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Race Compendium

This following posts will have some more information on the races.
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The Commons

Regulars: The regulars are the heart and soul of Faetasia. Without them, Faetasia would not exist. They can have any alignment and personality though most are mischievous in nature. They can flutter with their little wings and dart around in small speed-like bursts.

Pures: These are the nicest of the common races. They have feather/angel wings to symbolize their alignment. They have high/strong morals and do not like evil or meanness in any way. It's very rare for a pure to go bad, though not impossible. Once they fall.. they can never get back and none of the pures will consider them part of their family any more.

Racial Info/Restriction: Pures cannot breed with anyone that is not their mate. And never with anyone that is evil in alignment.

Baddies: If ever there were troublemakers in Faetasia, it would be the baddies. They are pranksters to the point of cruelty. From pulling your hair to killing your pet kitty, there's no telling just how dark a baddie will get. They especially love to mess with the pures. While they have head wings, they cannot fly, but they are faster on the ground than the other races and have sharp claws that they like to attack with. It is not impossible for a baddie to be "good" but it should be rare.

Kryenae: This fluffy race is by far, the most intelligent of the common races. They have superior minds both in knowledge and power. In fact, they can use their mind to control objects, move objects, fly and even read/talk to minds of other creatures. But that's not all, they are so intelligent that they are constantly inventing new gadgets on Faetasia. Their houses and towns tend to have electricity and other items powered by their creations.

Nymphae: The Nymphae don't like to work for anything. Why should they when they can get someone else to do it for them? They are pretty and above all the others, right? At least that's what they believe. Each Nymphae has charm like abilities and magic that they can use on others to do their will. They are not evil though, so they never ask for too much. Food? A back rub? A romantic night on the beach? Whatever the case, they usually leave their partner fairly happy and feeling unused. They are harmless and perhaps a bit mischievous. Part of the charm is the conquest afterall but they care too much to hurt others.

Majerae: If there's one thing I ever was thankful for, it's that the Majerae are a neutral race. They aren't the most popular in appearance due to their lack of hair and pupiless eyes but they are by far the most magical of the common races and despite being common, are stronger magically than MOST of the other races on Faetasia. If they were good or evil, surely there would be no balance as whoever they supported would be destined to win. They keep to themselves and only use their magic to protect their loved ones. They spend most of their time researching and creating new magic.
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The Uncommons

Amazon: This female race is wild to the core. They live in treehouses and make their own tools from rocks and branches. They seldom leave their area and no outsider can understand their language though they do seem to speak regular faekat. Perhaps they learned it from the many males that they have brought back to their home. In fact, the only time they leave their territory is when they are looking for a mate or breeding partner.

FaeElves: The elves are solitary creatures though very structured and organized. They come in six tribes and are very loyal to their own tribe. They tend to be distrusting of other races but will meet with them to learn more about them. They want to know about the world and all the races within.

  • Aquatic: The water elves live on beaches, islands or near lakes. They are never happy unless there's water for them to swim in. They can breath underwater and prefer to eat from creatures they catch in the water as well. They abhor pirates, vikings or any other race that tends to stake claim on their territory. They make their homes out of underwater caves that usually have both a water and air surface. They are neutral/evil in alignment.

  • Sun: The sun elves are the jack of all trades. They aren't as high class as the high elves but far from barbaric like the wood elves. Their villages have pretty much everything that is desired, just nothing in excess. They worship the sun god and love to be out and about during the day. They are excellent hunters and farmers because of this and most tend to have freckles, which they consider a blessing from the sun itself. They are good neutral in alignment.

  • Moon: These elves are usually pale due to the fact they sleep all day and are active all night. They believe they are stronger under the moon and will worship the moon deity. They are a little more mundane than the other elves (aside from dark), preferring to live a simpler and more peaceful life. They live in teepees and never take more than they need. They are good in alignment.

