::xxxx
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xxx> >U P D A T E :: o5.31.2o14.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Hey, everyone!

Wanted to let you all know that the ʜᴇʀᴅs ᴏғ ᴀᴢʀᴇᴛʜ ᴠ.3.O. ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴅ is up and running!

ʜ ᴇ ʀ ᴇ is the link to the Herds of Azreth v.3.0 thread! Please use this thread from now on. We will be retiring this one when the Pre-Opening Event in the 3.0 Thread is over.

The Pre-Opening Event will be in the new thread, so head on over there and check it out! The event will start later this week [ first week of June. ]

Thanks again for your love and support, everyone!

XX O N xxT E M P O R A R Yxx/xxH I A T U S
[ Below you will find information on when certain colorists may or may not be available and if / what they are currently capable of doing. Be aware that the individuals know and understand what is expected of them, and will do everything they can do to the best of their ability..

Also, see below for information pertaining to upcoming and current events. It will be brief, giving only the Event's title and start / end dates. If you are seeking more information, then please see the announcements and corresponding links attached, or feel free to ask any staff member! ]

XXXXMain Staff - Colorists

xxxFT-Azreth Owner > >Around Here Somewhere!

xxxFT-Mira Manager > >Active

xxxFT-Sesshy > >Active
xxxFT-Maya > >Active
xxxPT-Pykichi > >Active
xxxPT-Ducky > >Active
xxxPT-Mana > >Active
xxxPT-Myanai > >Active
xxxPT-Vita > >Active

[ [ PT=Part-Time | FT=Full-Time | G=Guest ] ]

XXXXSecondary Staff - Support

xxxCaitlyn Hellstorm > >Full-Time Certist
xxxBexados > >RP Stat Event Coordinator

XXXXMain Staff - Rotation

[ Each month, colorists are on a monthly rotation. The list below will show who is available for which duty. Please be aware that occasionally, some staff members will skip a rotation, but we will always have the list below to show who is on what cycle.]

Current Month > >

xxxC u s t o m s > >

xxxB r e e d i n g s > >

xxxS h o pxx> >

xxxB r e a k > >

xxxB r i b e s > >
Always Open For All Colorists.

xxxE V E N T S > >
See Calendar Dates for Listed Events, Customs, and Breedings!

DOT CODING HERE xxxE v e n t _ N a m e > > Starts date at time and ends date at time.
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xxx> > 2.1.2O13. February Brings Love into the Air. And to celebrate, we have some refreshments going around. Do enjoy yourself. >3

xxx> > 1O.1O.2O12.
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[ Hands of Avandere IT Is Up!
xxxxxx Isn't it amazing?! It's gunna be here sooner than you know it, guys! In the meantime, PLEASE head to the IT thread, throw the banner in your sig, and let's get the hype going! ♥ ]

xxx> > 1O.O8.2O12
H A L L O W E E N _ E V E N T

[ Our Halloween Event is Here!
xxxxxx We're having games, sales, and exclusive Halloween Breedings and Customs! Check out the event in the link above~! ♥ ]


xxx> > o4.13.2o12.
[ Hey guys, we seriously need your help! We want to hold an OMFGMASSIVE event, however we need some good ideas on what YOU guys would like to see us do. We have some of our own, but it is high time for us to hear from everyone else as well. If you have had ideas running about, but haven’t had a clue where to put them, well then I have just the place for you!! POST THEM HERE! We’ll go through it and once the staff have narrowed it down to four or five good ones, we’ll throw those in a poll for you guys to make the final decision on.

Just remember to be creative and HAVE FUN!! We want to hear any ideas you have from the sane to the weird and ridiculous, so don't be afraid to suggest what YOU would personally like to see. ^.^ ]

xxx> > o3.o2.2o12.
[ Interested in working with us? Apply here ]

xxx> > o1.o9.2o12.
[ Akira is back from London and ready to be back at coloring n co-owning!He's working on growings and a re-do for a beloved friend of his. He will also have breedings this month! So keep your eyes peeled! If you've had questions reserved for him only, you may now PM him once more, as he's cleaned out his inbox (that was over 100% when he came back to the States. IF you sent him a PM and it's not been read or replied to, please resend as his inbox was full prior to getting it. Welcome Akira back kids! ]

xxx> > o1.o3.2o12.
[ KING'S CUSTOMS OPEN King's customs are open for the first time in months. So, if you've been looking to get yourself a sexy Azrein, head over HERE ]

xxx> > 12.14.2o12.
[ STAT RP EVENT Edward is hosting a Stat RP Event for Azrein of ALL ALIGNMENTS. This will be on Friday, Dec.16th @ 8pm PST Go H E R E for Sign-Ups! ]
xxx> > 12.o9.2o12.
[ HoA is HIRING COLORISTS! Please go H E R E to apply! ]

xxx> > 12.o6.2o12.
[ CYO Plushie Event! Make Plushies for yourself and your friends! Our Colorists will be browsing the thread, and if we like what you've done, we'll make the Plushie into a real Azrein! CYO Plushies! ]

