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We are Hiring Pixelists. Visit the thread to submit your application.


Yes, that's right. There is a whole town for these guys to live in. You can visit it here. Owners are strongly urged to join. There is a 50g one time fee for joining.

Gloopville: Offical Forum

Coming Soon!! An OFFICAL forum for Gloopville. Now you can RP and earn points to buy collectable items. And much, much more!!

Gloops Club on AIM

If you'd like to get frequent updates and the latest scoop on the newest items before they are released, open up AIM and add "Gloops Club" to your buddy list today! Be sure to leave an IM or e-mail so that we can be sure to add you to our buddy list. We have chat groups, discussions, games, and more!

Your Questions Answered

{Q} Can I have two or more gloops in one home?
{A} The number of Gloops you may have in a home is dependant upon the size of your house. 1-2 Rooms, 1 Gloops. 3-4 Rooms, 2 Gloops. 5-6 Rooms, 3 Gloops. 7+ Rooms 4 Gloops. No more than 4 Gloops may live in a house. Keep this in mind when you breed your Gloops and want to keep any of the eggs.

{Q} What happens if I buy a gloop, but have no room for him in my house?
{A} Then he will be in a field (much like the yards, but without stairs). You'll need to order a home quickly before your gloop falls victim to the elements and dies. (Oh nos!)

{Q} What if I buy a house for him? Do I keep this field?
{A} No. Sorry. The house will be built in that spot.

{Q} What if I don't want a house there?
{A} Then your gloop will never hatch and will die. Sorry, but after much thought, I decided houses are a must. This excludes Freebie Gloops or Limiteds as they don't grow and can't breed.

{Q} What happened with the v2 and v1 style homes?
{A} v1 was completely retired, and v2 was made over. If you have v1 or v2 homes, you may upgrade to a v3 home free. You can only get as many rooms as you had on your previous home, and similar amount of furniture and decor. Some items were retired, so we will offer you to pick another item.

{Q} If I don't want an item any more, can I get rid of it and get something else?
{A} Yes. You can sell it back to us at half the price you paid (rounded up). So if you paid 5g for an item, and don't want it any more, you can sell it to us for 3g. (5 x .5 = 2.5) You will actually be REFUNDED, as in we will send you your money back (either from Gary or Karel Godiva Cherry).

{Q} Can I keep building my house up/out?
{A} Yes, you just tell me where you want the add on's, but keep in mind the image limit for signatures. If it gets too big, you'll have to display it else where.

{Q} How long does it take for each stage to pass?
{A} Sometimes a week. Sometimes a little longer. And sometimes less. We aren't really sure. They just seem to come when they are ready. smile

{Q} Can I send a HEX code or pallet for the colors I want?
{A} Yes, you can, however we do NOT guarantee that the colors will be EXACTLY how you want. But we will get it as close as we can.

{Q} My Gloop is a boy/girl. Can I put girl/boy hair on it?
{Q} Yes, you may cross dress your Gloop. Items are only seperated by gender for organizational purposes. Keep in mind, though, that Gloops are heterosexual. No boy-boy or girl-girl couples. We have nothing against such things RL, but for our little world, it's just simpler this way.

{Q} Are custom gloops still extra if I get a package deal?
{A} Yes, unless stated otherwise.


Freebies are only available for a limited time. So get yours NOW!! Before they are gone!!

User Image

User Image

Save Freebies to your OWN image host. Kthxbie!
General Rules
[1] Do not steal, modify, or reuse any of my stuff for any of your stuff!
[2] Even though Gloops are for Gaia, feel free to post them on your personal website, but link back to this thread thread!!!
[3] PLEASE!!! Do -not- PM your orders!!
[4] PLEASE!!! Try to remember to put the page and post #'s that your order is on in your trade title. It makes things a LOT easier for me!
[5] You may only direct link until your Gloop becomes and adult. After that, use Photobucket to host your images. I won't keep them in mine forever! And even if I do, I'd like to keep my bandwidth LOW.
[6] Send your trade AFTER you have posted your order.
[7] BE PATIENT!!!! I do have a life off the computer, you know!!!
[8] If you change your user name, I -will- edit it for 50g.
[9] You don't like my rules, then go away.
[10] No flaming.
[11] No spamming.
[12] Bumping welcomed.
[13] If you have a question, ask it in the thread. If no one answers in two days, you may then PM me your question. But read the FAQ first!!! All questions (asked so far) are there!
[14] No you can not be my friend to get on the mailing list. That's Gary's job. Be his friend. razz

Flatsale Rules
[1] Send trade as soon as you post your order.
[2] Title your Trade!!! "Order on page ##" is VERY helpful!!
[3] First come, first serve.

Speed Sale Rules
[1 Do not post until you see GOGOGO in big RED letters.
[2] Do NOT send trade until your purchase is approved.
[3] Title your trade.
[4] First come, first serve.

Auction Rules
[1] No Whinning!
[2] No bid retracting

Raffle Rules
[1] Only one raffle ticket per customer, unless otherwise stated.
[2] Yes you can pick any available number.
[3] Yes you can have me pick a number for you.
[4] No you cannot get tickets for your friends.
[5] Yes I will PM you if you win.

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Link to us
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I promise to pretty this all up.. I just got to figure out how I want it to look.. x.x
Original base by Shattered Enchantment, who's site is no longer available.

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