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Welcome to Telrunya!
A Tropical Paradise that serves as home to the the Pae'Il.

:[ Guild ]:

Post I: Introduction
Post II: Announcements / News
Post III: Rules / FAQ
Post IV: RP Rules / History / Roleplaying
Post V: Pae'il Elders
Post VI: Pae'il Stages / Height Chart
Post VII: Ancient Breeds
Post VIII: Elders
Post IX: Pae'il Sales
Post X: Breeding / Customs / Cosplay Pae'il
Post XI: Owner's List / Item Shop
Post XII: The Lists / Fanart
Post XIII: Staff Listing / Credits
Post XIV: Affiliates

Page II: Events

This shop abides by The Daisy Code

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Lunar New Year 2015 raffle on for February 20th only! See page 2 for details

Our brand-spanken new Newbie RP Guide!

I encourage everyone to read it over, and if you still have questions, feel free to ask. There's some good information there even for some of the oldbies. wink

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03 . 01 . 15 Battle for Venus Temple prizes on page 9081
02 . 20 . 15 CNY 2015 Wood Sheep raffle - congrats Dementia Requiem Asumi
02 . 06 . 15 Battle for Venus Temple - part one of valentine's day annual event
01 . 29 . 15 Sprite Explosion!
09 . 02 . 14 Our Summer event has wrapped up and was a complete success! Thank you to all that participated!
03 . 28 . 14 February events were a smash! Telrunya is seeing her biggest baby boom ever!
03 . 23 . 14 Dodgeball was a huge success, thanks to everyone who played! All Pae'il that were submitted for names should be posted.
03 . 18 . 14 In February, we introduced Fallen Angels, Naga and started the story for Flutters and Sprites.
02 . 01 . 14 Dancing with the Erotes contest has begun! Sign-ups for Venus' Engagement Party still open.
01 . 31 . 14 Annual Lunar New Year drawing for a Green Wood Horse -- Congrats Shadica!
12 . 12 . 13 12 Days of Christmas Cookies event
10 . 30 . 13 Autumnal Appreciation event begins
08 . 10 . 13 Summer Lovin event signups open
06 . 21 . 13 Summer Solstice Faerie 24 hour raffle is live. See page 2 for details.
03 . 09 . 13 Elemental Pae'il Powers thread is live.
02 . 06 . 13 Raffle for our 2103 Chinese New Year pae started
02 . 03 . 13 Dancing with the Erotes started
01 . 25 . 13 Sign up thread for the Valentine's Day 2013 event is open.
01 . 21 . 13 Faerie Pae'il Powers Thread is now open.
12 . 15 . 12 Secret Santa event opened
11 . 04 . 11 Setting Role-Play Guide added, be sure to read it if you intend on RPing!
10 . 28 . 11 Happy Halloween! To celebrate, we're having a fun little CYOA! Join us in the thread, link on Page 5941!
09 . 08 . 11 Faunapalooza was a huge success, thanks to all the wonderful folks who came out and RP'd with us. heart We are preparing for our next plot arc, so in the mean time, RP your new Faun or get them used to their new positions so that they'll be ready!
02 . 13 . 11 Breeding opening soon. 24 hours only on Valentine's Day. Info in the guild.
09 . 11 . 10 Guess who's back? Back again! Mel is back! Tell a friend! 8D (Aka customs in the guild)
02 . 01 . 10 Valentine's Day celebration begins with the sale of special Plushie Grams!
10 . 27 . 09 Trick or Treat event opens (a little late, sorry for that)
08 . 19 . 09 The Big Summer Luau ends, and what a success it was! Congratulations to everyone who won prizes during the event, and an official welcome to all newbies!
07 . 23 . 09 Big Summer Luau Begins!
07 . 07 . 09 Aernyn (lost) Naiad Event begins!
07 . 04 . 09 Free Accidental Additive Potion Raffle in Guild Events forum won by Spooky! Congrats!
06 . 11 . 09 Wow! A whole new look for The Fifth Age!
06 . 02 . 09 Faun have arrived! Page 4538
05 . 15 . 09 Metaplot event begins. Big changes and new features will be introduced.
03 . 24 . 09 Links in owner's list updated to new link form. Naiad flatsale 2 weeks ago went great, congrats to new owners! Otherwise look for more growings and such popping up!
10. 10. 08 New links are done see page 4378 for info. Owner Journals in the guild are getting worked on, if you are missing some let us know. Go to all purpose thread in guild to let us know. Also...growings might pop up soon...
09 . 09 .08 Small announcement regarding journals.
09 . 07 . 08 Shop's still on haitus while we sort through the rubble! Stay tuned for upcoming news!
09 . 05 . 07 Welcome to the staff, Teigra!
07 . 02 . 07 Spookys Groovy B-day Auction
06 . 04 . 07 Interested in getting a semi-custom pae? see page 2, post 1 for details.
06 . 03 . 07 Flower Flat Sale today! Congrats new owners.

