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For myself I hold no preferences among flowers, so long as they are wild, free, spontaneous...
-Edward Abbey

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    November 17th, 2012 :: The shop is officially out of Hiatus, and we have a new species! Everyone welcome the Mountain Phoxes, and activity back into the shop!
    October 18th, 2012 :: Kind of an ironic announcement considering the last two; the Greenhouse is now officially on hiatus. The staff is just too swamped with real like and there's some things behind the scenes that need to be sorted out, so we've decided the best course of action is to just take a break for a bit. We do plan on reopening in the future; if the shop ends up closing permanently or being sold, an announcement will be made. :3 Thank you for the business so far and we hope you'll stick with us in to the future.
    July 1st, 2012 :: Revival x2 combo -- The Gaian Items event is now open and running, with over 80 pets up for grabs! What are you reading the news posts for? Go participate!
    January 22nd, 2012 :: The Opening Event was a success! Thank you to everyone who participated and to the staff, and congratulations to everyone who won a phox!
    December 25th, 2011 :: ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE the Greenhouse lives! hopefully!!

    Sorry for the extended hiatus; by which I mean complete and utter death of the shop. All of the staffers got swamped with the new school year and work. However, things have calmed down a bit and we hope to get the shop up and running again, for you all to enjoy. (B Thank you for your patience!

    May 31, 2011 :: Congrats to Pixel-x-Bunny and Yami no Sakura, our new staff!
    May 31, 2011 :: The shop is officially open!

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    General Rules

    Follow the Gaian ToS.
    -This should be obvious.
    Do not claim any art as your own.
    -Give credit where credit is due!
    Be respectful.
    -Disrespect will not be tolerated.
    Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
    -Mistakes and the like can be looked over, but no chatspeak or similar, please.
    Do not start drama in the thread or guild.
    -This will not be tolerated. Greylisting will occur.
    Don't harass any staff.
    -If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask! But please don't pester anyone.

    Customs and Breeding Rules

    -See Individual Posts for Customs and Breedings-

    Roleplay Rules

    You are not required to roleplay your Chlorophox. Roleplay is, however, the best way to gain an Elder or God/dess, and it can bring other perks, too!

    Proper Typing.
    -See above.
    No God-modding or Power-playing.
    -This goes for normal, winged, or God/dess Chlorophoxes.

    Activity Incentives

    If you're in the shop often and are friendly and helpful, you may earn "points" towards special rewards or perks. You can read all of the rules and information here.

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    Grey List

    Users on the Grey List are essentially on probation. You are not allowed to participate in events, customs, or breedings. You are still welcome in the thread, however.

    no one here!

    Black List

    Users on the Black List are banned permanently from the shop. Pets will not be taken away unless the owner wishes them rehomed.

    Also no one! Let's keep this empty too!

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    Q What are the Chlorophoxes?
    A Enchanted foxes that have plant-like characteristics and are born from magical leaves. They have chlorophyll in their blood, and can survive on only sunlight and water! Neat, huh?

    Q Can I have one for free?!
    A There might be contests where you can get one for free, and sometimes kind users will give away leaves from their breedings. Don't beg, though. :3

    Q What forms of payment are accepted?
    A As of now, Gold and Items, depending on the event/colourist. Depending on certain things, USD may be accepted at later times.

    Q Can we co-own?
    A We will allow it if the pet is obtained through an auction; otherwise, co-owning shouldn't be necessary. If troubles arise from this, though, the privilege will be taken away!

    Q How long will it take my Phox to grow?
    A Average growth rate for Chlorophoxes is around one week to unfold from the leaf, and another week to grow into an adult. Hey, they're part plant; they grow quickly! Some may be faster or slower than others, though, as is natural in life.

    Q How do I tell what sex my leaf is? Or if it will have wings?!
    A You don't. ;D Unless the gardener decides to be nice and tell you.

    Q What all benefits does roleplay provide?
    A Depending on the situation, roleplay can get you more kits in a litter, or an Elder, God, or Goddess!

    Q Do you do pet trades?
    A All colourists have the option to once their monthly quota is planned/filled, though some may not wish to. Check the individual colourists' information and contact them if you're interested!

