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Hachidori - humming bird 0.375 37.5% [ 6 ]
Kaeru - frog 0.0625 6.2% [ 1 ]
Yamori - gecko 0.1875 18.8% [ 3 ]
All of them 0.25 25.0% [ 4 ]
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Hello and welcome to our Valentines Joint Event, we have a variety of pets and many sales you can take part in. We will have occasional games and even grams you can send out to your friends.
The calender below has a schedule of when sales are going on and when they come to an end.

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If you would like to visit Forever Tree's Main shop, click the banner below.
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If you would like to visit Pure Essences Main shop, click the banner below.
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Forever Tree's Event Rules

Follow Gaia's ToS
Follow all of the shop's rules
Please do not change a single thing on the Risu
If you lose in a sale,please don't be a spoil sport
All trades for Raffles and Flats go to Pan the mule
You must send your payment to the mule within 24 hours of winning the pet
Any unlabeled trades can be rejected

Pure Essence's Event Rules

☆Do not steal, sell or in any way change the pets
☆Follow the Gaia TOS
☆Dont flame, troll, harass etc...
☆Bumping is good, but chat if people are around.
☆Please take all drama outside the event thread
☆No chat speak/133t speak. Its annoying!
☆Trades must be sent to the mule within 24 hours! (Unless stated otherwise)

Trades for PE pets go to
User Image

Trades for FE Pets go to
User Image

User Image

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What this!
The Goddess of love and beauty has decided to grace us with her presence, Will you be able to attract enough attention from her.

Starts: Now
End: Febuaury 28th,11pm CST
Time Conversion: 9pm PST, 10pm MST, 12am EST
Colorist: Draconian

Place all Auction Bids Here

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User Image

Starts: Friday Febuary 22nd, 1pm CST
Ends: Saturday Febuaury 23rd, 4pm CST
Time Conversions: 2pm PST, 3pm MST, 5pm EST

FE Price:
10k Adults
15k Babies

PE Price:

Flaffle Here

User Image

User Image

Starts: Now!
End: Febuaury 28th, 11pm CST
Type: Paid
Price: 100g

Please place all ticket orders Here
Preferences go Here

Send all Raffle Trades to Flora Fay
User Image
I know she is the mule for another shop,but she is here to help me to not get confused with payments as the raffle has a mixture of pets from both shops. wink

User Image

User Image

*note: the Green/orange female was colored up for singles awareness. wink
Also if you are a newbie who owns 0 pets from us, you may claim two free tickets

Starts: Now!
End: Febuaury 28th, 11pm CST
Type: Free
Price: Free

PE Pets
Yellow and Red Jewel pets - Draco

FT Pets
Green/Orange Female - Daco
Blue Candy Female - Way
Winged Female,Pink Female,Pink/Purple Female & Purple Male - Kitty

[color=purple][size=16][b]I ____ Would like my Free Ticket![/b][/size][/color]
[b]My Prefs:[/b]


Freaksrus [Red Jewel, Yellow Jewel, Winged Female, Blue Candy Female,Purple Male,Pink Female,Pink/Purple Female,Green/Orange Female]
Seiphira [Green/Orange female, Winged Female, Red Jewel pet, Purple Male, Yellow Jewel pet, Pink/Purple Female, Pink Female, Blue Candy Female]
Shii Song [ red jewel, yellow jewel, purple male, Winged female, Pink/Purple Female, Pink Female, Blue Candy Female, Green/Orange female]
milly17 [yellow/blue jewel,blue candy female,winged female,red jewel]
Sesshiyasha [Winged Female, Red Jewel, Yellow Jewel, Blue Candy female, Purple male, pink female, Pink and purple female, Green and orange female]
lucystar [Winged female, Pink female, Pink/purple female, Red jewel, Yellow jewel, Purple male, Green/orange female, Blue candy female]
Xe-mu-na-su [Winged Female, Pink Hearts, Purple, Purple Muzzle, Red, Candy Hearts, Green and Orange]
Lolli-pop Psycho [pink FT female, red jewel, FT purple/pink hearts, FT purple male, yellow jewel, pink FT hearts, FT valentine hearts female, green female]
Apple Blossom19 [Red Jewel - Green/Orange Female - Winged Female - Purple Male - Yellow Jewel - Pink Female - Pink/Purple Female - Blue Candy Female]
Apple Blossom19
Shanra the Dragon Bard [Purple Male/Red Jewel/Winged Female/Pink-Purple Female/Pink Female/Green-Orange Female/Yellow Jewel/Blue Candy Female]

User Image

Advertisement Contest

User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/breedable-changing-pets/foreve/t.84479475/][img]http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q640/Forever_Tree/Dragons Pets/Valentines 2013/banners/vdaybanner1_zpsdd60da7f.png[/img][/url]

User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/breedable-changing-pets/forever/t.84479475/][IMG]http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q640/Forever_Tree/Dragons Pets/Valentines 2013/banners/banner2_zps348aa7e2.jpg[/IMG][/url]

Please use the codes below for posting you advertised for the day and for referring some one.

[size=16][color=blue][b]I am advertising for __ Day![/b][/color][/size]

[size=16][color=green][b]I was referred by ____ ! [/b][/color][/size]

The person who Advertises and Refers the most users will win a Valentines themed pet

Referal Points
1pt for advertising daily
3pts for referring someone


Sess - 6pts
Shii - 6pts

Posting is now Allowed.
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Fashionable Shapeshifter

new title..sounds better to.

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