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| 2012 December |
1st - Winter Grams are open HERE

| Schedule |

[ Link to updates thread and past updates. ]
You can also look in the update thread for cert dropoffs!
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| General Rules |
o1 __ Show respect to everyone and you'll be respected in return.
o2 __ DO NOT steal anything from this shop. Not the lineart, the banners, ANYTHING.
o3 __ Do not beg or whine for a cat. Do not harass the staff for free pets.
o4 __ Do not flame or spam this thread with nonsense. DO NOT STRETCH THE PAGES!!!
o5 __ Have the amount of gold or items at the time of sale.
o6 __ On making a payment arrangement with a colorist,stick to it or your cat will be taken from you without a refund.
o7 __ Do not use mules to get more FC than you are allowed.
o7 __ You can use a mule but only if you have notified the staff in-thread beforehand.
o8 __ DO NOT ask when your Fluffy Cat will grow! You may kindly remind the staff if it is more than a month overdue.
o9 __ Roleplay is not mandatory, but seeing you around the shop occasionally would be nice.
10 __ Do not advertise other shops in the thread.

| Flatsale Rules |
o1 __ DO NOT edit your posts during a flatsale, for any reason.
o2 __ Follow the directions listed by the colorist(s) running the FS (failure to do so may result in loss of the FS kitty).
o3 __ DO NOT try to guilt people out of a fluffy they want to get.
o4 __ You may only claim 1 FS kitty for yourself. The only way to claim a second is if 24 hours have passed.
o5 __ Make all payments within 24 hours of the flatsale's end.
o6 __ DO NOT complain if you miss the FS or do not get the one you want.

| Frequently Asked Questions |
QQ __ Can I have one?

If there's one on sale and you can cover the price, then yes.
Sometimes we have giveaways or special deals, so keep your eyes peeled.

QQ __ Are these changing pets?

Yes. Currently, there are 4 standard stages with a VERY RARE Anthro stage, and 8 breeds available.

QQ __ Will I lose my cat if I don't come back.

No, your cats are yours to do what you will with them. But part of the fun of having a pet is to roleplay with it.

QQ __ How many can I own?

As many as you want, but you're limited to a max of one during an FS, unless they've been on sale for over 24 hours.

QQ __ Do they breed?

Yes, but not often. Also, the cats usually give birth to 2 - 4 fluffballs per breeding.

QQ __ If I breed two of my cats in roleplay, will that get me babies?

No, that will get you banned. Romance is fine, but anything over PG-13 roleplay where staff can see it will get you banned from the shop and a Gaian moderator will be notified.

QQ __ Can 'family' breed?

No incest or inbreeding is allowed. Also, make sure RP is PG-13.

QQ __ How many times can they breed?

There is no limit to how many times they can breed, though there is a limit on how many fluffs are born, depending on the type.

QQ __ Can different types breed?

Yes, except Griffens with Regular cats.
The breed of the mix-breed fluffs are unknown until they're born, it's random.

QQ __ Can I have a perma-teen?

No, unless we have a special event in which we are specifically offering perma-teens.

QQ __ Can my pet die?

Yes, it can die. It can get sick, cursed, and hurt. It lives as you roleplay it.
The shop will never take away your pet, unless you haven't paid for it, of course.

QQ __ Can I bribe the colorists?

For flatsales, no. For customs, see each colorists workshop for info on what they're interested in.

QQ __ I got a fluffball here a while ago and it's been over a week. Why hasn't it grown?

In order to see your fluffball grow you must direct link the image. If you are already direct linked and still cannot see your fluff in its next stage, it may be something as simple as refreshing the page. Otherwise, contact the colorist that you got it from. If you still get no response, ask the thread owner or manager.

QQ __ I got graylisted, what do I do!?

Find out what you did and don't do it again. Lay low for a while and be good.
A gray listing is not a banning from the shop.

QQ __ I have a fluffy cat owed to me but never received it, what do I do?

If its been over a month, contact the colorist directly through PM.
If you still don't get results, contact the thread owner or manager.

QQ __ If I have a question that isn't answered here, what do I do?

Look for a staff member online then ask them in the thread.
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They've been around forever it seems, the Fluffy Cats in Forest Greenkay. The good cats dwell in the largest section of the forest that is yet unmapped, as the evil ones dwell within the Western Woods, where anyone that has tried to make a map has vanished, never to return.. The forest goes on for miles in all directions, it could quite easily swallow up a small country with its shear mass. Yet, these magical creatures had no idea where they had come from. For the longest time, it was believed that they were the product of some form of magic that had been left over from a war long ago that had left some places within the forest strewn with ruins. Where did they come from? you may wonder. But there is no wondering anymore, for the Goddess that created them has made herself known.

The Mad Goddess Byiajah, half angel, half demon. A humanoid appearing feline ,with a constant quarrel within herself over good and evil, is the one responsible for bringing the first Fluffy Cats to life. Then she gave life to the other races. Butterfly, dragonfly, faerie, vampire, angelic, and demonic Fluffy Cats started to appear within their respective areas in Forest Greenkay. Then the Goddess began to bless or curse some of her 'children' with an anthro form so they were more in her image. Not long after this, the Goddess formed another type of Fluffy Cat, the Griffen. While not wholy cat, the Griffen is still a feline creature only, larger. Perhaps they were brought into being to protect her children from herself and her fickle ways.

