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Greetings, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Lady Tokala and I am the priestess of this village. I also manage the adoption center here.
A few years ago I stumbled upon a tiny fox out in the mountains while I was looking for herbs. It was in terrible shape and after awhile of gentle coaxing I managed to pick it up and bring it home. After I nursed the little fox back to health I discovered that it could talk to me with telepathy. The little fox told me all about herself and I realized that I had stumbled upon a new species of magical creatures. The fox asked me to help her find good homes for the others of her kind, and so I founded the adoption center.
It has become a main attraction for visitors to my village and I have been doing very well finding good homes for all of the foxitini. Please, feel free to look around and if you see one you'd like come back and talk with me.


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March 21, 2011 - Wolfgrl13 has been hired as a full-time colorist!
March 1, 2011 - March is game month! See page 2 for more info.
February 14, 2011 - Valentines festivities have ended!
February 3, 2011 - Chinese New Year festivities have begun!
February 1, 2011 - Valentines festivities have begun!
January 1, 2011 - New thread has officially opened! Happy New Year!

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See this post? This is probably the most important post in this whole thread. Read it, memorize it, live by it. The staff reserve the right to ban you from the thread, guild and future events if any of these rules are broken. Although we would never take away your pets you will be unwelcome amongst our community and displayed on our blacklist as an example to other would-be trouble makers.

~ General ~
1. Do not steal the artwork
2. Abide by Gaia's Terms of Service
3. Please keep all content posted in the shop at a PG-16 level. Swearing is tolerated as long as it isn't excessive but take all questionable content to a private form of chat
4. Please ask in thread or via a PM to the mule before you PM any of the staff members. You may PM the mule at any time, if you need to speak with a certain staff member just put their name in the subject line
5. Please read through all of the information on the first two pages of this thread before you ask questions. The first page should answer any questions about the shop in general while the second page should answer any questions about events
6. Please direct link your pets if you want them to grow. If you would like to keep their younger stages in certed form you will need to save them to your own computer. Uncerted copies will be in the shop photobucket account and can be retrieved by staff at any time if requested in the proper guild thread
7. These pets are not roleplay required however those who do roleplay will receive special benefits such as: faster growths, shop discounts, and more kits from breedings.
8. Please remember to always send your trades to the mule (this account) or they will be canceled and returned to you and you will not receive your pet.

~ Obtainment Methods ~
For information regarding the methods used for obtaining pets from this shop please refer to the specified posts on the second page of this thread.

~ Roleplay ~
For information regarding roleplay guidelines please refer to the exploration and roleplay posts on the first page of this thread.

~ Breeding ~
For information regarding breeding guidelines please refer to the information and pricing thread.

~ Customs / Pet Trades / Bribes ~
For information regarding customs, pet trades and bribes please refer to the information and pricing thread.

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Feel free to PM the mule or Rian-chan with any questions you have regarding the shop.

So far there haven't been any questions.

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Our story begins during the middle of the Shadow Fall period. Prior to the Shadow Fall life had been peaceful for all of the creatures who resided on Aragashia, each species kept to their territory and did what was needed to survive. At the beginning of the Shadow Fall some species began to expand, declaring that they needed more land, more resources, in order to survive. Battles broke out across the land as other species fought to keep their territory, one of these species was the Foxitini. For decades battles were fought, sometimes the defenders were victorious, other times they were driven out of their territory and forced to seek shelter within other territories.

One hundred and fifty years after the first battles broke out the gods looked down upon their creation with despair. They had never meant for it to come to this and as they assessed the situation they realized that the only hope for Aragashia was the species known as Foxitini. They were small, but clever, and had so far managed to counter all attempts made by their enemies to force them out of their homes. With the decision made a god and goddess descended to Aragashia, they came to the Foxitini and spoke with the leaders of each of the tribes.
During the meeting many questions were asked before the leaders of the tribes agreed to the plan of the gods. As each fox agreed to the plan to save Aragashia they were transformed, they became the original foxes for all of the subspecies we know of now. They were granted to power to transform their own tribe members into the new subspecies if they so wished and were sent back to their tribes to tell them of the plan.

