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OMG! 2 Limiteds!! Which one do you liked?

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Water Fairy 0.53822629969419 53.8% [ 176 ]
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1august 2007 - I had to close the shop due to my broken pc. hope i will be back asap. if you want your money back just send me a pm. when i read it' i will pay back. thanks. no updates will be here for a while including the stages of the pets.
this payback issue is only for thw elemental limited eggs

heart 17 July 2007 - Sorry guys, my PC is down I'm unable to complete the pixels and give them to you, the issue is the same with the upgraded versions of pets crying I'm really really sorry. When I get my PC repaired, I'll do all of them immediately. Thanks for your support and patience emo I'm afraid of hatching eggs or moving the chibis to adults on September!! Hope this wont happen gonk emo I'm off.

29 Jun 2007 - Wow! 2 Limiteds?? Elementeds?? Earth and Water?? That's amazing!!! Until August 1st?? OMG!! That is quick... XD I wont be here so, I lft the eggs here, Lady_Death21 will take the orders for me and when I'm back I'll make your pets asap! Don't forget to send trades before ordering. wink Contests are open! Take care of yourselves ^3^
25 Jun 2007 - Thank you guys! My finals are finally ended and I did all the eggs that are in the query and making the chibi forms now. I'll sell Morrigans 'til 1 July and they will hatch on that day. This will be better I guess 3nodding Lets see the next Limited whee BTW, LOTTO is here!! Check out Contest Section. And also see the last question on FAQ Part whee
18 May 2007 - I found my assistant in this thread! Lady_Death21 whee Thanks for the other applying forms ♥
17 May 2007 - I'm so busy!! gonk I need help!! I decided to hire someone who has time to check every page for me and count "bumps" also check the dice numbers, and if there are any questions that are need to answer etc. In sum: the person will have to check every page in the thread and will PM me about them(I'll give info about this to the person that I'll choose). I'll pay 2000g for that people monthly. And also, that person WONT BE ABLE TO Bump. sweatdrop If you are interested, PM me 3nodding
09 May 2007 - New Limited is available with the prize section! Its 6000g because of the Cosplay issue (Check out FAQ Part). It's Morrigan whee Have fun!
01 May 2007 - All eggs hatched and pets grow to their last stages!! Yiay whee Next Limited will be Morrigan after a while xd
29 Apr 2007 - Winners of Bumping Contest is announced! Check out the Prize Egg Section 3nodding Easter Bunny Eggs orders are ended, now I have to grow all eggs to the next stage, and I'm working on the Moon Egg Adult sweatdrop I'll finish them asap but the hatching and growing may last to 2nd May too.. Sorry for it crying Ehem.. Also, Check out 1st Post if you need a hint for the next Limited and Feature whee Have fun!!! heart
06 Apr 2007 - Easter Bunny Eggs are here! >w< Check out Limited Eggs Section for further info! There are 20 eggs available with 5000g price! Go on! Its available only for this month! <3
02 Apr 2007 - Cordelias hatched!! >w< From now on, new orders will be at Egg Stage and they will hatch on 1st May :3 New Limiteds will come soon! They will serve for Easter ♥ On Unlimited Egg Section, I put a table of the eggs which shows their Adult Form. Enjoy!!! >w<
01 Apr 2007 - Because of the problems I'm having with Cordelia egg, tomorrow I'm gonna hatch it (I hope so ^^''' ) Other eggs hatched!! Check out the Last Post at 1st page to see Moon Fairy's Chibi version! >w<
30 Mar 2007 - All sales are closed for Limited Egg. On 1-2 April all eggs will be hatched! Hurray! I'm still thinking of the next Limited.. ^^''' Also check out FAQ Part.
24 Mar 2007 - Wow! I finished all the eggs that are waiting! :3 And a new feature: Alter the Stage! There are some rules for it, Firstly, your pet must reach its final stage (For make it sure that you saw all the stages :3) and pay 500g for it! Also send me a PM about it, it will be better for me to follow your request XD
20 Mar 2007 - My PC broke down T^T I had to format it, I will make you a little bit wait for the eggs who didnt receive lately.. Dont be angry with me, it was really terrible, but I'm glad that I didnt lose anything important! >w<
07 Mar 2007 - Limiteds are here! Moon Fairy is available for purchasing! >w< And.. yup! It's Cosplay! See the Limited Eggs Section for further info.
03 Mar 2007 - Unlimiteds have Egg Color Themes now! ^^ They are 2500g ea with choice of 2 eggs, Cordelia and Ophelia. See the Unlimited Eggs Section for further info :3
01 Mar 2007 - Hurray!! Valentine's Day Special Eggs grew to their last stage "Adult" >w< You can view my egg from my profile! I promised that I'll put Unlimited Eggs, here they are! See the Unlimited Eggs Section for further info ^^
27 Feb 2007 - 1st of March, shop will be open again, and Valentine's Eggs will be on their last stage. Hurray! >w< Also, if you want to be notice from the updates, just send me a PM, I may open a newsletter thingy :b Yup! Thats all for now ^^
17 Feb 2007 - I closed the shop. With new eggs, I'll open it. Thanks for your support. ..Yeah I'm depressed.
14 Feb 2007 - OMG! Its Valentine's Day!! Wow!! All Valentine's Eggs hatched too!! ^^ You want to see a proof? Move to the Limited Eggs section! Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
13 Feb 2007 - Today is a big day! Winners are announced in Prize Egg section and received a form! They will fill out the form and wait for their eggs! Yes, they can choose from Limited or Unlimited ones(which are not ready XD)! And all sales will be closed in hours, and tomorrow, our cutie eggs will hatch! Yiay!! Thanks for everyone who had read this and participated in my thread >w<
11 Feb 2007 - Wow! All Limited Valentine's Day Special Eggs are sold out! Yiay! I added 5 more eggs to the shop! LAST 5 PEOPLE! HURRY UP!! >w< Contests are still open for free eggs too! ♥ You will be able to choose from Limited or Unlimited ones. :3
07 Feb 2007 - Wow! There are 5 Eggs left on sale O_O I wasnt expecting the rapid sale. Thanks for your purchases >w< Oh.. BTW, Unlimiteds will come soon! Watch out!
02 Feb 2007 - I added FAQ Part to the Rules Post. If you have any questions, post them to the topic and I'll answer them immediately and put them to the FAQ Part. :3
31 Jan 2007 - Shop is open!! New contests are up and Valentine's Day Special Egg is on sale!! >w<
30 Jan 2007 - Made last fixes.. Shop will be open soon.
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Valentine's Day Special Fairy Egg - All are Adult