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[ We reserve the right to change any of these rules at any time. If any rule changes occur, there will be a post in the Updates section. ]

XXXXRules - General

1.xxxFollow Gaia's ToS.
2.xxxRESPECT THE STAFF. [ In every shop, in every setting when it comes to B/C's there is always a group of hard working staff members. Colorists, lineartists, managers etc. They will respect you, so please do the same, If there is an issue feel free to IM King Azreth [AzrethTheKing] ]
3.xxxFRIENDLY and WELCOMING. [ Unfortunately things have happened here and there, but it doesn't have to happen here. This is a shop for the regulars, newbies and even for you aswell lurkers! Come one, come all. Let everyone join in on the fun, don't be picky folks! ]
4.xxxDo not BEG. [ One thing every shop, hates to have are those who beg. -- The staff here provide to those who are active in this shop very generously and include the new individuals just as much. There should be no need to beg at all. ]
5.xxxRESPECT. RESPECT. RESPECT. RESPECT. [ No excuses, treating someone poorly is treating someone poorly. Do not insult, harass, gang up on, or pick a fight with anyone. This shop was created purely for fun, and we want it to stay fun. If you're going to choose and ruin it that way then expect a blacklisting. ]
6.xxxQUOTING LIMITS. [ If you MUST use quotes, please dont quote an individual more than THREE times maximum. Also, please do NOT quote the front page. ]
7.xxxART THEFT. [ Will NOT be tolerated, as per the original rules under the influence of the King himself, he will send his Guard Dog Puddle on you and he will rip your throat out AFTER reporting you. <3 ]
8.xxxQUESTION, COMMENTS, or CONCERNS.[ These should ALL be PM'd to King Azreth himself. He will get back to you as soon as he possibly can. ]

XXXXRules - Roleplay

1.xxxDAISY CODE User Image [ If you are not aware of what the Daisy Code reads please click on the lovely pink Daisy, it holds all the information you'll need. If any of these rules are broke intentionally you will be BLACKLISTED. This shop is supposed to be a fun place, keep it that way. ]
2.xxxDRAMA FREE. [ This should speak for itself, but basically dont cause problems and we won't have a problem with you. You dont want to end up grey listed or black listed. I promise you that. ]
3.xxxACKNOWLEDGE THREADGOERS. [ Even if you're in the middle of RP or a conversation, ALWAYS acknowledge people! We all come here to interact with everyone, and no one likes being ignored! ]
4.xxxLOG ROLEPLAYS. [ If you plan for your Azrein to become an E Q U I V I R, then please L O G your In-Thread RPs! This makes it easier -- for you and for us -- to reference them!]
xxxxxxAGE APPROPRIATE. [ Remember -- Gaia requires everything be a maximum of PG-13. If you feel the need to have any violence, manipulation, or adult in RPs, either with Azrein or OCs, please take it to the W E B S I T E Forums -- not the Guild or Thread! ]
XXXXRules - Customs

xxxxxxDON'T HOUND COLORISTS! [ This irritates us because we are busy with either real life or working on other shop issues, and it makes us put your Azrein at the back of the line. It is disrespectful, and if the only reason you talk to us is to ask when your custom will be done, we W I L L cancel the trade, reject your custom and graylist you. We don't want to to it, but we will, considering that we work as hard as we can and it's insulting when you harass us. So please don't do it, okay?♥]
xxxxxxORDERING your Custom [ Post your Custom Form in you Colorist's Customs Thread! For all Colorist's Custom threads, please go H E R E. Begin the trade after you have been Confirmed, but do N O T complete it until after your custom is finished. T I T L E _ Y O U R _ T R A D E. If you do not title your trade, the colorist will cancel the trade and request that you do so. You may change your order B E F O R E your Colorist has started. If you change your form after your Custom has been started, the colorist has the option to continue the original order, or make the changes you requested. If requested, your Colorist will PM / AIM you when they are starting on your Custom. Please allow up to O N E _ M O N T H for your order to be completed. If there are customs in front of yours, the wait time could be longer. We do our best to finish things as fast as possible, but understand that real life and other shop duties get in the way sometimes. If your order hasn't been finished within a month of it being started, please PM King Azreth and he will deal with it promptly.
xxxxxxTWO CUSTOM LIMIT [ You may order up to T W O Customs per month. However, you may not order both customs from the same colorist. This ensures that other people will have a chance at getting slots from each colorist. ]
xxxxxxTotal The Price [ When ordering a Custom, please fill in the total amount at the bottom. With our broken-down C U S T O M _ P R I C I NG, just about every edit you can think of is covered. There should be no reason why you do not know the total price for your Custom. However, a Colorist will be MORE than happy to give you a price quote if you PM them if you're still unsure about the total price of something. Once you get a quote, please put the quoted price in your form, as colorists will not edit your form for you. If you do not put a Total Price in your Custom form, the colorist will NOT accept your order. ]

