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For a special, rare stage of Featherweavers (Council); which would you prefer?

And 'elder' stage that anyone can work for. 'Elders' would be rewarded after a certain length of time and/or RP requirements with the shop 0.61764705882353 61.8% [ 21 ]
Creating a pack/herd/flock/skulk system, where 5+ more Featherweavers could form and there be an 'alpha' type figurehead who would be the leader? 0.35294117647059 35.3% [ 12 ]
Don't care / not interested in special stages 0.029411764705882 2.9% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 34 ]
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1.) Main Page - Important Links
2.) Table of Contents
3.) Rules
4.) Stages of Growth
5.) Roleplaying Information
6.) Non-Player Races
7.) Enemy Races (coming soon)
8.) Custom Information
9.) Breeding Information
10.) Item Information
11.) -reserved-
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14.) Credits
15.) Affiliates

Page Two
Reserved for special events, hiring, flatsales, etc! Check there to see if there are any available Weavers!
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[ R u l e s ]

  1. Obey the Gaia ToS
  2. Obey the Breedables Forum Rules
  3. No Drama. If you have a legitimate complaint or concern about the shop or a shop-goer, please pm the mule.
  4. The Mule is Law. Do what I say.
  5. There is no limit to the number of Featherweavers you may own. However, individual events may set their own limits on number of Weavers you can get, so pay attention.
  6. No refunds unless the work is unfinished. All customs, semi customs, breeding babies, flatsale pet, every single pet that comes from this shop are up to colorist interpretation. Any pet you buy is under no expressed or implied guarantee of 'looking' a certain way. Be familiar with the colorist you're buying from. Any unfinished work will either be handed off to another colorist, or, if one is not available, refunded at the purchased price. Unfinished work = 3 months overdue or later.
  7. There is no co-owning.
  8. Roleplay is not required, but may earn you perks.
  9. Naming Convention (Personal Names): all names of Featherweavers must be a made up, fantasy and/or central-american sounding names. Names like "Sarah" or "David" are not permitted. And while I probably won't stick every name into Google Translate, obviously foreign words (Sakura, Luna, etc) cannot be the sole root for a name either. You can use these names for "bases" for a fantasy word, however (example, Sarina, Davidae, Sakanaye). Be creative, this rule isn't going to be scrutinized or heavily enforced unless we see people ignoring it/abusing it.
  10. Naming Convention (Surnames): You can choose to have a surname for your Weaver, made up from a "direct translation" of their language. For example: Sun Catcher, River Runner, or Dream Maker. They must be made up of 2 or 3 English words that are drawn from their environment (as in, must be a word they would "know" - you can can't have a Featherweaver named George Steampunk). Surnames can be repeated, and often are 'passed down' in families.

    * Custom Rules are under the "Custom Information"
    * Roleplay Rules are under "Roleplaying Information"
    * Breeding Rules are under "Breeding Information"
Stages of Growth

[ D o l l ]

User Image

[ love ] When the FeatherWeavers create children, they do so in a doll-making ritual. Generally, the two parents find seclusion in a hollow tree or other private place, and spend many days bonding and weaving their dolls. Each doll takes several hours to make, and is usually made from vines, mud, flowers, fur, rough-handmade twine, and most crucially, a long feather from each of the parents. The dolls are then taken to a Spirit Shrine and left, waiting on the blessing of the Spirits.

After that, it becomes a waiting game. If their dolls are accepted by the Spirits, a mysterious unknown source will deposit the blessed dolls back into the parent's nest: warm and beating with life. At this point, the doll is a truly blessed magical object and must be treasured and cared for. Slowly, the twine and mud will began to fuse together. From inside the magical twine, a new baby Featherweaver will 'hatch'