♥ Meredith-Swiftblade ♥ Valendra ♥ XGeminiFaeryX x6 ♥ Meow To Joo Too ♥ Xx_Ennis_Del_Mar_xX ♥
♥ Spastic Bunny Mina x2 ♥ Neherenia-Lilith ♥ Zvonimir Stojkovic ♥ ichigo yin ♥ Balinese ♥
♥ venus_starshine x3 ♥ Lady Star ♥ Faith Fairy ♥ your_demonic_angel ♥ Xx_Jack_Twist_xX ♥
♥ arisa_rocks ♥ Ly~chee ♥ Iamsobored ♥ Nichole Ana DeWinter ♥

Moon Fairy Egg - All are Adult
♥ Hatsumigirl ♥ Meredith-Swiftblade ♥ Sanrio-Chan ♥ Neherenia-Lilith ♥ Kokororin ♥
♥ Iamsobored ♥ demon~hybrid ♥ Valendra ♥ AngelAoi ♥ Stranger_Strange_Land ♥
♥ Makette ♥ Demon Gal ♥ a_roar_in_the_dark ♥ sparrows_poppet ♥ Fiyori_Takeshi ♥
♥ Kiss Me Im Scottish ♥ [ M a r u - c h a n ] ♥ Xx_Ennis_Del_Mar_xX ♥ Devious Fairy ♥ Zvonimir Stojkovic ♥
♥ SkywiseLover ♥ azriel1986 ♥ Multi988 ♥ Lady_Death21 ♥ Itsu-chan ♥
♥ HiKaRu^^Go ♥ LadyPai ♥

