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Winds from the East
Hearthside's Midwinter Event

The winds are shifting, the old Sentinel on the Cliffs says.
No longer do they come from the west, cooled from
Beyond the lake, but from the eastern sands, rushing
Down the Hearth and howling with pain.

An unnatural storm is settling over the basin of Hearthside. The winds that drive from the south-west over
the Droves have begun to cease, fought by a new rival, driving down from the highest reaches of the Hearth, tasting
of sand and scorching heat and burning rock. High over the heads of all but the Northern Cliffs, the western winds
wrestle unusual cloud formations and cooler weather for the basin, lending slight reprieve to the drying plains.

From the mountainside, the foraging animals follow the wind and the cool down the dried river’s path. Groundlings
and weavers alike leave their underground caverns in the cliffs and scrounge for heftier earnings in the greener
pastures of Hearthside. Sentinels, blessed with a sudden abundance of food, welcome the stilling of winds in the
Droves. But from the mountainside, the hungry animals follow the same path into Hearthside – the scavenging
hounds and terrible birds – to feast on a new, unprotected bounty.

Beware the eastern winds, the old Sentinel on the Cliffs says.
Beware the cry of the hungry Desert, and the scream of the
Monsters that hide beneath angry wind and terrible sand.
Beware the beasts that eat and eat and eat.


Calendar of Events:

[1] Running of the Groundlings – January 18 - January 31
[2] Weavers’ Tales – January 18 - January 31
[3] From the Hearth – January 18 - January 30
[4] Eastern Winds Bring – January 18 - January 30
[5] Sentinels Speed Flatsale – January 25
[6] Sentinels Flaffle – January 27 - January 30
[7] Advertising Contest – January 18 - January 31
Running of the Groundlings

A horde of Groundlings have arrived in Hearthside!

The smaller relatives of groundlings have always been present in Hearthside, made easy prey by Sentinels,
but their giant cousins have kept to the mountains until recently. With the cooling of the basin, groundlings
have spread their way into the plains and across the lake, devouring all small insect and plant in their path.
Sentinels rejoice at the seemingly endless sweep of new prey, but these groundlings from the mountains
are larger, swifter, and more intelligent than those of the plains…

(For more information about familiar species, read the Flora & Fauna Guide.)

User Image
[1] Orange - Kami. [2] Rust - Kami. [3] Steel - Kami. [4] Rubble - Eauo. [5] Wheat - Eauo.
[6] Silver - Eauo. [7] Spots - Bell. [8] Cream - Bell. [9] Chocolate - Bell.

Introducing the first of several familiar species, the Groundling!
Familiar species are separate from other animals that live in Hearthside,
for they are usually larger and more intelligent than their evolutionary cousins.
Familiars need not have relationships with Sentinels beyond the barest sense of
predator and prey; they can be roleplayed as individuals and participate in breeding.
The naming rules for familiar species are the same as for Sentinels.

Over the next two weeks, several groundlings will be released within the thread and guild.
Each release is approximately every other day, so keep a look out for them.
You do not need to own a Sentinel to participate in any of these events.

Weavers’ Tales

Swiftly following, the Weavers burrow into the plains!

No other creature so lithe and wily has been seen in Hearthside but the Weaver, hidden deep
underground in narrow tunnels of its own making. Preyed on by the terror birds of the Northern
Cliffs, Weaver families have fled to the basin, inspired by the cooling of temperatures and the
screaming of wind high in the peaks of the Hearth. Snaggle-toothed and dagger-clawed, Weaver
families burrow through the rocky ground of the Droves and the softened soil of the lake,
disrupting the prey-predator hierarchy Sentinels have established…

(For more information about familiar species, read the Flora & Fauna Guide.)

User Image
[1] Rose - Eauo. [2] Grey - Eauo. [3] Tiger - Bell. [4] Brown - Kami.

Weavers are named not only for their long, sinewy bodies, but also for their love
of weaving tales. Three weavers here will leave their dens for delightful tales,
but only if these stories describe themselves, for they are vain creatures at heart.

“Weaver! How clever and fearful, hiding in darkness for tiny morsel.
You look for light, you look for gold, but let the dirt around you hold.
Dirty claw, dirty skin, hide from the sun as you’ve always been.”

