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What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today. 0.44827586206897 44.8% [ 26 ]
******** you! 0.13793103448276 13.8% [ 8 ]
Valar Morghulis. 0.41379310344828 41.4% [ 24 ]
Total Votes:[ 58 ]
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I did an event for one extra remember, Thergothon was the winner

Thank you Artymus. mrgreen

Did this set of freaklings grow?

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I don't see them in the drop off. I had a PM but it was gone when I went to read it so I think too much time past and gaia deleted it, thinking maybe it was her/his growing in the pm maybe.

Just have two more faekats to name, that one but need to wait for it to grow to know the gender, and my so cute Kitsune Icy did from the mix and match. I need to be on more. I keep miss breedings and customs, and you need to be in all of them to be able to catch any.
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Rawr FS is now OPEN!
~Don't forget to read the Racial Rules and FS Rules~

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This is closing earlier than planned. Something came up and I don't think I'll be able to roll tomorrow like I was wanting to
Giving it about 30 minutes before I close, I suppose. Sorry for having to end it sooner than planned
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I'd really like a pet. I am not sure if this is just a question you're asking someone or a fake pet. By Fake I mean a literal drawing that someone sent to you. I'm really not sure but if this was real I'd really like a pet.
If this is which one I'd prefer I'd like a Wizzit, Kirin or a Pure.
I'd like a pet that I can play Zomg and also dress up if at all possible. biggrin tks you for reading. If at all possible you can

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