Easter Bunny Egg - All are Adult
♥ Cutiepielolita1313 ♥ Lady_Death21 ♥ Hatsumigirl ♥ azriel1986 ♥ Valendra ♥
♥ Meredith-Swiftblade ♥ Neherenia-Lilith ♥ Illogical Chronicle ♥ Sanrio-Chan ♥ HiKaRu^^Go ♥
♥ Kane_Xerctes ♥ Iamsobored ♥ galenafae ♥ Shatterestar ♥ Devious Fairy ♥
♥ sparrows_poppet ♥ Itsu-chan ♥ Tenko72 ♥

Morrigan Egg - All are Chibi
♥ sparrows_poppet ♥ Luna-Lunar Angel Princess ♥ Lady_Death21 ♥ Sennawte ♥ Neherenia-Lilith ♥
♥ Amster-DAMN ♥ No_Pun_Intended ♥ Meredith-Swiftblade ♥ ~Xx~AngryPrince~xX~ ♥ =Mail Order Ninja Ai= ♥
♥ Valendra ♥ Mystical_Waters_of_Death ♥ Aldessa ♥ Iamsobored ♥ Zsabrina ♥
♥ Shatterestar ♥ Zach Jr. ♥ Tabithia ♥ Itsu-chan ♥ HiKaRu^^Go ♥
♥ Devious Fairy ♥

Elemental Fairies ~ Earth Fairy - All are Egg
♥ Lady_Death21 ♥ Neherenia-Lilith ♥ Aldessa ♥ Reverse Nurse ♥ xxxR.U.There4Mexxx ♥
♥ xXMiStReSsBeLlAXx ♥ Amster-DAMN ♥ Itsu-chan ♥ Nenia Vomyr ♥

Elemental Fairies ~ Water Fairy - All are Egg
♥ Luna-Lunar Angel Princess ♥ Lady_Death21 ♥ Neherenia-Lilith ♥ Shatterestar ♥ Aldessa ♥
♥ poocaninesun ♥ Serenity_Moon1 ♥ Reverse Nurse ♥ Xxpurple_applexX ♥ Amster-DAMN ♥
♥ Itsu-chan ♥


Demon Egg - Cordelia - Adult

♥ Xx_Ennis_Del_Mar_xX ♥ demon~hybrid ♥ Demon Gal ♥ kittie_whiskers84 ♥ Crimson_Dragon95 ♥
♥ Ying_Yang_Babe_101 ♥ Billy-Rocks ♥ Cutiepielolita1313 ♥ [xKarurix] ♥ xXfairyXx24 ♥
♥ Sanctuary Maiden ♥ Blood On The Floor ♥ loveandhate_Cinda ♥ Kane_Xerctes ♥ HiKaRu^^Go ♥
♥ Shatterestar ♥ Aldessa ♥

Demon Egg - Cordelia - Egg

Angel Egg - Ophelia - Adult
♥ Sanrio-Chan ♥ Meredith-Swiftblade ♥ Kokororin ♥ No_Pun_Intended ♥ darklordsprincessdarkness ♥
♥ Luna-Lunar Angel Princess ♥ J_R_Shark ♥ Sanctuary Maiden ♥ Kibou No Sora ♥ innocent_angel92 ♥
♥ [Otherwise Depressed] ♥ SweetTennisGirl ♥ kamuiluver ♥ poocaninesun ♥ Aldessa ♥
♥ Angel Sanada ♥ Shatterestar ♥

Angel Egg - Ophelia - Egg

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