[ thievery ] The majority of Featherweavers are born from loving, consensual unions. Sadly, however, this is not always the case. Desperation or malice may lead dark-hearted Featherweavers to steal feathers and make dolls without the other owner's consent. This is very traumatic for the victims and highly reviled in Featherweaver culture. However, when this happens, the the thief can still make dolls and offer them to the shrine. How the spirits deal with this very unpredictable. Sometimes the victim may wake up one day to find a doll waiting for them to take care of. [ please note - Feather stealing is IN CHARACTER ONLY, and meant as a ICly way to explain 'unplanned' babies. This should be for consensual role-play only. A player will never be forced to lend their Featherweaver's Feathers without their cooperation, and all breedings must have consent of all players, even if it is role-played non consensual ]

[ unknown ] Sometimes [ through games, events, or RP perks], a lonely Featherweaver may come across a abandoned Feather from an unknown source. For lonely Featherweavers who want children but do not have a partner, this gives them the opportunity to weave a doll using their Feather and that of this mysterious stranger.

[ B a b y ]

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[helpless and curious ] Baby Featherweavers are notoriously curious and have a nearly blatant disregard for their own safety. The are a sponge of knowledge, wanting to learn everything they can absorb. Baby Featherweavers can only speak a few scattered words, and rely heavily on nonverbal communication. They are born rather undeveloped as well, and its often hard to tell exactly which subspecies they turn up as. They can't walk very well, and generally will "scoot' around, using their front paws to help direct them.

[ A d u l t ]

User Image

[ unique and complex ] As they reach adulthood, Featherweavers learn to speak more fluently, can move about with much more finesse and grace, and begin to settle into the Weaver they will be for most their life. Though you could generalize Featherweavers as being friendly, curious, and generally good natured - all Featherweavers are unique. Like humans, they have a whole array of emotions, beliefs, and personalities. However, the 'typical' Featherweaver is a fun-seeker - they generally try to avoid unpleasant feelings and emotions. They love to eat, cuddle, play, and make things like jewelry. They also tend to be attracted to soft textures and shiny objects.
[ R o l e p l a y i n g * R u l e s ]

1.) No God-Modding: this means you cannot control what actions another playing is taking, nor force them to act a certain way
2.) Separate IC (in-character) and OOC (out of character). Just because your RP partner's character don't like/love your character, doesn't mean their player isn't your friend anymore.
3.) Slavery, kidnapping, bondage, etc, are permitted in role-play, but only with consent from the other player! If you're playing a kidnapping plot, and your RP partner suddenly decides they don't want to be a part of it anymore you MUST let it go.
4.) Keep anything role-played PG-13 or less or off-Gaia.
5.) Any RP must keep to setting outlined below. This is a low-magic, no humans, low-technechnology setting.

User Image

[ R o l e p l a y i n g * I n f o r m a t i o n ]

[ H a b i t a t ] The world according to the Featherweavers is a large range of land, that consists of mostly temperate, humid, jungle-like areas. While the northern parts and mountain peaks tend to get cold, and the outskirts of the land to the east is dessert and unlivable past a few miles, the vast majority of the natural Featherweaver territory is a warm, sub-tropical rainforest. The western border of the Featherweaver territory is coastline, with a a cluster of islands a few miles out.

[ Sex and Gender ] Featherweavers have no anatomical sex or sex organs. In the world they live in, breeding is done through magic and therefore physical sex is irrelevant. However, this does't mean that your Featherweavers are necessarily 'asexual' - they can still feel love or hate, desire for intimacy (usually in the form of grooming or cuddling), have certain gender-role preferences for mates, and associate themselves as very "masculine" or "feminine". Featherweavers can be role-played as either masculine, feminine, or anywhere in-between. You can also refer to your Featherweavers as "he/his" or "she/her" OR the more neutral "Ze/Hir" "Ey/Em." Whichever you and your characters are most comfortable with.

[ Size and Locomotion ] - Ranging between 30 - 60 lbs. They will typically walk, run, and climb using all four legs (quadrupedal), but they are able to balance their weight standing on just their back two limbs (bipedal). Featherweavers can sit comfortably on their haunches, allowing them to use their dexterous front paws to craft simple objects or use simple tools: as well climb efficiently and groom their fellow Weavers.