  • Wood: The wood elves are the most wild of the group of elves. They tend to make their homes out of hallowed out trees or within the branches of the trees themselves. They specialize in making traps and protecting their woodland home from all intruders. They wear fur and clothes made from the creatures they kill and accessories out of bone. Their alignment is often sporadic, changing based on whatever strikes their fancy at the time. As wild as they are themselves.

  • Dark: The dark elves specialize in combat. Both hand to hand and sometimes with weapons. They live in caves or any other dark place they can find. They hate the light and anything perceived as 'good'. They are in it for themselves, do not trust anyone, will use you, abuse you and then discard you. You cannot trust a dark elf, no matter how charming one might be. While their magic is the weakest, they make up for it with their pure fighting skill. Only the wood elves have been able to stand a real chance with them in physical combat. They love adorning themselves with skulls as is befitting of most evil races. They are evil in alignment.

  • High: They are the most arrogant of the elves. Their cities are vast and structured, much like Faetasia itself and they thirst for knowledge and power more than the other elves. Their libraries are filled with countess books and their schools train the young ones to learn magic more strictly than the others. They dislike most of the other elves but have been known to work with the Sun elves on occasion. They are neutral/evil in alignment.

FaeBear: The bears are generally a lazy race but are very much like your typical berserker. If you anger them, you will not like what they become. Not only will they triple in size but they will also triple in strength. In short, they will kick your a**. Thank goodness that they spend most of their time sleeping and eating. They are friends to the bees and love gathering honey.

FaeFox: The foxes are tricksters in the highest regard. Con artists, if you will. They have a smooth tongue and can weasel their way out of most situations. Foxes are usually neither good or evil. They are just in it for themselves. Heck, they will seldom even trust another faefox. If you can get a fox to trust you though, you'll have a loyal friend for life and they will be honest to you. Honesty is the highest honor a faefox can show someone. Physically, the fox is very swift on land and can be almost impossible to catch.

FaeSkunk: These females are normally very sweet and docile. They make great mates as they know how to take care of their man. However, they do come with a defensive attack and will spray anyone that tries to harm them or someone they love. This stench marks a person as trouble. The stench can only be removed by either seeking forgiveness with the skunk in which she will concoct a special shampoo to descent you or by seeking out a holykat or god to help you. It's really just best to be as on your best behavior around these ladies.

FaeDragon: The dragons have come to Faetasia out of desperation. A giant monster attacked their island and destroyed most of their population. The females that had survived had been taken as servants and the males left to die. Fortunately the females were able to band together and break free from the control and eventually both the males and females found their way to Faetasia and have settled here to live. The males are flyers and warriors. They can be seen as a bit sexist at times but they mean well. The females are swimmers and usually the brains of the operation. Together, they make a good team.

FaeRabbits: The rabbits are even more feminine than the skunks and take it to the next level. They have babies on the brain constantly. It's in their nature to reproduce and create as many babies as possible and when they can't create their own, they often take positions such as babysitting and teaching so that they can spend their time doting on the little ones. They make the best mothers in Faetasia. They are perhaps not the best mate since they will spend less time on their partner if little ones are around but the partner can be happy knowing that their babies couldn't be in better hands. Faerabbits are swift on the ground and can burrow fast and deep within the ground with their magic, allowing them to hide on whim.

FaeBat: The bats have a bit of tragedy in their history. They were kept as slaves by the then demoted God of Death. They were worked to the bone and sometimes even to the death. Each bat had a single wing plucked off painfully so that they could not fly away and were cursed so that their babies would be born with a single wing themselves, forever marred by the cruelty of their master. Eventually, the bats united and overthrew their master and swam to Faetasia where they started a life built on freedom. Though they are still unable to fly, they have made their new life a happy one. They are friendly in nature though a bit strong spirited and stubborn due to their past. They know more than anyone the difficulty of fighting for what is important.

Hopper: Taking after their names, these females prefer not to run or walk. Instead, they hop! They can jump distances up to 20 feet at a time and the skilled ones can almost double even that. They can even jump up to trees and back down again making them hard to catch by almost any predator. They are nature loving females, showing respect to all life, plant and animal alike. They despise faekats that destroy the land or kill for enjoyment.

