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Announcement: Lineart & Color Shops?!?!

Faetasia is a magical land that literally grows and adapts to the races that live upon it. Because of this, it could vary from one day to the next. It usually takes the form of four islands, three of which float in the sky above it. Many races prefer specific areas to live in but are welcome to travel from place to place. Those that cannot fly may ride dragons to get to their destination. The beautiful thing about Faetasia is that it is alive. It is an extension of the God, Chaos, and can feel pain -- or even laugh. It can even reach out to protect faekats in need. Imagine a tree walking over to shelter and protect a faekat from an avalanche. While the island loves all her races and continues to create new ones every day, she favors those that love her back.

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A black candle burns...
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The Races

  • - male
  • - female
  • - good
  • - neutral
  • - ebil

  • Regulars :: Old ♀ New ♀ :: :: The most common of the faekats, they are good creatures with a big heart.
  • Pures :: Old ♂ New ♂ Old ♀ New ♀ :: :: These pets are truly honorable with strong morals and a protectiveness over all good races.
  • Baddies :: Old ♀ New ♀ :: :: An evil race that loves to bully the good pets of Faetasia.
  • Majerae :: Old ♀ Mid ♀ New ♀ :: :: A female only race full of strong inner magic beyond any other race's capabiliites.
  • Kryenae :: Old ♂ New ♂ :: :: These male kats have strong telekenitic abilities so can do wondrous things with their mind.
  • Nymphae :: Old ♀ New ♀ :: :: These females have an ability to charm nearly anything they want from most faekats. Only the stronger willed can resist.
  • FaeElves :: Old ♀ New ♀ :: The elves are solitary creatures that prefer to stick to their own kind. The clans types are: Aquatic , Moon , Sun , High , Wood and Dark
  • FaeBear :: Old ♂ New ♂ Old ♀ New ♀ :: :: These bears are lazy for the most part but when you anger them.. their strength triples! Watch out for their rage!
  • FaeFox :: :: :: This foxes are cunning. They make excellent spies. Do you think you can trust them?
  • FaeSkunk :: :: :: This female only race is very gentle and sweet. Don't piss her off or you may get sprayed.
  • FaeDragon :: :: :: The dragons have come to Faetasia recently. They are strong willed and stubborn. Males are flyers and females are swimmers.
  • FaeRabbits :: :: :: These female rabbits are motherly types. They have babies on the brain. Watch out males!
  • FaeBat :: Old ♀ New ♀ :: :: These female bats used to be slaves and are finally learning to live on their own. Only one of ther arms has a wing to keep them from flying.
  • Hopper:: :: :: These females are excellent hoppers. They can jump 20 foot in height and length!
  • Horse :: :: :: The horses are wild and carefree creatures. The rarer types include: Pegasi , Unicorns , Seahorses , Nightmares , and Daymares .
  • Raccoon :: :: :: The Raccoons are a meaner race that loves to steal from others. They don't do this because they may want an item, they do it to hurt others.
  • Faefish :: :: (Retired) :: The Faefish are a playful female race that live in the waters on/around Faetasia. They are the only kind water race that exists.
  • Faehawk :: :: :: The Faehawks are intelligent males. They are excellent hunters as well as predators. Do not make them your enemy.
  • Faelion :: :: :: The lions are a lazy race of males. They prefer to try to find women to do all their work for them.
  • Meeki :: :: :: The Meeki race are evil creatures that enjoy spreading as much pain and misery as possible.
  • Sharks :: :: :: The sharks are a race of sweet tempered males that live in both fresh and salt water areas. They are enemies of the evil water races.
  • Porcupine :: Old ♀ New ♀ :: :: The porcupines are a race of females. Many of them become assassins. All have the ability of using their quills as weapons.
  • Draekats :: :: ::
  • Draekits ::
    :: ::
  • Meanki :: Old ♀ New ♀ :: :: This female race is vulgar, violent and beautiful. They know it and won't let you forget it.
  • Maedra :: Old ♀ New ♀ :: Naughty :: This female race is very pixie-like and quite small. They can hide in the most obscure places and enjoy playing tricks on others.
  • Rabbits :: :: :: These male rabbits are wild and have an evil streak to them. They love getting into physical fights.
  • Lizards :: :: :: These females are usually shy but when pushed have a toughness about them. They are skilled at fighting.
  • Fluffae :: :: :: This female race love to live in trees and use their large wings to glide around. They are really playful.
  • FaeSquirrel :: Old ♂ New ♂ :: :: This male race consider themselves to be the cutest. They love attention from the ladies and love giving it to them!
