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What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today. 0.45112781954887 45.1% [ 120 ]
******** you! 0.23308270676692 23.3% [ 62 ]
Valar Morghulis. 0.31578947368421 31.6% [ 84 ]
Total Votes:[ 266 ]
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Intellectual Kitten

@Sky- that is good
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Sweet Bunny

Yes I ish! I am addicted to Faes.

Lys is floating around here somewhere usually.

Awwww okay if you open it back up I want to know so I can get me some new pretties!
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Neko: Yeah, drafted her to come over and help with a few things that needed two people, and well.... there's only one of me. ^_^

Irish: Yes, I know she's here. She's like.... addicted. ^_^ I think I have one Faekat that I was given for Christmas, but I have no idea what happened to it.
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Intellectual Kitten

@Sky- I like drafting friends to help with projects
I want to enter things, but I fear I amt oo drunk too feel out a new forms. I have to work tomorrow too, swhiched days with coworker.
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Sweet Wolf

Yup. If you're "feeling" a new form then you're definitely too drunk Ela. wink
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Sweet Bunny

Yay for "feeling" a form

Tipsy there Ela?
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Invisible Harvester

*pokes at her gold* Grow!!!
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Intellectual Kitten

night everyone
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Evening all! Sorry I haven't been on all day! My mom made me run errands all day, and then I went to see Kenny G. He was great, but the music was a tad bit too loud. I'm gonna take some Advil and then head to bed. Night all!
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Invisible Harvester

User ImageUser Image

EEEEE babies heart
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Diligent Hunter

*goes to poke around for a few more unedited customs*
I have been templateing for two hours. @_@

Strawberri Stardust

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All those fairy tales are full of s h i t
omg he's GORGEOUS Rue!!
Thank you so much!! <33333

One more [********] love song, I'll be s i c k

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