[ Diet ] - Omnivorous. The bulk of a Featherweavers diet will consist of fruits, leaves, and nuts collected from around the forests they live in. However, they crave variety and will, on occasion, eat insects, eggs, or fish. It's extremely rare for Featherweavers to kill or eat anything that would "bleed" in the traditional sense - fish being about the largest/most complex prey they will go after. Featherweavers have some very basic agriculture elements: some Weavers will cultivate berry bushes, while others may keep birds in cages and harvest their eggs. Some Featherweavers relocate bee hives to their nesting ground to take advantage of the honey. They do not have fire or other means to 'cook' their food, though they very skilled Featherweavers may fashion simple nets to aid in the catch of fish.

[ Magic ] Magic exists in the world the Featherweavers live in. Its believed in nearly universally by the Featherweavers as it is essential to their breeding. However, the Featherweavers have not tapped into the ability to harness magic: therefore there are no wizards or witches among the Weavers. However, there are those who believe strongly they are more 'tapped into' the Spirits than others who may promote themselves as shamans, profits, or oracles. Some Featherweavers use various methods of fortune-telling to divine the future, though much like the fortune tellers of our world, there is great debate in the Weavers society on whether or not there is any actual merit behind these beliefs.

[ Religion ] There is no set, organized religion among the Featherweavers. However, nearly every Weaver believes in 'the Spirits' - the otherwordly, unseen beings that watch over their land. They don't believe so much that the spirits are representations of individual beings, so much as a holistic conglomerations of the 'life energy' of the world in which they live. Most Featherweavers believe that when they die, their essence is reclaimed by the Spirits, who represent the 'soul' of their world.

[ Tools and Technology ] Featherweavers are intelligent and have dexterous (compared to most animals of the world) front paws that allow them to manipulate the world around them. They do not, however, have the technology for more than very basic tools. They have not harnessed fire and therefore have no metals. They can use vines and dried grasses as ropes or nets, and bones or stones for small tools to aid them in basic agriculture and jewelry-making. They do not make any weapons: when conflicts arises that requires physical confrontation they fight with their claws and teeth. They also lack the dexterity (or in most cases, patience) to weave fabrics. While they may make nets they do not wear clothing or sew blankets.

[ Communication ] Featherweavers have a simple spoken language. This language is unique among the Featherweavers and is not understood by any other species (that is known about). However, they do not have any method of written communication: while some Weavers may dabble in painting or divination: there is not a collaborated effort to translate the language to recognized form of writing. Additionally, Featherweavers use an extensive amount of body language to communicate among one another. They share many of the same expressions that we would recognize: such as tail wagging, teeth-baring, play-poses, growls, yips, sniffing, and posturing.
[ N o n - P l a y e r * R a c e s ]

The land of the Featherweavers is filled with a plethora of unique plants and animals. Featherweavers cannot communicate directly with other animals, but players my use them as in their RPs to add enrichment or plot points. This means that while you can't RP these species directly (as in, give them names, complex personalities, families, etc), feel free to use them in RP as NPCS (non-player characters) if they may be of use.

[ Common Flora ]
  • ancient, giant leafy trees - the primary home and habitat for the Featherweavers
  • flowers and flowering plants in almost every color conceivable
  • vines and climbing-type plats
  • tall grasses, pussywillows, etc
  • mushrooms
  • waterlillys and other bog plants
  • kelp and seaweed (marine only)
  • evergreen trees (only in the mountains)
  • Palm trees
  • various fleshy fruits, similar to apples, blueberries, mangos, etc

[ Common harmless species ] These species are exceedingly similar to their equivalents in our own worlds, and should be RPed as such. In general, the Featherweavers don't mind these guys and come across them on a daily basis.
  • mice
  • rats
  • tree squirrels
  • moles
  • various species of small songbirds
  • small waterfowl, like wood ducks and egrets
  • parrots
  • hummingbirds
  • butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, and other non-biting insects
  • honeybees
  • fish, both marine and fresh water varieties
  • non-venomous, small colubrid snakes
  • diurnal anole-type lizards
  • nocturnal geckos
  • tree frogs
  • toads
  • turtles
  • tortoises (small ones, less than 30 lbs)
  • fruit bats