  • Siren :: Old ♀ Mid ♀ New ♀ :: :: This female race lives in the water (though they can go on ground for extremely short periods). They are evil and love to play tricks on the surface males.
  • Buck :: :: :: This male race is very territorial and arrogant. They like to try to control all the females in the area.
  • HarpyKat :: :: :: This female race (male to come?) is part bird and part feline. They are sweet creatures naturally.. at least no one has seen their bad side yet.
  • Spider :: :: :: The female spiders are nice whereas the males of the race are evil. Though they are opposite in alignment, females and males get along well together.
  • Snake :: :: :: Do not trust this male race. They come with a poisonous bite that they aren't afraid to use.
  • FaeTaur :: :: :: Faetaurs are faekats that are merged with felines so they have four lower limbs and two upper ones. They are really strong and fast on their feet.
  • Wazzit :: :: :: Wazzits have powerful elemental magic that cover Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. They are the only spellcasters that can rival the Majerae.
  • Medusae :: :: :: Medusae are an evil race of snake women. Unlike the others, they actual have snakes that come out of their heads and the ability to turn others to stone for a short time.
  • Renp :: Old ♂ New ♂ :: :: This is a male only race though sometimes it's hard to tell because he likes being pretty.
  • Seasnake :: :: :: This all-female race may look evil upon first glance but they are actually quite friendly. Their long tail changes into legs when they are near land.
  • Doppelganger :: ?? :: :: The Doppels are genderless. Or rather, they can switch genders on whim. They are shapeshifters that can take on the form of nearly anything.
  • Kirin :: :: :: These females are sweet natured and have an extraoridinary healing ability. They love to help others.
  • Heartsnatchers :: :: :: These girls have been born with a fear of love. As children, they cut their hearts out and keep it in a bag. The heart continues to beat and grow but due to the separation, the girls no longer feel anything associated with the heart. If they can learn to love, they can take the heart out of the bag and put it back within their body, thus becoming whole once more.
  • Jackals :: :: :: This proud and secretive race prefers darkness to daylight and are adept at deception and thievery.
  • Sea Nymphs :: :: ::
  • Maenad :: (1st Gen ONLY by gift from Meeki) :: ::
  • Freakling :: / :: ::
  • Freakazoid :: / :: ::
  • Pandas :: + :: :: Most pandas come in a set. Be they mates, siblings or simply friends, one panda is never too far off from another. One is usually nice and one ebil. A perfect balance.
  • Soulbonders :: ♀+♀ :: :: Soulbonders are a race of female companions. One is good, one evil and together they bring each other peace. They can also feel each others emotions. They are truly one.
  • Pack Wolves :: + :: The Pack Wolves are nomadic wolves that seldom leave the woods. Many form packs so that they can hunt together and battle any enemies they may have.
  • Dracolith :: :: :: The Dracoliths awoke from their slumber within the mountain. They vary in alignment and temperament.
  • Zamphir :: :: The Zamphirs are half vampires, half mortal faekats. As such, they have a lot of the strengths of a vampire but none of their weaknesses. They tend to make excellent vampire hunters.
  • Succubus :: :: :: The Succubi are considered a lesser demon. They an all female demon sub-race that steals the souls of mortal men. Each Succubi must be a part of one of the clans. These clans are: Nightstalkers, Phatasm, Eldritch, Embrae, Imagica, Sekhmet, Sangre, Venin, Vainglaree, Ashwalkers, Euphoria, and Terasin. Info of these clans can be found on page 3.
  • Troubles :: + :: ::
  • Mummies :: :: :: The mummies are a male race, sweet and super strong but also quite dumb. They are easily manipulated and controlled by others but you don't want to go too far because they are not very forgiving and are prone to curses.
  • Disciple of Rhianna :: :: :: The Disciples of Rhiana are created by the once goddess of insanity turned Malkavian vampire. They are all mad. All eccentric. All crazy.
  • Shadowdancers :: + :: :: The shadowdancers are a unique pair of a partial zombie and necromancer. Once dead, the faekat was brought to life to be an assistant to the necromancer. As with most pairings, they are usually romantic in nature but this is not always the case.
  • Bard :: / :: :: Bards are a musically inclined race that can use the power of music to protect themselves and others.
  • Tamed :: + :: :: They say that true love can tame the darkest of souls and that's what the tamed race are all about. They are proof that love can conquer anything.
  • Summon :: + :: :: The summoner is a magical faekat that can call upon a creature to protect him or her, or to do their bidding. There's a special bond between the summoner and summoned so many of these pairings end up romantic in nature. Their loyalty to one another is unwavering.

