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What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today. 0.52380952380952 52.4% [ 22 ]
******** you! 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 3 ]
Valar Morghulis. 0.4047619047619 40.5% [ 17 ]
Total Votes:[ 42 ]
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Bashful Kitten

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Partying Gaian

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  • Hygienic 200
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Heroic Senshi

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[Mistress Morbid]
Songstress Kitsune

*Curls up on and naps*

I dont wanna go job hunting...

-nests on- Zzzzzzzzzzz
lysia_nyteblade's avatar

Dangerous Lover

*yawns and punts out kaisha*

Kaisha: *Glares at Lys from the other side of the area*
Lissie: ~watches from her tree~
lysia_nyteblade's avatar

Dangerous Lover

Kaisha: *Yawns and goes back to minding her own business, watching the area with seemingly little interest at all.*
Lizzie: ~looks down and spots the other kat. She tilts her head and jumps down, she wiggles her leaf wings.~
lysia_nyteblade's avatar

Dangerous Lover

Kaisha: *Looks up at the sound of the leaves rustling she spots another kat. Smirking lightly, her tail gives a flick*
Lizzie: ~watches and smiles her tail twitching ~ " hello?"
Lady Aria Starstone's avatar

Fuzzy Kitten

-Crawls in and nests in Lysia's hair- Why must I be awake before 11 am...
lysia_nyteblade's avatar

Dangerous Lover

@ aria- likely the same reason I need to be up by 5 am?
see you all later
lysia_nyteblade's avatar

Dangerous Lover

Lady Aria Starstone's avatar

Fuzzy Kitten

Lysia: Sweet Mother of Pearl. I hate being up that early. >_< Then again, I have trouble going to bed before midnight.

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