XXXXRules - Bribes

xxxxxxBRIBES ALWAYS OPEN [ For F U L L – T I M E_ C O L O R I S T S, Bribes are always open. PM us an offer and what you’d like, and we’ll let you know. Please understand that we have the right to refuse a bribe at any time.]
xxxxxxUSING BRIBES [ Bribes are used when a Colorist’s slots are filled or they are not taking Breedings / Customs – NOT to have your Azrein pushed to the front of the line! ]
xxxxxxDON’T HOUND US [ We work as hard and as fast as we can, and we will get your Azrein done as soon as possible. The more complex the bribe, the longer it will take. You will be provided WIPs and updates, but if you continue to hound us, we will cancel the trade, greylist you, and refuse to do your bribe. So please be patient. ]


XXXXRules - Breeding

xxxxxxBREEDING AGREEMENT THREAD [ //. Both users M U S T post in theB R E E D I N G _ A G R E E M E N T _ T H R E A D BEFORE posting a Breeding form.
Have one user post the Breeding Form in the respective Colorist's B R E E D I N G _ T H R E A D
After you have been Confirmed by staff, send 14, ooog from O N E account to the Colorist, and T I T L E _ Y O U R _ T R A D E. If you do not title your trade, the Colorist will cancel it and request that you do so. Do not complete the trade until the babies have been completed. ]

xxxxxxAZREIN ARE MATURE [ Parents MUST be adults for two weeks before breeding! If you obtained your Azrein as an adult, you still must wait the two-week period.]
xxxxxxSAME SEX ALLOWED [ We encourage Azrein no matter their life-choices! Same-Sex breedings ARE allowed!]
xxxxxxWAITING PERIOD [ There is a TWO-MONTH waiting-period between each breeding! That means if your Azrein bred on January 16th, you must wait until March 16th to breed him or her again. Colorists will check – if you try to intentionally bypass this rule, you will be graylisted.]
xxxxxxONE FOAL per BREEDING [ Each user may keep O N E foal from the breeding. You must give the other foal[s] away to other users. You may hold an RP contest, free raffle, free game, etc, but you M A Y _ N O T sell them. Even if you breed two of your own Azrein, you may still only keep one of the offspring.
If you get more than two blankets from a Breeding, and both users choose to keep a baby, p l e a s e figure out how you will be giving them away before they are delivered to you. When you have decided on what to do [RP Contest, free game, give them to friends etc], let the Colorist know as soon as you have reached your decision. ]

xxxxxxBREED TWICE per MONTH [ You may breed twice per month.]

XXXXRules - Certing

xxxxxxNO DUPLICATE NAMES [ This goes for both Azrein and Familiars. If there is a mare named 'Fred,' and you want to name the stallion you just got 'Fred,' it will not happen. The filing system we use to upload our files into the HoA Photobucket is organized by name, making it impossible for there to be two of the same name, even from gender to gender.
We also use the Azrein name for breedings -- the parent names are on the offspring's cert, and it makes it easier for us when using the family's genetics when only one Azrein with the name exists.
V A R I A T I O N S of the same name ARE allowed -- if an Azrein was named 'Sabrina' and you wanted the same name, you could change the spelling to 'Sebrina.' You could add a nickname or a last name, as well -- there is an Azrein named 'Dark Tide,' and his brother is 'High Tide.' However, you may still call and refer to the Azrein by nickname [ie 'Tide'] in RPs and when talking about him, of course. ]

xxxxxxCHECK OWNER’S LIST [ The O W N E R ` S _ L I S T, updated once to twice a week, holds the name of E V E R Y Azrein. PLEASE search for the name you wish to call your Azrein [press ctrl+f for an easy find] BEFORE putting the name on the Certing Form / Custom Order Form. Colorists _ W I L L _ check the Owner's List before Certing your Azrein!. If they find the name you wish to use, they will ask you to correct your form. ]
xxxxxxALIGNMENT CHANGE [ You may change the Alignment of your Azrein THREE times. For each change, you must have at least a one-page RP or Journal Entry explaining the change of heart. ]
xxxxxxTHE CERTING FORM [ When filling out the Certing Form in a Colorist's C E R T I N G _ T H R E A D, please post a link to the IMAGE of the Azrein. Even if it was in a group sale, link to the image and give a small description of the Azrein you won. Putiing something vague like "the blue one in the flatsale" just irritates us, because we don't know WHICH blue one from WHICH flatsale you're referring to.
Be sure to use the correct Certing Form! When requesting a Cert for a NEW Azrein you won / ordered, please use the "New Cert" form. To change anything on you Azrein's Current Cert or to have a Familiar you bought added to the Cert, please use the "Certing Change" form.
If you are unsure as to what you want your Azrein's Alignment to be and will decide later after RPing and getting a feel for their personality, post on the Cert Form that you'll decide later. We'll set the Alignment as Neutral, and you can let us know once you figure it out. If we don't hear from you within three weeks of the Certing date, we'll keep it at Neutral. ]