Races thought up by Pet Owners:
  • Twinkats :: + :: ::
  • FaeGoats :: :: :: An all male race that can be both slightly girly or extremely manly. They love apples and view their horns as a status symbol, which makes them very proud.
  • Hellhounds :: :: ::
  • Valkyries :: Armored ♀ Unarmored ♀ :: ::
  • Fae Q'Aves :: Crow ♂ Owl ♂ :: ::
  • Men Suck :: :: ::
  • Amazons :: :: :: Amazons live up to their name. They are a group of solitary females that rarely leave their own race. When they do, it's usually to look for a male to breed with.
  • Bush Baby :: Old ♂ New ♂ :: :: This is a male only race with a taste for insects. They love to spend their time climbing on trees. This race was added by Roddy McMay.
  • Fae Long :: :: :: These gentle male dragons are peaceful by nature and fiercely loyal. They are guardians and protectors.
  • Lolikat :: :: ::
  • Cuddlefae :: :: ::
  • Panthers :: :: ::
  • Faeliens :: :: ::
  • Faeroos :: :: :: These mostly friendly roos have strong legs and even stronger tails, enabling them take their weight on their tail and kick out with their legs in self defence. The kicks are known to break ribs. Otherwise they have a rather laid back and relaxed temperament
  • Fae-Riders :: :: :: The rarer types include: Desert , Sky , City , Forest , Sea
  • Curlae :: :: ::
  • Demifey :: :: ::
  • FaeMice :: :: ::
  • FaeMonkeys :: :: ::
  • FaePigs :: :: ::
  • FaeSheep :: :: ::
  • Rain Sprites :: :: :: These little mischievous sprites are rumored to be children of the deity, Rainmaker. They have both a solid and smoke-like form and hide in rainclouds.
  • Ninjas :: :: ::
  • Chewawae :: :: ::
  • Drafina :: :: (Retired) ::
  • FaeMoose :: :: ::
  • Rock Howlaes :: :: ::
  • Spectrae :: :: ::
  • Flitter Kitters :: :: ::
  • Faenix :: :: ::
  • DreamKatchers :: :: ::
  • Wolpertinger :: :: ::
  • FaeCows :: :: ::
  • Ottsels :: :: ::
  • Asarlai :: :: ::
  • Puppeteer :: :: ::
  • Lothfera :: :: :: (New lines pending) :: They're highly in tune with nature, and tend to live off the land. They're usually peaceful, although rogue dark ones also exist.
  • Faelón :: :: :: These females are dryads by nature. Flowers grow from their body and they can turn into a tree upon whim. These trees (Treants) can move around and even attack others.
  • Vikings :: :: :;
  • Banshees :: :: ::
  • Fae'jinn :: :: :: Fae'jinn are an element based race made completely of magic. They come in four different forms, each represently the element that they are strongest in. They are loyal to their race to a fault and most especially their queen.
  • Badgin :: :: ::
  • Starcatchers :: :: ::
  • Gargoyles :: :: ::
  • Kelpie :: :: :: Kelpies are an agressive aquatic race that was born to hunt unsuspecting prey. Females are also more rare then their counterparts created in their Goddess' image. They generally won't mate with their own kind due to the agressive nature.

  • Animalia :: / :: :: These are regulars, pures or baddies that have features of another animal, such as rabbit, bear, wolf, etc. They also adopt characteristics of the animal as well.
  • Demons :: / :: :: Demons are cruel creatures that love to torture all other living things. They are immune to fire and have fire attack spells.
  • Vampires :: / :: Damned :: The vampires are cursed creatures that must drink the blood of others to survive.
  • Werewolves :: Old ♂ New ♂Old ♀ New ♀ :: Cursed :: These wolves are territorial creatures and despise usually all outsiders. They hate undead and unnatural creatures the most.
  • Zombies :: / :: :: These undead creatures know no pain, no emotions and no guilt. They are completely evil. They feed off flesh of animals they catch. **Note: The Faelón cannot be Zombies.
  • Freaks :: / :: :: Freaks are genetic mutations. Their abilties are unexplainable but some say it's the workings of their god. They are genetic freaks of nature, usually with special abilities or physical characterstics that set them apart from the rest.
  • Unique :: / :: :: Unique pets are usually custom drawn so may not look like any of the other races.
  • Gremlings :: / :: :: Gremlings adapt to their environment. They take on mutations based on their surroundings, be it animals, plants or even rock or elements. No two gremlings are exactly the same.
  • Felicorns :: :: :: Male felicorns are based after the four horsement of the apocalypse, so each must follow a domain of war, famine, pestilence or death and are considered ebil in alignment. However, they are bound by loyalty and protection to keep the females safe. The females are considered pure and good, with healing magic stronger than any other race on Faetasia. Females are not available at the shop except through breedings.
  • Druids :: :: :: Druids are protectors of nature. Each druid may have the edits of one plant and one animal, usually random. They use these features to protect themselves and nature. So one could have the might claws and ears of a grizzly bear, but thorns from a rose for protection. They are usually good in alignment. The only evil ones should be event only.
  • Holykats :: / :: :: Holykats are pure creatures that detest all evil and will fight to banish evil from the lands. They can cure illnesses and undead.
  • Unholykats :: / :: :: Unholykats are undead creatues that detest all things good and will try to banish good things from the and. They can curse and cause illnesses in others.