Horse: The horses are wild and untamed. They spend their time running as they have a greater stamina than the other races. They can literally run for hours before needing to rest. Nothing makes them happier than the wind blowing through their hair and feeling free.

  • Pegasi: These horses have wings that allow them to fly high into the air. They tend to blend in to the clouds and watch the world below. They have an excellent eyesight and can see further than any other race on Faetasia.

  • Unicorns: Unicorns can fly with a bubble type magic. The bubble protects them and allows them to levitate in the air. They can also heal the wounded and sick, almost as well as a holykat can.

  • Seahorses: These horses prefer to be under the water. They can swim at alarming speeds and breathe underwater as well. They can even grant a temporary water breathing spell on any non-water friend so that they won't drown.

  • Nightmares: They are the cruelest of the horses, preferring to torment others. They can cause the creature to have nightmares, such nightmares that the victim will wake up crying. They can also breath fire and control fire on whim and as their body is immune to fire, even burn themselves with no damage done.

  • Daymares: The daymares are the opposites of nightmares. They prefer to give others good dreams, causing them to wake up feeling happy, loved or motivated. They are created from almost pure light so even at night, they appear to glow. This wards off evil as nothing wants to get near such a pure light.
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The Uncommons -- Continued

Raccoon: The coons are a bit of a meaner race. They love to steal items. They are pure kleptomaniacs in that regard. They usually do it just to be mean or spiteful. If they see someone attached to a specific item, they make it their goal to remove it from their possession. Other coons simply cannot control their nature to swipe and are often ashamed of it. Regardless of their reasons, they can't fight their nature. Raccoons are fast of hand but not so much foot. They usually hide the stolen items within their long, bushy tail.

Bush Baby: Few races in Faetasia feel more at home than deep within the tall branches of a tree. In fact, it's not often that most races will even see a Bush Baby in their life time. If they do, they are lucky indeed. The bush babies are a male only race and very sweet and caring in behavior. If you can get over the fact that they prefer to eat insects over other foods, then faekat would be lucky indeed to have one as their partner.

Faefish: These playful females love their water environment though it presents many dangers as most water races are far from kind. They love to swim around and create trinkets and accessories out of anything shiny or interesting. They especially love it when the land-dwellers throw "junk" into their lair as it is new to them. Occasionally, a faefish will go to land and undergo the transformation from fins to legs just to look around for items they can take back to their underwater home.

Faehawk: This male only race is a force to be reckoned with. They love to take flight and can fight very well from the sky. They are excellent hunters and predators and it's hard to hide from them when they have an overhead view of everything going on. They have fast reflexes, excellent eyesight and adept hearing as well. In short, they can @#!% your world up if you get too close to one, draw attention to yourself or worse, anger one on a personal level. They have been known to be far more merciful to females though, even protective of any that catch their eye.

Faelion: These lazy males prefer to spend their time doing absolutely nothing. In their mind, why should they? They can find a pretty woman to do their bidding and most lions do just that. Their partners tend to watch the little ones, hunt for food and take care of anything that needs done. The males consider themselves the king of their castle and often refuse to lift a finger to help their partners. They are arrogant, narcissistic and assholish as all get out. Perhaps that's why they never seem to have trouble finding a partner. There's a certain sexiness to such a hard a** male. The only time they will act is when their loved one is in danger. The claws and fangs come out and a ferocity is seen that lies almost unmatched. Perhaps it's good that they are lazy, afterall?

Meekikat: These females are total bitches. They like to cause trouble as much as possible. They are flat out bullies that brings drama to themselves and those around them with as little effort as possible. When really pushed, they enjoy causing physical pain to others instead of just a verbal assault. They are loud, honest, vulgar and to the point. One has to question if these females ever enjoy anything in life or if causing misery to others is what really makes them happy. An occasional Meekikat has been able to break away from the mold and learn to love, trust and enjoy the better things in life but for the most part, they seem content with being unhappy.

