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What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today. 0.44943820224719 44.9% [ 120 ]
******** you! 0.23220973782772 23.2% [ 62 ]
Valar Morghulis. 0.31835205992509 31.8% [ 85 ]
Total Votes:[ 267 ]
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Dapper Lunatic

Eeeep~! ~rolls with serpent~ well hello there!

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Good luck, Sosiluv! <3
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Kimie Kitty
Daww, lookit the Bryles grandbebeh. c:

Sy has her brother. 8D

She is adorables AND pink~ 8D I dunno what Breena is gonna make of a pink grandkid. Lawl.
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Invisible Harvester

Good luck, Sosi <3

*chews on tablet pen*
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Aged Survivor

*giggles* Good morning Muffins. XD;; how is you doing? *listens and dances* hehe
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Super Sex Symbol

Okie doke. I am opening..mmmmmm *finger twirl* 6 custom slots. No limits on what they are. Edited, unedited, common, elite, etc etc. First 6 people to sling (PM) me forms gets em.

Please remember that you cannot have two customs going at once, that does not count against you if you have an unaccepted form in Prox's thread (just make sure you take it down if its in there and you land one of my slots).

Once I get my six people I shall announce slot winners and give prices. 83 Go go~
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Dapper Lunatic

Lols, I'm good, and I love that song!! ~has listened to it over 20 times today xD and it's only 1o'clock~ and I'm drawing up a pretty picture for the caption thingy with Rua ^.^ Old-school pencil and paper man!!!
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*hopes she sent right form to Yayoi* XD I just grabbed a form I had completed that I've been wanting to get done. *shot*
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Dapper Lunatic

>.< nevermind Yayoi!! ~was too excited and didn't read~ I have a custom coming with Kyu ~dies~ disregard mine
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Super Sex Symbol

Dun matter as long as its in some sort of form. XD

2 spots left. 83
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Muffins: It is a good song. *bounces* Yay for pencil and paper!! The only way to go! *Still getting use to her tablet* lol
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*wriggles and waits for a game to finish installing so she can try it out* I got suckered into trying Square Enix's MMO, Fantasy Earth Zero. *flail*
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I think I'm going to go nap now for real, was looking at something a moment. (Especially since they ninja'd 2 hours onto maint. for WoW. So yeah, definitely napping or I'll keep chomping at the bit about the lineart and stuff and getting worked up over nothing.)
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*pops in* Hi everyone

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