  • Deities :: / :: :: Deities are the ultimate race in Faetasia. They are the gods that rule over the world. Each comes with a domain that they follow and rule over.
  • Angeliques :: / :: :: Angeliques are angelics that got chosen to be the loved one of a God. They become more powerful and gain some of the abilities of their god as well.
  • Angelics :: / :: :: They are bodygaurds, protectors, generals or messengers. They have angelic powers and are good and friendly in general.
  • Dark Angelics :: / :: :: They are also bodyguards, protectors, generals or messengers. However, they are rude and mean where Angelics are nice.
  • Daughters of Caine :: :: Damned :: The daughters of Caine are made in the image of Kindred, the beloved daughter of the vampire god. She created the race as her special cult/clan.

More Information
Special Races: Here // Elite Races: Here // Cosplay Info: Here
All race previews can be found here, with the guest password "prettyfaekats".
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Flatsales are: 12k

normal Races: 20k ( No more rarity's! )
Pet Owner Created Race: 20k
Faerie: 30k
Advent: 100k ( old cyo's must be at least a year old race)
Elite: (Does not include Clan Vampires, Tribe Werewolves, Freaks or Gremlings): 60k including simple edits
Elite+: (Clan Vampires, Tribe Werewolves): 150k including moderate edits (Neonates/Fledglings Only)
Elite+- (Animalia -- must be regular, baddie, pures) 200k
Elite++: (Freaks, Unholykats, Holykats, Gremlings): 300k (Freaks and Gremlings must be simple/moderate edits only)
Special: Angelics & Dark Angelics: 100k (basic)/125k (moderate)

Event Only: Deities, Monsters, Angeliques, High Rank Vampires, Demi-Gods of Fertility, New Races.

Cosplays: 50k (simple)/100k (moderate) + base race.

Special Notes The prices offered only cover light and moderate edits. No extreme edits are allowed unless an additional fee of 100k is added to the moderate price. For example, a very detailed demon would be 190k.

Extra Options
Elder Upgrade: Elder upgrades are only possible if the Faekat is at least 1 year old & you may only get an elder once every 3 months.
Unedited: 5k
Minor Edits: 10k
Moderate Edits: 25k
Heavy Edits: 50k

Redos: Redos are allowed for very old (2006 and older) faekats or faekats which the owner wants put onto new lineart.
Unedited: 5k
Minor Edits: 10k
Moderate Edits: 25k
Heavy Edits: 50k
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Gen: This is in the upper left corner and tells the generation of the pet. Is it a generation 1, 2 or 3? Is it a special edition pet?

Owner: In the upper center section of the card you will find the pet owner's name.

Gender: Is your faekat a male or female? It's always great to know!

Race: This lets everyone know what kind of faekat you have.

Birthday: This is usually the day your faekat was made but for roleplay purposes, sometimes the birthday is left off.

Alignment: This will let you know if your faekat is good, evil or neutral.

Rank: This is usually blank on most cards. It's usually used for special faekats such as gods and clan vampires and/or wolves.

Specialty: What they are gooooooood at.

Colorist: This lets everyone know who colored your pet.

Breeding: Next to the image of the little egg is the breeding slot. This will let you know how many offspring your faekat is allowed to have.

Mate: On the lower left is the mate section. This allows others to know that your faekat has bonded wtih another on a romantic level.

Name: The name of your kat!


Egg: Eggs are simply.. eggs. But what's special about these eggs is that they cannot break.

Baby: Once the egg hatches, you'll have a baby. The babies will want to explore and will have a thirst for knowledge. Plants and animals will protect the youngster though it's always nice to have a parent around just in case. There's a lot of evil in Faetasia.