[ dangerous species ] These species are exceedingly similar to their equivalents in our own worlds, and should be RPed as such. Generally Featherweavers will avoid these guys, and try to take measures they don't share living spaces with them. Most of the time encounters with these species aren't fatal to adult Featherweavers, but can be a serious risk to babies.
  • wasps
  • spiders
  • thorny, entangling vines
  • poisonous mushrooms
  • sting-rays
  • mosquitos
  • porcupines
  • vipers
  • eagles
  • boa constritors
  • owls
  • weasels
[ C u s t o m * I n f o r m a t i o n ]

[ R u l e s ]

  • Payment is due in advance. If payment is not received within 48hrs of winning the slot, your slot will be forfeit
  • All customs and semi-customs are up to colorist interpretation
  • Edits are not allowed in customs
  • All Featherweavers are somewhat naturally marked. While there are no color restrictions, their markings will always be naturalish. This means no overly geometric patterns, metallic textures, clothing (including painted on clothes), etc.
  • Regarding Cosplays: The closest thing this shop has to cosplay is the "Blank Slate" semi-customs. You can use the image of a character as the inspiration: but the final product is still 100% up to colorist interpretation. 'Cosplays' must still follow naming conventions, and they are not exclusive. Since each Featherweaver is hand-colored, no two will be exactly the same, even if based off the same character.

To see if there custom slots available: Check in the Guild

Random Adult
Custom Type: Random Adult Featherweaver
Price: 50K
What it is: Exactly what it sounds like. A randomly-colored adult Featherweaver. Most will be the standard wildtype pattern, but this not garunteed. For those indecisive types who just want some new blood to cuddle with.

[b]Adult Pose Wanted[/b]:
[b]Up to three colors you do not want as the PRIMARY color[/b]:

Semi-Custom Featherweaver
Custom Type: Pick three colors or a pallette from ColourLovers or Design Seeds or any similar palette generators.
Price: 75K (adult) or 100K (growing)
What it is: The type of slot allows you pick the basic color pallette of your Featherwaver, but nothing else.
[b]Adult Pose Wanted[/b]:
[b]Growing (Y/N):
[b]Pick three colors OR link to a color palette[/b]:

Custom Wildtype Featherweaver
Custom Type: Pick your colors on the standard Featherweaver markings
Price: 100K (adult) or 125K (growing)
What it is: Featherweavers come in a natural, wildtype coloration pattern. The type of slot allows you pick the colors of your Featherwaver, but you cannot change the base pattern.
[b]Adult Pose Wanted[/b]:
[b]Growing (Y/N):
[b]Base coat[/b]: (up to two colors)
[b]Belly coat[b] (one color or none)
[b]Stripes & spots[b]: (up to two colors or none)
[b]"Naked" paws:[/b] (one color)
[b]Inside Ears:[/b] (one color)
[b]Tail Feather colors:[/b] (up to three colors) (gradient or alternating)
[b]Headfeather colors:[/b] (up to three colors) (gradient of alternating)
[b]Small Feathers:[/b] (up to two colors)
[b]Feather accents[/b] (one color)
[b]Eye color:[/b] (one color)
[b]Nose color:[/b] (dark grey by default) (one color)
[b]Paw pads;[/b] (grey or pink by default) (one color)
[b]Eye Whites[/b] (white or black only)

Inspiration Featherweaver
Custom Type: Inspiration Semi-Custom
Price: 150K (adult), 175K (growing). +50K for complicated coloring
What it is: A semi custom Featherweaver that doesn't have the standard markings. You may provide a source of "inspiration" for your Weaver, and the colorist will design and color you a unique pet based on the inspiration. While all Featherweavers will have 'natural' like markings, these do not have to follow the "wild type" pattern.
[b]Adult Pose Wanted[/b]:
[b]Growing (Y/N):
[b]Inspiration[/b]: (must be a photo or link to a music selection)