<< click for old news archive >>
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:[ Basic Shop Rules ]:
  1. Be courteous to everyone in the shop; new or old.
  2. Don't act like a douche.
  3. NO DRAMA!!!
  4. Do NOT spam, flame, insult, etc. in this shop.
  5. Do NOT steal anything in this thread, graphic, written or otherwise.
  6. Refrain from public humiliation. Take all arguments to PM.
  7. Do NOT complain about growings. PM the artist if you are concerned about the length of time it is taking.
  8. No Refunds.
  9. Make sure you read the RP rules if you choose to participate in the game.
  10. Do NOT argue with the staff. It doesn't matter who is logged into Iris; respect whoever it is.
  11. Attempts to circumvent any shop rules, or Gaia forum rules will result in instant Blacklisting.
  12. Everyone listed as Staff has the ability to Greylist anyone for breaking any rules.
  13. Just because there is no written rule against something, doesn't mean common decency can be ignored.
  14. Do not ask to be on staff. (too many cooks in the kitchen creates chaos)
  15. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! We're glad you want to be a part of the game!

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Q: How much does a Pae'il cost?

A: Free with RP, when available. We have flatsales, raffles, concept contests, meta-events and holiday events where we give away a bunch of Pae'il. There are always Pae available in our adoption thread for the cost of a good character concept. Customs are available for bribes, and we'll have custom auctions every once in a while. (We do have a value system - details in the guild)

Q: How much do items cost? How many items can I get for my Pae'il

A: Items are free for RPers. If you are a pet collector and want items or edits on your Pae, you can negotiate the fee with one of our artists.

Q: How can I get a Pae'il?

A: There are many ways to obtain a Pae'il. You can wait for a flatsale, which happen randomly at the artist's discretion (whenever they have enough colored up). During most events, we give away many free Pae'il. There are also auctions and raffles during events that allow the chance to obtain a Pae'il. We also have customs, which are done by slot, however, most of our artists can be bribed to make a custom, if the offer is too hard to resist (this is the most expensive option).

Q: Where can I RP with my Pae'il?

A: Out of character (OoC) role-play can be done in this thread. All other RP we request be done in the guild. Only RP that is in the guild counts as canon, so if you RP in private guilds or via messengers, in order for it to "count" for RP perks, it must be transcribed into a player-maintained diary.

Q: Do I HAVE to role play?

A: Short answer is no. Long answer is, that if you receive a Pae'il that is designated as an IPC(Important Plot Character) You do have to RP or we will find a new player for that Pae'il. Another exception is if your Pae'il receives a job that is pertinent to the meta-plot, you have to RP that Pae'il, or we will assign another Pae'il that job. Typical inactivity grace period will be 6 months, however if we need your Pae'il for an RP event, and you don't show up, we will replace/rehome them depending on their designation.

Q: Do you do pet trades?

A: Depends. Each artist has a difference preference for this, so just PM Iris and ask. Generally, We look for nice, clean, attractive looking pets.

Q: What DOES happen if a Pae'il gets sugar??

A: Can we say 'one very hyper Pae'il'? Thats right, give a Pae'il sugar and they become wound up like a top.