Sharks: These males are much like the faefishes. They are among the nicer of the water races and thus, protective over the good underwater races. They are most at home as role of protector, warrior, or gladiator as defending something you care about brings you great honor. They attack with both speed and precision making them the most advanced fighters in water. However when they exchange their fins for legs, their fighting skill on land is awkward at best. They loathe the land more than the other water races.

Porcupine: Beautiful. Fast. Deadly. These females have quills that grow out of their back that provide them defenses from the harshness of life and other predators. However, they take it to the next level as well. Many females have been known to pluck out their own quills and throw them with a deadly precision. Others yet will dip the tips in various toxins and poisons set to temporarily cause the victim to sleep or become paralyzed. They are fast and furious. Hell hath no fury like a porcupine on a mission. When they aren't working though, they can be quite friendly and loving. They keep business and pleasure separate as both are serious matters to them.

Fae Long: These males are usually gentle and peaceful in nature. They watch over the other races and are considered guardians and protectors of them. Some Fae Long prefer to guard some races over others, taking personal interests. Each Fae Long has an elemental magic that they dominate in though they all dabble in the various elements. They can call upon their favored element both offensively and defensively. They are wise, regal and often very charming to the females.

Lolikat: Don't judge a book by it's cover when it comes to these females. They look very young and innocent in appearance. Almost child-like. They prefer to dress up to fool unsuspecting faekats. Once they gain the trust, they pounce, often seeking to hurt the victim. They are as cruel and malicious as they appear sweet.

Racial Info/Restriction: This race was purchased by Anthro!Sparky so will be sold by staff in this thread or on the side by her in her shop here.

Cuddlefae: Like the Lolikats, the Cuddlefaes look innocent and almost child-like in appearance. The only difference is that they ARE actually innocent and good natured. They prefer to spend their time collecting or playing with their stuffed toys and they absolutely loathe the Lolikats.

Racial Info/Restriction: This race was purchased by Muffinsbaby so will be sold by staff in this thread or on the side by her in her shop here.

Valkyrie: These warrior females prefer to take their fight up into the sky. They are able to fly by wearing winged anklets blessed by their goddess. They are fiercely loyal to one another which makes them a unified fighting force. They often treat males derogatorily, preferring to use them only when needed, such as when it's time to breed. They even prefer the males to do the menial tasks and labor so that they can spend their time training to be better fighters. They prefer to live high above the ground, making their homes in trees or in rare cases, on steep mountain sides. They favor females above men so even their male children are treated with less respect and honor as their daughters.

Racial Info/Restriction: This race was purchased by ktqueen and Niloufer so will be sold by staff in this thread or on the side by her in their shop here.

Panthers: These females spend their life in the wild and are exceptional hunters and trappers. They often keep their territory/homes booby trapped so the unsuspecting visitor will not stumble upon them uninvited. They thrive in the wild, the outdoors is their home. They feel very uncomfortable in populated areas and only force themselves to go when they want to trade their items for outsider ones. They often make their clothes and accessories out of fur, hides, bone, teeth and claw, preferring to waste nothing of the creature they killed. They do not kill unnecessarily and they often send a little prayer to the deceased creature, thanking them for giving their life to provide them means to live. They are very protective over the animals that dwell within their land and will fight side by side with one. To them, the animals are family.

Racial Info/Restriction: This race was purchased by Pi-sama so will be sold by staff in this thread or on the side by her if/when she chooses.
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The Rares

Meanki: The meanki are cousins to the Meekikats and share a similar personality. They take it a step further though and add egoism and narcissism to the already violent and vulgar nature. They truly believe they are the most beautiful females in Faetasia and can get extremely jealous -- even violently so -- if they feel another female almost as pretty or prettier than them. The meankis prefer hand to hand combat over any other fighting as they consider it more advantageous to destroy the beauty of their opponent. What better way than by one's own hand?

