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Rules & Information Page

Please read through this page for all the required shop rules.
General Rules

1. BE RESPECTFUL to all staff.
2. No selling or trading of faekat pets by non-staff.
3. No giving away Faekats except with permission from Meeki.
4. No co-owning a faekat without special permission. Double races (ex; Soulbonder) are excluded to this of course.
5. Pet owners are welcome to color faekat lines to "practice" on but may not make a profit off it, or distribute them in the guild or faekat thread. Keep it to pms. Anyone caught trying to pass off one of these kats as a legit pet will be banned. Also, do not ask to keep one or give it away.
6. No godmoding your pets unless you're playing a god or one of the elites. Show respect to any race more powerful than the one you are playing.
7. This shop is not roleplay required. However, if a pet owner is no longer active at the shop, their pets could be demoted or cosplays reopened. Roleplay is not required for activity. General thread hanging out will suffice.
8. No incest allowed. This shouldn't even have to be said. It's a given.
9. Follow Gaia ToS in roleplays.
Custom & Pet Rules

1. No cosplay features to a pet unless it's meant to be a genuine cosplay. For example, don't custom a faekat with long white hair, a black outfit and a single wing and pass it off as Sephiroth. If you want a cosplay, save for the actual cosplay.
2. Keep drama to a minimum. Shop rants are okay but if you want a real resolution, it's always best to pm Meeki.
3. No payment plans. Don't get what you can't afford.
4. Faekats cannot be based on real life people, that's freak.
5. Faekats cannot be based on deceased pets.
6. You can only have one pending custom open at a time. Share the slots.
7. You cannot custom into a family without the pet owner's permission.
8. Inactive gods may be demoted. They will remain gods but lose the rank over which they rule. No point having a god if you're not going to be active.
9. Cosplay pets may be remade if previous one is inactive. So there can be four Harry Potters in the world of Faetasia at one time providing three are inactive and one is active. Each cosplay will be made anew so each one is unique. If you want your cosplay to be the only one, you must be active at the shop.
10. Faekats must choose a sexuality upon ownership. Bisexuality is extremely rare and with permission only.
Breeding Rules

1. No selling or trading of babies. You can event offspring off (example: roleplay event) with permission.
2. Homosexual pets can only breed with the use of a demi-god or goddess of fertility opposite their own gender.
3. No cosplay names for babies.
4. When dealing with elites+, babies become the lesser/more common race within the breeding. For example, if a god and a vampire bred, the babies would be vampire. If a vampire and mortal bred, the babies would be mortal. If you want pure blood, stick with pure races.

  • Angeliques can only breed with gods.
  • Werewolves and Vampires cannot breed together.
  • Clanned Vampires can only breed with fellow clan members or mortals, not enemies. Allied clans (within v:tm universe) may be allowed as well.
  • Pures, Angelics and Holykats cannot breed unless mated.
Auction & Event Rules

1. No gloating. Please do not post how wealthy you are, state you are unbeatable or how many items you have left that you didn't bid. You'll be punted to the moon.
2. No begging to co-own. If you are found asking or harassing bidders into co-owning a faekat with you, you will be banned from the shop. Let them ask you or open interest to the general public first.
3. No sniping. If you haven't shown interest in the auction before it's due to close, your bids will be ignored.
4. No editing posts.
Colorist Rules

1. BE RESPECTFUL to all pet owners.
2. Please try to stay active. If you can't, let us know so we can work around it.
3. Edit or ink the art, don't redraw them.
4. 1/3rd of customs & events go to Meeki. Not Breedings.
5. Pet & Breeding trades among staff are welcome as long as it's not abused.
6. Active staff can make a free faekat for themselves once a month. No elites+ though, please.
7. Colorists inactive for 3 months+ may be asked to step down.

Colorist Requirements

* Minimum of 5 breedings OR
* Minimum of 4 customs slots OR
* Minimum of 6 Flatsale Pets
Racial Colorist Rules

1. You may open customs twice per month, 3 slots per opening.
2. You may hold 2 flatsales per month, 3 Faekats per flatsale.
3. You may keep full profit from all sales.
4. You may do 2 freebies per month, either to keep for yourself or give away for free.
5. You can do a trade with other racial colorists but it does NOT COUNT as a "freebie", it counts as one of your customs within that month. Remember that you are not staff, so you cannot do a trade with staff.
6. Freebies are FREEBIES. You cannot get anything in return for them, whether it be a pet or gold.
7. If anyone has a pending commission with a colorist on STAFF, you may get ONE commission from a racial "colorist". That essentially means 1 racial commission, 1 staff-colored commission and 1 RL commission can be ordered at one time- NO MORE THAN THAT. (ex. You cannot get 1 Valk by Nilo, 1 Bush Baby by Roddy, 1 Hellhound by Val, etc. Just one, period.)
8. Just because you're not staff doesn't mean you don't have to follow staff rules. You MUST FINISH things that you owe before taking on NEW THINGS.
9. You may do minor edits on your lineart only. These edits must be done free of charge.

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