Uhm.. that's all I can think of. If you have any questions that haven't been answered by this FAQ, just post here. ^-^
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:[ RP Rules ]:
  1. Pae'il do not require RP to grow. However, they will not grow past the TEEN stage if the owner is not consistently active in the shop.
  2. Telrunya exists on Gaia. So if it exists on Gaia, it can be brought to the Isle. This does NOT include modern technology.
  3. No sexually deviant topics are allowed. This includes incest, rape, or *****.
  4. Do not discourage others from RPing. This includes insulting others about their RP style, grammar or methods for plotting.
  5. No god-modding. Get the other players permission before controlling their Pae's actions.
  6. Guardian_Iris is allowed to interject into any RP going on, if any of the rules are being broken, or skirted.
  7. Do not pressure another owner for hookups for the sake of breeding.
  8. Pae'il must be adults for a period of one month before breeding. (this includes Pae that start as an Adult.)
  9. Do not break the Fourth Wall. This means your Pae'il do not know what you know.
  10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! We're glad you want to be a part of the game!
  11. Please see Extended RP Rules and Guidelines in the guild for more information.

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Hundreds of years ago, the isle of Telrunya was a very different place. The Civilzation of the Pae'il was thriving, it's grand capital city rising high above the rest of the isle. Unfortunatly, the peace would not last, and there was a great war between the angel and demon breeds. The Guardians, in their wisdom, created the Fae, in a hope to create a lasting peace. The Fae failed, and the isle descended into a dark age... The Guardians, angered that their children could not get along, smote the isle with their fury, destorying what little was left of the civilization, and sending the Pae'il into a prehistoric Dark Age.

In these Modern times, the Pae'il of Today know little of what happened before, the histories of their ancestors lost to antiquity. Time has done a number on the once regal capital, but now, a reconstruction effort has once more brought it to it's anceint glory. A Peace has come to the isle, the peace that the Guardians had so hoped would come with the Fae during the great war.

~ A Full History as well as a list of the locations, NPCs and descriptions of the pae'il alignments can be found in the Guild! ~

Fifth Age Guild

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This is Telrunya Isle, the tropical island uncharted in an unknown sea, home of the Pae'il. Entering and leaving the Isle is done by boat. I recommend not straying too deep into Dragnid Forest.. it could prove bad for your health. Loka Nei Forest is safe though, and the Fae Clearing gives off an overwhelming magical feel. Pae'Kippu beach is quite sunny and relaxing, but Chai'en beach is better if you wish to be completely alone. Nethaear Beach offers some terrific surfing and snorkeling. Neither of the mountain ranges have really been fully explored.. but there seems to be a few caves.. maybe the Pae'il have neighbors? Oh, and Falassion House of Healing is a resting place on the eastern end of the Island, staffed by Avalon and Aquatl fairies.

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Locations Worthy to Note:
locations in bold are new

Aura Nin Mountain - despite being in the middle of the sea, these mountain peaks are covered in snow.
Loka Nei Forest - when the land broke away on the western part of the forest, creating the lagoon, the force caused the land to split all the way to Tuatha'ri Lake, turning Chai'en River into a canyon that splits the forest in half.
Tuatha'ri Lake - This lake is still a lake in the middle of the island, with the land mass underneath. (very very deep underneath)
Telrunya City - The powerful faerie magics used to rebuild the city instinctively protect the city and will not allow it to touch down into the water. However, it is drawn to the main island, so it hovers, floating above where the city used to be located.
Laisidhiel - the Tree of Life that was hidden behind the island for ages. In ancient times, it was revered by all Pae. What secrets could this tree hold?