Returning to their kingdom in the skies the god and goddess watched over the Foxitini as they learned to control their new abilities and worked to train themselves for battle. Fifty more years passed and finally the Foxitini were ready, all of the tribes gathered together and went on the hunt for their enemies. A month passed before they reached the enemy camp, they arrived under the cover of darkness and a vicious battle ensued. Many lives were lost in the week long battle that followed but finally, after two hundred years of living in fear the Foxitini emerged victorious.

With their previous threat gone it became obvious that some of the subspecies could not coexist peacefully. The blessed and cursed tribes fought constantly, as did the fire and water tribes. It was decided that the tribes would split up, each going to a distant location of Aragashia. The Shadow Fall period was over and other creatures began to emerge from hiding, grateful to the Foxitini for saving them they formed partnerships and it was discovered that the partnering granted gifts to the Foxitini. Life was once again peaceful in Aragashia and the gods were pleased.

Centuries later the gods created a new species, humans, the humans formed small villages throughout Aragashia but Navikoro, conveniently located near the ocean, became their equivalent of a capital. I was born the daughter of the priest of Navikoro and as such my life had revolved around training to take over when my father retired. Around the same time that I became the head priestess I stumbled upon an injured Foxitini out in the wilderness. After nursing her back to health she explained to me the history of her kind and asked that I help her find homes for the Foxitini. I pondered about this for quite some time and came to the conclusion that this was part of my destiny. I opened up the adoption center and have been working to find homes for all of the Foxitini that come seeking my assistance since.

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There is a wide variety of foxitini sub-species out there but so far we've only been able to track down three of them. These three sub-species are the only ones currently available through the center and as we encounter other sub-species we will begin bringing them in as well.

~ Normal Foxitini ~
This sub-species of foxitini is by far the most common. They come in a wide variety of colors and some have special adaptations that make them stand out from the rest of the foxitini. These foxitini have the ability to communicate with other animals telepathically.

~ Blessed Foxitini ~
This sub-species of foxitini is more elusive than the rest, preferring to remain hidden in the mountains where they are safe from the threats of man-kind. Every once in awhile a few will come down into the village and allow themselves to be befriended by humans. These foxitini have been blessed by the gods, and are highly revered among the other species of foxitini, with the exception of the cursed foxitini who despise them. They have the ability to manipulate light and become invisible and some can even see the future.

~ Cursed Foxitini ~
This sub-species of foxitini is just as elusive as the blessed foxitini, preferring to remain hidden in caves or forests where they won't be disturbed by man. Once in awhile a few venture into the village and befriend humans. These foxitini have been cursed by the gods, and are feared by the other species of foxitini. They have the ability to manipulate shadows and become invisible.

~ Earth Foxitini ~
[info pending]

~ Water Foxitini ~
[info pending]

~ Fire Foxitini ~
[info pending]

~ Air Foxitini ~
[info pending]


There are many species of familiars that inhabit the world of the foxitini. Each species grants it's partner a special gift.

~ Rabbits ~
These familiars are very energetic and skittish, despite this they are the most common partners for foxitini. These friendly creatures will partner with all species except for water foxitini. They allow a 1,000g reduced breeding price.

~ Hawk ~
[info pending]

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We are looking for someone to draw us a map. Think it could be you? PM a sample of your work to Rian-chan.

A - Eyliss Mountains: This mountain range is always covered in snow, being the highest elevation in the region makes it quite cold and most avoid the range but it is said that the blessed foxitini make their homes in the caves scattered around the mountains.

B - Corvail Lake: This lake is huge and crystal clear, located between the Eyliss Mountains and their volcanic counterparts the Pyrazi Mountains it is home to the water foxitini and is often used as a gathering place for other species.

C - Pyrazi Mountains: This volcanic mountain range is always bubbling with activity although there hasn't been any major eruptions for the past 300 years it is always a possibility. On top of this the cursed foxitini are said to make their homes in the caves here. With this combination it's no wonder that few dare to come here.

D - Tivithan Desert: This desert surrounds the Pyrazi Mountain range and extends far to the south, only one oasis has ever been found here and as such it is quite difficult for foxitini to cross it's expanse. The fire foxitini make their homes here and they are said to dig dens into the sand.

