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Many, many years have passed since the human race was decimated by an unknown plague. A new world has grown from the rubble of the old. The Herla, an evolved and mutated race of deer, is taking their first steps as a sentient species. Helping them along the way are the Guardians; shadows of people like you and me that once lived in the bustling metropolis now known only as The Dead City. The Guardians guide the protect their Herla, reaching across the bindings of death to offer advice and lead them away from the mistakes humanity made so long ago.

Nothing lasts forever, and it is said that the fall of the human race was too quick for more than a whimper. A plague, perhaps crafted by man's own hand, perhaps a punishment from some vengeful god for mankind's arrogance, swept the globe snuffing out the life of every human young and old with its deadly touch. Purged of their inhabitants, cities crumbled and in time became overgrown with vegetation and wildlife. Forests and fields flourished as Nature reclaimed what had once been hers. The world healed and grew green again, once more ripe for the rise of an intelligent species.

The Herla was once a simple family of deer that made their home in the forest and on the plains that bordered the ruins of what would later be known only as the Dead City. Young bucks and other wanderers brought home radiation from the seeping nuclear powerplant to the east and with it mutation after mutation. The Herla grew larger, smarter. They learned to eat meat as well as plants and flourished, moving north to settle the desolate mountains at the edge of their quiet wood and south to populate the beaches and deltas that framed the sea. The Herla Clans grew and evolved, and a new race was born.

As time passed, the Herla divided into Clans, the most prominent of these being the Mountain, Forest and Delta Herla. In a year of drought where tensions ran high Vivale, first High King of the Herla, united the three Clans under his rule. Vivale had a special gift. His pale red eyes could see through the veil of this world and into the next. He met a ghost, a shadow of a woman from the Old Times who told of the events that had occurred to bring about the fall of the human race. Her name was Odelia, and she had lived in the Dead City when it had been a lively, beautiful place. King Vivale and Odelia became the dearest of friends. Together they formed a plan that would shape the destiny of the Herla for all time. Odelia's old human companions, other shades and echoes of lives long ended, would aid the Herla as long as they needed it. They would act as guides and protectors, offer them advice and understanding, and lead them away from the mistakes that humanity had made so long ago.

Will you help this fledgling species?
Will you become a Guardian?

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We're hiring! We're currently looking for loads and loads of new colorists, so stop on by our hiring thread and check it out!

The rules for the profile approval process has changed. Please be aware of that when posting for approves of future Herla. You may find all the details about regarding those changes in the Profile Approval Rules. Profiles are and forever will be required for formal in guild roleplay, that will never change, but we hope this makes it easier and more enjoyable for everyone to roleplay their Herla.

Please excuse our dust as we're in the process of reorganizing, reworking and strengthening the core of our shop. Help us out by voting in our poll or leaving a suggestion in our suggestion thread.

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Above all, be respectful of your moderators, the staff, and your fellow shop members. Behind those pixels is a person, remember that. Do not be rude, coarse, or unkind. Do not complain, bully, guilt-trip or cheat. Do not steal art. Do not mock or debase anyone because of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or political standing. Conduct yourself like a proper Guardian.
Per Gaia Online rules, all conversation and activity (including but not limited to RP) must maintain a PG-13 rating as defined by the MPAA. Look at it this way, if you wouldn't say it to a complete stranger or your younger cousins/siblings/etc. then you shouldn't say it here.
If any member of staff feels that a topic of conversation is too inflammatory and ask you to stop talking about something, even if it is not covered by the rules, you must stop talking about it and drop the subject.
Just be a nice and friendly guardian, really that's all we ask.
Overall what the staff says is law. If there are any problems you may bring it up with someone that you are comfortable with that is on staff and the issue will be resolved.
Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the staff.

The Rights and Rules of Guardians

A Guardian may bond with as many Herla as he or she wishes, provided that said Guardian can show proper attention to each Herla.
A maximum of two Guardians can bond to one Herla provided that both Guardians involved agree to share the bond. (A co-owning agreement will need to be made before the herla is certed)
Once a bond is formed with a Herla, that bond cannot be traded or transferred to another Guardian. The bond can only be broken under the most extreme of circumstances and the abandoned Herla will be found a new Guardian at Guardian Odelia's discretion. You may not resell a pet or its offspring. Unwanted Herla will be either given away in free contests, donated back to the shop for auctions or paid raffles, or given as gifts at the guardian's discretion.
RP is not mandatory, but is encouraged because it will advance the storyline, unlock new areas, Herla breeds, familiars and items as well as reward Guardians with nifty prizes and perks.
All Guardians must show proper respect for both other Guardians and their Herla. They must follow the Clan Laws as shown on the Stone Tablets. Any Guardian that continues to break these simple rules after two warnings will be exiled from the Hartlands to the Dead City and all of its surrounding lands and will not be allowed to return.
Do not beg for free Herla, or try to guilt someone into giving you one. Active members are more than likely to gain one eventually, and good newbies are usually donated to.
In order to RP your herla, as well as breed your herla, you must have it certed. If your herla is not yet full grown, you do not have to include a temperament or title. That can be added later in the adult stage, but please note, our master certists and colorists are in charge of titles, the guardian does not need to worry about choosing one.

