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This year, we have a small selection of events both IC and OOC for your consumption. Haunted Mansions for the adults and trick or treat for the kids ... or maybe some rampant Samhain celebrations or spooks with things that go bump in the night?

Who knows what your future will hold ...

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Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to --

In the guilds, there will be a little trick or treat event for the children and tots of the Isle! They can be presented with treats (however questionable those treats may be...) and tricks (oh, boo), which they can collect for some sweet eats later -- or maybe towards something else?]

But children are not the only ones who are allowed to participate! Newbies with no pae are allowed to participate as a NPC child pae'il, and they can go to any of the booths located on Nathaear Beach!

This event will take place in the Guild's Events Forum!

  1. Adult Pae may sign up to give tricks or treats to children! They may be at one of four locations: Alu Spring (naiad), Telrunya City (Light Pae), Nathaear Beach (neutral), and Laisidhiel (faun).
    • One adult pae per region per player can be entered. So, for example, you can enter an angel pae living in Telrunya City and a naiad living in Alu Spring!
    • Once signed up and confirmed, the adult can make a thread! It will be labeled [H2K14 ToT] NAMEHERE's Tricks and Treats! The first post should give booth/house setting, as well as spoilers listing how much candy won and by who, and who has been tricked.
    • At the end of each day, each ToT Adult must send a list to the mule detailing who has been tricked. We will handle the rest!

  2. Children may visit each Adult Pae in an area they can visit once per day.
    • Due to current tensions, children may only go to locations that are friendly to their race. For example, faun children cannot visit the City.
    • Any number of children can be signed up per person. However, at the end of the event, for candy-related prizes, the total amount of candies will be divided by the amount of children pae entered in the event for that person. Someone with three children pae in the event would have the end amount of candies divided by three. This is to keep it fair for those who only have one child!

  3. At each location, a child pae can roll a 1d6. 1 - 5 are candies (and the amounts of candies respectively), and 6 is a trick. Adults are strongly encouraged to interact with the children that come to their location!
  4. Children or newbie owners may continue to sign up once the event has started. Adults may not.


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Do you have the guts?!

In the guilds, there will be also be an event for the adults and teenagers of the Isle -- a Haunted Mansion in Loka Nei, shrouded in mystery, for which invitations were offered to pae'il all over the Isle. Do you dare to challenge the Haunted Mansion?

... Or maybe you just want to go to a dance and get a little tipsy.

... But either way, it should be a spooky good time.

This event will take place in the Guild's Events Forum!

  1. Pae'il attending will be brought into a "haunted" mansion, full of spooky "monsters" and "ghosts" and other such things. There will, of course, be hors d'oeuvres, punch, and a large dance floor with music that seemed to be playing itself for one to dance, too.
    • This means that there may be some spooky NPC promptings!

  2. Pae'il are free to stay in the main party area if they wish, but the biggest part of the fun is exploring the mansion! That is where mysterious items and other surprises can be found... If you do not leave the main room at some point, you are much less likely to find them.
  3. Rumour has it that Kalandandra and Millie got into the punch again ... so be careful drinking it.
    • Surprise! A limited number of random breedings are featured! Some single pae may find that they drank the wrong punch bowl and are suddenly overtaken with desire... and this place certainly has bedrooms, right?
    • These breedings are random and will be considered canon. Do not sign up any pae'il currently in a relationship unless you are willing to deal with the following fallout.
    • Pae'il must be active (at least four posts, more preferred) to be eligible for this.

  4. Only adults and teenagers may play in this event! (Obviously, teenagers are ineligible for any kind of breeding.)
  5. While there is currently no formal limit to the amount of pae'il you can sign up, please only sign up with an amount you will be comfortable playing!


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THIS FLAFFLE WILL RUN ON 10/27, ALL DAY EST (12am - 11:59pm)

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  • Do not post your flaffle form before the Official Flaffle Start (10/27, 12am EST). You will be disqualified from the flaffle.
  • If there are any flaffle pae you are not interested in, please do not include them in your flaffle list. We will reroll for someone who does want them.
  • Gifting is not allowed. Please have them enter themselves if they are interested!
  • A flaffle price of 100k is due at the end of the raffle. An anonymous benefactor has paid for all pae'il in this flaffle!
  • Any posts not using the exact form below will be ignored!