Forest Greenkay is plainly marked, the good dwell in one area, the bad in another. There is an uneasy peace resting over the forest, though with two very contrasting personalities and wills, how long shall this peace last and which side will the Goddess take, if any side at all?

Welcome to Forest Greenkay~

Click to go to Guild Forums
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| Types of Fluffy Cats |
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( rare types )
User Image
Click for extended breed information

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Fluffball -> Child (1 week) -> Teen (1 week) -> Adult (1 month)
Anthro (very rare growing stage, acquired through shop participation/RP or special event)

| Abilities Common to All |
__ Flight / All of the Fluffy Cats can fly, varying speeds and distance to type.
More detailed descriptions can be found from the Extended breed information link listed above.
__ Intelligence / While some may not think this is an ability, in truth, it is.
Intelligence is the ability to communicate verbally with one another and with other races, including those of humanoid nature.
__ Jump / Like most cats, these too are very agile, able to leap into the branches of tall trees with very little effort.
__ Heightened Senses / Not only can they see color and have normal vision in the daylight, these cats have night vision as well. There is little that can go on around them without them seeing it, hearing it, or smelling it.

| Abilities by Type |
__ Improved Charisma / Cats of this type are either cuter, more well spoken, or just really convincing in getting their way.
Butterfly, Vampire, Griffen
__ Inspire Fear / These cats are naturally frightening to behold. Sometimes it's taken as awe, other times, just flat out fear.
Demonic, Griffen
__ Hide / Those with the ability to hide, hide very well.
If you lose one of these cats in the brush they're most likely on the other side of forest Greenkay by now.
Faerie, Vampire
__ Soothe / This is the ability to quell fears and calm panic attacks, and make others feel that all will be right.
Faerie, Angelic
__ Ease pain / This is not a healing spell, a blessing from the Goddess would need to be granted for that. What this does is just takes away a bit of the pain that a creature is suffering, making it a little more bearable until better help is found.
Only Angelic
__ Dominate / Cats with this ability can be very intimidating without the use of looks or charm. Just from their mere presence or use of language can make even the most stout of heart think of listening to them and doing as they say.
Only Demonic
__ Scream / They can lift their call to an ear piercing shriek that can gain quite a lot of attention,
or if close enough, possibly stun the one that they have used their scream on.
Only Griffen
__ Aqua Ring / This faint halo that swirls around their bodies acts as gyro to allow them to hover rather than fly, though it can only be used for a short distance. The fin-like wings of these cats allows them to steer while levitating. The ring can also be used to deflect small objects from hitting them.
Only Aquatic

| Other Abilities |
__ Sing / These cats have found themselves with a talent for singing.
Their soft songs often lull other cats and sometimes other creatures into a restfull slumber.
__ Illuminate / Something about these cats allows them to create light.
Sometimes it is from strange patterns or even thier eyes may glow and softly light a dark room.
__ Aid / While not a true healing ability, Aid means these cats hold the knowledge of treatment and healing herbs.

NOTE: Not all abilities are listed.
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| Flatsale / Flaffle Pricing |
Flatsales are held by each colorist. There are usually previews up for a sale happening soon.
Flatsale prices are the same for all colorists, unless cosplay or have item edits.

Regular __ o2k Adult / o3k Fluffball
Butterfly / Dragonfly __ o4k Adult / o6k Fluffball
Faerie / Vampire __ o5k Adult / o7k Fluffball
Angelic / Demonic __ o8k Adult / 1ok Fluffball
Dragon / Aquatic/ __ o8k Adult / 1ok Fluffball

| Special Pricing |
Prices may vary according to line art alterations or the colorist's discretion with permission from the owner.
IE: Specials and Discounts, as well as a lowered price for new owners to be decided by the colorist ( at least 1k discount).

| Custom Pricing |
Custom prices are completely up to the colorist requested.

You may want to shop around, some colorists may be offering a deal. (Note: Customs will never be priced lower then flatsale price.) Colorists will have their own ordering forms and process. Please check out the colorist posts below and the colorist workshops found in the guild.

| Breeding Pricing |
Total cost comes from the types of the breeding cats added together. (ex. Regular + Dragonfly = 5k, Regular + Regular = 4k)
The amount of fluffballs vary from 2-4.

The owner(s) get their choice of 1 fluffball each. (If both cats belong to the same owner they get 2 choices.) The rest, if any, go into the Colorist's next flatsale. The parent(s) of the fluffball then get 1k off if they wish to purchase the extra fluffball.

The breeds of fluffballs are randomized between the parent breeds.

If you breed a dragon and a regular, it is possible the lot may be all regulars. Your cats can breed as many times as you wish but must wait until the first set of fluffballs age to at least teens.