Featherweaver-fy Your OC
Custom Type: Get a Featherweaver based off your OC or pet from another shop (shop owner permission is required if you didn't make the design yourself)
Price: 250K (adult only)
What it is: Translate an existing design (such an an OC, RP character, or other B/C pet) and get a Featherweaver based off it. NO COMMERCIAL COSPLAYS.
[b]Adult Pose Wanted[/b]:
[b]References[/b]: please link to either a reference sheet or up to 5 examples of art of your OC/Design (no more than 5 images, and please have them be art of your OC or a reference sheet. Please do not spam images like "this bracelet" and "this hair" and "this dress")
[b]Notes[/b]: Please list one or two things that are MOST IMPORTANT about this characters design that you most want to see translated. These still can be overridden if they conflict with the overall design aesthetic of the shop, but we will do our best. Examples would be a certain scar, or marking.

*remember there are no edits on custom Featherweavers
*please remember that the final design is up to colorist interpretation, and while we will do our best to be faithful to your design, the final call goes to the colorist.

[ B r e e d i n g * I n f o r m a t i o n ]
To see if any breeding opportunities are available, check the the Guild

User Image
[ R u l e s ]

  • A Featherweaver may breed three times in its life. Since magic is used to breed, it takes a little bit from their "life source" each time, and therefore trying to breed more becomes risky and dangerous. Also, since Featherweavers rely on the generosity of the Spirits for breeding, excessive breeding is also considered greedy and irresponsible in the culture. Please note: it is the players responsibility to keep track of the number of breedings each of their Weavers have had.
  • Though breeding is not sexual, making children between related adults (incest) is not allowed. The Spirits do not favor this, and will not grant children to such couples.
  • Only adult Featherweavers may breed
  • You may only keep 1 doll from a breeding.
  • Breeding raffles are entered by the player, not the couple. So you may put your name in once for each breeding raffle, regardless of how many couples you have. If you're picked, you must choose which couple to use at that time. You may only have your name drawn once per month. If other players have couples with you, they may continue to enter. (For example. Person A has two couples with Person B and Person C. If Person A wins one raffle, and she decides to breed with Person B, Person C and Person B can still enter later raffles, and still breed with Person A if they win. But Person A cannot enter their own name until the month is over).
  • Individual Featherweavers can only breed once per month.
  • The MAX litter size will be determined by the colorist, per raffle. Certain items will increase the MAX littler size
  • Make sure you have expressed permission to breed your Featherweavers with others' You must post in the Breeding Permission thread before you enter the breeding raffles.
  • Random throwbacks or traits may happen. The look of the babies is under the control of The Spirits.
  • Identical twins or triplets may happen, though rare.
  • Do NOT PM or beg to "buy into" a breeding through extra dolls unless the owners are specifically soliciting for interest.
  • On that note, Owners are allowed to solicit interest in "buy ins" either in the thread or in their Nest. You may not charge more than the price of the extra doll, however. You may simply ask to be compensated for the price of the extra baby.

[ P r i c e s ]

  • One doll = 10K
  • Two dolls = 20K
  • Three dolls = 30K
  • Each additional doll after 3 = 50K each

[ T h e * P r o c e s s ]

  1. The colorist opens up a Shrine Thread in the Guild. The colorist will determine how many names they will draw, the MAX litter size, and the length of the raffle (minimum raffle window is 24 hours)
  2. Players have within in time frame to enter their name. Entering the raffle is free. You may only enter your name once. Proxies are not allowed.
  3. After the specified timeframe, the breeding raffle closes, and the winners are rolled by the colorist.
  4. Everyone who wins will have a Nest Thread set up by the colorist. They will be quoted with a link to their own personal Nest Thread.
  5. The player who won the Nest has up to 72 hours to respond to the thread with the following required information: the parents, their certed images, a link to their breeding permission post, and the number of Dolls they want, and any items they are using with the breeding.
  6. (optional)The player may choose to make a second post with the following information: the uncerted images of the parents, and related Featherweavers for throwback possibilities, links to any relevant RP or plot summaries that may influence The Spirits
  7. The player sends a trade for the amount of the breeding. The trade must come from the player who won the raffle.
  8. (optional, but appreciated) The player makes one last post: "OK to Lock!" - this is the colorist cue that all the relevant information is posted and they can start working on their babies. If the player does not make this post, but has posted all the required information and the trade has been sent, they will lock the thread anyway after 72 hours.
  9. Nests that lack the required information after this time will be deleted and any trades cancelled. Your Nest will also be deleted at this time if no payment is made.