[color=darkred][size=18][b]ENTER ME![/b][/size][/color]
[b]Preference list[b]:

  1. Dementia Requiem Asumi - Shadow, Cu Sith, Rusalka, Banshee, Doppelganger
  2. Strawberri Stardust - Cu Sith, Shadow, Doppelganger, Rusalka, Banshee
  3. Fea Line - Cu Sith, Rusalka, Banshee, Shadow, Doppleganger
  4. Seruta - Cu Sith, Doppleganger, Rusalka, Shadow, Banshee
  5. Wolfs Heart - Cu Sith, Shadow, Banshee, Rusalka, Doppelganger
  6. sailornorthstar - Banshee, Shadow, Cu Sith, Doppelganger, Rusalka
  7. Falcona - Doppleganger, Shadow, Banshee, Cu Sith, Rusalka
  8. o0_Daisuke_0o - Shadow, Doppelganger, Cu Sith, Banshee, Rusalka
  9. Freaksrus - Banshee, Cu Sith, Rusalka, Shadow, Doppelganger
  10. shadica - Shadow, Doppelganger, Cu Sith, Rusalka, Banshee
  11. xLadyJaimex - Shadow, Banshee, Rusalka, Cu Sith, Doppelganger
  12. Shicala - Doppelganger, Rusalka, Shadow, Cu Sith, Banshee
  13. Twitchapher the 3rd - Shadow, Doppelganger, Banshee, Rusalka, Cu Sith
  14. Irish Night Fox - Doppelganger, Shadow, Rusalka, Cu Sith, Banshee
  15. musicaloner7 - Doppelganger, Cu Sith, Banshee, Shadow, Rusalka

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  • Make all bids here in thread.
  • Do not bid what you do not have.
  • Items are accepted and will be valued at current lowest MP 'buy now' price.
  • Winner will have 24 hours from the close of the auction to start the trade. Otherwise, the win is forfeited and we go to the next highest bidder.
  • No bad attitudes! This includes but is not limited to: discouraging others from bidding, bragging about funds, or arguing with other shop goers or staff. And please don't whine that the auction is unfair because the person willing to pay the most won. Depending on the severity of the offense, greylisting may result from bad sportsmanship and complaining.
  • If the auction winner retracts their bid after the auction is over, this will be cause for instant blacklisting.

Auction Details
Starts: NOW!
Ends: Saturday, November 1st, 2014 @ 9:00PM EST
SB: 1 mil
Minimum Bid Increase: 100K
AB: None
Snipe Guard: 10 minutes (Clarification: starting within the last ten minutes of the auction, any further bids will extend the auction to end at ten minutes beyond that point. A winning bid must stand uncontested for ten minutes before the auction will be ended.)
What you are bidding on: Those two twins up there! They both can be kept by you, or one can go to a friend!

To bid, use the following form:
[size=18][b][color=brown]GIMME DAT PAE[/color][/b][/size]
[b]I bid (amount here) for (Username here)!!![/b]
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Two seasons ago, the precious treasure of Silme Pond was discovered by the quirky daughter of the goddess Artemis. A goddess of her own right, Portia was tasked with keeping the sacred life-giving water safe. Curiously, she found oysters in the magic pond. And if that wasn't bizarre enough in itself, Portia also discovered that each oyster is a cradle for a delicate and rare little pearl.

These are not normal pearls. Once they leave the safety of the pond's waters, they begin to grow and change color. Once mature, it turns out they aren't really pearls after all.

Shortly after the discovery, deep in Ithyl Forest one night a young Naiad girl happened by the pond and discovered the oysters. Not knowing any better, she brought her "catch" and treasure home to Tuatha'Ri Lake. The oysters were recovered by fairies and returned to the pond, but it was too late.

The pearls were out of the magical waters long enough that they couldn't go back. They began to grow.

That left the unwilling goddess Portia caring for a small army of newly hatched sprites to care for.

Posted here for storage.

2013 Year of the Black Water Snake Free Raffle!

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This special Demon Pae'il was made up special to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 2013 is the year of the Water Snake, and what better way to celebrate then by winning this beautiful black water snake inspired Demon!
For Role-Players, she will come with a power already. Being the Black Snake, a fire element in a year of water, she's likely to feel like a fish out of water somedays. She has a water moccassin Wild Soul, which means she has the ability to shapeshift into a large black snake and go in the water as if it's her natural element, just like a Naiad. Along with being able shifting into a snake, her bite will also be venomous.

To Claim A Ticket:
[align=center][size=18][color=darkblue][b] I'm feeling lucky in 2013! [/b][/color][/size][/align]

:[ Rules ]:
  1. Everyone may claim ONE ticket by posting the above listed code.
  2. You may not give the pae away if you win.
  3. Please do not claim a ticket if you do not want the pae or if you have no intention of ever showing up at the shop ever again.
  4. No proxies or claiming for other people.
  5. If you win, please PM a name to Antidia. If no name is given within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn.
  6. If any of the rules are unclear, please ask!

We close the raffle at 11:59 EST February 10th, 2013, the Lunar New Year. The Drawing will follow.


  1. Antidia
  2. Menelie
  3. Dementia Requiem Asumi
  4. Teigra
  5. o0_Daisuke_0o
  6. Twitchapher the 3rd
  7. Wolfs Heart
  8. Nafretiti
  9. Fea Line
  10. Strawberri Stardust
  11. Bloody Hell Hound
  12. DaemonGabrielle
  13. Sailornorthstar
  14. Shicala
  15. TrigunKittie
  16. Tygress Dream
  17. Mizu_Taji
  18. HelMel
  19. Kira of Flames
  20. Draka Lucian
  21. LP
  22. Seiana_ZI
  23. Chibi_Kokoro143

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