XXXXGame Rules - Events

xxxxxxREAD ENTIRE EVENT [ R E A D _ T H E _ E V E N T _ P O S T _ E N T I R E L Y. Each colorist has a different way of doing things, and each event may be drastically different from the last. ]
xxxxxxMAXIMUM AZREIN WON [ The MAXIMUM number of Azrein you can win from an Event will be posted in each individual Event's Rules -- the number you may win will vary with the Event's size. For example, if we have an event with over 3o Azrein, you will be allowed to win far more pretties than you would in an Event with only 1o Azrein up for grabs. So P L E A S E _ R E A D the Rules! ]

XXXXGame Rules - Flatsale

xxxxxxREAD ENTIRE EVENT [ R E A D _ T H E _ F L A T S A L E _ P O S T _ E N T I R E L Y. since different colorists may choose to run them different ways, the rules might not always be the same. Read the rules of each individual sale; some sales may be speedsales, other may be raffles, and some may be in game or even RP-Prompt format. ]
xxxxxxPROXYING AND CO-OWNING [ Proxying IS allowed -- but you may ONLY proxy for one person, and must do so in a S E P A R A T E _ P O S T. This ensures that the flatsale remains fair. You MUST give notice if you are going to be filling in for someone BEFORE the event starts. Co-Owning is NOT allowed for Flatsales at the time of sale. ]
xxxxxxPOSTING AND PAYMENT [ Do not post before the GOGOGOGO! post, and do not change your form after posting. Doing so will disqualify you.
Payment must be sent IMMEDIATELY upon Confirmation. If payment is not received within 24 hours, your Azrein will go to the runner-up. ALL TRADES MUST BE TITLED. IF WE DO NOT SEE A TRADE WITH A TITLE, WE WILL CANCEL THE TRADE AND TELL YOU TO TITLE IT.
Post your flatsale form in the shop thread, and once your win has been C O N F I R M E D, re-post the form in the Colorist's individual C E R T I N G _ T H R E A D. Failure to post in the Colorist's Certing Thread might cause your order to be overlooked, and thus delayed. If you have already paid for your Flatsale, send us a PM and post the form in the respective Colorist's certing thread. If you haven't paid for the FS and fail to post the form in the Certing Thread within 24 hours, the Azrein will go to the runner-up.
Don't be a sore loser, please. You'll be greylisted for being a bad sport, and we've never had to do that. So don't make us. ♥. ]


xxxxxxa l w a y s_h a v e_f u nxxxxxx
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XXG E N E R A L _ / _ F_._A_._Q_.

xxx> > how do i get an azrein?
[ Check our Availability, on page two. We usually always have a way to get one -- flatsales, events, auctions, RP events, raffles, games, or even freebies for newbies! ]
xxx> > can i have one for free?
[ Actually, Azreth does give out freebies to newbies. But this only happens occasionally. If he is giving out freebie customs, it'll say so on the front page! ]
xxx> > how much does a flatsale cost?
[ 5,ooo gold for an Adult, 7,ooo gold for a Growing! ]
xxx> > may i have an uncerted image of my azrein?
[ Of course! Whenever we do drop-offs or growings, we'll quote you and post an image of your certed Azrein, with a link to its Uncert! If you don't get an Uncerted image, just PM your colorist or King Azreth. ]
xxx> > will my azrein grow on its own?
[ Yep. The more you RP, the faster your Azrein will grow. With no RP, your Azrein takes three months to grow for each stage.]
xxx> > can i sell or give away my azrein?
[ You may NOT sell your Azrein under any circumstances. The shop will take your Azrein from you if you no longer want it, and will re-home it for you. However, if you would like to give your Azrein away to a friend, please go H E R E . ]
xxx> > can azrein breed?
[ Of course! But they can only breed if you do a Breeding RP. Check T H I S out for more information.]
xxx> > do you accept pet trades?
[ Yep. PM the Colorist of your choice with an offer.]

XXR O L E P L A Y _ / _ F_._A_._Q_.

xxx> > is roleplaying required?
[ Nope! But it's the only way to custom lineart and coloring for you Azrein, to have Stats, Breed, and get those awesome Breeding perks!]
xxx> > what's an equivir?
[ Kind of like an Elder. But as an Equivir, your Azrein gets completely original, unique lineart and coloring -- that means no one else will have an Azrein that looks like yours! Go H E R E for all the information!]
xxx> > can i roleplay my original character with my azrein?
[ Yes, as long as they're human and fit with our storyline! We highly encourage your OC's to be 'Chosen' by Azrein and bond with them, actually.]
xxx> > can my oc ride my azrein?
[ Yes, as long as your Azrein is an adult!]
xxx> > does my azrein have to become an equivir?
[ No, it's purely optional. But really, really effing cool.]
xxx> > Okay, I'm roleplaying. Do I get anything for it?
[ Yes! There are many things you can get out of roleplaying like extra blankets in breedings, chance of getting edits added to your azreins and more -More information about RP perks here .]
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xxx> > New Story Events HERE

A stallion the richest, most diverse shade of gray you have ever seen greets you as you step foot
on the Isle, blocking your way, but not unkindly. Blue eyes hold your gaze far past a comfortable
point, the stallion's muscles quivering with tension. Nostrils flaring, the Azrein lets out a held
breath, the scent of crisp apples and sweet alfalfa carried towards you as he exhales.