    Q I don't want my Phox anymore; can I give it to someone else?
    A Only if you have a good reason, and you must follow certain procedures. Flat-out not wanting the pet anymore is NOT a good reason; if you're leaving Gaia and would rather the Phox have an active home, that's doable. If you end up wanting to rehome a Phox, ask for more information.

    Q What about selling my Phox?
    A Absolutely not allowed. If we find you doing this, you will be blacklisted immediately, and the Phox in question will be put up for adoption.

    Q How can I get an Elder, God, or Goddess?
    A Occasionally they will be offered in events as auction pets. However, the main way for you to obtain one of these grand Phoxes is through Ascension/Descension events, where you and your Phox will have various tasks to complete. The winning Phox or two will be blessed by the Goddess and attain their new form. More information will come later...

    Q Have a question you want answered?
    A Ask in thread!

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    Awhile back, a bustling city stood dark and grim on the horizon. It was bleak and devoid of plant life, save for the rare timid garden box someone tried to cultivate on their apartment balcony. The citizens of the city weren't exactly happy about it, but they didn't know what they could do; there was no room for trees, flowers didn't do so well in the city atmosphere, and grass... well, grass was grass.

    One day, a young man moved into the city, taking up residence in an old factory building that had been disused. The cityfolk found his choice of quarters strange, but they weren't going to judge him for it, they decided. It was his choice. Though they couldn't help but wonder, what did he need all that space for?

    Their answer came one day, when the morning commuters spotted the young man outside of his strange home, with a number of fluffy creatures and a sign that read "Clear Your Air and Your Stress; Eco-friendly Pets for the Busy Businessman". One accountant approached the makeshift booth, and was greeted with a smile and the sound of yipping as the young animals grew excited.

    Confused, he turned to the young man, and asked, "Sir, may I inquire as to what it is you have here?"

    He stood from his seat and walked over to the bundle of furry creatures, picking one up and holding it out to the accountant. "These, my friend, are the answer to you and your neighbors' troubles." He put on a salesman's face, which the accountant easily recognized. "Your city is a grey mess of smog and pollution. The conditions make it impossible to grow plants, however much you need them... however! I am happy to show you your solution." He plopped the tiny kit in the other man's hands. "These, my friend, are Chlorophoxes. The size of a dog, all the air-cleaning benefits of a healthy shrub, and the loving companionship everyone desires." He raised one finger for each of his points. "Plus, they don't need anything but an open window and a bowl of water to stay healthy."

    The accountant inspected the animal he was holding. It was small and fox shaped, as the name implied. It looked completely normal; he couldn't tell anything extraordinary about it. It seemed perfectly happy to roll about in his hands, bathed in sunlight. "How can you expect me to believe this little thing could clean the air or whatever? Its just a baby fox," he asked. While he wasn't sure he believed the young man's sales pitch, he couldn't deny the kit was adorable.

    "Take her home," the young man said. "Keep her in your house or apartment for a few days, maybe a week, and tell me you don't see an improvement." He crossed his arms and gave a knowing smirk, as if he knew what the result of this would be. "You can take her home for free; if she does the job, make sure you come back and help me convince the rest of these guys," he gestured widely to the city around him.

    He didn't have anything to lose, the accountant figured, so he carefully carried the Phox back to his apartment. He opened a window, set out a bowl of cold water and, just in case, a plate with a small variety of vegetables and some canned chicken. He then hurried off to work.

    User Image

    Much to his and his neighbors' surprise, the Phox, whom he had named Diana, never ate a thing aside from occasionally sneaking a bite of various fruits or vegetables; she never seemed to feel hunger, but more of a simple enjoyment of the tastes and textures. As she grew, the accountant could tell the air in his apartment was getting crisper and cleaner. It was hard for him to believe, but... it looked like the salesman was right. Those creatures of his really could clean the air on nothing but sun and water. So he hooked Diana up on a leash and took her for a walk, keeping up his end of the deal; he was going to go provide testimonial for the Phox's abilities.

    He was met with another surprise on the way to the warehouse-turned-"greenhouse". As he was leading Diana out the front door of his apartment, she turned to face him and chirped in a cheery bark, "Where we goin'?" The accountant couldn't do anything but gawk in utter shock as Diana then paced around him asking what was wrong. Well, he had another thing to tell the young man, apparently... those Phoxes of his could speak.

