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User ImageThis is a simple game with a simple objective: to give away adult first-generation Flutter Pae for a side-arc of our meta plot.

:[ Story ]:
    The Fae Clearing is a mysterious meadow, hallowed by Fae and Fairies alike. Supernatural occurrences have been plaguing the land for years. There is an unusual concentration of magic in that meadow, and no modern Pae'il knows why.

    Many seasons ago, the Faun's Great Tree of Life, Laisidhiel, lost many acorns in a terrible hurricane. Many of those acorns were never found.

    Two of those lost seeds found their way to the Fae Clearing (or did someone plant them there on purpose?). The concentrated magic served as the perfect nutrients for the seeds and they took root. It didn't take long for the magic trees to grow into tall, shimmering trees. The trees have a purple crystalline bark, and silver shimmery leaves. They look nothing like any of the trees found on the entire island.

    Laisidhiel acorns + Magic source = seed-producing trees. And we all know what comes from those seeds. Baby Faun! But what happens when those seeds are influenced by an ancient magic?

:[ Birth of the Flutters ]:
    As if commanded by the Trees themselves, the first two seeds hatched and tended to the trees and new buds. After some time, more seeds started to mature. Indilwen and Belwen worked to collect the seeds and nurtured them until they hatched. They called the new little creatures Flutters. The pair led the colony to survive and build a culture for themselves. Somewhere along the lines a rivalry formed between the two females, and the colony separated. Indilwen took her followers to the south and became their queen. Belwen went north to become queen of the Northern colony.

    Over the last few seasons, each colony has grown and thrived. They went undetected until recently. Strangers entered the Fae Clearing and found the unique seedpods before they could be collected and put in the nursery. For the first time, strangers laid eyes upon the baby Flutters (affectionately called Paeterpillars).

:[ Dodgeball! (or Why Are We Throwing Faeries?) ]:
    Recently a bunch of seeds hatched. We need adult Flutters to exist in order to have their culture and colonies exist. That is why we're giving away many adults. These adults will be initial establishers of each colony. They will have been hatched then raised by either Indilwen or Belwen. The game is an out-of-character way for us to not only give some adults away, but to decide which colony they are from.

The most important rule is that we're here to have fun. No one is entitled to anything, and everyone who plays has a chance to win. Sore winners will forfeit their prize to someone who wasn't as lucky to win one.

User Image
  • All day on Saturday, we'll be taking sign-ups. Just post the code below to enter.
  • You may have a proxy sign up for you, as long as it's clear who the proxy is, and that they are entering for you, and you are aware of the rules and conditions of the game.
  • Sign-ups will close approx. 30 minutes before the game, so we can prepare.
  • The game starts at 10pm EST on Saturday.
  • It will last until the last Flutter is given away. It might be a few minutes or an hour, we don't know!
  • Winners will have 24 hours to claim their Flutter and submit a name in the Cert Request Thread. (this mainly applies to proxies)

Antidia and Seiana_ZI will pick the teams by rolling from among all of the signed-ups. Once the teams are chosen, we'll start the game. Directions on gameplay will be announced once the teams are set.

In order to win one of these Flutters, you must agree to the following:
  • I accept the backstory and will incorporate it into the character I create.
  • I accept the culture Flutters come from and acknowledge that my character was part of the establishment of the colony.
  • My Flutter lives in either the Northern or Southern Tree, depending on which team I play for.
  • My Flutter will not be adopted into the families of any of my other Pae'il, removing it from the established colony.
  • I will accept the leadership of the two queens and Chief Rais as the plot progresses.
  • Both the Northern and Southern Trees are like Laisidhiel. They are hollow inside providing shelter for the Flutters (with all the luxuries they'd need for a comfortable home). They are timid and do not welcome strangers into their Trees. They don't even like letting the rival colony into their Tree.
  • The rivalry between colonies is serious, but light-hearted. They will not do anything to seriously hurt the other, but they have been known to chuck a rotten berry or two at each other.
  • I will read the Flutter information post in the Faun INFO thread.

[color=darkblue][size=18]Pick me! Pick me! I'm ready for some DODGEBALL![/size]
[b]Name[/b]: [/color]

This is just a fancy and fun way to have a free raffle/giveaway for some plot-related characters. There's no charge to enter or win. Everyone is welcome, oldbies and newbies! And lurkers are encouraged to participate too!
The amount of Flutters we give away will be related to number of sign-ups we get.
Dodgeball Sign-ups!

  1. Shicala
  2. Irish Night Fox
  3. Fea Line
  4. Tartara Seabreeze
  5. Strawberri Stardust
  6. Conrad the Mighty
  7. Seruta
  8. Wolfs Heart
  9. o0_Daisuke_0o
  10. Twitchapher the 3rd
  11. moonlit-raven
  12. Oziandra
  13. sailornorthstar
Posted here for storage.

2013 Year of the Black Water Snake Free Raffle!

User Image

This special Demon Pae'il was made up special to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 2013 is the year of the Water Snake, and what better way to celebrate then by winning this beautiful black water snake inspired Demon!
For Role-Players, she will come with a power already. Being the Black Snake, a fire element in a year of water, she's likely to feel like a fish out of water somedays. She has a water moccassin Wild Soul, which means she has the ability to shapeshift into a large black snake and go in the water as if it's her natural element, just like a Naiad. Along with being able shifting into a snake, her bite will also be venomous.

To Claim A Ticket:
[align=center][size=18][color=darkblue][b] I'm feeling lucky in 2013! [/b][/color][/size][/align]

:[ Rules ]:
  1. Everyone may claim ONE ticket by posting the above listed code.
  2. You may not give the pae away if you win.
  3. Please do not claim a ticket if you do not want the pae or if you have no intention of ever showing up at the shop ever again.
  4. No proxies or claiming for other people.
  5. If you win, please PM a name to Antidia. If no name is given within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
  6. If any of the rules are unclear, please ask!

We close the raffle at 11:59 EST February 10th, 2013, the Lunar New Year. The Drawing will follow.


  1. Antidia
  2. Menelie
  3. Dementia Requiem Asumi
  4. Teigra
  5. o0_Daisuke_0o
  6. Twitchapher the 3rd
  7. Wolfs Heart
  8. Nafretiti
  9. Fea Line
  10. Strawberri Stardust
  11. Bloody Hell Hound
  12. DaemonGabrielle
  13. Sailornorthstar
  14. Shicala
  15. TrigunKittie
  16. Tygress Dream
  17. Mizu_Taji
  18. HelMel
  19. Kira of Flames
  20. Draka Lucian
  21. LP
  22. Seiana_ZI
  23. Chibi_Kokoro143

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