E - Kalikoa Oasis: This oasis is found right in the middle of the Tivithan Desert. Surrounded by trees and shrubs and fed by an underground river it is the one place to find refreshment while traveling the desert.

F - Averly Fields: The fields cover a vast expanse of land reaching from the Tivithan Desert in the East to the Morikama Forest in the West. It is very windy here and the tall grasses provide excellent cover for normal and air foxitini.

G - Morikama Forest: This forest is huge, it touches the Eyliss Mountains to the NorthWest, Corvail Lake to the North and the Averly Fields to the East. The forest is home to many trees that are hundreds if not thousands of years old. It is home to the earth foxitini and even some normal foxitini who prefer the shelter of the trees to the open fields.

H - Village of Navikoro: This village is at the SouthWest of the region and is bordered by the Morikama forest to the North and East and the Burashi Ocean to the West and South. The village is home to all of the humans that live in the region as well as the foxitini they have adopted. In the center of the village is the home of Lady Tokala, their priestess, which also serves as the adoption agency for the foxitini.

I - Burashi Ocean: The ocean is huge and the port built by the villagers of Navikoro is how most people come to arrive at the village. It is said that some water foxitini have adapted to the salt water and moved from the lake to the ocean although there has never been a confirmed sighting here.

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[roleplay information goes here]

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Wondering when you'll have a shot at getting a foxitini? This post should give you a pretty good idea.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Auctions

Upcoming Raffles

Upcoming Flatsales

Upcoming Games

Upcoming Contests

Upcoming Custom Slots
Rian-chan: --
Kuro-Kasai: --
Wolfgrl13: --
Toadies_soarys: --

Upcoming Pet Trade Slots
Rian-chan: 1 OPEN SLOT
Kuro-kasai: --
Wolfgrl13: --
Toadies_soarys: --

Upcoming Breeding Slots
Rian-chan: 2 OPEN SLOTS! 1 Raffle, 1 Colorist's Choice
Kuro-kasai: --
Wolfgrl13: --
Toadies_soarys: --

Upcoming Bribe Slots
Rian-chan: 1 OPEN SLOT!
Kuro-kasai: --
Wolfgrl13: --
Toadies_soarys: --

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Our owner's list is actually a photobucket account since it is easier to keep up to date than a thread. If you're wanting to browse through all of the foxitini in existence you'll want to check it out.

[link coming soon]

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If you're looking for a certed image of your fox there is one place you are sure to find it regardless of whether it is a new fox or a growth, as long as you posted certing information at some point it will be found here once it's been done.

Cert Drop

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Rian-chan - Owner, Manager, Colorist, Certist
Workshop // Livestream
Hey there, I'm Rian-chan! I do a little bit of everything around here and I am always available for you to PM me if you have a question or concern. I spend most of my time on Gaia in the B/C forum and frequent quite a few shops while lurking in countless others. You will be seeing me around quite a bit and I hope to get to know all of you. Welcome to the Foxitini family!

Kuro-kasai - Colorist
Hey everyone!! I'm Kuro <3 I guess I'm a colorist here *gigglesnorts* I've been around for quite a while and I looooove coloring! Please don't be afraid to pm about anything Foxitini related, I'll get back to ya in no time. I frequent the B/C forums, but I have a favorite locations. I am usually a pretty friendly person and I hope to get to know you all! I try to poke around as much as possible... but I do admit I have a tendancy to get sidetracked xD

Wolfgrl13 - Colorist

Malikztiah Ankhere (Sin Sterling) - Guest Colorist

PsychoAce56 - Guest Colorist

Lunar Mirage - Guest Colorist

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White List
These people are definitely in our good graces.

Grey List
Those on this list are treading on eggshells.

Black List
These people have burned their bridges with us.

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Orb & Adult Fox Lineart - Xairi
All other lineart - rimedragona
Templates for normal foxitinis- Ameh
All other templates - Kuro-kasai
Banners & Cert - Rian-chan

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We are currently accepting affiliates. To become an affiliate PM the mule with a link to your shop. Remember that image links must be 200x40 or we'll use a text link instead.

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