You stand uncertainly, and the stallion shakes himself, the violet strands of his mane catching the
light of the dying sun. Blue eyes sparkle as he nickers out a breathy chuckle, and he trots towards
you, hooves dancing in the lush grasses beneath him.

"Pardon my rudeness, new one. I sincerely apologize, but please understand that we're going
through some...rough times right now."
The stallion's ears flick backwards in irritation, his eyes
scanning the horizon behind you. "My name is Valdien, Protector of the Greater Herd, and I bid
you welcome to the Floating Isle of Azreth. I will escort you to the King's Castle, but I regret I must
leave you at the Gates to resume my patrol. Now, if you'll follow me, we have quite a ways to go,
but I shall tell you a tale to pass the time."
A blue eye winks at you, and the stallion ruffles his
multi-hued wings, settling them into place on his shoulders, pressing them tightly against his ribs.
Valdien takes a step closer toward you, so your elbow touches his shoulder.

On the floating island of Azreth, there once lived a King so great in his majesty that all of his people
thought him a god. The King had riches, women, jewels, plenty of land, but most importantly, he
had the love of his subjects. However, something was missing in his life; something he could not
name no matter how hard he searched. The King was lonely, painfully so, and no man, woman, or
child could ease the dread he held in his heart.

All of the people mourned for their King when he stopped coming down to the towns to speak
intimately with them. They cried when the King's Heralds spread news instead of the King himself,
knowing that the great King was fettered by his aching sorrow. The people brought him everything
they could think of to try to cheer him: wondrous, forgotten plants from the World Below, long
thought to be extinct. Birds of such shapes and colors that the brightest flowers were envious of
their feathers. Children of all ages brought their most valued treasures: a piece of string from their
favorite blanket, a stick that their old dog had played with before he had passed, and the children
always gave the King their bright smiles.

But nothing worked, and the King only withdrew more and more into himself, becoming obsessed
with finding the reason for the emptiness within his soul, within his mind and his heart. He had no
reason to feel sorrow -- the Isle had known peace for three-hundred years, and the King himself
was blessed with long life, so he need not fear war. He was loved by many, and even loved a few
himself, but no woman or child could fill the void within him. Weighty chains wrapped his heart,
and he found no solace from their cold grip.

One night, the King lay down to sleep, and he fell into a dream so peaceful, so wonderful, that he
dreaded to wake up. In his dream, the whitest horse he had ever seen walked beside him as he
strode through a forest, searching for the reason of his sorrow. The horse did not neigh, did not
nicker or squeal nor did his hooves make any sound on the carpet of leaves beneath them. The
stallion -- if he could even be called a stallion, for he was unlike any horse the King had ever seen
-- merely gazed at the King with sapphire eyes; the purest blue the King had ever seen.

Somehow, the King knew that this was more than a dream, and he ceased his walking, turning to
meet the clear gaze of that stallion. The stallion stood not an arm's length away from the saddened
King, his head turned to the side, the canopy of the forest causing the stallion's white coat to be
dappled with transparent shades of green. The creature was a balm to his aching heart, and the
King, much to his shame, found his vision blurred by tears. Seeing them, the stallion took a slow,
cautious step forward, his eyes never leaving the King's own, not even to trace the path the tears
left on the King's face.

The King opened his mouth to speak, holding out his hand in an invitation for the stallion. The
stallion breathed into the man's palm, touching the velvet of his muzzle against the King's
fingertips, and those blue eyes finally closed. Before the King could utter a single word, the stallion
opened his eyes abruptly, closing the distance between the two of them quickly.

The King stiffened, knowing the stallion could crush him with his weight if he so chose -- for the
stallion was easily seventeen hands, if not more -- but the stallion simply nickered into the King's

::Find me, Broken King, and I shall be the one to ease your suffering.::

The King gasped, and with his sharp intake of breath, he shot up from his bed, the words that the
stallion -- the stallion? -- had spoken into his mind still ringing in his ears, very much real. The
King shook his head, disbelieving that such a pure, genuine soul like that of the stallion's could
exist in this world. But for the first time in years, the King had found a small strand of hope, and he
would cling tightly to it with all that he had. He rushed from his chambers, pulling on his clothes as
he did, and told his staff to assemble the Heralds and as many people that could come to the
Castle the next day.

The people heard his words, and years passed. Over the course of those several years, the King
had built the grandest stable that could be found in the world -- including the Lands Below. The
floor of the stalls were sanded, stained and polished mahogany, the wood shining a warm red in the
gentle glow of the Magelight on the walls. Indeed, the King had commissioned the only two Mages
on the Isle to create lights for his stable, knowing that the soul he was seeking deserved nothing
but the best he could offer.