1. HQ - where many new pae'il caretakers rest as well as the source of all things high-tech and modern. The building is magical, and expands as rooms are needed. There is a room in the basement that has the abilty to become any room you need it to be, at the time you open it. There is a fully functioning kitchen, which seems to get raided often by the more 'wild' Pae, but its regularly restocked.
The HQ has taken the shape of a lighthouse now that Telrunya floats safely in the Sea.
2. Landing Pad - Still the first place all visitors and new arrivals will see.
3. Faerie of Life's Cottage - Millie's cottage. Pae will still go here when they wish to exand their family.
4. Sein Lagoon - Protected by the rocks at the entrance, boats cannot enter this lagoon. This Lagoon is a very quiet, and peaceful place, drawing Naiads and water-loving pae from all over to enjoy the new area.
5. Fae Clearing - This is a place of untold magic. Faerie Pae'il feel oddly drawn here sometimes.
6. Chai'en River - now a canyon splitting the forest.
7. Waplei Marsh - still the same, except now the river that used to flow off the island formed a waterfall that drains into Waplei cove.
8. Waplei Cove - (see above)
9. Dragnid Forest - still evil. Stay out.
10. Dragnid Tower (volcano) - this volcano was always there, just was not visible. Its since surfaced due to the island's geography adjusting to its new location.
11. Naur's Citadel Ruins - At the base of the volcano. Not many Pae even know of its existance due to how deep in Dragnid it is.
12. Potion Master's Cottage - Kalandandra's home.
13. Falassion Healing House - a place of peace and tranquility and a place Pae'il can go to pamper themselves.
14. Pae'kippu Beach - still the popular beach hangout. There is now a slight incline in the northeast. Being landlocked still, it offers an addition sense of security away from the turbulent waves of the Sea.
15. Alu's Shrine - only visible is the top of the temple, as the real temple is very tall, going down to the bottom of the lake.
16. Cha'en Beach - the island's 'settling' has increased the size of this beach.
17. Silme Pond - a mystical pond. Strange things happen here on nights with a full moon.
18. Ithyl Forest - Once just a few trees, it grew into a lush forest around the magical pond when the island 'settled'.
19. Nethaear Beach - Once part of the land where Telruyna City was located, its since become a large beach after the City 'relocated' itself.
20. Tyla'es Cave - A big monster lurks in there. Don't go in there.
21. Lyg Rock - Snake shaped rock close to Tyla'es Cave.
22. Vilya's Keep - this has moved a bit. It used to be behind the island, but now is just high up in the mountains.
23. Mereth Falls - very large, beautiful waterfall created by what used to be Mereth Stream. The Stream is now a white-water river flowing from the hidden lake in the mountain.
24. To'ul Mountain - still the same, just no snow on the smaller mountain. Still full of small caves.
25. The Temple (Templa' Temple) - rebuilt a few years ago by a sole little angel, it is the only ancient site to be completely restored to date.
26. (ominous cave) - no one knows what lurks in this cave, but it emits such a terribly uneasy aura that no pae dare even enter it.
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Pae'il are magical creatures. Each gifted with a special ability by the Guardians. While humanoid in appearance, Pae'il really are a unique race of creatures, having their own world, their own personalities and living their own lives. Their world co-exists on Gaia, so any and all are welcome!

The known Pae'il History tells us that in the beginning, there were Angels and Demons. Each thought they were better than the other, so the Guardians created mediators: The Faerie Pae'il.

Pae'il also have little faerie-type guardians called Mellons that accompany them. They will bond to a Pae'il when they are granted their unique power. They're cute little things that just like to float around, but please feel free to develop a personality for them if you like to RP. They can also serve as messengers for your Pae'il, since there is no mass communication system yet on the island.

The Pae'il have 2 Common Types; Angel, and Demon, also referred to as Blood Pae'il. The Faerie Pae'il are considered a Rare Type, and ALL Faerie Pae'il will be associated with some sort of mythos or story or legend.

Recently discovered are some ancient breeds of Pae'il previously thought extinct or just myths themselves. The aftermath of one of the great earthshakes unveiled special pearls that 'hatch' into Naiad Pae'il (water). And recently, with the settling of the island into the sea, a lone tree that was allowed to grow unnoticed on a tiny island behind Telrunya has come down, and revealed a special secret inside: Faun Pae'il (earth). Faun have existed for a long time in this tree, unknown and unaware of the world outside.

Breeding different breeds of Pae'il will create NEW breeds! We have Shetani, Wilwarin and Nymphs! These special hybrids only occure when the Angels, Demons or Faeries breed.