Roleplay Rules
First and foremost, we highly support the Daisy Code! If you are unfamiliar with them, then please check out the link.
If you want in threadRP to count towards your RP perks, you must log that RP in the guild.
Be sure to format your RP title correctly when posting in the guild
If you want to rp somewhere other then what is considered a part of the hartlands, you must ask permission from Poisin Ivy Josephine first.
In-thread RPs should be kept light and unplotted. If a storyline begins to develop, or a certain group stays together for a while, please try to move the RP into a thread in the guild. It's easier to keep track of things there, and it frees clutter in the thread. Keep in mind, in-thread RP is loosely unofficial. If you want certain things to be completely official, take it to the guild/log it.


Black List

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If you have any questions, please PM Guardian Odelia.

Q: What if I want to RP a herla, but I can’t manage to get one just yet?
A: Here at H&H we allow our awesome members to RP concept herla. All you have to do is fill out the custom form and have it in your journal and there you go!

Q: Do concept herla RP count canonly once I acquire the herla?
A: Yes. Once you acquire the herla, put in for certing and you log it, it will count. But until you have the herla you can not log it. Nor can you RP in the guild.

Q: I wanna give my herla super cool awesome powers! Can I please? Huh! Can I?
A: Powers are allowed, but all powers must first be approved by staff <3

Q: That Queen Maya looks pretty cool… I think I want a herla that’s all white with pink or red eyes!
A: Sorry Charlie, only herla royalty may have those attributes, so you no can has.

Q: What if I want my herla to have come in contact with the last remaining humans on the face of the earth? Is that be allowed.
A: No, all humans are dead. No herla has ever seen a human in the flesh. Paintings and statues, however, are a different story.

Q: How do I get permission to RP somewhere out of the Hartlands?
A: You must send Poisin Ivy Josephine a pm asking her permission and giving her details why it is necessary, if she tells you no then please respect that. If your herla comes from somewhere other then the hartlands, you must get that approved as well.

Q: That herla that’s missing it’s hinds legs and has some floating stuff instead… can I do that?
A: Edits to hooves and legs can only be done on front legs (Unless it is elongating the legs). The only exception to this are special event herla, or herla that come from a breeding where a parent has those traits.

Q: I've see some people with familiars that aren’t normal for the shop… How do I get one of those?
A: If you want to give your herla a completely original familiar, then the herla must have 15 completed (15 posts or more) guild RP's. Please also talk to the colorist you’re thinking of having doing it, just to make sure they can make this possible before you start amassing RP's.

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Deep Forest - The original home of the Herla. This beautiful redwood forest is full of massive trees, lush vegetation and several small, lovely glens where most Herla make their home. This is a serene place, peaceful and pure.

Icefall Mountains - This frozen forest of dead trees and rocky cliffs is where the long furred Mountain Herla originate from. It is a harsh and chilling place where few Herla visit and even fewer live.

Wide Plains - A large field of tall grass and few trees, this is a place made for both frolicking and hunting. The occasional junked car or decaying house interrupts the sea of grass and makes for a fun (albeit rather unsafe) hide away for fawns to play, and the lake to the west is a great place for fishing or swimming.

Meadow Lake - This is where the Herla go to swim, play in the water, and fish. The banks of this lake, as well as the meadow to the southeast, are perfect places to take a loved one on a picnic. Many of the Herla events and festivals are held here.

Wildflower Meadow - A sunny, cheerful meadow that separates Meadow Lake and Whiterock Beach. This is the place to be for critter catchers and collectors, as there is an abundance of flowers, beetles, butterflies, and all sorts of creepy crawlies that live under rocks. A favorite for fawns as well as the young at heart.

The Delta - Delta Herla are a strange bunch. Since they live closer to the Swamplands and the Power Plant than most, they are more prone to mutations. Many of the Herla who live in this lush, marshy area are almost amphibious. Many Herla tell their children to avoid this place because of the bogs, hidden sinkholes and strange carnivorous reptiles that live there. If you are familiar with Delta life, however, it can be a fun and wonderful place to explore.

Swamplands - Close to the Power Plant, this is a wild, dangerous place. Fawns and young Herla are strictly forbidden from entering the Swamplands, and there is a patrol guarding the place to keep them out. Adult Herla sometimes explore the area in small groups, looking for strange fruit, creatures or artifacts.