This is a personality contest of sorts, but there is a catch – you must present their
personality in the form of a ballad or poem consisting of 100 words or less
(see example in italics above). Your entry does not need to rhyme, but must
read rhythmically as though part of an oral tale. (Reminder: Naming
rules for familiar species are the same as those for Sentinels.)

Entries close at 11:59:59 pm PST on January 31st.

[ Click Here to Enter! ]

From the Hearth
Storytelling Contest

User Image
[1] Sentinel Female - Bell. [2] Weaver - Bell.

The old Sentinel of the Cliffs says,
“The eastern winds bring ash and rage,
And furrowed tooth and gaping maw,
Once the Splinter breaks its cage,
Run, or it will strip you raw.”

This Sentinel and Weaver pair have hailed from the farthest reaches of the Northern Cliffs, and it shows:
her hide is decorated with bird-bone and stained with red-stone and her claws are meant for gripping. Like all Sentinels,
she has seen and heard of monstrous tales of the Hearth, but unlike most Sentinels, she has met these tales and fled.

This is a storytelling contest, in which you must narrate a myth or legend about a monster of the Hearth.
The winner will receive the pair above and also have their story incorporated into official Hearthside lore.

[ To see official rules and enter, head to the guild! ]

Eastern Winds Bring
RP Prompt Response

User Image
[1] Juvenile - Kami.

This young Sentinel is quite the rambunctious little creature! Life is tough in the
unforgiving world of Hearthside, but against the odds, this Sentinel has managed to reach
adolescence more or less unscathed. However, all of that is about to change...

This is a prompt response contest, in which you must give this Sentinel a name, gender, and
a short personality, in additional to answering one of two prompts given. The winner will be judged
on relevance to the prompt, creativity, and mastery of language. There is a bonus to this contest:
the winner will receive 1 - 2 scar edits that reflect the events of their story, should they so choose!

[ To see official rules and enter, head to the guild! ]

Back to Hearthside
Adult Sentinel Speed Flatsale

User Image
[1] Swamp Female - Eauo. [2] Crackle Female - Bell. [3] Storm Male - Eauo. [4] Molten Male - Bell.

These Sentinels are hastily making their way back to Hearthside after
running into some very aggressive prey on the banks of the Northern Cliffs...

Speed Flatsale:
January 25 @ 4:00 pm PST

[1] This is a speed flatsale, which means whoever post firsts will win. We will
wait a little to let the posts settle before declaring official winners.

[2] You may proxy for one other person, but their entry must be in a separate post.

[3] Use the form to post, otherwise your post will not count!

[4] There will be a 5 minute silence period where no posts will be allowed, announced by the
mule before the flatsale officially starts. These rules will be posted before the flatsale as well.

[5] Payment is 6k and due to the shop mule within 48 hours or the Sentinel will be rehomed.

Follow the Riverpath
Adult Sentinel Flaffle

User Image
[1] Bandit Female - Eauo. [2] Feather Female - Bell. [3] Spotted Female - Kami.
[4] Red Male - Kami. [5] Green Male - Bell. [6] Pale Male - Eauo.

These Sentinels have followed the groundlings and weavers past the cliffs to the Riverpath,
curious about these new creatures that have invaded their lands. Those groundlings sure look tasty…

Flaffle Details:
Flaffle Begins – January 27 @ 12:00 am PST
Flaffle Ends – January 30 @ 8:00 pm PST

[1] Please use the given code to post, or we might miss your entry!

[2] You may proxy for one other person, but their entry must be in a separate post.

[3] Payment is 6k and due to the shop mule within 48 hours of winner announcement.

[4] If you do not specify a preference and you win, you will be automatically moved to the bottom of the list.

Shaking the Prey
Advertising Contest

User Image
[1] Sentinel Male - Bell. [2] Groundling - Bell.

This Sentinel has found a friend – much to his chagrin.
Perhaps he shouldn’t have tried feeding the Groundling.

Advertising Contest Details:

[1] Advertising Begins – January 18 @ 12:00 am PST
[2] Advertising Ends – January 31 @ 10:00 pm PST

Advertising Contest Information:

[1] For every day that you have one of our banners in your signature,
you can claim a daily ticket by posting the code below.

[2] You must have the signature in your banner for the full day - we will be checking!

[3] Winners will be determined by random number generator.

Daily Ticket Code:

[color=#994E5A][size=16] [USERNAME] is claiming advertising ticket # [NUMBER]! [/size][/color]

Advertising Banners:

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The_Great_Book_Wyrm - 12
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