For more detailed information on the different breeds available, check out this thread: Paeil Breeds ~ Everything You Need to Know

About the Stages

Infant Stage
Pae'il babies do only one of four things: sleep, cry, eat or poop. And they do all four quite often. Babies cannot eat solid foods just yet, and tend to cry a lot. They're just starting out, and are completely defenseless, so take good care of your baby! No vocabulary for these lil guys quite yet; just coos and other noises you'd expect from a baby. Keep it well-fed and happy and everything should work out just fine.
These lil guys have hands and feet and all of their digits. They are very much the baby you expect them to be. Colors and patterns usually will resemble their parents more at this stage, and change as they grow up.
Length at this stage: Minimum one week, but may last longer depending on player activity (or lack thereof).
**This stage is available through breeding only!

Midnight feedings and diaper changes have finally passed. Toddlers are generally rather active, and very curious. And they get into EVERYTHING! They're learning now, and testing boundaries. Your little tot is just starting to learn how to communicate with you, and will start forming words.
More markings may appear, or the ones already there may decide to move around. Features in this stage are still shifting
They're eating solid foods now, but beware: Don't feed your Pae'il tot any sugar. Giving sugar to a young Pae'il is asking for trouble. (Sugar will wind a pae up, giving them so much energy they're bounching off walls. It can be unsafe for the tot.)
Length at this stage: Minimum 2 weeks, but may last longer depending on player activity (or lack thereof).

Child Stage
YAY yet another stage of cuteness! 3nodding Markings are still evolving as your Pae'il grows. Pae'il Children are quite active and will keep their parents or guardian on their toes. They seem to have a never-ending source of energy and their thirst to learn has becomes almost unquenchable! They're still young, and still learning about life, even if they want more independence. They're innocent still, but very influential.
Lots of growth here as they ready themselves for puberty.
Length at this stage: Minimum 3 weeks, but may last longer depending on player activity (or lack thereof).

Teen Stage
They're moody, their hormones are raging and they are fulla angst! They are teenagers! Your Pae'il has hit that stage where you think maybe they are having a midlife crisis. They rebel, they angst and they spend a whole lotta energy to accomplish nothing. They may fall in love, but their young bodies are still not capable of breeding.
They'll crush, they'll break hearts, and they'll emo all about it. Maybe even write some bad poetry.
Sugar will still spin them up like a top.
They are now ready to gain their unique power at this stage.
Please do not have older adult pae'il enter into relationships with teenagers please. It's okay if two teens are in love, and one grows, that's fine. But if the adult is significantly older (like more than 6 months) please avoid a 'romantic' or serious relationship until the teenager grows into an adult.
Length at this stage: Minimum 6 weeks if RP'd, indefinitely if not RP'd.

Adult Stage
Woohoo! You made it to the final stage! Congratulations on raising your Pae'il! With a definite personality and its features defined, you've got yourself a full-grown adult. Adults are independent and strong. A lot of fun times in store!
*Adult lineart with variations in poses and gender! NOT full size.*

User Image
REGARDLESS of the size they appear on the cert, this chart represents the OFFICIAL height comparision.

Bonus Stages!
    These stages are only acquired through lots of hard work and relevant plot RP (no fluff). Not everypae will make it to these stages, and no pae is entitled to either.
  • Hallowed - this is a powered-up stage in which your Adult Pae'il will receive custom edits to reflect his or her role in our plot. Only developed characters will be allowed to hold this special stage.
  • Luminary - (more will be announced on this stage later--it will not be easy to attain this stage, and not everyone will.) This is the ultimate stage for a Pae. Many will try for it, few will make it. Luminary Pae'il (formerly known as Elders) will receive unique artwork. These Pae are leaders and will help shape the future of the island. They are heroes and know the truth among all the historic fallacies.
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It seems natural occurances have unearthed eggs that were lying dormant at the bottom of the lake for many, many ages.
Naiads are like any other breed of pae. Unique to their breed, but still a Pae'il. They have a tail and fins like a fish, instead of 2 legs like all previously other discovered breeds. They can breathe underwater or on land, but don't let them venture too far away from water, as they do need to keep themselves from drying out.
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All Naiads are given a shell necklace as a special gift to allow them to walk on land, to be able to meet and socialize with all the inhabitants of the isle! The shell contains water from the lake that sustains them while on land.