The Dead City - Coming Soon!

Whiterock Beach - Coming Soon!

Also see Geography of the Herla World

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Forest Herla - The most common Clan of Herla. They have short fur, short tails and generally have average antlers. Wings are uncommon but not unheard of. Color can be of any shade.

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Mountain Herla - Recognized by their longer tails and fur, these Herla originate from the Icefall Mountains. They have tails of varying length, and tend to have horns rather than antlers. They often have protruding fangs. Color can be of any shade, though they tend towards earth tones and natural colors such as brown or green.

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Delta Herla - Exotic and beautiful, these Herla have smooth skin interrupted by clusters of scales and patches of silky fur. They tend to have long, mostly hairless tails and short, knobby antlers. Some have slitted nostrils like a snake or lizard and others have been known to have gills. Color can be of any shade, though most are either exceptionally vibrant or dull with camouflaging markings.

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Mutant Herla - A Herla whose parents have absorbed too much radiation will mutate to a point that they no longer fit into any Clan archetype. They can have any attribute of any of the Herla types, as well as ones that have never been seen before.

"There are Herla Clans out there that we have yet to make contact with and invite into our kingdom. There will be expeditions into unknown lands to search for these lost Clans. I will ask for volunteers when the time comes to join me on this adventure." Rolan says.

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Mions are clever little creatures that love shiny things. Their quick hands and human-like thumbs make them the perfect pet for the Herla. With a low telepathic connection to creatures they like, the Mion's are able to eventually understand the needs and wants of Herla and perform basic tasks, from retrieving hard-to-reach objects all the way to crafting things. Whether they'll actually do it or not is up to them.

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Gotlings first originated in the mountains, they're highly intelligent and are the only familiars that can speak. Albeit they aren't as smart as herla and mostly speak broken sentences, they can speak nonetheless.

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Information pending.

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Herla and familiar's are available through raffles, auctions, games and contests, as freebies or through customs and bribes.

The cost of a custom depends widely on the difficulty of the custom. More information in pricing can be found here. Customs are not always available, but for availability you may want to check the colorist journals that can be found Here

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It was once believed that Herla Breeding was only possible with a Fertility Potion. Potions could be bought from Roarke the Bear Trader, though he was often out of stock. It has been found that herla can in fact have fawns with out the aid of potions, although in order to have more then two fawns, the potion is still necessary.

Colorists are given a small amount of potions each month to give to couples they find worthy. Queen Maya has a large collection of Fertility Potions which she gives out as rewards for contests or exceptional RP, prizes for raffles, and sometimes just because she feels like it. Rarely, a Fertility Potion can be found when exploring a new area.

Female or male Herla can have children, so same sex couples are possible and once a Herla couple has conceived, they will search out a thicket to hide each fawn in once it is born. A Guardian will bond with the fawn and eventually ease it out into the open world. When a Guardian has chosen a thicket, he or she must name the fawn inside.

Offspring grow at a steady rate, with a week between birth and fawn stage, two weeks between fawn and yearling stage, and three weeks from yearling to adult.

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Roarke the Bear Trader and his two daughters Rosalie and Bellasaia travel all over the map with their small crew of craters and artisans collecting strange and exciting things to sell. Clothing and accessories from the Dead City tailored to fit any beast by the seamstress Jenna and the tinker Tilnn, potions crafted by the Alchemist of the Bear King himself, strange fruits from the broken lands east of the Powerplant, and various paints and dyes collected from the western desert and skillfully applied by the talon Kora. If you are wounded, the talented healer Nara will bandage your hurts or heal them with exotic remedies until they are simply scars. Roarke and his caravan are currently traversing the globe to bring you new items, so keep an eye out for his visit!

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All affiliate requests should be PMed to Guardian Odelia.
At this time we only accept B/C Shops and Art Shops with banners that 200x40 or 88x31 in size.

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Creator, Artist and Herla God: Kaiven
Owner, RP Master, Colorist: Poisin Ivy Josephine
Full-time Colorists:
Part-Time Colorists: Insanity_Of_The_loveless, Gomeric
Guest Colorists: Momo, ShiPom, Sesshy552
Master Certist/Herla Historian: Purplerosesbeauty
Thread Manager, Event Organizer: Thy Reaper
Lines, Thread Art, Lore: Kaiven
Founders: Kaiven, Patmos of Endtimes, SolarOccultation, LoveWaffles

Should you ever have a question, complaint or concern that you need taken care of directly, you may contact any of the current staff that you are comfortable with and they will do their best to take care of you.

Graphic Artist: phoenixbasilisk of feather & fangs
Stock images: Thy Reaper and Google Earth
Coding: Thy Reaper

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