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The Biggest News of All!

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The Fifth Age is Under New Ownership!

We have moved shop and have also created a guild with journals!
All Babies and Eggs have been grown to the next stage!
This means of course brand new links for ALL tags!
Please continue any and all thread Roleplaying in the new thread!

Hopefully an announcement from Tia is soon to come

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The feeling spread from her lips to the rest of her body. Warm, tingling, and pleasant. She felt very light-headed when they separated again. A distant, trance-like expression came over her as she met his gaze. "Neither do I...I never want to leave you again..."

Someone speak my name? came a voice. Liam had been watching. He had followed Kymo. You needed to speak to me, I believe? he asked calmly, showing no sign of emotion in his voice.

Kymo gaped at him. "L-Liam! What are you- how could you - argh! You don't trust me!!!" she grabbed Woobie's hand. "Come on, Woobie...let's go...Liam doesn't need to talk to you...he's a spy..."

Liam said nothing, simply floated there. Then finally, he mumbled, But...Kymo...I just wanted you to be safe...

Woobie smiled at her glad she felt the same. He then jerked his head at Liam. "No, Kymo, we need to face him."

Woobie turned and talked as serious as he could muster. "I love Kymo and Kymo loves me. If you want her to be happy then you'll let us be together."

The Gaurdian seemed to sigh telepathically. I know, he said. And now I'm sure you both will be. But before I wasn't, and...and I'm sorry for my actions. I hope you will forgive me. Liam floated up in front of Kymo. You named me accurately, Kymo. he said in a sad, but amused tone. 'Determined Gaurdian' Guess I was too determined huh? Well, you have Woobie now to protect you. And I hope he'll be true to his word about never leaving you. I hope you two will be happy together. But now... Liam spoke, floating above them, I must leave. If Kymo has nomore need for me.

Kymo, who's anger had seemed to melt away as her friend spoke, turned to him in alarm. "But Liam! Where are you going? You don't have to leave! I thought Gaurdians gaurded for life."

They do, he said, sounding tired. But I cannot. I have become too protective. And I have realized I am not a proper Gaurdian for you. I have meddled too much when you didn't need it and said nothing when you needed me most. I have failed. He looked at her again. Please don't cry again, Kymo. I have already hurt you enough, I know. You have already been angry with me, but rightfully.

"But," she sniffed, "You were always my best friend. I would never want you to leave!"

All was silent for a moment. And then, finally, Liam's words echoed in their minds: Perhaps I wanted to be more than a friend to you. But I went the wrong way about it. It's stupid, I know, to think a Gaurdian and a Pae could have liked each other...I felt proud when you depended on me and I could help you...and I admit I was a bit...jealous...but yes, all that time, I still only wanted your happiness. And you have found it without needing my help. So...farewell... And before anyone could say another word, Liam had drifted off above the tree tops.

You should have never given me a name, he said, voice very faint. For that was the moment when I fell in love with you.
Just a reminder to everyone! There is a free raffle going on for the last 2 Birthday Bash Aions! Everyone can request a ticket for each one.

Drawing will be on Friday the 11th at 3pm MST.
I'd like a ticket for each please xd
((Hi new thread. Hula Bob's will be remade on Monday. For now, it's closed. Thanks! :. *dances in new thread and then goes to see growings.

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Woobie sat stunned as he listned to Liam. He really didn't know what to say to all of that. A gaurdian in love with their pae? That was unheard of. He turned to Kymo, "Are you alright? I'm here for you, but if you want to go find him, then I'll stand by you." He wasn't sure if this was what she needed right now.
((So much to do! *Eyes her journals* Heh heh heh.. xd heart sweatdrop ))
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