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09.12.14 | Pets no longer need summoner/whyst names in order to be certed! More info coming - see page 1092 for the update announcement.
| 05.12.14 | Price changes and a few changes to policy in regard to breedings and customs have been made on page 1031.[
| 04.11.14 | PRICE CHANGES will be taking effect across the board for the shop starting MAY 10th. You can take a look at those new prices here.
| 01.13.14 | Another update on page 841 concerning magic classes, Aelfir and Whysts. Please be sure to read up on it!
| 01.08.14 | Update made to Customs regarding edits. Edits can now be purchased for all custom types (mini, semi and full)!
| 01.06.14 | Please welcome Xerianthe and tani duh! - they will be joining us as Familiar Only Colorists!
| 01.01.14 | Happy New Year!
| 11.11.13 | Custom prices have been changed. Mini Customs are now slightly higher, but Semi and Full customs are MUCH lower! <3
| 10.29.13 | Rules updated slightly. Also, check page 297 for an important update related to setting information! MAJOR change to the "Additional Setting Information" thread, with some new info about summoning and playable characters!
| 10.27.13 | The Grand Opening Event was a big success! Thank you, everyone, for your participation. We look forward to a wonderful future with all of you. In the meantime, stay tuned for our Halloween Event, and our Fall Event!
| 10.12.13 | We're very excited to announce the official Grand Opening of Hell Bound! Head on over to Page 2 for the awesome events!
| 8.14.13 | Eauo is now the owner of the shop! She'll be revamping everything so look forward for some awesome changes c:

| 8.9.13 | Boo! We are back from the dead!! Looking for a new owner for the shop here
| 3.7.13 | Random freebies posted.
| 3.4.13 | Setting up thread.
| 1.25.13 | Colorists and ad contest winners are chosen~
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General Rules
Obey the gaia TOS.
No begging for pets, gloating or guilt tripping.
Do not steal art or ideas from this shop.
PM the mule for serious issues - do not PM staff directly.
RP is not required, but it is strongly encouraged and can grant you extra perks in breedings as well as free customs!
Please do not make up broad setting-altering facts or events during Roleplay.

Participants must have at least 500 posts to participate in sales, events, etc.

Naming Rules
Hounds Please use made up names with a fantasy feel. Human names and word names are not allowed. See Certing Thread for specific info.
Familiars: Names can be made up or word names. Human names are not allowed.
Humans: Real names should be English based, though fantasy names with an English feel are also allowed. No outlandish last names are permitted (Ravenclaw, Moonbeam, etc).

Sale Information
No pets are ever to be sold or traded for any reason!
You may ask about re-homing any pets you own with the owner, Eauo.
Co-Owning is not allowed, even in the case of Auction pets.
You have 48 hours to send a trade for a paid pet, or post a certing request for a free pet, before they are re-homed.
Auctions will usually have a snipe guard of some sort in place. Pure is preferred.
There is a max of three hounds and two familiars per person, per event. Limits may be lowered for some events.
Newbies are considered those with 1 or less Hounds. Familiars don't count, unless otherwise stated.
Use these prices for Flatsales:
      Adult Hounds: 30m
      Growing Hounds: 40m
      Adult Familiars: 20m
      Growing Familiars: 25m

Certing Information
Gender is up to the owner unless specifically stated otherwise.
Uncerts are dropped off with the cert. We often use group images for events - you may use this when posting in certing.
Growth is approximately one week for each stage.

FAQ's and Other Info
FAQs and additional info on Hounds, Characters, and the Setting can be found in the [ Additional Setting Information Thread ] located in the guild.
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Long ago....
...the world was ravaged with fear and fire. The lands grew barren over time, and people starved and fought one another – even as they fought off the beasts that preyed upon them. The wars raged for generations, and the human populace became less and less of what they once were. Entire cities fell, not having enough people to maintain them, and the survivors took to the wilds and to what shelters they might make for themselves. Some built shelters underground that eventually turned into entire underground towns.

Yet still, they fell – the miserable, horrifying, demons finding them even here.

Until, one day...

A young woman with a talent rose from the underground, threw open the doors, and stood in the middle of a crumbled, ancient street. The demons turned on her at once, thinking to have an easy meal – except, rather than crumpling in fear, she screamed the cry of challenge. Confused, and infuriated at her odd behavior, the creatures paused for only a moment before charging her in a full on fury -- and were repelled!

A large dog-like creature rose at her side, larger than any dog ought to be, and raised claw and fang against the hideous demons – destroying them.

Amidst the carnage of the destroyed demons stood the girl. She raised her hands to the large head of her companion, stroking gently between his eyes, in quiet affection and thanks. The Hound was a fierce, but beautiful, creature – and somewhat intimidating in it's size – but was the first to have ever defeated such demons so swiftly. The people, amazed, began to emerge from their underground shelter, crowding in awe about the large being and it's summoner. Finally, a little boy peeked his head out from behind his mother's skirts, his eyes wide with a mix of fright and awe, and asked the question they had all been wondering,

“...What is it?”

“He is my ally and my friend – he is a Hell Hound.”


...it has been hundreds of generations since the last demon was seen living on Earth. The final waves, so long ago, were crushed and sent running back to their own world. That time has long been forgotten, buried under myth and superstition, and Hell Hounds have become little more than faerie tale creatures to be shelved with elves and dragons. Earth is green, flourishing, and peaceful once more.