Maedra: The Maedra are shapeshifters to a degree, or to be more literal, size shifters. They can shrink down or grow in height on whim, allowing them to hide from danger whenever needed. Their wings are small and do not work properly but they can flutter anyway with the use of their pixie magic. They are playful and friendly girls, preferring to spend their time enjoying life. Their laughter has a musical hint to it and it's hard for anyone not to enjoy their company.

Rabbits: The only bullies in faetasia are not the females as proven by the male rabbits. They are extremely violent and will often pick fights without just cause. It can be over the most trivial or mundane thing but they will make a big issue out of it, pushing and pushing until a fight breaks out. They feel most at home behind closed fists. Perhaps it's because rabbits have been so docile for so long, taken advantage of and something snapped within the males. They are completely opposite from the female rabbits in every way. They tend to hate children or anything that requires them to "feel". Anger is what they live for.

Lizards: These beautiful females are very shy creatures. They prefer to stand by the wall than to socialize and when they do, it's usually with other lizards. They love both the land and sea so many make their homes in either place. In fact, there's been known to be a good share of lizard pirates out there. They are quick on their feet and graceful, making them good fighters though they do lack the physical brawn and strength. They prefer to hide behind a weapon that would compliment their grace and speed, such as a rapier. They are usually very friendly in nature but with any race, there's been known to be a bad egg or few.

Fluffae: The fluffae have huge wings that enable them to glide from high places. It's really a sight to behold though the meaner races will often ridicule them for it. The fluffaes remain unhinged however as they truly enjoy their ability. They are playful in nature and energetic, seldom settling down for too long.

FaeSquirrels: Made of primarily males (though females have been known to spring up), this race craves attention above others. They love to look "cute" and the males are known to be very bishie in nature. They love accessorizing and will often make their own clothes and items, similar to the Faefish females. However, these fashionistas want to make a statement and draw attention to themselves. Those that don't care for clothes try to steal the limelight through actions. They do whatever necessary to make sure the attention is on themselves. They are excellent climbers and prefer to eat nuts and vegetables over meat.

Sirens: One of the more evil water races, these females like to sing to lure males out into the water. They have a voice so beautiful that it's hard for any mortal male to resist them. Once they have a male, they will trap/coerce him into breeding with her and sometimes even torture him. He will be dropped off on land when he is no longer of use. Sometimes a particularly evil Siren will try to drown or kill a male faekat. The Sirens only keep female offspring. They will toss any males born to them up on the ground and leave them to die. Though the Siren can convert their fins to legs whenever needed, they only do so to breed, finding the landlubber legs to be "hideous".






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The Rares -- Continued











FaeRiders: Fae-Riders are a race of little Faekats that ride on the backs of small animals such as fish, birds, rabbits, and snakes. Fae-Riders are special in the fact that they have the power to Synchronize minds with any small animal. This mind sync is helpful to get the animal to trust them enough to ride them and also if they needed help.

Fae-Riders cannot grow, but when they find a mate or a fling, they can make the other faekat shrink to their size. They do this by biting the other faekat and releasing a magical venom. Depending on how much venom they use determines how long the other stays small. Though the most venom one can use at any given time would only keep the other small for two days max. There is a big side effect to using the venom; the Fae-Rider loses their Animal Syncing ability for as long as the shrunken faekat stays small. Due to this the Fae-Riders won’t use their venom very often, for a Fae-Rider who cannot sync with an animal is considered worthless.

They can also use their venom in a fight to have their enemy come to their size. The venom does not work on elite races though, making it so they cannot breed with them and normally will not fight them. (this also means you cannot get an Elite race on Fae-Rider lines; no demon Fae-Riders or vampire Fae-Riders)

There are five types of Fae-Riders. Desert, Sky, Forest, Sea and City. The Desert and Sky Fae-Riders being of Ebil alignment. The Forest and Sea Fae-Riders being of Good alignment. The City Fae-Riders being of neutral alignment.