Adult: The adult stage is the final stage for now. Elders may be added in the future. Faekats can find romance at this stage, breed to have children, and start making decisions on their own. With adulthood comes the freedom to do many things. Enjoy!
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Breeding Information

When breeding a faekat, there's a few things you should know. Faekat blood doesn't mix well so there's no way you're going to get a demon vampire mutant out of a breeding. Faekats are generally the race of one parent or the other and they favor the more common parent. This keeps elite or rarer pets elite.

For example:
*If a rare pet and a common or uncommon pet breeds, there's a 50% chance at the baby coming out rare.
*If an elite pet and a common, uncommon or rare pet breeds, there's only a 25% chance of the baby coming out elite.
*Only Gods & Angelique pairings can create a god baby.

We are pretty open usually about the races that can breed together but there are some exceptions to the rule. I really recommend that gods only breed with their angeliques as there can be repercussions from messing with the mortals. Werewolves and Vampires absolutely cannot breed together, and this should go for all mortal enemies such as unholyakts/holykats, angelics/dark angelics, etc. Clan Vampires should only breed with those worthy of their clan, members of their clans, or possible ghouls (within reason). It really depends on the clan and the general personality of them.

When in doubt, simply ask. We have a Faekat Q&A thread set up!
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Shop Rules

General Rules
1. BE RESPECTFUL. This goes for staff, pet owners, or thread regulars.
2. No selling pets.
3. Permission is required to give your faekat away to another.
4. No co-owning a singular faekat. If it's a couple lineart, it's fine for one person to own one and another person own the second.
5. No stealing the lineart. I'm lenient. You can color on the lines to practice but please do not post them in the thread, pass them off as official kats or try to sell them on or off Gaia.

Faekat Related Rules
1. Do not ask for your pet to have cosplay features or names unless you're purchasing it as a cosplay.
2. Faekats based in memoram of pets or people (really not fond of the latter) cannot be bred or roleplayed.
3. You can only have one pending custom open at a time. However, if you've waited more than two months and still haven't received your custom, you can go for another.
4. Faekats must choose a sexuality upon ownership. Bisexuality is extremely rare and with permission only.
5. While this shop is not roleplay required, we do expect you to at least hang around. If you drop off the face of the earth, god domains will be made reavailable and cosplays as well. God domains are rulership only and we consider cosplays to be costumes. You will not lose your pet.
6. This should be a given but no incest, sex, rape or child abuse or heavy themes allowed in roleplay. You can use some things to a point as a back history but nothing should be typed out for the world to see as some topics may be offensive to others.
7. Please be respectful when looking for a breeding partner. Don't beg, guilt trip, harass or otherwise attempt to coerce someone into breeding their pet with you or giving a baby from their pet to you.
8. Do not snipe in our auctions. It will make us angry. You must show interest at least half way through to participate in the end.
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Quick Links

Guild: For private and group roleplays, staff journals and mini shops.
Hospital & Freak Lab: Breeding Hospital, Laboratories and Staff Shops
Faekat Registry: Please post all your new ELITE faekats here so we can keep track of them!
Custom/Breeding Drop-Off Thread
Naming/Cert Changes Thread
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Faekat Staff

Alpha: (The go to people for your questions, etc!)
Owner & Artist: Meeki
Lead Staff & Shop Manager: Sylent Nyte
Photobucket Manager: Sylent Nyte -- (linearts should be sent to her)

Beta: (The go to people for your customs and pets!)
Elder Colorists: Sylent Nyte, Yayoi, yuniki_stardream
Colorists & Breeders: Rhyleigh, Rein_Carnation, Ninjagami Ryo Kage, Eliaam, Pandie Andie, OneWintersNite, Naru_Uchiha007, Yeefi
Hiatus: serpentsong, soxs1219 [??? Mintaka, Parue, Debrutsid, EviLXmasBaby ???]

Gamma: (Others to keep an eye out for!)
Event Assistants: Poptart Comment, Songstress Kitsune, K i n u

Delta: (Forever Special!)
RIP Akira-Kisho
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In Remembrance

Akira Kisho will be forever missed.

Please check out The Akira Movement. Never forget.

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Shazam, shazam!

Faekats was created by Meeki, drawn by Meeki, and thought up by Meeki. Some day, she will make a book with a compilation of all the elements that take place within this world. Guest artists include Prolixity, Syrie, TTF, Debrutsid, Yeefi and One Over Three. <3

Please check out The Akira Movement. Never forget.

♥Without the amazing staff and the wonderful pet owners, we would not still be around. Nor would we without this amazing community so I humbly say,

Thank you Gaia, thank you staff, and thank you Faekatters.

© 2003-2014, baby.

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