[ T h e * F o r m]

Post this in your nest, after you win.

Featherweaver #1: (post full cert)
Featherweaver #2 (post full cert, or your Magical Feather item)
Breeding Permission Post: (link)
# of Dolls:
Any items?
Total Price:
[b]Featherweaver #1[/b]: (post full cert)
[b]Featherweaver #2[/b] (post full cert, or your Magical Feather item)
[b]Breeding Permission Post[/b]: (link)
[b]# of Dolls[/b]:
[b]Any items?[/b]
[b]Total Price[/b]:
[ I t e m s ]

To turn-in Blessings (RP Perk coupons), click here.
To buy items with gold, click here.

[ Moji Berry ]
User Image

What is it? A small, rare berry that's usually found high up in the canopy. They are supposed to be very healthy, and bring good luck.
Who can use it? Anyone
What does it do? When used with a breeding, it guarantees none of your babies will be Featherless.
How much does it cost? not available

[ Mysterious Feather ]
User Image

What is it? A long, abandoned Featherweaver feather from an unknown donor.
Who can use it?: Single Weavers longing to be parents
What does it do? Can be used in place of 1 of the parents in a breeding
How much does it cost? 1 Blessing or 25K

[ Cultivated Feather ]
User Image

What is it? An abandoned, Featherweaver feather that magically takes on the appearance and pattern of a Weaver who ties it into their fur.
Who can use it?: Featherless
What does it do? Allows a Featherless to breed (once per feather obtained)
How much does it cost? cannot be bought, will be granted through RP rewards

[ Heirloom Doll ]
User Image

What is it? A old doll that was made, but for whatever reason was not used at the Spirit Shrine.
Who can use it?: Anyone
What does it do? When used with a breeding, adds an additional one (1) doll to your baby count for free, regardless of the standard MAX littler size. Up to 3 Heirloom dolls can be used per breeding
How much does it cost? 1 Blessing

[ Bag of Bones ]
User Image

What is it? A simple leather bag filled with tiny bones. Usually bartered from Oracles.
Who can use it?: Anyone
What does it do? Can be used with a breeding to divine what each doll with grow up to be, though it has no effect on the roll itself. (you will be told which doll will grow into which adult lineart)
How much does it cost? 1 Blessing or 25K

[ Blessed Idol ]
User Image

What is it? A small carved idol made from stone
Who can use it?: Anyone
What does it do? Can be used with a breeding to slightly increase your chance for an Oracle
How much does it cost? 1 Blessing

[ Lucky gem ]
User Image

What is it? A shiny, naturally occurring rare gemstone.
Who can use it?: Anyone
What does it do? Can be used with a breeding to slightly increase your chance for a Favored
How much does it cost? 1 Blessing
[ C r e d i t s ]

Featherweaver Line Art (c) MacGreen

Items (lines) (c) Sarei Stargazer

Concept, Featherweaver design, setting, shading templates (c) Featherweavers

Current Colorists:

Past or Guest Colorists:
[ A f f i l i a t e s ]

User Image

User Image

If you want to affiliate, please post your shop's banner and link code! You must also put our banner somewhere on the front page of your shop as well. Please only submit Guild-Size (200 x 40) sized banners. We will accept permanent business only (art shops, mini shops, B/C shops), please no hiring threads, art auctions, etc. Broken links or dead shops will be removed periodically.

[ A w e s o m e * L i n k s ]

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