User Image

Current events and shifts in the island have once again, caused another breed of Pae'il to resurface. These Pae'il have been alive and thriving and it is unknown for how long they have lived undiscovered on a small island behind Aura Nin Mountain, far away from prying eyes.

Long ago, there existed a tree. The Tree of Life, called Laisidhiel. All Pae'il revered this tree, treating it with the utmost respect and reverence as this tree creates life. The earth-born Pae'il, known as Fauns grow from this special tree.

When Telrunya touched down into the sea, the island Laisidhiel resides on slowly made its way down to the water, to rest beside Telrunya Isle. As it descended, several special acorns had fallen to the island and a single, brave little faun named Faroth embarked on a journey to save them.
Something strange and mysterious lurks in this post. emotion_donotwant
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Flatsales will be announced 2 hours - 1 day ahead of time. Usually flatsale batches will contain 4 to 8 Pae of pre-determined genders. Flatsale Pae cost100k.

Rules will be different for each Flat Sale. I will post them usually 30 minutes-1 hour before the sale.

When we determine who has won which Pae, we will post the names of the winners and tag them. A soon as the trade is completed, winners can then post in the Naming thread to get their new Pae certed. Winners will have only 24 hours to complete the trade to claim their win.

**NOTE: We no longer do traditional speed sales. We've found they're unfair and give advantage to some players over others for situations beyond their control. Instead, we rely on the "flaffle" method.

Flaffle flatsales are open for a pre-determined time frame, and all players interested in purchasing one of the available pae'il will post the appropriate code, with their preferences. At the given time, a raffle drawing will be held to determine who the lucky buys will be.

Flaffle Code
[b]Preference list[b]:


Please take note of the genders assigned to each baby. I will not take responsibility in any way for your mistake if you purchase a female and thought it was a male for example. Just so we're clear.
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The breeding process is now handled through the guild.

See >>>this<<< thread for more information.

User Image
Customs and Cosplays are now handled through the guild.

See >>>this<<< thread for more information.
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Owner's list is now in the guild! Its updated with some slight changes, and is hopefully more organized and easier to read!


User Image
Itemshop has been moved into the guild to allow more room for more items!

>> Currently unavailable during revamp <<
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Dia's White List (Nov 05 - present)
This is a list of donators, people who have helped, and people I respect. Worship them.
heart Tiaphanu : For initially creating the shop, and letting me purchase it so I can turn it into the amazing story and RP game that it has become.

heart Lenore Slytherin-Natenhar : All your help and support, thank you!
heart Eirnae Slytherin-Natenhar : All your help and support as well!
heart The_Phantom_Lurker : For everything! For watching out for me, the shop, and everyone and all the help you've given. Thank you!
heart sailornorthstar : For being such a sweetheart and being helpful around the thread and generally making people feel welcome.
heart Menelie : for all your help backstage. Thank you!
heart Amasis : for the wonderful coloring you do with the Pae'il. I'm so glad you chose to help us out and bring a fresh new look to the shop. Thank you!

Grey List
These people have been warned. Whatever you did, you DON'T want to do it again. If you wind up on this list, you may not purchase/win/recieve/breed any new Pae'il until you are no longer on it.
  • none atm

Black List
The following are hereby banned from this shop. You may not buy anything or post at all.

  • Nafretiti - multiple infractions including not following shop rules or RP rules, disregarding staff warnings on multiple occasions, disrespecting staff and other patrons, and repeatedly ignoring warnings not to make posts with inappropriate topics that make other patrons uncomfortable.

IF you are blacklisted, your Pae'il will become inactive. If it was made clear when you received the pet that it is pivotal to plot and could be removed, then it will be rehomed for the sake of the plot. An attempt will be made to "buy back" your Pae'il for rehoming so as to not create problems for all other involved characters. Refusing this payment waives your right to claim it at a later date. Removal from the Blacklist is completely at Antidia's discretion.