Regular __ o2k
Butterfly / Dragonfly __ o3k
Faerie / Vampire __ o4k
Angelic / Demonic __ o6k
Dragon / Aquatic/ Special (Cosplay)/b] __ o7k
Fluffy Cats
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This week's theme: NEW OWNER! +
When:September 1 ST @ 7AM EST
Type: Speed New owners ONLY

This sale is ONLY for people who have NO Fluffy Cats l all

There is no proxy allowed

All prices are 1k less than normal
Regulars are 1k
Fairy is 4k
Demon is 7k

User Image
User Image
User Image

Regular __ o2k Adult / o3k Fluffball
Butterfly / Dragonfly __ o4k Adult / o6k Fluffball
Faerie / Vampire __ o5k Adult / o7k Fluffball
Angelic / Demonic __ o8k Adult / 10 k Fluffball
Dragon / Aquatic __ o8k Adult / 10 k Fluffball

| General Rules |
o1 __ You may only proxy for someone who has actually posted in the shop before.
o2 __ New owners get 1k gold discount off the flatsale price.
o3 __ Use the form below to claim FS pets (unless noted otherwise).
o4 __ Send all trades immediately and directly to Meimou.
o5 __
Label trades "FC FS #[claimed number]".
o6 __ You must have naming info ready when claiming. No name, no claim.
o7 __ No editing of claiming posts allowed.
o8 __ Wait for my GO! post to start claiming.

[size=24]I'D LIKE TO CLAIM THIS ONE![/size]
[b]Fluffy Cat number or image:[/b]
[b]I sent the trade to Meimou[/b]: Yes/ No

[ Link to Meimou's workshop ]

Please check the workshop for Customs, Breeding, and Item edit information.

[ Link to all cats done by Meimou ]

Missing cat? Check here first to see if you can find it on your own.
If you still can't find it/them, please direct your inquiries to Meimou through PM.
Please also send as much information about it/them as you know to speed the process along.
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Stay tuned for Open Hiring

( Thread link to be added at a later date. )
User Image

Stay tuned for Open Hiring

( Thread link to be added at a later date. )
User Image

Soon to Come

Stay tuned for Open Hiring

( Thread link to be added at a later date. )
User Image

-------------------------------------------------------------| The Blessed |-------------------------------------------------------------
catloverofdoom __ Multiple donations to the shop and long-time customer.
LydaLynn __ Donated Clean White Tavern Wench's Blouse + a lot of other stuff.
Silence of Apathy __ Donated Brown Lace-up Cork Sandals.
purrrplekitty __ Donated Swimp & loyal customer.
green_druid __ Donated artwork for thread, items for shop.
starfire_opal __ Donated Kokeshi Kimono, zOMG Ribbon, and Hermit Cat. <3
Jaella Azoulai __ Donated Pink Champagne Party Dress and Get A Grip Skirt.

- Gold donations to the shop -
Dooma / crimson warlock / Syriahna / Buggy9 / pyrogal1028221 / MiSs_KiKi / [. sk!ttles .] / Kayko / JadedTiger22

---------------------------------------------------------------| Purgatory |---------------------------------------------------------------

green-druid and all associated mules

-------------------------------------------------------------| The Damned |-------------------------------------------------------------

Mary Poppins Is Evil __ Not permitted to purchase a custom.
eminem72 __ Not permitted to purchase a custom.
Kozi __ Banned from shop, guild, and all roleplay permanently.

--------------------------------------------------| Shop Credits _ Current Crew |--------------------------------------------------

Meimou __ Current Shop Owner / Colorist / Misc. Art
Az Eternity __ Manager / Original Crew / Colorist / Itemist / Animations / Banner Photography / Misc. Arts & Certs
Lan-neko __ Colorist / Thread Banners & Layout
Lux_rayne 13 __ Colorist
Fluffy Cats __ Shop Mule

----------------------------------------------------| Shop Credits _ Past Crew |----------------------------------------------------

Lady Within __ Original Owner / Shop Advisor / Occasional Colorist
Koji Watergarsaru __ Previous Owner / Dragon & Dragonfly Ver.2 Edit / Colorist / Banners & Certs / Custom Anthros / Misc. Art
Jezekat __ Original Crew / Colorist / Griffin Shop / Original RP Manager
Shaoli __ Original Lineartist
padfootpaws __ Griffin Lineartist
pseudofox __ Original Anthro Stages
Dragonachu __ Former RP Manager
Lord Changeling __ Dragonfly Original Edit / Colorist
Odet Amo __ Aquatic Edit
Lollirotangel & RayniaSky __ Past Cert Designs
Hetak Pyre __ Former Guild Moderator / Colorist in Training
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| Stuff to Know |
o1 __ If you'd like to swap links with us, please post in this thread with your shop link and banner.
o2 __ If you were also referred to our shop through someone, tell us who, we'd love to know and to thank them~
o3 __ We prefer 40x200 banners, but it's mostly just a preference to make things look neat.
o4 __ If you don't have banners or buttons, text links are fine too!

User Image
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.70707405/] [img]http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae253/FlufCats/Thread/FCrBNR01.png[/img][/url]

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