Except... a sound has been heard these last 50 years rumbling up from the earth, like an old, heavy, bell on some evenings when the moon is absent in the sky, only to not be heard again for weeks or months at a time. None have been able to locate the source, though most assume it some some old technology somehow triggered back to life for a brief time that will inevitably, as they always surely do, run out of energy.

Tolling... tolling... it rings through the night.
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It is the 34th century, and times have changed.

The shop of Hell Bound takes place in a fictional country called Canis. The current world is behind because of a period simply referred to as "the Long Ago", a time period in which demons once ruled the lands, and a great war broke out between man, Hound, and beast. Many records were lost during that dark time and the people in current times have not quite found a means to reinvent all that was lost. Nowadays the world greatly resembles the very early 1900's. Electricity exists, but not many have it. Radios are common, having been a constant means of communication even during the Long Ago. In general, technology is the plaything of the wealthy. Those without the means to obtain it, however, generally do not even realize what it is they may be missing.

Recently, within the last 50 years or so, a strange sound has begun to echo up from the depths of the earth -- though not everyone seems able to hear it. Tales still exist of the Underground -- the large, deep, winding network of catacomb cities where it is said people escaped to in order to avoid the demons.

Except there have also been some tales of very large wolf-like dogs seen about throughout the country... some say they are even as big as horses, though, if that is true, it's not unlikely that such an exotic creature may be found in the strange lands surrounding Canis. Some, however, say that it is the sign of history repeating, and that the great Hell Hounds, and their Summoners, have come again.....

[ Click here to read more about the Setting ]
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Each stage of growth takes approximately 1 week, give or take.

Hell Hounds are great, big, wolf-like dogs from the Abyss. The first Hounds came to Earth by agreeing to a pact with the humans – to help them defeat the demons, mortal enemies of humans as well as the Hounds, in exchange for the ability to live alongside them on Earth. Yet do not mistake these creatures as simple animals! Hell Hounds are just as intelligent as human beings. When they are first summoned they appear as small puppies, and will take about 4 months to fully mature. During this time the Hound and its Summoner will develop a very close bond. Most adult Hell Hounds stand at about 5 feet on all fours - about the size of a small horse – and are easily able to carry a person on their back. Pups and Adolescents start out with one ring, but as they grow to adulthood they form two rings as a sign of their strength and powers.


Somehow, those will the ability to summon hounds, also known collectively as Aelfir (or Aelf in its singular usage), are called down to the Underground by the tolling when the urge becomes too powerful. From here, they are drawn down deep under the earth until they enter a large room, or a Cavern. Within these rooms the air is thick, and heavy, with the feel of magic. The summoner is then overcome, as if possessed, and loses track of their conscious mind, as if in a coma, as they go about the process of chanting words they will not remember, and mixing brews they will not remember mixing.... From here, they will slowly waken to find that a portal has been opened. From this portal a Hell Hound will speak to them, and a pact will be made, forged through sacrifice, before the creature crosses through as a small pup. For unknown reasons hounds can ONLY be summoned inside one of these caverns -- though it probably has something to do with the mysterious process that takes place only here, accompanied by the powerful magic.

At this point the telepathic link between a hound and it's summoner is weak, able only to pass along strong emotional urges or desires. As the hound matures, however, the bond strengthens until, as an adult, hound and summoner can communicate on a complex emotional level using expression, words, and even images. Hounds can only speak to their own summoners, though, and other hounds, but not to other humans.


Despite the return of the hounds, and the awakening powers of the Aelfir, there have always been some individuals with some magic ability. For some this may be no more than a faint sixth sense akin to strong intuition, for others it can be much more -- an affinity for woodcraft, healing, charms and hexes and even the ability to bond with Familiars.

While brute strength and a flash of fire and ice might be one way to defeat an enemy, a wise whyst knows that there is more to a fight than mere muscle power alone. After all, knowledge is power and whysts, more than any other, perhaps, know well just how much power one might draw from a secret uncovered. Mysterious and often misunderstood, the whyst is certainly not someone to be underestimated.

[ More on Playable Characters]

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Bun → Parrot/Fox/Deer (approximately 1 week)

Familiars are lesser spirit animals native to Earth. They may be lured in with offerings, such as a tasty bun, and may or may not choose to bind with a summoner or a whyst. Although they are spirits, and are more intelligent and cunning (usually) than normal animals, they are still no more intelligent than a very clever dog, for instance, though they may understand basic words and commands.

On a more interesting note, these creatures seem to slightly strengthen and focus a person's natural magic ability, which can be quite useful! Like hounds, a summoner can only have one familiar to their name. The same holds true for whysts!

You can read more about Familiars in Guild./size]
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Eauo | Owner, FT Colorist

Kyrieko | Amazing Certist
oh so Sweet Revenge | Junior Certist

Eranas | PT Colorist
Fea Line | PT Colorist
Hot Jackalope | FT Colorist
illiyah | FT Colorist
Kaitaia | PT Colorist
Marzipanz | PT Colorist
Pewpewkachu | Guest Colorist
tani duh! | PT Colorist
und3fined | PT Colorist
Xerianthe | FT Familiar Colorist
Zight | Guest Colorist + Awesome Helper

Lady Piamette | Hound Lineart, bun+Fox/Deer Familiar Lineart
Eauo | Shop Concept, Writing, Parrot Familiar Lineart

Misc: Stock Edits created by various staff members

Former Staff
Vampireluver123, Gwillianna, LadyLuvelle, GreatWhiteFork
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We accept 200x40 banners. Anything else will be text-linked.
Please send a PM to the mule, or post in the thread, to swap banners.
We currently only accept affiliates from other b/c threads and interest threads.

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