  • Deserts Fae-Riders tend to have darker fur. Their favorite animals to ride are snakes and lizards. Their added gift when synced is “Snake Tongue”, they gain the ability to see with their tongue like a snake can. These Fae-Riders hate the Forest and Sea Fae-Riders. (more info later.)

  • Sky Fae-Riders tend to be the largest of the Fae-Riders. Their favorite animals to ride are falcons, crows, and owls. Their added gift when synced is “Mighty Vision”, they gain infrared eyesight and and increase field of vision. These Fae-Riders hate the Sea and Forest Fae-Riders. (more info later.)

  • City Fae-Riders are the most curious of all the Fae-Riders. Their favorite animals to ride are bats, pigeons, and rats. Their added gift when synced is “Range Hearing“, a greater range of hearing both in pitch, like a pigeon can hear lower pitches and a bat can hear higher pitches, and in distance. These Fae-Riders can get along pretty well with everyone, but since they hate leaving the cities they normally never deal much with other Fae-Riders. (more info later.)

  • Forest Fae-Riders tend to have lighter fur. Their favorite animals to ride are rabbits, mice, and small monkeys. Their added gift when synced is “Agility and Balance”, they gain heightened agility and a greater balance, making them the Fae-Riders least likely to fall off their rides. These Fae-Riders would never mate with a Desert or Sky Fae-Rider (more info later.)

  • Sea Fae-Riders are normally the smallest of all Fae-Riders. Their favorite animals to ride are fish, jellyfish, and turtles. Their added gift when synced is “Water Breathing”, gaining the ability to breath under water by gills the form while synced. These Fae-Riders would never mate with a Sky or Desert Fae-Rider. (more info later.)

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The Elites



Pack Wolves









Succubus: General Info Here

  • Nightstalkers: These Succubi are rumored to be related to the Drow. No one knows for sure as the Drow have been extinct on Faetasia for a long time. Some say that all the female Drow killed off their males and gave themselves over to a dark demon and became Nightstalkers. Nightstalkers tend to have dark skin tones, red or lavender eyes and pale, usually white hair. It's not impossible for the occasional one to come out albino or with dark hair, however. They adorn themselves in skulls and dark colors and relish in the torture and death of others. Each female must choose one path, the path of magic or the path of the warrior. These women consider their gender to be superior and will not take orders from any man.

  • Embrae: These females are the close-range, secretive type. They wouldn't fight openly, but make sure that no one sees them doing their dirty work. Feminine to a T, their charms and wiles are as dangerous as the weaponry that is no-doubt hidden on their bodies somewhere! They are also females who dislike imperfections of any sort. Scars, wounds, anything, would be promptly covered. It's also considered very bad taste to make an issue of another's disfigurements...in public. This clan would be the best-behaved clan, outwardly.

  • Sangre: Sangre, not to be confused with vampires, are a clan of Succubi who enjoy bathing and adorning themselves in blood. They have a particular fascination with the color red, and have been known to make blood sacrifices in the pursuit of power, which they believe to be found in their dark rituals. Due to their fascination with red, a Sangre Succubus with red hair, or eyes is considered to be more powerful than one without a hint of red to them by her clan sisters. Even red tips or streaks in hair gain a member of the Clan some status. They adore red gems, and wear them prominently whenever possible, storing the 'power' they have gained from their bloody entertainments within them. Rubies, and garnets are among the favored gems for this purpose.

  • Phantasm: They're very caught up in themselves, they love mirrors because they can catch a glimpse of themselves in them. Self-centered and tricky. They love to play tricks on males and pull them into their "love traps". Basically, they're like a siren in a way, that they can trap a man in their looks. A Phantasm must be hot, beautiful. They prefer the use of magic, not arms. They love aquamarines and the elder has them adorning her body. Her white-out eyes are a sign of a high bloodline. Fair eyes, blue and green for the rest of clan. Elder is very skilled in magic. The lighter the skin color, the more beautiful she is considered. Skimpy leather clothes are common. LIGHT make-up only. A Phantasm should not cover the natural beauty she has with makeup. They love jewelry. A Phanatasm can enter one's mind and make you see things that are not there. They're the ultimate tricksters. No hair color is preferred over another.

