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(Oooo Shaili is so pretty! *Glomps Haidrains sister*
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((Hi, Shadow!))
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(Hey spooky! I just noticed Shaili grew and she looks so pretty.)
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((Yeah, they all grew and are gorgeous! Ala and Dia did a great job! (and Tia lol) ))
((*fluffs the new thread* Yay!))

Woobie sat stunned as he listned to Liam. He really didn't know what to say to all of that. A gaurdian in love with their pae? That was unheard of. He turned to Kymo, "Are you alright? I'm here for you, but if you want to go find him, then I'll stand by you." He wasn't sure if this was what she needed right now.
She nodded, silent for a moment. Then she smiled girmly and held his arm. "Poor Liam...it was all my fault after all...don't worry, I'll get him to come back again. I think he'll be okay, he just need some time alone...but I never thought...oh, he'll be alright. At least we know whay he was behaving the way he was," she replied, giggling a little.
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"Are you sure he'll be alright?" Woobie didn't want Kymo to lose her gaurdian because of him. "I would feel bad if you lost him." He would feel worse if she left, though too. He didn't laugh, "Well, you aren't hard to fall in love with." He blushed brightly.
"I'm sure of it. And if he doesn't return by tomorrow, I'll go out and look for him. If he still refuses to come back, I'll go catch him in a bottle and keep him as my prisoner," she mused. "Don't feel bad. You didn't know either. I'm sure he doesn't blame you. I think he blames himself."

Kymo turned to look at him again and beamed. "No. I'm sure I am, especially when so few know of my existance. I'm too shy for my own good. But with your help, I feel like I'm getting out there more, that I'm not afraid to be who I am. That's why I love you."
They were surronded by a mirky blackness... A black so dark that it would drive most mortals insane. But not these men... No... They seemed immune to the properties of the dark void around them, they seemed to be waiting for something, and they were quite bored.

Who they were... well... We'll get to that in a minute...

There was a croaking sound, and the two men turned. One let a small ball of flame disapate between his hands, the other had just been staring off into the murky black.

What they were looking at was almost invisble in this place, save for a bright white Chesire smile, and glowing red eyes.

"So you've brought news then?" The red haired flame weilder spoke, his voice strong and passionate.

He got a few clicks in response.

"I see..." Said his dark haired companion. "Keep watch... We shall pass this on..." He said with a nod to the strange beast.

Again, a few clicks, and the beast was gone.

"Can we trust it Shadow? It is a failure after all..." The red haired man spoke.

"As much as we can trust Magic's creations Flame... now let us go... We have much to tell... and not enough time to tell it..."

And with that, the two man vanished into the dark mist...
((Oop! New thread!! *takes deep breath* Nothing like that new thread smell!!))
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Kurt: *claims the post*

Ah, the newness heart
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Dizzy was fluttering up high in the HQ library, scouring the top shelves for forgotten books. At least, she assumed they were forgotten as the dust seemed rather thick. She came across an especially dusty and raggedy one and pulled it out then grinned. "This will do nicely."

Mo had grown a few days ago and decided that he didn't like living in the treehouse with all the fae around, so he'd packed up and set off to find a place of his own. Normally, he'd be watching Joi's egg in the library while Dizzy searched the shelves, but not anymore.

Today, Joi was left alone on a bunched up blanket on the floor below Dizzy, so she could keep an eye on her.

But once Dizzy had decided on that old and raggedy book, she glanced down to look at Joi, but she wasn't there. Dizzy's heart sank and she dropped the book on the shelf and zipped down to the floor. Looking at the blanket, she could seen the remains of a blue and pink shell scattered. "She hatched!! Joi! JOI!" Dizzy called out, quickly glancing around. A newly hatched Pae couldn't have gone far, could she?
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((looks around looks good Curls up))

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