    User Image

    Years have passed since the young man came to the city; with the help of his first customer and Diana, the cityfolk became convinced of the Phoxes abilities and gladly took them into their homes. Phoxes are all over the city now, some with owners, and some without. The young man has since moved on to other cities, spreading the Gospel of Chlorophox, but the disused warehouse he moved into originally still stands and houses a Chlorophox adoption agency. The building itself contains many rooms and amenities for the Phoxes, including a large yard with "normal" trees.

    It never occured to the cityfolk to ask where these creatures came from... while the entire time, the origin of the Phoxes stood by, watching as her children of sorts brought happiness into the cityfolks' lives. The great angel-winged forest spirit name Vitaliy loved nothing more than seeing the happiness the Phoxes brought to everyone. And happiness they certainly did bring.

    User Image

    For more information about the city of New Brookfield, where the shop takes place, visit the guild for a map and info about any major landmarks.

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User Image

    User Image

    The Chlorophoxes are, for appearance purposes, normal foxes. They have pointed snouts and ears, vaguely cat-like bodies, and bushy tails. There isn't much sexual dimorphism; that is, the males and females mostly look the same. Its their internal processes that make them unique, however. Their blood contains high levels of chlorophyll, and their fur hairs are thinner than most animals. This combination allows sunlight to reach their skin and be absorbed by their body, where it is turned into nutrition along with water. The Phoxes then breathe out clean air.

    The pollutants they may "ingest" don't tend to cause any problems; however, the Phoxes can get sick if they don't have enough water or are in a particularly smoggy area.

    Oddly enough, over time, a couple varieties of Phoxes evolved; creatures with either feathered bird-like wings, webbed bat-like wings, or mountain-suited bodies. The cause for this is unknown. The winged Phoxes are able to fly, but they can't carry too much more than their own weight.

    Obtaining an Angelic, Demonic, or Mountain Phox is mostly up to chance; when the Phoxes are still hiding in leaf form, its impossible to tell what breed it will be when it emerges.

    You can read more about the different Phox breeds Here!

    User Image

    Phoxes that have lived for a long time or that have gone through many trials in their lives may suddenly begin growing again. The process of this growth includes the sprouting of antlers that resemble tree branches, and, for females, the growth of the fur on their heads until it resembles hair.

    Winged Phoxes that have grown to this size will maintain their flying abilities, and will be able to carry much more with their larger wings. Their carrying ability varies, but so far the cap seems to be about twice their own weight.

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User Image


    Prices for flatsales are as follows:
    Adult: 4k
    Kit: 5k
    Leaf: 6k

    Proxying is fine, as long as you state which Phox is for you and which is for the other person.

    Payment is due at the time of claiming. If no trade is sent within 24 hours and you haven't given a reason, the Phox will be put back up for adoption.


    Auctions will start at a 10k bid, with an AB varying on what kind of Phox is up for grabs. Winged Phoxes will have higher AB's than normal Phoxes, etcetera.


    Raffles will usually contain more than one Phox. Tickets cost 100g, and depending on the raffle, there may or may not be a ticket limit.


    Games will have varying rules and requirements. Information will be included with every game that is run. Make sure you read it all when the time comes!

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User Image

    If you don't want mother nature to have her way in deciding what your Phox looks like, we have the technology to completely surpass the natural process and produce something to your specifications.

    One of the gardeners can easily take a few plants and splice some genetics for you, making the Phox of your dreams~ it will cost you a bit more, however, as some pretty expensive equipment can be involved in the process... and the winged Phoxes, due to their mysterious origins, are a bit harder to manage, too...

    The cost of a custom depends heavily on how much work you want done on the future Phox and what species it'll be. Read on for more information!

    Along with all of these options, you can also opt for your Custom to start at the Kit stage for an extra 5k, or the Leaf stage for an extra 10k.

    Un-Winged Chlorophoxes

    Random: Owner chooses two colours, we do the rest!
    Price: 30k
    Semicustom: Owner chooses a gender and three colours.
    Price: 50k
    Custom: Owner chooses everything, but no edits!
    Price: 100k
    Minor Edited: Owner chooses everything and can have minor edits like jewelry, hair, etc
    Price: 300k
    Major Edited: Owner chooses everything and can have major edits, like clothing, weapons, etc
    Price: 500k

    Winged and Mountain* Chlorophoxes
    *Be sure to check the currently availability of Mountain Phoxes before ordering.