Each stall was as big as the King's bedroom chamber, and held a half-door that latched on the
, not the outside, so that its occupant could let themselves out if they so desired. The King
knew that the heart that called out to him was smart -- smarter, by far -- than any animal ever
known. The King's Stables held hundreds of stalls, and when the last timber was put into place --
by the King's own hand, for he had worked harder than anyone in their construction -- the King
knew that it was time.

The King sat in front of his stables, hands on his lap, and people from all over the Isle -- and from
the World Below -- brought him what they thought he was looking for.
Knights from near and far came with horses - winged, horned, cloven-hoofed, and yet the King
passed them all by.
Virgin maidens and old crones brought him horses with bright eyes and long hair, but still, the King
found no happiness.

Weeks and weeks passed by, and the King grew more melancholy by the hour, thinking he would
never see his dream fulfilled. On the last month of the year, two full years after the stables had
been built, the King left the chair for the first time. His back ached, his muscles were atrophied
from constantly waiting, and the King knew he would be forever bent; would never be able to stand
tall as the King he had three years ago. And with that thought, despair rushed in. It really had been
a dream. Of course no such horse existed; he had been such a fool.

As the King walked through the throngs of people waiting to show him more and more horses, they
backed away from him. The King's face was flushed, his eyes too bright, and tears freely,
shamelessly, ran down the man's now-sunken cheeks. The King passed them all by, not speaking
a word nor meeting anyone's gaze. His subjects cried along with the King, knowing that the man
they had once loved was not the same as this old, broken King.

The King left them all behind, traveling east for hours, for days, not once pausing to rest or take
sustenance. The King knew what he wanted to do, for he had a son and he knew his line would
continue. But he was so tired of being in despair, so tired of the weights of hopelessness dragging
him down each day. Finally, on the twelfth day of the last month of the year, the King came to the
edge of his lands. The lush green grass of the plains to the east of his castle stopped abruptly, the
edge of the world as it were.

The King stood, wavering in the strong winds, at the very edge of the island looking down. Far, far
below him, he saw white clouds; as white as the stallion he had seen in his dreams. Looking up,
out over endless sky, he saw the purest blue; the clarity exactly like the Stallion's. With a sob, the
King knelt down in the lush grasses, his knees resting on the lip of the island, knowing that even a
stray breeze would topple him off of his lands, sending him falling to his death hundreds of miles to
the Lands Below.

The King closed his eyes, almost wishing he would be blown off of the Floating Isle, and from his
heart came a surge of hope, of acceptance, of unconditional love. The King started, throwing
himself backwards to land on the grasses behind him and not the sky before him. And finally,
finally, he heard something that brought tears to his eyes -- not of pain, but of joy! A crystal-clear
neigh rang through the air, carried on the wind to the King's ears, and he knew what it was at once.

The King, once proud and tall, now stood up, bent and old, and turned around, his arms
outstretched to either side of him.

There, rushing towards him, was the Stallion. The Stallion's coat put the white of the clouds to
shame, long mane and tail streaming behind him, his hooves pounding out a beat of hope, of unity,
and of belonging. The King rushed towards the stallion, even though it pained him terribly, his
breath coming in hitching gasps from the hot waves of agony and joy coursing through him all at
once, and as they met, the King threw him arms around the beast's neck.

The King sobbed into the sensual curve of the stallion's neck, running his frail, calloused hands
over the silken fur, tangling his fingers in the stallion's mane. The stallion placed his head behind
the King's back, pushing his chin down into the man's shoulder blades, pulling him closer. As the
King's cries quieted, the Stallion backed away a few steps, those blue eyes that the King had been
searching for all along resting on him once again.

When the green eyes of the King and the blues of the Stallion's met, a wave of love, of
understanding, of unconditional love and acceptance ran from the Stallion's mind to the King's
own. The King stood, quaking, his mind reeling. He knew that he would never be lonely again --
would never be shunned or be judged by this angel that stood before him. The King's throat grew
tight, knowing that only moments ago he had planned to say goodbye to the world, and plunge to
an honor-less death.

But now...now, the King knew that the Stallion would be forever with him, in mind, body, heart, and
soul, and the Stallion knew the King would always be with him in the same ways. The Stallion saw
all of the King's fears, his crimes, his mistakes and his childish dreams, and what most people
would have cringed away from, the Stallion accepted them without any hesitation. The Stallion
wrapped the King in love and warmth, and finally, finally, the King was whole.

After spending hours just simply being together, loving one another, the Stallion knelt, allowing the
King to lift his feeble body onto his strong broad back. ::Where your body fails, I shall be your
strength. When your judgement is clouded, I shall be your clarity. Whenever you feel broken and
lost, and feel as if life holds no meaning, I will show you the wonder and joy it holds, and will heal
and guide you back to my embrace. When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, I will carry
you. I will love you, no matter your crimes, your decisions, or your fears. I will always accept you,
and you shall never be alone again. Your despair will be met with my hope, and the fetters that bind
you are no more. Your soul is mine, and my soul is yours, and we will never be apart, even in
death. If even a hundred thousand years pass, I will always love you. My name is Azreth, and I am
your Chosen, King Alarein.::

Those words that Azreth spoke would be the traditional words that all Azrein spoke when they
Bonded with their Chosen forever more. We celebrate the Twelfth of December each year, humans
and Azrein alike, in memory of the first Soulbond being completed.

