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What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today. 0.44262295081967 44.3% [ 27 ]
******** you! 0.14754098360656 14.8% [ 9 ]
Valar Morghulis. 0.40983606557377 41.0% [ 25 ]
Total Votes:[ 61 ]
*bounces back in*
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I'll toss Yayoi the pm if you wanna list them? Here is Nitch, do we happen to have them listed for a breeding agreement?
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We do now, here
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Lol, thanks Sue. ::Snuggles::

Nitch. ::Biting hunks of meat from a deer body.::
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Just a reminded that the Gaia RIG NPC auction will be starting in just over 20 minutes!

There has been a new addition of Ctrl-Zee so far flat colored by Mintaka, to be shaded and highlighted soon!
Yay! Oliver permission.

Adding to my list.
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Good luck ya'll that go for the NPC auctions.

*burrows in her rock pile and watches thread for now*
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Fudge didnt realize I was on my mule when I posted that!
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lol irish *Snuggles*
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