    Random: Owner chooses two colours, we do the rest!
    Price: 60k
    Semicustom: Owner chooses a gender and three colours.
    Price: 100k
    Custom: Owner chooses everything, but no edits!
    Price: 200k
    Minor Editted: Owner chooses everything and can have minor edits like jewelry, hair, etc
    Price: 400k
    Major Editted: Owner chooses everything and can have major edits, like clothing, weapons, etc
    Price: 600k

    Cosplay Chlorophoxes

    Cosplay Phoxes are currently being reexamined and more information will come soon.

    Elder/God/dess Chlorophoxes

    Only available through special events.

    Custom Order Form
    [b]Owner's Name:[/b]
    [b]Custom Type/Price:[/b]

    [b]Phox's Name:[/b]

    [b]Fur Colour:[/b]
    [b]Eye Colour:[/b]
    [b]Inner Ear Colour:[/b]
    [b]Wing Colour:[/b] (if applicable)

    [b]Reference Images:[/b]
    [b]Anything Else:[/b]

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User Image

    Has your Phox found that special someone, and is ready to settle down and start a family? Or are they just looking for a quick fling with some (possibly unfortunate) results? Well, when two Phoxes love each other veeery much.. or maybe not at all...

    Breeding Rules
    -Only adults can breed.
    -Because no physical reproduction is involved, same-sex couples are perfectly able to breed.
    -Any kind of Phox can breed with any other kind, and the kits will be a mix of the parents' species.
    -Elder/God/dess Phoxes can breed with normal or winged Phoxes, though the chance of getting an Elder/God/dess kit is VERY low, next to none. You may get lucky, though...
    -There is no limit to how many times your Phox can breed; this may change.
    -Phoxes can only breed once a month.
    -Phoxes do not need to be mated in order to breed. One-night Stands (ONS) are acceptable. Mated Phoxes may get benefits, however.
    -Elder/God/dess Phoxes may not be able to enter normal breeding slots; make sure you read all the info for the slots you're trying for.
    -The kits of Elder/God/dess Phoxes will be guarenteed to grow to the Elder/God/dess stage. Spiffy!

    Phox Litters range from 3 to 4 leaves. Elder/God/dess Phoxes can have litters of 2, sometimes 3, leaves. Each owner can only keep one kit, unless other circumstances- to be explained later- occur.

    Edits on the parents will pass down to the kits.

    Normal, Winged, and Mountain Phoxes: 20k
    Elder/God/dess Phoxes: 40k
    Elder/God/dess-Normal/Winged Couple: 30k

User Image
User Image

    To see if your Phox has been dropped off, check here: Drop-Offs

    If you're looking for the owner's list, look no further! Owner's List

    If you're in need of a cert or need to officially name your Phox, head on over to the Certing Thread.

    To check how many flower petals, flowers, clover leaves, and clovers you've gathered, check the Flower Garden and Clover Patch.

    On the chance you have a question or concern that you'd rather not make public, feel free to send Bucati a PM explaining the situation or question.

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User Image

    Name: Bucati
    Nicknames: Bu or Sam
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Position: Owner, Full Time Colourist
    Jobs: Anything needing to be done
    Likes: meow

    Name: Subpixels
    Nicknames: Pix, Pardi, Pixpan, etc
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Position: Manager, Colourist, Diplomat
    Jobs: Directing things, colouring and keeping the peace
    Likes: Red, books, Sherlock, Homestuck, Doctor Who, winter, writing, spots. And you, dear reader of the staff section.
    Dislikes: Things.

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    Want to affiliate with us? Send a PM to Galas Vitaliy with your banner code and we'll add you as long as you add us!

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    Sister Shop (Karoish Art)

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    Chlorophox lineart and templates by Karoish
    Angelic and Demonic edits made by Karoish
    Mountain edits made by Bucati
    Cert originally made by Bucati, but was made harderbetterfasterstronger by Cypran
    Banners were adapted out of the cert and use Phoxes coloured by Bucati

    Shop Concept is the intellectual property of Bucati.

    short post is short

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