The King and Stallion returned, one of mind, heart, and soul, and the people rejoiced. The King
showed the Stallion the stables he had built for him, and bade the Stallion to choose a mare in
time, so their children could grow up together, for the King's son had just been born not a year

Eventually, after living his remaining years in happiness, joy, and hope, the King passed a quiet
death, and his Stallion lay beside him in his own old age. The two of them left the world, riding on
winged hooves, and the two of them left a legacy behind them.

Valdien turned to look at you, and the pride in his legacy and that of the King's was almost tangible
in his eyes. "It warms my heart to know that King Alarein finally found the happiness he
deserved, for he had always been a kind, just, and caring ruler, just like our current King is
Valdien nodded at you, extending his wings in a small stretch, the ends of the brightly-
colored feathers grazing your cheek softly. The stallion walked on for some time in silence, leaving
you to your thoughts. As the sun began to sink below the horizon, and the silhouette of a large, lavish castle
was coming in to sight, the stallion picked up the threads of his tale once again.

Hundreds of years passed, and the people had named those angelic breed of equines Azrein,
combining the names of Azreth and Alarein.

Able to read the thoughts of their Chosen - for they did indeed Choose humans, and not the other
way around, and with senses so much stronger than those of a normal equine's, the Azrein were
worshiped by the King's people. To be Chosen was a gift unlike any other; and any one, of any
age, gender, or class could be taken from their families by an angel in the body of a horse to go live
at the King's home, Avandere Castle.

Those humans who became Bonded to Azrein realized over time spent with their Bonded that
there was no chance or randomness of themselves being picked; for as Azreth said many
centuries ago, their Souls were destined to become one. And once an Azrein feels the pull on his
heart, knowing that someone out there needs them, they must answer the call. If they fail to do so,
or choose not to, their own hearts begin to twist, and negativity and darkness clouds their minds.

Centuries passed, and for some reason, fewer and fewer Azrein were called down from the skies.
Perhaps humans forgot that they needed to simply believe that an Azrein would come to them,
which is what we think calls Azrein down to the Isle, or maybe the Azrein found Chosen within
another race. Regardless of the reason, Azrein became merely legends in the minds and hearts of
man, and no one believed that they even existed until several years ago. When the heart of the
current King called so desperately to an Azrein, wanting so much to believe, his hope almost
physical, the Stallion Called rejoiced, for he knew that he had found the other half of himself, and
rushed to the King's side in the man's darkest hour.

With that, the Azrein realized that humans were finally beginning to believe in them again, and so
many of them journeyed to the Floating Isle, once again named after the very first Azrein. Now,
King Azreth protects them, and every Azrein, Bonded or Unbonded, is loved and cherished by
nearly every human on the Isle. The King has allowed the Azrein to freely roam over the Isle,
making it their own to live alongside humans once more in joy. The King makes it a point to protect
every Azrein in the Greater Herd plains, the stables that his many-times great-grandfather had built
for them still standing and well taken care of.

People believe that King Azreth has some sort of inherent magecraft, or a magical Bond with every Azrein on the Isle -- not
one as deep as Chosen to Bonded, but he is rumored to be able to project his emotions into each
Azrein, and to know somehow the surface feelings of each Azrein he personally knows. As such,
the King always makes it a point to greet each Azrein that arrives on the Isle, much to their delight,
and King Azreth ensures that there are plenty of people coming to or living in his lands, to ensure
that each soul may find its other half.

However, not all Azrein that have come to the Isle choose to Bond with humans, even if they are
Called. Six of the Azrein that ventured down from the Skies were devoured by fear and hate,
thinking that they themselves would be better off without their other halves.
Comprised of Azrein with dark souls and darker minds, these Azrein will do anything to ensure that
humans and Azrein will sever their ties completely.

King Azreth has seen the trouble brewing on the far south of the Isle, in the Rouh'ek Desert.
Quietly, he is asking Azrein and humans alike to join him to preserve the sacred Bond that man
and Azrein share. This dispute cannot be reconciled with words, for the King has tried time and
time again, at the threat to his own life, and the Six have begun to recruit Azrein to their cause.

Now, Agents of the Six are infiltrating the Greater Herd, killing off Bonded and Unbonded Azrein

To each human the Azrein of the Isle Choose, King Azreth will give an important part to play in the
days and war against the Six to come. With all hope, love, and protection, Azreth trains the Azrein
and their Chosen for battle, praying that the bond they share and the love they have for one another
will help push back the Six's hatred. It kills the King to have to train these wondrous,
magical, perfect creatures to do something so against their very nature.