  • Venin: Reclusive to all but what they need, the Venins gather among forests, much like a female tribe. They don’t associate with males but only because they don’t find the need to. Much to their skills they’ve came accustomed with range attacks with cross bows, and throwing knives- to only attack what they think is best to attack as they do not like to engage in melee fighting. Only using what they need, they tend to wear leather, or pelts. For such a secluded bunch they have no order in body pigment except red hair, or fair hair- usually both. Though they distinctly have green eyes.

  • Euphoria: They are darkness and color all blended into one. A mix of both ends of nice and dark, pleasing to the eye to those whom enjoy clashing contrasts. Normally they have tattoo's or colorful paint splashed on their dark furred bodies, not worried about stalking their prey they would rather draw them in. Much like sirens did to saliors, calling them in to their doom. Happy to enslave their meals and keep them for as long as they as useful.

  • Imagica: A clan founded on deceit, illusions, and trickery, these Succubi love to indulge in all things and attempt to make things which seem unreal real through their magics. They enjoy pleasing others and equally being pleased in return and use their abilities to the fullest in doing so. They have a love of any colors which are vivid or pastel, and show favor to those of their clan who have such colorations. They believe these colors as aids and reflections of who they are, and use them to lure what they want like a flower draws in bees.

  • Eldritch: Those of the Eldritch clan spend their lives studying the occult. They are fascinated with the varieties of magic in Faetasia; they do a lot of traveling in search of new forms of knowledge. Eldritch are especially interested in trying to summon spirits or gods (whether or not the gods appreciate this intrusion is another story!) These Succubi deliberately embrace a rather 'spooky' appearance, covering themselves in fishnetting and impressive jewelry.

  • Vainglaree: Vain, beautiful, perfect. Those of the Vainglaree clan have an ego that stretches just about as far as an imagination can picture. Their skin tends to be ranges of fair browns to gold, and their hair is normally a fair white or a luxurious dark shade. Through their eyes they are the whole world, and the universe simply has to revolve around them; they decorate themselves in only the most beautiful of jewellery, and their selfishness flourishes on attention. Be careful men; not only does she want your heart in the palm of her hand; she really wants that amulet around your neck, and maybe that ring on your finger too.

  • Ashwalkers: They are quiet as ghosts that stalk in the night. These succubi are limited in palette, ranging from desaturated tones to shades of gray, their eyes always a solid colour. They are not what would be deemed prim and proper, so to speak, but they abide by rituals and social niceties more than the other clans. Madness was a disease that was to be kept under lock and key: never let the enemy know what was behind your eyes. And in the eyes of an Ashwalker? Everyone is an enemy.

  • Terasin: N/A

  • Sekhmet: Sekhmet believe themselves to be one of the first races closest to the deities. Focusing their preferences on practicing ancient rituals and magic, they believe they are forever beautiful as the sands themselves. Usually found in the trait reds and black, some may also appear in the soft gray or brown with distinct spots. They love to seduce males with their alluring eyes which always has a greenish yellow tint to them. Sekhmet usually prefer lighter cloths that are enticing and brightly colored jewelery for appeal. Their favorite symbol is of course the ankh which means "eternal life". If scorned they can be ruthless attacking without warning using various small weapons they conceal with themselves such as a prized dagger. Their tales and song may be sweet, but males would do best to not be swept up in a fantasy they can't escape from.

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The Specials

Deities: Deities are the most powerful races in Faetasia, aside from Chaos, the creator of all gods. They can mess with the mortal races and do pretty much whatever they want though they tend to respect the domains in which they govern more. Deities tend to choose a special angelic or dark angelic to become their mate as this is the only way they can have god babies. While they can breed with mortals and other races, it's more for sport than anything else.

Race Restrictions/Rules: Gods can only lifemate with their angelique.

