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I know where woodstock issss...you're in our history books OvO
I'm in Atlanta wooo xD
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You don't know where it is, you just THINK you know where it is... -not logical at all- XD. Yay... In the history books... -obviously lives in a boring place-

Oooh, Atlanta is fun >3>. My dad lives up there.
Haha, I like all the asian grocery stores in Atlanta. Definitely has a better selection than in Florida. Still I don't get around much, yay being a college student with no car =v=
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Oh noooes. That doesn't sound fun. Yeah, there's allot of Korean stuff near Duluth too. Love Asian culture <3.
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If you have any questions, just ask! I am here to 'serve' you, apparently. 8DD;;

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Peking Duck...-drools-

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Progress thread updated. :]
The Anesthesia
-giggles- Bidoofs are so fugly... I really dislike them...

-turns to Trira- atlatl, are you kiddin' me? Of course I know about them! They can get up to 93 miles per hour if thrown right... those things are awesome and simple... -giggles more- I would be amused if I found out I am secretly your friend and you didn't know it xD

I love atlatls~ But for some reason, people don't seem to know about them. D'l But they're so cool! Practically like handheld catapults~ That would be funny, although I don't think would prove true. XD;

I liked the girl initially, but I wanted to play a boy, so I'm going for the boy instead. xD
I never made a quest because I don't know what I want! There's too much freedom to make anything I want, and usually I have no idea how to start xD!

Lolll, Aaron's nameless trainer 8D!

Well, they're both cool~ ^^ Good luck! :"D
XD Well, adapt him if you don't win him? o u o Then you'd have somewhere to start from, at least.

Yup, she's just "Aaron's trainer" all the time. XD;
-drools as well- Peking duck has such awesome crispy skin and tender meat *______*

@Oreo: Yeah 8D
I think I live near Duluth...according to our tornado warnings xD
Tornado warnings are fuuuun, my roommate gets all paranoid and makes me hide in the bathroom with her. Then we have bathroom parties :>

-noms on new lines- *v*
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:O... Are we talking about right now Tornado warnings >3>? Haha, bathroom parties are the for shizzle.

And that's odd, I thought Duluth was the other way. But of course, I'm geometrically stupid DX.
When i was little my dad said we'd go storm chasing one day. I don't think it gonna happen though.
I guess? rofl
Indeed they are. Especially when they are clean and don't smell 8D

I...have no clue. I'm directionally challenged. Maybe Duluth is in some magical place far above the clouds and beyond our comprehension >o>
Storm chasing kinda sounds dangerous. It seems a bit hard to do too xD

It also reminds me of chasing after that one legendary in pokemon Black/White. I got all excited whenever I noticed I was in the middle of odd weather
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Warning sirens freak me out...

Too much Silent Hill for this little missy blaugh
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Haha, yeh. That'd help if they didn't smell XD.
Yus, it's a magical place with rainbows and butterflies ;3.

shadica; Haha, my dad makes allot promises he never keeps :/. So I feel yah.
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This thread is moving too slow. I shall quote Mitch Hedberg to formulate some life.

"I bought a parrot. The parrot talked, but it did not say 'I'm hungry', so it died."

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