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Wheezing Explorer

They'd probably start complaining about how its not canon and blabla :y Since the character Jayfeather couldn't become a leader.
My friend's little sister adores those books.
Exactly. :u
I need to catch up on them sometime, I think I'm a few behind.
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Eloquent Explorer

XD Such sillyness to be annoyed by. I'm not sure if it would be a book I would be interested in reading or not. I like a wide range of stuff so who knows.
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I haven't read the Warriors books at all. How are they?
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Wheezing Explorer

The series varies xD This is all my personal opinion, but~
The first arc was amazing, the second arc was also amazing, the third was COMPLETELY POINTLESS like seriously you can just skip that and you won't really miss anything, and the fourth is looking pretty good so far. :u

There's also (currently) three side-stories that cover events that took place between arcs, or that were referred to but never shown. And there's a small comic book series, too. xD

Although on the subject of Jayfeather canonically not being able to be a leader, its not like anything else of the Warrior Code is followed anymore :I;; so who knows...
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Calculated Gekko

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That sounds like a lot of cats. O.o
Only other series I've read with that many books is the Dragon Lance series.
I think I'll give the Warriors a shot, though. I need to read something other than textbooks.
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Eloquent Explorer

I think the series I've read with the most books would be Dragon riders of Pern.
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Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart-♥

♥-You're gonna catch a cold
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So don't come back for me
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Yay shop. owo
Yeah it's totally possible for Jayfeather to become leader, considering the Warrior code issue and all. :T;; Every rule's been broken more than once.

I'm kind of amused by all the Sparkle!Clancats you can find on DA, though. Why would your cat ever have a purple/green/blue tail, red/black emo hair and little floaty wings? And I know it's apprentice wants to be just like him, but why does it have a Pokeball bowtie and arm warmers? D:
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Revel1984's Husband

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*Peeks in*

I read the first book in the first series, because my younger sis had it. That's as far as my Warriors knowledge goes.

I <3 Dragon Riders of Pern.
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Wheezing Explorer

roargh. my computer just. died. x_x HAI GAIS. Sorry for poofing.
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Shameless Man-Lover

/doesn't know anything about subject at hand.

Stays quiet. ^^
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Calculated Gekko

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*is also uneducated in the way of the cats and Warrior code*
Seems interesting, though.

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