Angeliques Angeliques are the right hand of the god they are mated to. They help rule the domain, help their god and are the only way the gods can have god babies. Angeliques must be of a similar alignment to their god unless in a special case where permission was granted otherwise.

Race Restrictions/Rules: Only angelics or dark angelics that have not bred can become Angeliques.

Angelics & Dark Angelics: Angelics & Dark Angelics are servants to their gods. Angelics go around helping their gods (and mortals) while the dark Angelics help their god and usually torment the mortals. There's seldom ever a neutrality between the two, they are usually either really good or really evil.

Race Restrictions/Rules: If an angelic/dark angelic breeds with anyone, he/she can never become an angelique. Angelics can only become an angelique to a GOOD god while a dark angelic can only be an angelique to an EVIL god.

Holykats & Unholykats: Holykats are very much like clerics and paladins while Unholkats are more like dark clerics and death knights. Neither are alive or dead. Instead, they walk between the two though the Holykat looks mortal. The Unholykat tends to decay more over time and will appear almost corpselike in appearance. Both are very strong, both magically and physically. They choose to use weapons and armor that is enchanted with the power of the gods they serve (Dawn for Holys, Necrosis for Unholys). Holykats tend to heal and protect mortals while the Unholys tend to curse or hurt them.

Race Restrictions/Rules: Holykats MUST be good. Unholykats MUST be evil. No compromises. No gray zone. Holykats can ONLY breed with good pets. Unholykats can ONLY breed with evil pets.

Seraphim: While the angelics and angelics exist to help the gods with most tasks, sometimes.. things just require a more violent answer. The Seraphims are the warriors to the gods. Each god can posses an entire army of Seraphim or none at all if they are peace loving. Each Seraphim must choose a god that they work for as their existence would be for naught without one. If they are called to battle, they cannot ignore it.

Race Restrictions/Rules: Seraphims are not angelics so can mate with all races except gods. They are neutral in alignment usually but good and evil ones have been known.

Nephilim: A Nephilim is either a product of an angelic breeding with a mortal race or a seraphim breeding with a mortal race. They are a halfbreed. Never able to be anything more than what they are. All nephilims have the ability to resurrect dead creatures.

Daughters of Caine: The daughters of Caine are just that. Daughters of the true vampire god, Caine and his angelique, Lilith. They are ruled over by the eldest daughter, Kindred and vary in personality and behavior. They are both vampire and god but there are some limitations to their godhood (outside of Kindred who is considered a true god). Each DoC sports tentacles similar to their father that they can use both offensively and defensively.

Race Restrictions/Rules: DoC's cannot have angeliques as they are not considered 'true' gods. However, they do have random powers like gods. Just be smart and fair. Don't godmode them too much, okay?
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The Event Races



Fool I Am

Fool I'm Not


Mutant Baby

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The Demi's of Fertility

Demi Gods and Goddeses of Fertility are very special creatures. They allow the breeding of homosexual pets. A male couple will need a female demi to help them create life and a female couple will need a male demi to create life. As such, the demi must remain heterosexual to be able to bless the homosexual couple since they are providing the means of the opposite gender to allow the couple to be able to reproduce in the first place. So if a demi goes lesbian or homosexual, they lose interest in the "opposite" sex and hence, loses interest in blessing the opposite sex.

Heterosexual couples are exempt to this since the mother and father provides the means to create life and all the demi does is add a little of his or her own essence into the mix. So all demis can bless heterosexual couples regardless of their own sexual preference. A list of the current demis will be provided below.

Note: If any demi god or goddess of fertility takes a lifemate, he or she forfeits any right to bless homosexual couples as well as that would constitute cheating and cheating is not allowed with any faekat couple. Demi's are not meant to find permanent romances as their sole role is to be guardians over babies and help create life. Any demi that chooses to partner up like the mortals must adhere to any consequence that comes from it.

The ONLY Demi's that can can bless other Demi's are Puck and Vampire as they were created by the Demon God and Vampire God instead of the Goddess of Fertility.
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