User Image

Sweety Sleeping Family by Spookyx7
Hula Bob elder idea by Immortalmina
Jazz elder idea by Immortalmina
Happy Halloween from Hula Bob and Jazz! by Immortalmina
Kymo by Tymiko the Pirate Girl
Pants are Overrated by Tymiko the Pirate Girl
Ceri & Hula Bob by Tymiko the Pirate Girl
Cute Dudette by Tymiko the Pirate Girl

Have fanart you've done of a Pae'il? PM Guardian_Iris and we'll get it added to this post!
User Image

Antidia :: Artist/Colorist/Certist/Generic Dictator
She's the head honcho, what she says goes, she is also the one who will deal with any problems or complaints which may arise. Its best to not overburden her. The rest of the staff will not look favorably upon harassing her needlessly either.

Main Staff
Teigra :: Shop Manager / RP Manager / Artist / Colorist / Dia's Slave and "She of Many Hats"
She manages the day to day in the shop, reads and monitors all RP, works on driving plotlines and meta events, colors Pae'il of all kinds, and basically anything else needed to help Dia out and make her life easier.
Amasis :: Artist/Colorist, Maker of Shiny Things
Helps out with random Pae colorings for events, sales, etc, whenever we need pretties to find new homes for.
Menelie :: Helper Elf
She helps set up event threads and track points. She also updates the Owner List.
Seiana_ZI:: RP Moderator, part-time colorist (Currently somewhat MIA due to RL and computer issues)
Helps with plot and RP events and all that cool stuff. Colors pae, too.
HelMel :: Shop Manager/Colorist, MIA/POW (RL has claimed another victim)
She flits in once in a while so we can beg for files.

Guest Staff
Seruta :: Guest artist
Lineart Edits, familiars, Naiad variants

Shop Mules
Guardian_Iris :: She is the messenger for the Guardians. Official shop business will be conducted with this mule.
FA Strafe:: Our fallen guardian. He's usually up to no good. Metaplot Villain
FA Mysteries:: Our mysterious mule, mainly used for NPC interaction and notices.
FA Venus :: Valentine's Day protagonist mule
FA Goddess Eris :: Valentine's Day villain mule

Note that all staff answer first to the Owner of the shop, and that all problems should be taken to the main shop mule (Iris) All final decisions are made by the Owner and will be enforced.

User Image

Current shop owner is Antidia. Shop, and all its property were purchased from Tiaphanu in October, 2005. Shop reopened under new ownership and mangement on November 1st, 2005.

Original shop concept and world created by Tiaphanu
Original Pae'il lineart © Fyor-chan (no longer used)
Mini Pae'il Guardians/Original Mellons © Fyor-chan (no longer used)
Pae'il Elder lineart © Antidia (Elders are obsolete)
Current Pae'il lineart © Antidia
Aion lineart © Birvan (no longer used)
Old Mellon lineart © Sunnith
Current Mellon lineart © Antidia

Many older, outdated and no longer used RP elements were created by Torvil Rakamash.
Metaplot is a culmination of ideas from all staffers.

Coloring originally done by Tiaphanu and Alatariel Rakamash.
Current Pae'il coloring done by Antidia, Teigra, Amasis, & Seiana.
Antidia created the underlays.
Aion coloring originally done by Tiaphanu, then by Alatariel R. Now retired breed.

Certs made by Tiaphanu, Antidia

Item shop items originally created by Tiaphanu. (no longer used)
Shop graphics created by Antidia.
HelMel and Krista DarkAngel Silme have created some custom items as well. (KDAS items no longer used)
Teigra now also does custom items, edits, and some hair.

Eirnae Slytherin-Natenhar created some special items in the Item Shop and they are her creations, and credit belongs to her. (No longer used, however older Pae'il still have them)

Shop banners created by Antidia.
Shop maps created by Antidia.
Most guild banners by [chainedfaye]
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If you want to be affiliates, PM Guardian_Iris with a link to your shop!

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