Valdien stops, his hooves strangely silent on the cobblestones beneath him, and he nods at the two
guards manning Avandere Castle's gate. "Another one for the King; please send that vain boy my regards."
The stallion arched an eyebrow, almost coyly, and turned once more to face you. When his eyes meet your own,
you jump as you realize that his were the exact shade and purity you imagined Azreth's, the first Azrein's, to be -- and, almost as if he
can read your very thoughts, Valdien nodded very slightly. With a thunderous clap of his wings, Valdien launched
himself into the sky, a dark shadow weaving through the stars.

"Come on this way, then, and we'll fill you in on what that nag there hasn't told you yet." One of the guards winked,
his cheeks and nose red from either the chill in the air or a bit too much to drink.
The guard turned smartly on his heel, saluted to his superior, and the gates of Avandere Castle opened
before you, and with them, a chance to find the other half of your Soul.

XXM A P _ O F _ T H E _ I S L E

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xxx> > blanket
[ This blanket is wrapped awfully snug around your darling little Azrein. Too young to walk, and not quite ready to enter the world fully, they spend their time nestling in their beloved blanket. The more you coax them, the sooner they'll deem themselves ready for the world. ]

xxx> > foal
[ Filled with spunk and a spirit of adventure, these little colts and fillies can really be a nuisance. They just seem to get into everything. Though for whatever reason, they won't give up that silly blanket they were born with. They grow at a rather fast rate, providing you spend time with them. ]

xxx> > adult
[ Finally! All of your hard work has paid off into raising, training, taming, and communicating with your Azrein! Fully grown, your prized steed is ready to fight, mate, and carry you on their back. You could never ask for a more loyal creature, and their looks are simply awe-inspiring. ]

xxx> > equivir
[ The most wizened and revered Azrein, these are the ones that most Azrein and men alike go to for advice.Their names will be sung in all the Songs of Legend, and yours along with it. Everyone can spot the beauty and majesty of an Equivir, though there is no "set" look of these wondrous beings. [[If an Equivir application is accepted, Custom Lineart will be drawn for your Azrein. It's coloring will change slightly and it's design will become more complex.]] ]
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So, want an Azrein made to your specifications? Questing something devilishly sweet or deviously dirty? Then Customs are want you want, bby!
You tell us what to do, and we do it!
for a price, of course.

xxx> > custom pricing [ pricing guide ]
xxx> > cosplay [ taken cosplays ]

XXC U S T O M _ T H R E A D S _ & _ S T A T U S

xxxowner > > King Azreth [ closed ]
xxxHiatus/u] > > Akira [ closed ]
xxxpart > > Pykichi [ closed ]
xxxpart > > Mana [ closed ]
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(Bonus points if you know what this is from wink ) ]

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[ People that have really saved my a** ]

xxx> > o0nyxie0o : For taking the burdens from my shoulders when I thought I would crumple from the weight and expectations. Nyxie's been my LIFE-SAVER. After our co-owner went on a semi-hiatus and our colorist went on a hiatus, I was left to do EVERYTHING on top of my freebies and paying customs. So she really picked up the slack and helped me out with just about everything. Thank you!
xxx> > The Staff For just...doing everything you do, and doing it better than anyone else. Oh, and also knowing when to squirt me with water whenever I get too rambunctious. ;D
I love you all so much, and you guys have NO idea what y'all mean to me.
xxx> > EVERY. LAST. HOA'er. Because without you -- EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU. -- HoA would be NOTHING. We wouldn't be a fun place, we wouldn't be growing steadily, and I wouldn't have NEARLY as many laughs without all of you. Thank you.

XXG R E Y _ L I S T:
[ Consider it Probation ]

xxx> > None: Keep it that way, okay?

XXB L A C K _ L I S T:
[ A La Fin. Banned. ]

xxx> > None: Keep it that way, yeah?
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xxx> > King Azreth [ Owner ]

XXXXNew Lines
xxx> >[Normal:] King Azreth and MooCowing
xxx> >[Draft:] o0nyxie0o

XXXXOld Lines
xxx> > King Azreth
xxx> > MooCowing [ standard template edits ]

XXXXFull Time
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XXXXPart Time
xxx> > Azreth Deservian
xxx> > manastalker
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xxx> > Sesshy
xxx> > Lunar Mirage
xxx> > Ultima Vita

xxx> > Maya
xxx> >Akira-Kisho

XXH A I R _ E D I T S:
xxx> > MooCowing
xxx> > o0nyxie0o
xxx> > Yami no Sakura
xxx> > manasstalker
xxx> > MayaMage2
xxx> > sesshy552
xxx> > evilpirateduck
xxx> > Akira-Kisho
xxx> > Pykichi
xxx> > -MoomoolatteCha-
xxx> > PuddleInk

xxx> > King Azreth

xxx> > MooCowing
xxx> > King Azreth
xxx> > ~Lady Kiara~ [ Old Shop ]

xxx> > King Azreth
xxx> > PuddleInk

XXXXDec 2o11
xxx> >[Normal:] King Azreth, Green Ever After, & Lunar Mirage
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